as of July 2nd, 1862

Town of Marion

Wayne County, NY

Below is a transcription of the original Town Supervisor's list of all men whose enlistments were credited to the Town of Marion as of July 2, 1862. As this is early in the War, it won't include men who may have enlisted between July 3, 1862 and April 9, 1865. All names are spelled exactly as on the original document. The original document lists men who enlisted in different companies, regiments not stated. As this is an original piece of historical documentation, we will NOT be adding your relative or later recruits to the list. We have no way of determining if the men stayed with these companies, transferred to others, or survived the War. Thank you to the Office of the County Historian of Wayne County, NY.

Marion Volunteers,
Enlisted Since July 2d, 1862.


Reuben A. Adams
John Arnold
Asa Allen
Charles Bement
John B. Burrud
John W. Copping
Brainard T. Curtis
Barney Class
Lorenzo G. French
Charles P. Fletcher
Charles W. Fillmon
Henry A. Gange
William J. Hill
Washington Hathaway
Arthur Hards
Oliver P. Hinyon [Note: consistently spelled Henion in 1860-1890 censuses]
Friend Kinyon
Lewis T. Kellogg
Jefferson L. Luce
Roswell Coy
Amos McOmber
Charles C. Potter
James Quigley
Charles Radder
Truman See
Thomas Stiggins
John N. Young
Frederick Goodwin


Elisha Allen
William H. Arnold
Ezra J. Brightman
Gideon Durfee
William G. Eldridge
Thomas Geer
William J. Holling
Irving P. Jaques
George Kinyon
Harrison H. Knapp
William H. Miller
Joseph A. Newton
Edward A. Percy
William Patterson
Lawrence Surner
George N. Sherman
James E. Taylor
Alonzo Wallace
James West
Morris Welch


John A. Laing
George Brown
William G. Burrud
Frank Beelard
Daniel A. Cray
William R. Harris
Emerson Lovejoy
Amos Parker
Charles J. Rathbun
Peter See
George W. Smith


John A. Case - with Capt. Underhill
Joseph LeBuff - with Capt. Underhill
Adrian Contant - with Company D. 111th


Number in Burrud's co., .............. 28
Number in Smith's co., ............... 20
Number in Lusk's co., ................. 11
Miscellaneous ............................. 3
Total, ....................................... 62
Quota for Marion......................... 62

         Ira Lakey, Supervisor

The site coordinators have no information about these men. All first and surname spellings are as in the original. We realize that some of the spellings look incorrect, may be incorrect, and probably are incorrect. But as you recognize your relatives, our typing this up for you was worth the time and effort. To maintain the historical integrity of this resource, the spellings of your relatives' names will remain as in the original. If you'd like to send in what you feel is the correct spelling to add to the bottom of the page, with information about the man and his Civil War service, we'd be delighted to post it. Please contact either of the site coordinators listed on the main page of this site. We thank you in advance for directing ALL requests for information about these men to the Office of the County Historian.

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