Surnames S - Y

cia - captured in action
kia - killed in action
wia - wounded in action
dod - died of disease
dow - died of wounds
nd - no date
nfr - no further record
( ) - from personal records
Letters in parentheses - see burial location key

Civil War Vets   Enlisted in NYS Regiments in Wayne Co.
Name Co. Regt. Date Place Age at Enlistment Service Record
Sage, Jas. B 9Art 12/3/63 Ontario 39-kia 10/19/64 Cedar Creek, Va.
Sailor, Philip F 90Inf 12/28/61 Lyons 18-kia 9/29/64 Chaffin’s Farm, Va.
Schaub, Michael A 160Inf 8/25/62 Arcadia 21-dod 9/4/63 LaFourche Cross. La.
Schawb, Daniel D 67Inf 5/10/61 Clyde 44-dod 12/5/61
Scherger, Duane (ANN) G 111Inf 2/27/64 Galen 20-died 12/16/64 Annapolis, Md.
Scott, Edward (WY) F 111Inf 3/19/64 Walcott 18-wia dow 6/12/64 in the field
Seagrist, Wm. E 111Inf 8/12/62 Arcadia 18-cia 12/1/63 Mine Run d. nd pow
Seaman, Jas. M. G 75Inf 9/25/61 Butler 20-kia 5/27/63 Port Hudson, La.
Seavey, Jos. Cpl. B 27Inf 5/2/61 Lyons 23-kia 6/27/62 Gaines Mills, Va.
Sebring, Alfred (WY) D 111Inf 8/7/62 Lyons 23-cia 10/30/64 Petersburg d. no date pow
Sedgwick, Geo. B 33Inf 8/25/62 Palmyra 28-dod 2/24/63 White Oak Church, Va.
Seeber, Smith (WY) A 9Art 9/5/64 Huron 25-dod 11/3/64 Martinsburg, Va.
Seymour, Oscar H 75Inf 3/12/64 Wolcott 19-dod 7/21/64 Ft. Monroe, Va.
Shafer, David H. G 75Inf 9/20/61 Wolcott 19-kia 9/19/64 Winchester, Va.
Sharp, Wm. W. D 111Inf 8/6/62 Lyons 21-died 11/7/62 Chicago, Ill.
Shaw, Hiram I 17Inf 9/16/61 Newark 18-died 12/15/61 Hall’s Hill, Va.
Sherman, Benson (CHA) F 75Inf 9/18/61 N. Huron 18-wia 1/14 dow 2/8/63 New Orleans
Sherman, Chas. D. D 90Inf 2/8/62 Lyons 22-died 4/12/64 Ft. Monroe, Va.
Sherman, Ezra A. (AND) C 111Inf 8/5/62 Rose Valley 18-cia 10/2/63 d. nd Andersonville
Sherman, Jacob B 33Inf 5/9/61 Palmyra 25-dod 3/22/62 Alex. Va.
Sherman, John B 111Inf 7/24/62 Clyde 25-cia 5/10 died 11/25/64 Florence, SC
Sherman, Samuel C. 1Sgt. F 90Inf 10/23/61 Lyons 23-wia 6/1 Cold Harbor dow 6/2/64
Sherman, Wm. H. C 111Inf 8/16/62 Rose Valley 18-kia 5/6/64 Wilderness, Va.
Sherman, Wm. P. (WY) G 9Art 8/14/62 Butler 22-dod 11/27/63 Wash. DC
Shimer, Wm. J. K 111Inf 7/25/62 Huron 18-kia 10/14/63 Bristoe Sta. Va.
Simmonds, Alonzo I 90Inf 11/12/61 Marion __-died 5/62 Marion, NY
Slarrow, John S. I 111Inf 8/5/62 Arcadia 19-kia 9/14/62 Harper's Ferry, Va.
Smith, Emerson D 67Inf 5/10/61 Clyde 18-dod 8/1/61 NY City
Smith, Geo. (ANN) E 111Inf 3/2/64 Palmyra 22-died 3/3/65 Annapolis, Md.
Smith, Jas. A. Trumpeter (ANN) H 22Cav 12/14/63 Lyons 19-died no date
Snedaker, Jas. W. 2Lt. (WY) D 111Inf 12/21/63 Galen 22-kia 5/5/64 Wilderness, Va.
Snyder, Leonard (WY) F 98Inf 11/11/61 Lyons 34-discharged 12/7/64 (died 12/12/64)
Soden, Stephen P. A 111Inf 7/28/62 Palmyra 21-kia 7/2/63 Gettysburg, Pa.
Sours, Jacob C. (WC) A 9Art 8/6/62 Wolcott 28-kia 9/19/64 Winchester, Va.
