Civil War Soldiers

Town of Macedon

Wayne County, NY

The men listed below were enlistees credited to the Town of Macedon. Page numbers refer to a microfilm roll at the Office of the County Historian in Lyons, NY. It's probable that this listing was made at the time of the 1865 State census. If you see your soldier on this index you can get further information from the Office of the County Historian. Of course, you could also go ahead and order his records from the National Archives. Please keep in mind that spelling of a man's name on the list may differ from the way you know it to be spelled or what is on his service records.

Town of Macedon, 10/31/1865

ADAMS, Charles 111th Inf. Page 19
ANDERMAN, Henry Page 41
ANTHONY, Simeon 126th Inf. Page 37
ARMSTRONG, Robert 33rd. Inf. Page 09
ASA, Alonzo H. Barnes Ref. Bat. Page 15
ASHLEY, Stephen 111th Inf. Page 37
BARNARD, John 117th Inf. Page 55
BAROKY, Fred 9th H Art. Page 23
BEAL, Emory 160th Inf. Page 17
BEAL, Seth 9th H. Art. Page 55
BENNETT, Addison J. 33rd Inf. Page 07
BENNETT, William Ebenezer Gun Bot. Wylusin Page 19
BENSON, Elizer 9th H. Art. Page 47
BILLINGS, Allen R. 124th Inf. Page 55
BILLS, Stephen L. 9th H. Art. Page 17
BINGER, John 8th Cav. Page 29
BLACKMAN, Lewis 111th Inf. Page 09
BLACKMAN, Seth 4th Reg. Page 19
BLAKE, Charles R. 9th H Art. Page 15
BLAKE, George P. 1st Lt. Art. Page 15
BLAKE, Homer D. 160th Inf. Page 15
BLYTHE,Jabez A. 9th H. Art. Page 13
BODU, Frederick 160th Inf. Page 27
BOGET, Franklin 14th Cav. Page 39
BOPP, Frederick 22nd. Cav. Page 47
BRADLEY, Alonzo F. 111th Inf. Page 31
BRADLEY, Churchill 108th Inf. Page 31
BRADLEY, George Spencer 98th Inf. Page 05
BRANT,John 108th Inf. Page 31
BRANT, Mason J. Page 51
BRIGGS, Albert H. 111th Inf. Page 19
BRIGHTMAN, Abiel 111th Inf. Page 45
BROCKMAN, John Page 45
BROOKINS, George 111th Inf. Page 27
BROOKINS, William 33rd. Inf. Page 21
BROWN, John Page 51
BROWN, John 98th Inf. Page 23
BROWN, William 111th Inf. Page 29
BUMP, J.H. 111th Inf. Page 27
BURKE, William Page 47
BURNS, Patrick 111th Inf. Page 41
BUSSE, Andrew Page 51
BRYNE, Peter 1st. Vet. Cav. Page 23
CAIN, Thomas 1st. Cav. Page 13
CANFIELD, William Page 51
CAREY, Charles Page 51
CARPENTER, Charles E. 1st. Art. Page 05
CARR, Robert 160th Inf. Page 37
CHANNALEY, William Page 45
CHAPLIN, Isaac H. 9th H. Art Page 17
CLEVENGER, Samuel B. 33rd. Inf. Page 09
COLE, James Page 45
COLEMAN, James 160th Inf. Page 37
CONNELLY, Charles Page 57
CONNER, John Page 51
COPPIN, John 111th Inf. Page 19
CORAY, William H. Page 55
CORNELL, William 9th H. Art. Page 21
CORNIFF, John 160th Inf. Page 29
CORNWELL, John 9th H. Art. Page 25
CORWIN, James 50th Eng. Page 23
COUCH, Samuel Navy Page 45
COWAN, John 9th H. Art. Page 23
CRAWLEY, Patrick Page 51
DAKE, Royal Edward 33rd. Inf. Page 07
DALTON, Michael 160th Inf. Page 37
DARCEY, Andrew Page 51
DAWSON, Thomas 160th Inf. Page 15
DEHORT, Job W. 160th Inf. Page 29
DICKENS, Hurlburt S. 126th Inf. Page 09
DRAKE, John Page 43
