Student Program
held at
Marion Collegiate Institute
March 19, 1880

Source: A pamphlet titled "Public Entertainment at Marion Collegiate Institute of the Aesthetic and Lithologic Lyceums, On Friday Evening, March 19, 1880." This was an evening's program put on by the students and faculty of Marion Collegiate Institute, followed by a "Sociable."



Organ Duet - Miss Pulver, Mr. Tremaine.

Vocal Quartette - "Come Where the Lilies Bloom" - Misses Starkweather, Crandall, Skinner, Johson. Messrs. Tremaine, Dright, Fraser.

Reading from the Aesthetic Journal - Miss Starkweather.

Recitation - "Scenes in a Life-time" - Kittie Noonan.

Concert Recitation - "The Blue and Gray" - Misses Darmody, Crandall, Johnson, Starkweather, Pulver, Carrie Pulver.

Dialogue - "The Nobleman in Disguise" - Misses Sanford, Skinner, Noonan. Messrs. Knapp, Allen, Westfall, Robinson, Deyo.

Declamation - "Mark Twain's First Visit to Niagara Falls" - James Dright.

Quartette - "The Farm" - Misses Starkweather, Johnson, Noonan, Skinner. Messrs. Tremaine, Fraser, Thompson, Westfall, Love.

Reading from Paper - Jennie Johnson.

Society Exercise - "The Army and Navy" - Misses Fisher, Skinner. Messrs. Husten, Dright.



Organ Duet - Misses Pulver, Sherman.

Society Exercise - "Our Virtues" - Misses Reeves, Burbank, Andrews, Gillette, Durfee, Russell.

Reading from "Rocks of Thought and Dust of Humor" - J.L. Davis

Dialogue - "Courtship Under Difficulties" - Miss Sherman. Messrs. Smith and Case.

Concert Recitation - "Toll No More" - Miss Andrews, and Mr. Irish, assisted by others.

Reading from Paper - Ida Russel.

Declamation - "The Black Horse and his Rider" - John P. Case.

Trio - "Hear the Sweet Chorus" - Hattie Gillette, Emma Reeves, Nellie Gillette.

Valedictory - Words to our Students - Mary Fisher.

Quartette - "By-and-By" - Misses Lusk, Reeves, and Messrs. White, Reeves.

The original pamphlet has been donated to the Office of the County Historian.

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