Sours, Wm. (FK-WY) C 9Art 12/27/63 Macedon 32-wia 7/9 dow 7/14/64 Fred'k. Md.
Spahr, Geo. Cpl. D 9Art 8/22/62 Lyons 21-wia 7/9 dow 8/12/64 Frederick, Md.
Spoor, Clinton (Chas.) A 160Inf 8/27/62 Arcadia 18-dod 8/3/63 Thibodeaux, La.
Sprague, Lewis B. A 9Art 8/6/62 S. Butler 22-dod 1/22/63 Phil. Pa.
Stacey, Manley T. Cpl. D 111Inf 8/6/62 Lyons 20-accidently killed 12/26/63
Stead, Jas. Cpl. (WC) H 9Art 8/23/62 Galen 27-wia 9/19 Winchester dow 9/22/64
Steager, Chas. H. Cpl. F 90Inf 10/28/61 Lyons 21-died 7/10/62 Baltimore, Md.
Stebbins, Jas. M. I 1VetCav 8/11/63 Palmyra 21-dod 10/12/64 Charlestown, W. Va.
Stebbins, Mortimer E. A 160Inf 8/26/62 Arcadia 33-dod 3/7/64 Franklin, La.
Steel, Wm. H. (DV) K 9Art 11/16/63 Galen 36-cia nd died 11/14/64 Danville, Va.
Steele, Alex. H. D 160Inf 8/29/62 Sodus 17-accidently poisoned 5/11/63 Alex. La.
Stever, Wm. H. (AX) A 111Inf 7/21/62 Palmyra 21-dod 12/18/62 Fairfax, Va.
Stickles, Byron Cpl. A 111Inf 7/30/62 Palmyra 33-d. 12/13/64 steamer off Cha'ston,SC
Strang, Myron I 8Cav 9/26/61 Walworth 23-w/cia 5/12 dow 5/13/64 Richmond
Strickland, D. Sherman (WY) A 111Inf 7/28/62 Walworth 21-kia 7/2/63 Gettysburg, Pa.
Strickland, Geo. (LP) A 9Art 12/17/63 Galen 38-wia Monocacy dod 7/11/64 Balt. Md.
Strickland, Lewis C. B 27Inf 5/2/61 Lyons 18-wia no date dow 7/2/62
Strohm, Philippe Cpl. C 160Inf 8/30/62 Lyons 32-kia 9/19/64 Opequon, Va.
Stubbs, Wesley K. 1Sgt. (LP-WY) A 9Art 8/6/62 Wolcott 27-wia 10/19 dow 12/24/64 Balt. Md.
Stumpf, Wm. B 9Art 12/14/63 Walworth 21-wia 6/1 Cold Harbor dow 6/4/64
Sullivan, John A 111Inf 2/25/64 Palmyra 30-kia 5/30/64 Totopotomoy, Va.
Sullivan, Michael K 9Art 8/20/62 Clyde 40-kia 7/9/64 Monocacy, Md.
Sunderville, Adrian (WC) D 160Inf 12/31/63 Arcadia 19-kia 10/19/64 Cedar Creek, Va.
Sutter, Fred'k. Cpl. (WC) C 160Inf 8/30/62 Lyons 42-kia 10/19/64 Cedar Creek, Va.
Taylor, Bennett (NB) G 3Art 1/4/64 Walcott 34-dod 10/17/64
Taylor, Edward B. A 160Inf 8/28/62 Arcadia 18-kia 4/8/64 Mansfield, La.
Taylor, Reuben (ARL) G 9Art 1/2/64 Savannah 18-dod 8/30/64 Wash. DC
Taylor, Richard S. Capt. E 8Cav 9/10/61 Newark 21-kia 5/14/64 Strawberry Hill, Va.
Taylor, Ruel W.R. Cpl. I 17Inf 9/9/61 Newark 21-kia 8/30/62 Bull Run, Va.
Taylor, Wm. H. (WY) C 8Cav 9/17/61 Sodus 21-cia 6/26 dod 12/3/64 transport Baltic
Teetor(Fleeter), Sylvester Cpl. D 90Inf 9/4/61 Huron 21-dod 8/8/62 Key West, Fla.
Tilden, Wm. H. A 111Inf 8/9/62 Palmyra 26-kia 7/2/63 Gettysburg, Pa.
