Marion Scrapbook Articles, 1917

Marion, NY

Wayne County, NY

Undated newspaper scrapbook clippings from the vast research bounty of the Office of the County Historian, Wayne County, NY!


Tuesday evening the Baptist choir presented the amusing musical entertainment, The New Minister.

The cast was as follows:

Rev. Homer Alex. Brown, the new minister, A.H. Bates;
Prof. Topnote, leader of the choir, Arthur Jeffery;
Members of the musical committee, Cresendo B. Flatt, L.J. Sweezey;
Hezekiah F. Sharp, M.B. Dean;
Dr. Hoosick, Geo. Reeves;
Seth Perkins, a joker, Bert Egleston;
Uncle Alex, the old sexton, Bert Freeman;
Daisy Lovejoy, the new school teacher, Mrs. Mabel Snyder;
Odelia Hasbeen, organizer of the Old Maid's Club, Susan Lookup;
Pertunia Dimples, milliner, Mrs. Anna Frine;
Agusta ___ , who hates gossip, Marjory _asterton;
Mrs. De Lancey, President of the Ladies' Aid, Mrs. Vira Reeves;
Henrietta, unmarried daughter of H. Sharp, Mrs. Phoeba Hoff.

Members of the Ladies' Aid Society, Mrs. Geo. Reeves, Gertrude Lookup, _lyrna Sweezey, Esther Deright, Mrs. Geo. Frine, Lucile Peer, Beatrice Reynolds, Frances Lovelace.

Members of The Old Maid's Club, Susan Lookup, Mrs. Frank J. Jeffery, Mrs. Geo. Frine, Lucile Peer, Minerva Allen, Melissa Allen, Sylvia Luce, Mrs. Jay Hoff.

The parts were all well taken and showed a good deal of talent.

While visiting Mrs. Jennie Henion;last Sunday, Mrs. Edward Horn was taken ill with a severe cold and was unable to return to her home in Sodus until Friday.

The Florence Musical Quartette gave one of the best performances heard this season, at High School Hall Saturday evening, for the benefit of the firemen. The Fire Department had been divided into the Blues and the Reds in a ticket selling contest for the entertainment and the result was that the hall was packed to the doors, about 400 tickets having been sold. There was only 45 cents difference in the money received, so it was declared a tie and both sides will have charge of the street auction. The entertainment netted the Firemen about $90. The performers very kindly assisted in the music of the churches of the town on Sunday.

Mrs. Lloyd Hollister has been seriously ill with heart trouble the past week.

Mrs. W.H. Curtis, Mrs. Hattie Durfee and Dewey Speers were among those from this place who attended the performance of Ben Hur at Rochester.

Born, Thursday, Feb. 22, to Mr. And Mrs. Peter Petty, a son.

Born, Monday, Feb. 26, to Mr. And Mrs. George Philips, a daughter.

Wednesday evening, Feb. 28, the teachers, officers and members of the orchestra of the Presyterian Sunday school gave Mr. and Mrs. Charles Seybold a surprise party on their tenth wedding anniversary. Mr. Seybold is Superintendent of the Sunday-school and Mrs. Seybold is pianist and teacher. The evening was spent in games and listening to fine music. Mrs. W.W. McWilliams read a poem in honor of the couple whose wedding was celebrated and Rev. W.W. McWilliams presented a thermos bottle as a gift from the company.

The third of the series of socials by the Grange will be held at their hall the evening of March 27.

There will be a Farmers' Institute held here March 9. The following instructors will be present: R.P. McPherson I.C.H. Cook, Mrs. Marty Monroe

The Wayne County Canning Co. has purchased the home and fruit farm of Mrs. Jennie Sweezey in this village. The house will be occupied by C.N. _____ of the Canning Co.

Claude Croucher has purchased the Hood property at the Upper Corners.

Mr. And Mrs. John Marchant are visiting their daughter, Mrs. John East in Detroit.

William VanBortle has purchased the Glenn Cook property; consideration, $1,950.

Mr. And Mrs. E.T. Luce spent Christmas with Mr. And Mrs. Frank Mosher in Palmyra.

LeRoy Duel has sold his farm of thirty-five acres to Walter DuBois. The price paid was $2,500.

L.J. Sweezey has been elected secretary of the Wayne County Fruit Growers' Association.

A very enjoyable dancing party was held on Christmas night under the direction of John S. Rich.

The Methodist church and Sunday school held their Christmas exercise and tree on Saturday evening last. Sunday morning at the M.E. church the pastor delivered on appropriate sermon on the subject; The Significance of Christmas.

The Forrence Lyceum Quartette will give an entertainment in this village on March 3d for the benefit of the Marion fire department.

Mrs. John McDugall and Mrs. Wesley McDugall have been the guests for several days the past week of Mrs. Samuel Hartman in Newark.

Statistics show that the Newark-Marion Railroad has been in operation eleven years, the first train having been moved December 14, 1905.

The annual Christmas celebration and Christmas tree of the First Reformed church took place on Friday evening last, and was a most enjoyable occasion. There was an interesting programme, which wasfollowed.

The original scrapbook article is on file at the Office of the County Historian, Lyons, NY.

Sodus 1917

While visiting in Sodus last week the infant child of Mr. And Mrs. Jack Keesler was taken ill with acute bronchitis and is now some what improved. Mr. And Mrs. Keesler were planning to move to Fairport this week, where he will be employed by the Sanitary Can Company.

Friday evening, March 16, the local preparatory contest for the Wayne Interscholastic Prize speaking will be held. The contestants are Leon Blankenburg, Marjory Casterton, Esther Deright, Sylvia Luce, Anthony Betten, Melvin Merton, Edward O'Meal, Clifford Toping.

Herbert Sherman and his sister May, will move to Rochester this spring, where they will live with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Deright.

Missionary day was observed.

The original article is on a page with Marion notes, on file at the Office of the County Historian, Lyons, NY

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