YEARS 1832 - 1838

Part 1

We're pleased to present a major contribution from Dottie Piechocki and Suzanne Carpenter. Dottie and Suzanne had the opportunity to visit the Allen County Library, in Ft. Wayne, IN, a place noted for its genealogical collections, and discovered this resource. Dottie typed it up from copies off the microfilm and Suzanne proofread. Dottie has previously contributed Youngs family obits and her g-gf's, Alanson Youngs', Civil War pension record. Excerpts from Dottie's notes to us:

"I've transcribed some pages from the microfilmed "Marion Record Book, 1825 - 1895", which I photocopied at theAllen Co (Ft. Wayne) Library. This is by no means the entire "Record Book", as I photocopied only the first few years during which time my own ancestor (George Youngs) lived in Marion. After his name disappeared from the rolls, I didn't bother copying any further. Marion had its first town meeting in 1826, according to the record, and there are many, many names listed therein, as the book records by highway district the name of each landowner. I would love for these pages to be put on the Wayne Co website, as many researchers could potentially find their ancestors listed here. May we all be so fortunate as to draw some other cousins out of the woodwork through putting this up on the Wayne Co website!

Yes, I did type all this from microfilms of handwritten pages. I only touched the surface, photocopying (at 15 cents per page!) just the pages from the time frame that my ancestor George Youngs appeared in the Marion record book. He dropped off after 1835. You will see in one of the latter town meetings, the mention of the land "formerly owned by George Youngs". Wish I knew where he went! Someone could maybe borrow the microfilm or see it at an FHC and thus obtain all the rest of the pages. The book went through 1890's. "

From "Marion Record Book, 1825 - 1895"
(Roll #4), microtext holdings, Allen County Library, Ft. Wayne, IN
Photocopied 29 March 2000; transcribed by D. Piechocki July/August 2000

[1st page: 1832 - 1833 highway descriptions]

               A Survey of a Public Highway
                                 Beginning at the center
of the North and South Road leading by Curtis Hardings
and on the line between Solomon Hardings, and Abel Hardings
thence E.142.R. to the corner of William Hardins Land.
Thence N. on the line between William Hardin & Leonard
28.R. thence E.102.R. to the center of the North & South
Road running by Jacob Leonards
Marion Nov 13th 1832
                   Israel Springer    } Commissioners
                   Reuben Adams, Jn }

Continuation of a Public High Way.
                                       Having been
a high way laid from the west Easterly on the line
between Lots No. 6. & 7. as far as the State Road __ This
continuation beginning at the State Road on sd Line
between Lots No. 6. & 7. in the First range of Lots. Thence
E_ 2_ º S_ on sd line 136.R, to a Beach Tree marked No. 6. No 7.
R.1. With some other marks
Marion 29th Nov. 1832.
                  Reuben Adams Jn}  Commissioners
                  Garner Wait   }

                            An alteration of two Publick Highways.
Which commences at the corners of the old Sodus Road near
Samuel Springers. Running thence southerly to the Highway,
running East and West past Marvin Hicks, the other being that
part of the said Old Sodus Road running southwesterly, from the
sd corners near the said Samuel Springers to the Pultney Mills Road,
The sd alteration to commence in the [center?] of said Old Sodus road, &
at the sd corners, running thence South 30´ West, on the Line between,
Deborah Horton, & Saml Springer 70._ Rods, and to continue the same
course 80.Rods across Reuben Adams Land to the centre of the
Highway running East, & West past the sd Marvin Hickes, which Highway
is to be 4 Rods Wide, __ Marion Feb23d 1833,
               {Garner Hicks  }
               { Reuben Adams} Road Com.
               {Israel Springer    }

[2nd page: 1832 - 1833 highway descriptions]

        Alteration of a Road running by Ira Perrys: the
Alteration commencing At the north West corner of Ira
Perry’s Land thence South on a line between Ira Perrys
and John Brocks 23 R. To John Brocks S. E. Corner thence
East 13.R. thence S.13.R. to the center of the Highway
Marion March 23d 1833
          Israel Springer } Com.
          Reuben Adams }

[3rd page: 1833 first recorded town meeting]

Annual Town Meeting

        At an annual Town Meeting in the Town of Marion
held therein at the Inn of James S. Hickey, April 2d 1833
the Meeting was opened by reading the several reports of the
Town Officers, to the sd Meeting. After which the Meeting
voted that we have three Assessors, and no more. 2dly that
we have three Constables, and no more -- After which proceeded
to Elect Town Officers by ballot. After canvassing the votes
the following town Officers were duly Elected as follows --