DUFFNER, Joseph 108th Inf. Page 37
FAIRFAX, Charles 111th Inf. Page 37
FISHER, Thomas Page 51
FOLEY, Frank 111th Inf. Page 13
FOLEY, James 147th Inf. Page 17
FORBES, Sylvester 9th H. Art. Page 17
FREEMAN, Jeremiah Page 49
GAHAN, William 160th Inf. Page 37
GARDNER, George 9th H. Art. Page 47
GEARON, Timothy Page 43
GIBBS, James 25th Inf. Page 55
GILDERSLEEVE, William A. 194th Inf. Page 15
GORMLEY, Patrick Page 49
GOULD, James Edward 25th Inf. Page 09
GOULD, Theodore Bridgeman 25th Inf. Page 09
GRAHAM, John Page 49
GRATTON, Barney 1st. Vet. Cav. Page 39
GRATTON, John 33rd. Inf. Page 11
GRICE, Joseph Page 49
GROOT, George 111th Inf. Page 37
GROSKOFFPH, Henry 111th Inf. Page 25
GROSKOFFPH, Isaac 111th Inf. Page 25
GROSKOFFPH, John 111th Inf. Page 25
GUTCHEN, Charles 3rd. Lt. Art. Page 45
HALL, Edwin 111th Inf. Page 35
HAMBLIN, Edward Green 126th Inf. Page 07
HANNAH, Charles 108th Inf. Page 35
HARDEN, Charles 111th Inf. Page 35
HARP, Jefferson William 3rd. Lt. Art. Page 21
HARRINGTON, James M. 111th Inf. Page 13
HARRINGTON, Wilkinson 160th Inf. Page 13
HART, Albert E. 111th Inf. Page 41
HART, Reuben L. 111th Inf. Page 41
HART, Robert Page 41
HAWKINS, James Page 49
HAY, William 9th Hwv. Art. Page 23
HERMET, Jacob 111th Inf. Page 35
HEWITT, Daniel 33rd. Inf. Page 11
HILL, Thomas Page 45
HITCHCOCK, George W. 9th H. Art. Page 23
HOLINHIN, Patrick Page 43
HOOKER, Frank 9th H. Art. Page 55
HOWE, William 160th Inf. Page 17
HUNT, William H. 21st. Inf. Page 55
ISLER, Benjamin 9th H. Art. Page 23
JAMES, William Page 49
JENKS, James 111th Inf. Page 35
JOHNSON, William 14th Col RT Page 53
JONES, Alvin 138th Inf. Page 39
JONES, Leroy Page 33
JONES, Oliver 1st. Art. Page 07
KELLEY, Darby 160th Inf. Page 57
KELLY, James Page 35
KELLY, Jeremiah 160th Inf. Page 39
KELLY, John Page 35
KELLY, Patrick 111th Inf. Page 19
KELLY, Sheldon 160th Inf. Page 33
KELLY, William Page 43
KENKAID, William Page 43
KENT, Edward E. 111th Inf. Page 15
KERRIGAN, John Page 35
KINGSBURY, Andrew 111th Inf. Page 25
KIRKINS, William Page 49
KNOWLES, Lewis B. 33 Inf. Page 05
LAMB, Reuben Palmer 9th Hev. Art. Page 11
LANE, Addison A. 111th Inf. Page 41
LAPHAM, Ira Beals 9th H. Art. Page 05
LAPHAM, Oren Carpenter 160 Inf. Page 05
LATHROP, Thomas W. 126th Inf. Page 53
LAWRENCE, John T. 160th Inf. Page 29
LEROY, Victor 160th Inf. Page 29
LINCOLN, Edward 160th Inf. Page 29
LINCOLN, Thomas 160th Inf. Page 13
LOUCH, Samuel Page 57
LOUGH, John W. 9th H Art Page 19
LYON, Cornelius 3rd Lt Art Page 47
MACKLIN, Michael Page 53
MADDEN, John Page 35
MAGHER, Jeremiah 111th Inf. Page 53
MAHARR, Jeremiah 160 th Inf. Page 21
MARTIN, Henry Page 53
McCABE, Dennis Page 41
McDONALD, John 3rd. Lt . Art. Page 47
McDONALD, Oliver L. 1st. Art. Page 05
McGRAIN, Charles 9th H. Art. Page 57
McHENNEY, Thomas 111th Inf. Page 33
McMURRAY, John Page 25
MEAD, Richard 79th Inf. Page 39
MERRYWEATHER, George 11th Inf. (sic) Page 55
MILLER, John Page 43
MILLS, Fred Page 35
MILLS, Matthew 9th H. Art. Page 33
