War of 1812 Widow's Pension of Ursula Austin

Listings of Individuals

Contributed by Dottie Piechocki whose ancestor Noah Austin was wounded at the infamous Battle of Queenston early on in the War of 1812. Perhaps your ancestor served with Noah or helped him or his wife get their pension. If you know anyone on this list, Dottie would like to hear from you.

Names of all people mentioned in the Widows pension records of Ursula Austin and their respective titles, relationships, residences, and dates named.

John H. RerickClerk of Circuit CourtLa Grange Co., IN1870
Ursula AustinClaimantLima, LaGrange Co.1870
Noah Austindeceased Soldiernot applicable
Ursula FreemanClaimant's maiden name

Capt. John BrownCapt. of NY MilitiaNew York1812
Alexander. B. KennedyAttorneyLa Grange Co., IN1870
Celia CrockerWitness La Grange, IN1870
Harley CrockerWitnessLa Grange, IN1870
Elder BurtonPerformed marriageArcadia, Wayne, NY 1819
John KromerWitnessLa Grange, IN1870
John Paul JonesWitnessLa Grange, IN1870
J. H. BakerCommissioner, Dept. of Int.Washington, D.C.1871
Rachel ReedSister of claimantMcLean Co., IL1871
Mary A. WiserSister of claimantIonia Co., MI1871
Johnson J. LockeJustice of PeaceIonia Co., MI1871
W. WilliamsRepresentativeWashington, D.C.1871
George FletcherPhysician La Grange Co., IN1871
James GallowayJustice of PeaceLa Grange Co., IN1871
Col. Wm E. TraskExaminer, ClaimsWashington, D.C.1872
__ WeirickExaminer, ClaimsWashington, D.C.1872
John ShermanChief, B'ty L'd Div.Washington, D.C.1872
Dr. EgglessonPhysicianWayne Co., NY1839
Dr. A. McIntyrePhysicianWayne Co., NY1839
Dr. AyersPhysicianLa Grange Co., IN1851
Dr. RowanPhysicianLa Grange Co., IN1851
J. Moore3d Auditor, Adj. Gen. Off.Washington, D.C.1872
W. H. Duff?Lima, La Grange, IN1881

The pension documentation of Noah Austin and listings of individuals mentioned were kindly contributed by Dottie Piechocki.

Ursula Austin's widow's pension record

Noah Austin's pension record

List of all persons mentioned in Noah Austin's pension records

If you know an ancestor served in the War of 1812 you can get forms and order his records from the National Archives.

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