Elias DurfeeSupervisor
Elisha R. WrightTown Clerk
Henry Knapp
Zadok HugginsAssessors
Hiram Van Dusen
Nelson D. YoungCollector
Kinyan Crandall
Daniel DeanOverseers of the Poor
Israel Springer
Edmund HowellCommissioners of Highways
Elias Braman
Daniel W. Russel
Nelson D. YoungCommissioner of Common Schools
Cornelius Putnam
Joseph Caldwell
Horace GreeneInspector of Common Schools
Josiah Rice
Nelson D. Young
Harvey ShearmanConstables
William Boswarth
Elisha R. Wright
Marvin RichJustice of the Peace
Lorin Chapin
Thomas YoungTown Sealer [?]

[4th page: 1833 first recorded town meeting]

        Voted that the following persons serve as overseers of Highways,
in the districts to which they severally belong. Marion April 2d 1833_


No.__ 1 George Hoyt
2 George Rice
3 Rodney Kellogg
4 Zina Duel
5 Stephen Sanford
6 Isaac R. Sanford
7 Abraham Bromfield
8 Jacob Crane
9 Joseph S. Coggswell
10 Amos Turner
11 John Beard
12 James Turk
13 George P. Eddy
14 John Smith, Sen
15 Joel Greene
16 David Crane
17 Jonas Haner
18 Judson Pond
19 Reuben Adams Jn
20 Daniel Twaddle
21 George Negus
22 Ezra T. Phelps
23 Robert Springer
24 Samuel Springer
25 Jonas C. Miller
26 Daniel W. Russel
27 Harvey Shearman
28 Jedediah Clark
29 William B. Coggswell
30 Jedediah Grisworlde
31 Homer Adams
32 Shelden Beach
33 Solomon Leonard Jn
34 Gardner Maynard
35 Samuel Franklin
36 Samuel Shellinger
37 Humphrey Shearman
38 Eli Hart
39 John Low
40 Henry Youngs
41 Richmond Negus
42 William Harding
43 Luther Beach

The foregoing certifed and subscribed by us, the
inspectors of Town Meeting this 2d Day of April 1833.

          Elisha R. Wright} Town Clerk
          Benjamin B. Durfee} Justice of Peace

[5th page: 1833]

RoadDistrict No. 1st for 1833.Daniel Everett 2John Chapin

George Hoyt Assessed, 5_Elias Durfee 2Norton Porter10_

Asahel Hoyt 4William Corey 5_    No.8

Leapha Harris 1 William W. Corey 2_Jacob G. Crane 5_

Caleb Knap 5_Joseph Corey 3_Bartholomew Adams 3

Isaac Hough 2James A. Shaw 6Samuel Carr 2

James Hough 2 Elery Shaw 6Philander Freeman 2

Veniah Yeomans 1_     No. 5Griffith Lewis 3

Joseph Atwell 2Stephen Sanford 6 Mary Carr _

Henry Knapp 1_John Duell 5_ Eliphalet Dean 3

    No. 2d Gardner Wait 5    No. 9

Daniel Parker 4 Henry Wait 2 Joseph S. Coggswell 6

James Rice [?] William Rice Sen. 5 John Underwood 4

Arnold Rice 2 Josiah Rice 2William Underwood 2

John Frankenberger 2_ Hiram Sanford 2 Earl Wilcox 7

Joel Hall 7_ Charles Van.Ostrand 4_ Levi Eddy 3

Abel Sanford 6 George Roath 2 John Harkness 5

Gotham M. Tuttle 3_ Orrison Roath 2 Morris Tucker 2

Charles Corey 2 Sophia [inserted: Pice] Lee 3John Dunlap 2

Martin Barnum 3    No. 6David Pice 4

William Hall 2 Isaac R. Sanford 6 Nelson Briggs 2

Joseph Hall 2 Abraham Kellogg 4 Joseph Allen 5

George Rice 4 William Potter 5 Josiah W. Beard 2

Alford Rice 3 Thomas Potter 5_Wilson Coggswell 2

Andrew Den[?]d 2Philip Potter 1 Amos Church 3_

    No. 3dHall Sanford & Moss 5 Joseph C. Church 2

Rodney Kellogg [?] Robert Hogoboom 8    No. 10

Henry Knapp 10_ John Kintch 2Amos Turner 5_

Lorenzo Knapp 2      No. 7 Elias Braman 5_

Halls Estate 4_Abraham Bromfield 2_ Lyndon Burr 7

    No. 4 Lorin Chapin 2 George A. Douglass 2_

Zina Duell 2_ William Rice Jn 3_ John W. Crandall 3_

William Skiner 7 Stephen Trumboll 2_ Martin Chase 2

Daniel Durfee 5 Sylvester Cowls 2_ Benjamin Mason 5_

Richard Skinner 3 Mary [?]field 2_ [?]

