The listing of Revolutionary War pensioners surviving in Wayne County in 1840 was prepared by Judy Breedlove from the microfilmed copy at the Clayton Library, Center for Genealogical Research, Houston TX. At this library the film was located (in year 2000) upstairs in File Cabinet #1, Drawer #1, Roll #3. It is the second item on the 1790 census roll.

As the spellings are the best that could be discerned from the faded original on microfilm, it's suggested that you personally review a copy of the film. Many thanks to Bonnie Briggs for tipping us off to it! Corrections to interpretations of names are most welcome.

TITLE: 1840 Census of Pensioners, New York, Northern District

Wayne County, New York
: Pages 100-101

Column Headings:
Town, Name of Pensioner for Revolutionary or Military Services, Age, Names of Heads of Families with whom Pensioner Resided June 1, 1840

Wessel Cornue, 76, Wessel Cornue
Shevah Houghton, 85
Thomas Treet, 77
George Babcock, 77, George Babcock

Obediah Archer, 79, John W. Archer
Solomon Leonard, 81, Solomon Leonard

John Mack, 82, Abraham Mack
John Speller, 74
Willard Church, 82, Willard Church

William Jackways, 81, William Jackways
Daniel Wood, 83, Daniel Wood
Durfee Hicks, 83, Gardner Hicks
James G. Smith, 56

Joseph Carey, 83, Joseph Carey

James Calhoun, 77, James Calhoun
Isaac Curtiss, 86, Isaac Curtiss
Marshal Barmore, 84
Valentine Hahn, 80, Valentine Hahn

Simeon Merrill, 80, Simeon Merrill
Roger Olmstead, 76, Philo Olmstead
Reuben Barnes, 84, Reuben Barnes
Ezekiel Scott, 81, Ezekiel Scott
Josiah Munson, 75, Hiram Munson
Ebenezer Pierce, 78, Ebenezer Pierce

Beerl Foot, 78, Albert Foot
Benjamin McClary, 89, Benjamin McClary
John Selfridge, 82, Sarah Smith
Timothy McIntosh, 80, Timothy McIntosh
Gilbert Hooker, 82, Zina Hooker

Josiah Dunning, 86, John Dunning
Jacob Patrick, 76, Jacob Patrick
Nathan Smith, 79, Nathan Smith
Elijah Whitring, 82, Elijah Whitring
David Plidden, 81, David Plidden
Benjamin Avery, 82, Cyrus Avery

John Featherly, 80, John Featherly
Emanuel Winfield, 79, Reuben S. Parshal

James Green, 82, Isaac R. Green
Elizabeth Fitzhue, 74, Elizabeth Fitzhue
Jonathan Clemmons, 85, Jonathan Clemmons
John Norris, 86, John Norris
Philip Demarest, 79, Philip Demarest

Moses Lent, 78, Moses Lent
Jabez Carter, 80, Benjamin S. Carter
Francis Needham, 73, Francis Needham
Benjamin Derrell, 75, Miles Hodges

Charles Kent, 78, Charles Kent
Darius Howard, 75, Darius Howard
Abm. Vas Sise, 77, Morgan Wilde
Paul Sherman, 81, Paul Sherman
Gad Hall, 81, Gad Hall
Bulkley Johnson, 83, Daniel Chase

Jacob Ward, 81, Alven Ward
Jerusha Pease, 80, David H. Pease

Contributed by Judy Breedlove

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