Tills, Robert C. (ARL-WY) G 9Art 12/30/63 Butler 18-dod 1/20/65 Wash. DC
Todd, Chas. A. (AND) A 111Inf 7/30/62 Palmyra 20-cia 6/22/64 d. 11/1/65 Andersonville
Townsend, Wm. A. B 111Inf 8/5/62 Clyde 26-cia 5/6 died 11/20/64 Florence, SC
Tracy, Wm. H. A 111Inf 7/28/62 Palmyra 21-died 3/20/65 Rochester, NY
Trask, Edgar G. C 8Cav 10/6/61 Newark 18-cia 6/29/64 Reams Sta. died nd
Tripp, Elisha F. Cpl. (WY) D 160Inf 8/30/62 Sodus 23-kia 4/9/64 Pleasant Hill, La.
Truax, Chas. L. B 33Inf 9/4/62 Palmyra 27-wia 5/9/63 trans 10/1/63 49Inf
Truax, Chas. L. B 49Inf 10/1/63-kia 5/12/64 Spotsylvania, Va.
Tryan, Jay H. D 9Art 12/22/63 Lyons 32-kia 7/9/64 Monocacy, Md.
Ubrassen, Jacob D 160Inf 8/22/62 Williamson 28-dod 5/15/63 Brashear City, La.
VanAntwerp, John Artificer G 9Art 8/25/62 Butler 24-dod 4/17/65 Butler, NY
VanAuken, Myron (MA)
(98Inf) instead of 90
F 90Inf 10/28/61 Lyons 19-died no date Georgetown, DC
Vandermiller, Isaac D 160Inf 8/30/62 Sodus 29-drowned 2/9/63 Brashear City, La.
Vandyne, Jas. B. (WY) I 1VetCav 8/25/63 Palmyra 21-dod 3/26/65 Annapolis, Md. (33Inf)
Vanhee, Adrian (ARL) C 9Art 1/4/64 Marion 21-dod 6/25/64 Wash. DC
VanNess, Munroe K 2Cav 8/27/61 Newark 22-cia 10/11/63 dod 8/29/64 Andersonv
VanValkenburgh, Abram (BR) C 160Inf 8/27/62 Lyons 44-died 8/21/63 Baton Rouge, La.
VanValkenburgh, Abram L. Cpl. E 111Inf 8/14/62 Arcadia 19-kia 7/3/63 Gettysburg, Pa.
VanWinkle, Myron H. E 111Inf 8/7/62 Williamson 26-wia 7/3 Gettysburg dow 7/29/63
VanWormer, Edwin D. C 8Cav 9/13/61 Newark 33-dod 5/7/62 Harper's Ferry, Va.
Vaughan, VanBuren Cpl. A 160Inf 8/22/62 Arcadia 22-kia 4/9/64 Pleasant Hill, La.
Vosburgh, Wm. H. Cpl. C 160Inf 9/6/62 Lyons 18-kia 9/19/64 Opequon, Va.
Waddlo, Jas. D 111Inf 8/6/62 Lyons 19-died 10/23/62 Chicago, Ill.
Wager, John P. D 90Inf 10/15/61 Huron 19-dod 6/1/62 Key West, Fla.
Wake, Wm. I 17Inf 9/14/61 Newark 19-dod 4/1/62 Alex. Va.
Wakefield, Marcus E 111Inf 1/4/64 Rose 18-kia 5/6/64 Wilderness, Va.
Waldron, Benj. (WY) A 9Art 9/62 Wolcott 21-dod 1/17/65 York, Pa.
Walker, Henry (WY) H 27Inf 8/27/61 Lyons 23-nfr (died 8/3/62 Wash. DC)
Walker, Jos. H. (WY) D 111Inf 12/20/63 Sodus 28-died 12/15/64 on furlough
Wallace, Alonzo A 111Inf 7/21/62 Marion 28-kia 7/2/63 Gettysburg, Pa.
Wallace, Geo. W. A 111Inf 7/30/62 Marion 21-wia 7/2 Gettysburg dow 7/30/63
Way, David (AND) D 9Art 8/14/62 Lyons 26-cia 6/14/64 dow nd Andersonville
Weaver, Lewis (WY) F 2MTDR 12/10/63 Arcadia 23-died 9/16/64 City Point, Va.
Weden (Weeden), Chas. D 111Inf 8/6/62 Lyons 30-kia 7/2/63 Gettysburg, Pa.
Welch, Morris H 111Inf 7/22/62 Marion 18-kia 7/2/63 Gettysburg, Pa.
Wellington, Benj.
(David's Isl. NY Harbor)
A 9Art 7/28/62 Red Creek 20-dod 7/29/64 NY Harbor
West, Ebenezer A 160Inf 8/25/62 Arcadia 38-dod 11/22/63 New Orleans, La.
