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Thank you to Daryl VerStreate Jr., Marion NY, for contributing this photograph. Daryl isn't related to Mr. Briggs, but is documenting Rose Cemetery Civil War veteran tombstones. Mr. Briggs served in Co. E. 3rd N.Y. Light Artillery. The site coordinators would appreciate receiving additional information about him to post on this page.

Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2009
Subject: Civil War Soldier, Rose Cemetery, Town of Rose, Wayne County, NY
To: Daryl

Under the picture of the gravestone of Birney Briggs (1842-1927) it states that the site coordinators would appreciate receiving additional information for him to post on that page:

Birney was the son of Johnathan and Eveline Baker Briggs and was a brother to my great-grandfather Lyman. Birney is listed in the 1847 list of scholar's names who attended the district school of district #2 in the towns of Rose and Huron during the terms commencing Apri 20 and ending August 21. He attended 78.5 days. From the Directory of the Town of Rose 1867-1868 he is listed as: Carpenter. He was in the 3rd artillery, enlisting in September 1864 and discharged in 1865. At the time of his fathers death 8/30/23, he lived in Rochester. He had three children: Emelia, Jessie and Stephen and one grandchild from Jessie who's name was Stephen.

There is no picture of the gravestone of Harvey J. Ferris, 3 May 1927, Bat C. 3rd NY L. Art. However, I am currently transcribing 5 of his diaries dating from 1866 to 1882. He was born February 8, 1843. He was married to Alice Armstrong in October of 1865, there were no children and she died along with a child on May 10, 1874, in Red Creek. He later remarried Helen Rice in November 1876. They had one boy and four girls. He passed on May 3, 1927.

If you would like more information on Birney - I could try. I can definitly give more on H.J.

Thank you for all the work you are doing,
Debbie Miller

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