1835         -         1960

One Hundred Twenty-Fifth Anniversary

May 1960

First Evangelical United Brethren Church

Spencer and Holley Streets
Lyons, New York


Rev. Charles L. Hertzog, Pastor

Rev. Charles L. Hertzog - Chairman, Council of Administration
Max Maichele - Secretary, Council
Mary Buisch - Financial Secretary
Earle Rice - Treasurer
Albert Ehman - Missions & Benevolence Treasurer


Elmer Hecox, Pres., Lester Buckholz, Fred Buisch, Albert Ehman, Earle Rice, Robert Tyler


Elmer Hecox, Chief, Arthur Buisch, Paul Buisch, Wilfred Buisch, Lester Buckholz, Myrtle Buckholz, Neva Dengler, Albert Ehman, Glenn Facer, Janice Gabrielse, Max Maichele, Roy Steitler, Marion Steitler, Robert Tyler

Robert Tyler - Sunday School Superintendent
Marion Steitler - Director of Children's Work
Glenn Facer - Secretary of Sunday School
Emma Shuler - Home Dept. Superintendent
Neva Dengler - Cradle Roll Superintendent
Judy Tyler - Acting President of Youth Fellowship
Marion Steitler - Counselor of Youth Fellowship
James Buisch - President of Junior Youth Fellowship
Ann Buisch - Counselor of Junior Youth Fellowship
Mary Maichele - President of Women's Society of World Service
Clara Wagner - Pesident of Altruists
Glenn Facer - President of E.U.B. Men


The following have served during the years of 1835 - 1860.

M. F. Mees A. Klein
J. Kehr L. Jacoby
J. Reigel P. Alles
P. Henneberger T. Schneider
C. Hummel W. Oetzel
M. Lehn G. Ott
D. Fisher S. Weber
M. Sindlinger T. Hauch
C. Holl A. Stiebe
F. Kroeker A. Miller
W. Muenz J. Schaaf

John Grenzeback 1860-1862
Philip Miller 1862-1864
J. Seigrist 1864-1866
L. Jacoby 1866-1868
Michael Lehn 1868-1870
A. Holzwarth 1870-1872
David Fisher 1872-1875
M. Pfitzinger 1875-1877
Philip Miller 1877-1879
G. Frech 1879-1880
C. Schoepflin 1880-1883
C. Stube 1883-1886
G. Gelser 1886-1889
Daniel Miller 1889-1892
Philip Spaeth 1892-1896
Jacob Eberling 1896-1898
Philip Bahn 1898-1902
S. B. Kraft 1902-1906
W. H. Stauffer 1906-1911
F. W. Schwenk 1911-1916
E. E. Rife 1916-1922
A. A. Holzwarth 1922-1926
M. Salmen 1926-1930
F. Drew 1930-1933
W. A. Kofahl 1933-1934
W. Wgner 1934-1936
A. G. Ehman 1936-1946
John M. Beck 1947-1954
Herbert O. Erbele 1954-1956
Charles L. Hertzog 1956-


Althen, Mrs. William

Baker, Mrs. Edna
Berns, Mrs. Bena
Bohner, Fred
Bohner, Mrs. Fred
Brown, Reinhold
Brown, Mrs. Reinhold
Brown, Jerry
Buckholz, Lester
Buckholz, Mrs. Lester
Buckholz, John
Buckholz, Melanie
Buckholz, Christine
Buisch, Arthur
Buisch, Mrs. Arthur
Buisch, David
Buisch, Mrs. Emma
Buisch, Fred W.
Buisch, Mrs. Fred W.
Buisch, Paul
Buisch, Mrs. Paul
Buisch, Charles
Buisch, Carol
Buisch, James
Buisch, Jeanette
Buisch, Stephen
Buisch, Stuart
Buisch, Wilfred S.
Buisch, Mrs. Wilfred S.
Buisch, William
Buisch, Marilyn
Buisch, Grace
Buisch, Sarah

Chalupa, Fred
Chalupa, Mrs. Fred
Cleverley, James
Cleverley, Mrs. James
Cleverley, Robert
Cleverley, William
Cruse, Mrs. Helen
Cruse, James

Dengler, Mrs. Katherine
Dengler, Newton
Dengler, Mrs. Newton

Ehman, Albert C.
Ehman, Mrs. Albert C.
Ehman, Dale
Ehman, Rev. Albert G.
Ehman, Mrs. Albert G.
Ehman, Miss Elvera
Ehman, Miss Laura Mae

Facer, Mrs. Arthur
Facer, Glenn
Facer, Mrs. Glenn

Gabrielse, George
Gabrielse, Mrs. George
Gabrielse, Arthur
Goebel, Miss Sophie

Hecox, Elmer
Hecox, Mrs. Elmer
Hecox, James
Hertzog, Rev. Charles L.
Hertzog, Mrs. Charles L.
Hildreth, Mrs. Frank
Hughson, Mrs. Emma

Lehn, Barbara
Lehn, Beverly
Lehn, Karen

Maichele, Max
Maichele, Mrs. Max
Maichele, Andrea

Oakleaf, Robert
Oakleaf, Mrs. Robert
Oaklear, Lynn
Oakleaf, Craig

Perduyn, Miss Bernice

Rice, Mrs. Carleton C.
Rice, Earle B.
Rice, Mrs. Earle B.
Rice, Barry
Rice, Randall
Rice, Robert

Savage, Kenneth
Savage, Mrs. Kenneth
Savage, Norman
Savage, Lloyd
Savage, Milton
Savage, Mrs. Milton
Savage, Cynthia
Schuldt, Mrs. Lula
Shuler, Daniel
Shuler, Mrs. Daniel
Shuler, Lynn
Shuler, Miss Emma
Shuler, Karen Ann
Shuler, Roy
Snow, W. Merton
Snow, Mrs. W. Merton
Steitler, Roy
Steitler, Mrs. Roy
Steitler, Edward

Taney, Joseph
Taney, Mrs. Joseph
Taney, Gail
Tyler, Alvin
Tyler, Robert
Tyler, Mrs. Robert
Tyler, Andrea
Tyler, Judy
Tyler, Mrs. Thomas

Wagner, Henry
Wagner, Mrs. Henry
Wagner, