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From: Wayne Democratic Press, December 18, 1861

Wayne Co. Regiment.

This Regiment is rapidly filling up. Indeed we doubt whether any similar organization in the State, increases in numbers as rapidly. We subjoin the Company organizations of the Regiment, as far as they have been effected, and the number of men in the hands of recuiting officers yet unorganized.

Co. A. completed its final organization on Monday. The officers are as follows:

Capt., Wm. Kreutzer.
1st Lieut., D. L. Norton.
2d. " Lyman A. Rogers.
Orderly Serg't, Thomas Wakelee.
2d " James Chandler.
3d " Edwin Burnap.
4th " Seymour Sherman.
5th " David Leighton.
1st Corporal, Wendle Pulver.
2d " Seymour Short.
3d " R. H. Kempland
4th " Obadiah Welch.
5th " Henry Holliday.
6th " L. L. Knapp.
7th " Leonard Snyder.
8th " Albert Wells.

Co. A numbers 90 men - 83 of which have been mustered into the U.S. Service.

Co. B.

Capt. A. Wakely.
1st Lieut., E. M. Allen.
2d " Wm. H. Rogers.

This company now numbers about 60 men.

Co. C.

Capt., C. R. Birdsall.
1st Lieut., Hoyt Chapman.
2d " Warren P. Sherman. - 40 men.

Co. D.

Capt., ____ Williams. [Note: name not given]
1st Lieut., Wm. H. Adams.
2d " not elected. - 42 men.

Co. E.

Capt., John Danforth.
1st Lieut., H. D. Bennett.
2d " John DeGroffe. - 32 men.

Co. F.

Capt., Geo. H. Clark, has in camp about 32 men, but has not yet organized.

Capt. Bell has also about 32 men and will probably organize this week.

Wm. Knowles, who is recruiting for Capt. Swan, has about 30 men, and will probably organize in a day or two.

In addition to the above there are several recruiting officers in camp with men, who will probably consolidate.

From: Wayne Democratic Press, October 16, 1861


At a meeting of the Lyons Light Guard, held at their Armory on Friday evening, September 27th, the following non-commissioned officers were elected to fill vacancies occasioned by volunteering:

Orderly Sergeant - W. F. Sherman.
Second Sergeant - Wm. W. Agett.
First Corporal - Wm. F. Lidbury.
Second Corporal - Wm. Potter.

We are informed that it is intended hereafter to hold regular meetings of the Light Guard at the Armory. The ranks, will, we hope, be filled as soon as possible.

From: Lyons Republican, July 1864

Aid for the Soldiers.

Dr. L. Graves, formerly of Lyons, desires aid for the sick and wounded soldiers under his care at Bedloe's Island. These men do not receive aid form the Sanitary and Christian Commissions, being located so near the city; and yet they need it quite as much. - An effort is being made to fill a box with lint, bandages, slings, &c., and send the same directly to Dr. Graves, for the use of the men under his charge. Mrs. Lewis, of this village, will gladly receive contributions for the purpose.

NEW 10/26/06. Did this ever happen?

From: The Lima Recorder, March 8, 1888, page 2 (Livingston County)

The Grand Army Post of Palmyra, are discussing a plan for the celebration of the Fourth of July, which, if carried out, will be one of the greatest events ever held in Wayne county, or in fact, Western New York. It is proposed to have a sham battle to represent the battle of Cedar Creek, in which several hundred soldiers will take part. Lieutenant-General Philip Sheridan will be invited to assume the command of one side. The other side will be in command of another prominent general, who will be assisted by grand army men throughout the State.

From: The Palmyra Courier, July 4, 1890, page 3

The Dependent Pension Act.

Rules for Taking Its Benefit Issued by Commissioner Raun.

Gen. Raun, the Commissioner of Pensions, has issued, with the approval of the Secretary of the Interior, the following rules and regulations for the information and government of persons making applications under the Dependent Pension act, approved June 27, 1890.

All pensions under this act will commence from the date of filing the application (executed after the passage of the act) in the pension Bureau. No application or declaration will be good if executed before June 27, 1890 (date of the act,) or if not in the form, substantially, prescribed by the Secretary. Discharge certificate need not be filed until called for. The rules of the law are not effected by the rank of the soldier.

This act provides the following rates: For dependent father or mother, $12; the widow, $8, and $2 additional for each child of soldier under sixteen years, and if the widow dies the child or children can draw such pension. The soldier is entitled to any rate from $6 to $12, according to inability to earn a support.

A pensioner under existing laws may apply under this one, or a pensioner under this one may apply under other laws, but can draw only one pension at the same time.

This law requires in a soldier's case: (1) An honorable discharge; (2) that he served at least ninety days; (3) a permanent physical or mental inability to earn a support, but not due to vicious habits. (It need not have originated in the service.)

In case of a widow: (1) That the soldier served at least ninety days; (2) that he was honorably discharged; (3) proof of death, but it need not have been the result of his army service; (4) that the widow is without other means of support than her day labor; (5) that she married soldier prior to June 27, 1890, date of the act.

Dependent parents' case: (1) That the soldier died of a wound, injury, or disease, which under prior laws would have given him a pension; (2) that he left no wife or minor child; (3) that mother (or father) is at present dependent upon her own manual labor or the contributions of others not legally bound for her (or his) support.

The rules and regulations of the department will govern applicants and attorneys. The fee shall in no case be greater than $10, and only as shall be agreed upon hereunder between the claimant and agent.

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