[6th page: 1833]

RoadZiba Hayward 2 Julius Huggins 4_ Nathan Kirby 2

Fordice Hill 4_ Jeremiah Angell 5 John Eddy 2_

Justus Hill 4_ Abiah Angell 2 Harris Cooley 4_

Allen Burr 1 William Bibbe 3George Forbs 2

Cyrus R Crandell 2    No. 14Benjamin B. Durfee 4

David Duckerton 3_ Joseph Penwell 5 James Swartwout 2

    No. 11.William Smith 5 Scuyler B. Payne 2

John Beard 3_ John Smith 7 William A. Steel 3_

Leman Sanford 3_John Smith Jn 2Stephen L. Wright 2_

Wait Sanford 3_     No. 15James S. Hickey 7

John Fry 5_ John W. Brockway 13_ David Chapell 2

Cyrus Wheeler 7 Hiram Chapell 2    No. 18

William R. Sanford 1 Daniel Dean 3_ Jutson N. Pond 5_

William Wheeler 2 Joel Green 4_David Sweezey 12

Chester E. Rice 4    No. 16Joseph Caldwell 20

Isaac Purdy 4 David Crane 3 Oschus [?] Howell 2

Mark Shepard 3_ William Bristol 8 Warren Simmons 2

Richard Springer 2 Oliver Davis 2_ Daniel Hasmer 2

Solomon Cole 2Daniel Moon 4 Edmund Hasmer 3_

    No. 12Thomas Youngs 17_ Barzillai Smith [?]

James Turk 3 Horatio Johnson 2 James D. Ford & Co 3_

William Smith Jn 3 Charles Allchin 2 George Belden 3

Isaac Barnes 3 Edgar M. Galloway 5 Waterman Hanks 4

Lemuel M. Adams 3_ Mr. Bull 3Friend Webster 4_

Mr. Baxter 2Emily Galloway 8Asher Webster 2

    No. 13Durfee & Curtiss 3John Hickey Jn 2

Elijah Clark 4 Nelson D. Young 2_Stephen B. Rowley 3_

Rufus Clark 2     No. 17.James H.Curtis 2_

David Eddy 8_ Jonas Hanes 4_ John Negus 2_

George P. Eddy 2 Elias Durfee 16_    No. 19th

Morton Eddy 4 William Bozworth 2_ Reuben Adams Jr10

Seth Eddy 8_ Jesse B. Ketchum 2 Luther Kimball 3_

Samuel Eddy 2 Pascha Austin 16 Tyler Flemming 4_

Zadok Huggins 10_ William S. Curtiss 2 Myron Adams 2

[7th page: 1833]