West, Wm. H. 1Lt. D 67Inf 5/10/61 Clyde 30-dod 9/6/61 Rochester, NY
Westbrook, Manley (Jas. M.) (WY) B 9Art 9/14/64 Sodus 19-dod 12/18/64 Winchester, Va.
Westerbrook, Martin V. E 111Inf 7/30/62 Sodus 22-kia 7/3/63 Gettysburg, Pa.
Westfall, Henry S. Cpl. A 160Inf 8/28/62 Arcadia 19-kia 9/19/64 Winchester, Va.
Westlake, Wm. A 160Inf 8/28/62 Arcadia 42-dod 7/18/64 Ft. Monroe, Va.
Whaley, Stephen B 160Inf 8/30/62 Palmyra 21-kia 9/19/64 Winchester, Va.
Wheeler, Alonzo B. D 111Inf 8/6/62 Lyons 32-wia 6/15 Petersburg dow 7/23/64
Whipple, Edward B. F 75Inf 9/26/61 Huron 21-kia 9/19/64 Winchester, Va.
Whitbeck, Wessel T. E 111Inf 8/6/62 Arcadia 18-wia 7/2 Gettysburg dow 7/23/63
White, Chas. (WY) G 9Art 8/19/62 Wolcott 23-dod 11/15/62 Wash. DC
White, Henry A. (WY) D 160Inf 8/22/62 Williamson 18-6/20/65 disch. hosp. (died 1865)
Whiten, Benj. (DV) K 9Art 8/11/62 Williamson 43-cia nd d. 8/14/64 Danville, Va.
Whiting, Foster (WC) A 9Art 1/4/64 Huron 22-wia 9/19 dow 9/22/64 Winchester, Va.
Whiting, Jonas B. I 17Inf 9/12/61 Newark 24-died 8/13/62 Harrison's Landing, Va
Whitmore, Emmet M. (WY) E 111Inf 7/22/62 Arcadia 21-wia 7/3 Gettysburg dow 7/11/63
Whitmore, Wm. (WY) E 111Inf 8/4/62 Arcadia 18-kia 7/3/63 Gettysburg, Pa.
Wiley, Jonathan Sgt. F 105Inf 12/14/61 Lyons 21-kia 9/17/62 Antietam, Md.
Williams, Alex. B. Sgt. D 111Inf 8/6/62 Lyons 19-cia 6/22 Petersburg d. 9/17/64 pow
Willis, Daniel (D.) (WY)
(98Inf) instead of 90
K 90Inf 11/9/61 Palmyra 18-kia 9/30/64 Ft. Harrison, Va.
Willson, Andrew Capt. I 17Inf 5/10/61 Newark 24-dow 8/30/62 Bull Run, Va.
Wilson, Israel S. (CH) A 9Art 8/8/62 Red Creek 18-dod 7/21/64 NY Harbor
Winegar, Albert (A.) (ARL-WY) F 111Inf 3/15/64 Savannah 18-wia no date or place dow 6/20/64
Wolf, John (ANN) K 111Inf 9/3/64 Arcadia 22-cia 10/30/64 dod 3/23/65 Ann. Md.
Wood, John D 8Cav 9/20/61 Clyde 44-dod 4/6/62 Edward's Ferry, Md.
Wood, Wm. R. F 75Inf 10/1/61 Wolcott 18-drowned 4/2/62 Ft. Pickins, Fla.
Woodham, Walter Sgt. (ARL) B 8Cav 9/16/61 Ontario 21-kia 8/25/64 Kearneysville, Va.
Wooster, Seymour W. (WC) B 9Art 8/1/62 Ontario 25-wia 9/19 dow 9/22/64 Winchester, Va
Wooster, Wm. E. B 9Art 8/13/62 Ontario 21-kia 6/3/64 Cold Harbor, Va.
Wyman, Abel R. (WY) B 9Art 8/11/62 Walworth 26-wia 6/22 dow 7/10/64 Wash. DC
Wyman, Wm. M. (WY) B 9Art 12/14/63 Walworth 33-dod 3/25/65 Wash. DC
York, Norman G. Sgt. (DV) D 9Art 8/13/62 Huron 27-dod 12/25/64 Danville, Va.

Contributed by Charles Shaw

Information about ordering military and pension records from the National Archives for these men will be found on The National Archives site (use a search engine). Art = Artillery, Inf = Infantry, and Cav = Cavalry. The letters stand for the company the man served in within the individual regiment. e.g. B 111Inf = Company B 111th Infantry. Each of these men will have a military file. Pension records would have been filed by or on behalf of widows, dependent children, and dependent mothers. Military and pension records are ordered separately, costing $37.50 each, and can be extremely valuable sources of genealogical information.

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