Town of Arcadia

Wayne County, NY

Unknown Date after March 1863

Below is a transcription of an original undated printed list of men who were drafted and credited to the Town of Arcadia. The first National conscription act in U.S. history was passed in March of 1863, making all men between the ages of 20 and 45 liable to be called up for military service. This list does not pertain to volunteers who entered military service before that time.

All names are spelled exactly as on the original list, and no information was given other than their names. As this is an original piece of historical documentation, we will NOT be adding your relative's name to the list or changing the format by alphabetizing. As none of these men are our relatives, the site coordinators have no way of determining what regiments they were assigned to or if they survived the War. Thank you to the Office of the County Historian of Wayne County, NY.

"List of Drafted Men from Arcadia"

Charles Seabring
Silas V. Hollenbeck
John A. Westfall
Jerome See
William Daniels
Lewis See
Leonard Fry
Charles Hatsook
John Nierpos
John Stephen
Martin Devall
George M. Fitkins
John S. Wallace
David B. Culver
George F. Palmer
Aaron E. Vaninwagen
Calvin Mitchell
William Whitmon
Eliab T. Grant
Stephen A. Pyatt
George F. Palmer
Lumon S. Young
Albert Bond
Charles D. Cronise
Norman Brusie
Orrin C. Lee
Jeffersen W. Hoag
Ezra Pettie [Note: should be Pettis?]
Philander Vail
George F. Shumway
George H. Peer
George W. Eddy
George W. Garlock
Roger Benton
Isaac Vanderhoof
Lewis Pettie [Note: should be Pettis?]
Winslow D. Heath
John N. Aikin
James Gumore
Patrick McLaughlin
Paul Bonaveries
Orrin K. Har
Theodore Tillotson
Russian Haskins
Almon Shumway
Henry Genthner
Robert J. York
Benjamin C. Woolson
Barton L. Huested
Arie M. Dillenbeck
James Dennis
John Chapman
Charles J. Brown
James H. Whitbeck
John A. Pulver
William Palmer
John Colwell
Henry Percy
James W. Gifford
Michael Lyons
William H. Rogers
William Cull
Isaac J. Austin
George H. Pierson
James VanOstrand
Ambrose Pulver
Homer J. Upson
Julius N. Lisk
Daniel P. Smith
Allen Vanderhoof
Charles S. Sherman
George Smalage
Peter Welsh
Frederick Barclay
Phinas G. Lewis
John H. Whitbeck
William B. Prince
David W. Harmon
Thomas Gray
Marshal Rowen
Daniel Ridley
Patrick Mean
Edwin Lee
Charles Fritz
Albert Rush
Abraham L. Richmond
Francis H. Spoor
Jeb Greenwood
Alexander Penoyer
Kerliew Blyth
Issac Tack
Frederick Hinkle
George Clark
Irwin Ernst
John I. Hyde
Lorenzo K. Carey
Aaron B. Robinson
Erastus L. Huntley
James E. Drake
Lewis H. Palmer
Daylomel Lyons
William Hollinbeck
Levi A. Loveland
Esbon D. Snyder
Jonas Burst
Aaron F. Williams
William Chapman
Henry Rarey
William Clark
Elias Truax
George Bartzell
Barney Cooney
William W. Lair
William H. Hickey
Nathan Grippin
Alvin Shaver
James H. Ryder
Lewis J. Bryant
Justus Sherman
Chester Phillips
John Fay
George S. Town
George H. Clouse
Andrew Traver
Foster Hickson
Marvin Filkins
James S. Horton
William Elsworth
William H. Cunningham
Nelson Miller
James Cook
William Derry
Richard White
Samuel Cronise
Gideon Muir
James E. Reynolds
David Dayton
Nathan Taylor
James W. Adams
Joseph Prince

The site coordinators have no information about these men. All first and surname spellings are as in the original. We realize that some of the spellings look incorrect, may be incorrect, and probably are incorrect. But as you recognize your relatives, our typing this up for you was worth the time and effort. To maintain the historical integrity of this resource, the spellings of your relatives' names will remain as in the original. If you'd like to send in what you feel is the correct spelling to add to the bottom of the page, with information about the man and his Civil War service, we'd be delighted to post it. Please contact either of the site coordinators listed on the main page of this site. We thank you in advance for directing ALL requests for information about these men to the Office of the County Historian.

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