RoadEdmund Howell 4_ Daniel Curtiss 2Jonas C. Miller 5

Eliphaz Grainger 4_ Seth Curtiss 9 Francis Moore 5

Ishial Palmer 3_ Daniel H. Curtiss 2 John Vosburg 4

David Sweezey Jn 4_Ezra Phelps 8 Asa Flint Jn 2

    No. 20thJames Sawyer 3 Joseph Crandall 5

Daniel Twadell 3_ David Cowan 2 William Crandall 2

Nathan Jones 2 Curtis Harding 3 John Cowan 3

David Shearman 4_ Peter Case 2Orange Potter 3

Zephaniah Shearman 2    No. 23.Manchester Boice 7

Samuel Shearman 2 Robert Springer 4 Burton Lamphire 2

James Howell 2 John Dolph 3 Asa Flint 4

Samuel Negus 2_Anson Dolph 4_     No. 26

Merit Sweezey 4 Hiram VanDusen 5 Daniel W. Russel 4_

Truman Vanwinkle 2 Abram Woodkok 3_ Stephen Sanford 2_

Micajah Adams 3_ Jonathan West [?] Howard Bradley 6

Simon Adams 3_ Henry Case 2_ Kinyan Crandall 4_

Aaron Oysterbanks 4 Joel Springer 2 Silas Simons 3

Henry Vandewater 4 Cornelius Simmons 4 Peter Leighton 3

Joseph Coleman 2 Benjamin Curtiss 4 William Boice 4

Thomas Negus 1 Silas Curtiss 4 William Congden 2

Salisbury Negus 2Albert Curtiss 2 Thomas Congden 4

    No. 21. Joel Phelps 2Clark Babcock 2

George Negus 3     No. 24John Bradley 2

Cook Negus 3 Samuel Springer 8 John Palmeter 2

Shepard Spalding 3_ John Lyon 4_Peter Barker 2

Joshua Howell 3_ Asahel Pratt 2_    No. 27

Zephaniah Howell 5_ Fitch Reed 2_ Samuel Ball 5

Henry L. Hollister 3_David Parker 2 Fenton Brock 3

    No. 22Theophilus Hunt 3 George Dexter 2

Ezra T. Phelps 3_ Jesse Hunt 2 Deliverance Perry 2

Nathan Jones 2 John S. Whitman 3 Peter Eddy 4

Daniel Sawyer 2 Henry Mason 2 Carleton Eddy 2

Phineas Hoton 2Herick Reed 2William Wilkins [?]

Shuaugh [?] Hoton 2    No. 25Samuel Pricket [?]

[8th page: 1833]

RoadGidion Shearman 6 Abraham Van Buskirk 3[?] Silas Turner 4_

Harvey Shearman 2Thomas Huchins 6[?] John Potter 3_

Johnathan Eddy 6    No. 30     No. 33

David Gibson 2 Jedediah Grisworld 4 David Green 3

Rufus Harris 2 John J. Crout 4_ Everett Pontine [?] 3_

Israel Springer 8 Arthur Coe 4 Asahel Pepper 2

Stephen Scut 3_ Isaac Morse 3 Solomon Leonard 3

Israel Whitman 2 Mathew Lord 2_ John Bennet 2

George Fowler 2 Horace Potter 2_ Samuel Leonard 2_

John Brown 3 Johnson Buttolph 2Solomon Leonard Jn 4

James Brown 2    No. 31Issachar Stratton 2_

William Booth 2_Homer Adams 12 Reuben Adams Jn 1

    No. 28Julius C. Hutchinson 6_ Jacob L. Leonard 2_

Jedediah Clark 4 John Stanard 2    No. 34

James H. Center 6 Lyman S. Clark 3 Gardner Maynard 4

Samuel Hullings 3 Richard Bourne 3 David Leighton 2

Israel Hullings 2 William Martindale 2 Johnathan Leighton 3_

Joseph Hulling 2 John Atwood 6_Hiram Stephens 3

William Davis 4 William Pierce 2 Nathan Stephens 3

Joshua Baker 4 Levi Johnson 3Nathan Stephens, Jn2

John Brock 4 Samuel Smith 3    No. 35

Thomas Clark 4 Levi Clark 3 Samuel Franklin 5

Philip Davis 3 Alel Harding 3 William Coggswell 3

John Wolf 2 James Cooper 2_ Abraham Coggswell 3

Isaac Anthony 2 J Marvin Rich 4_ Ira Perry 3_

Israel Tucker 2_ Isaac Lovejoy 3_ Joseph Wright 4_

Philip Rice 3 Dudley Skinner 2 Oliver Hicks 3_

Darius Pratt 6_ Charles Calhoun 2 Enos Wright 2

Sydney Pratt 2 George Walker 2Tiffany Wright 2

Zina Pratt 2    No. 32Ira Lake 2

John Brock 2Shelden Beach 3 Thomas Lake 3

    No. 29William Beam 2    No. 36

William B. Coggswell 12 Philetus Potter 2 Samuel Shillinger 3_

William Smith Jn 3_ William Durfee 2_ Henry Huchins 2

Hosea Thomas 4_

[9th page: 1833]

Road    No. 37    No. 39     No. 41

Humphrey Shearman 3 John Low 2 Richmond Negus 3

Joseph Williams 2 Benjamin Burden 2    No. 42

     No. 38     No. 40William Harding 3_

Cornelius Putnam 13 Henry Youngs 3 Aaron Field 2_

Elery Potter 8 Stephen Butts 2_ Anson Lewis 2_

Isaac Corey 2 Uriah Green 2    No. 43

William R. Sanford 4_ Andrew McIntyre 2 Luther Beach 3

Isaih Booth 3 Stephen Green 3

Ichabod Hart 3_ Stephen Wood 2 Recorded for 1833

Eli Hart 2 George Youngs 3 By E R. Wright.

Robert Coggswell 3Ephraim C. Cross 3Town Clerk

        Alteration of a Public Highway beginning at the North
line of the land formerly owned by Isaac Miller on the East
side of the highway, thence North 1.º East forty four Rods to the
road now occupied, thence West of the Bridge Near Wait Sanfords
Marion April 27th 1833.
         Israel Springer }Commiss
         Edmund Howell} Highways

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