MINK, Edwin D. 160th Inf. Page 33
MITCHELL, William 9th H. Art. Page 21
MOORE, John 9th H. Art. Page 25
MOREY, Chauncey 160th Inf. Page 33
MOSHIER, Lewis 33rd. Inf. Page 11
MOTT, William 111th Inf. Page 33
MUMFORD, Lafayette 111th Inf. Page 55
MURPHY, Michael Page 43 MURPHY, Daniel Page 53
NORMAN, William 111th Inf. Page 55
NORTH, John E. 13th Inf. Page 33
O'BRIEN, John 160th Inf. Page 33
O'KEEF, John 160 inf. Page 29
O'MALLAY, John Page 43
O'NIEL, Thomas Page 53
ACKARD, Joseph B. 160th Inf. Page 05
PAGE, Joseph 111th Inf. Page 27
PARKER, George 111th Inf. Page 25
PARKER, Homer 3rd. Lt. Art. Page 39
PARKER, Joseph C. 9th H. Art. Page 27
PEACOCK, Harrison F. 9th H. Art. Page 13
PELCHER, George 160th Inf. Page 21
PERKINS, James W. 9th H. Art. Page 37
PETERS, George 111th Inf. Page 07
PHILLIPS, John 98th Inf. Page 07
PHILLIPS, Nathan 9th H. Art. Page 61
PHILLIPS, Theodore 111th Inc. Page 41
PIMM, Jessie Page 47
POST, Daniel R. 160th Inf. Page 33
POTTER, Byron 9th h. Art. Page 25
PRICE, William 33rd Inf. Page 11
RANDA, John Page 31
RANSLEY, Thomas 160th Inf. Page 17
RAY, Joseph W. 111th Inf. Page 39
RICE, John 111th Inf. Page 41
RIFENBURGH, Melvin 9th H. ARt. Page 25
RIPSON, Barnard 108th Inf. Page 31
RYAN, Dennis Page 43
SABIN, Samuel A. 138th Inf. Page 07
SADEN, Stephen P. 111th Inf. Page 31
SERVOSS, Jay C. 9th H. Art. Page 21
SHERMAN, Jacob 33rd. Inf. Page 19
SHOEFELT, Jermiah M. 160th Inf. Page 31
SIEGRIST, Augustus 16th Hev. Art. Page 47
SMITH, A.L. 127th Inf. Page 61
SMITH, Henry Page 47
SMITH, Menzo 111th Inf. Page 17
SMITH, Wellington 9th H. Art. Page 13
SOWERS, William 33rd. Page 05
SPADE, Daniel Page 49
SPEAR, Charles N. 111th Inf. Page 45
STEBBINS, George 8th Cav. Page 19
STEEL, Benjamin Edwin 160th NY Page 13
STOPPARD, Edwin 160th Inf. Page 31
STORWELL, John 111th Inf. Page 27
SULLIVAN, Patrick Page 53
SWEAT, Joel R. 108th Inf. Page 31
SWEET, Charles 75th Inf. Page 47
TEMPLER, Samuel E. Page 39
THOMPSON, Henry 160th Inf. Page 31
TODD, William 9th H. Art. Page 21
TOWNSEND, William A. Page 11
TROTTER, Henry 9th H. Art. Page 17
TURNER, David 126th Inf. page 57
TURNER, George Mortimer 9th H. Art. Page 09
VANBILSOR, Theodore Page 53
VANDERBILT, Abram Hendricks 138th Inf. Page 09
VANDUZEN, Lendt Page 45
VANE,James 111th Inf. Page 39
VEDDER, Wm. A. 33rd. Inf. Page 29
WARNER, Giles 8th Cav. Page 29
WARNER, Pelatiah W. 111th Inf. Page 27
WARRIGAN, Michael Page 53
WARRING, Isaac M. 9th H. Art. Page 07
WATERMAN, Stephen C. 111th Inf. Page 27
WELCH, Andy Page 49
WEST, Charles Lester 148th Inf. Page 13
WEST, Hiram G. Page 57
WHEELER, Daniel Page 57
WHEELOCK, Lorenzo L. 160th Inf. Page 15
WHITAKER, Samuel 160th Inf. Page 27
WHITE, Lewis B. 3rd. Lt. Art. Page 21
WICKMAN, Peter 160th Inf. Page 51
WIGGLESWORTH, Albert G. 111th Inf. Page 11
WIKEMAN, William P. 160th Inf. Page 27
WILLITS, Ingraham 22nd Cav. Page 57
WILLITS, Lott 22nd Cav. Page 57
WILSON, Peter Page 09

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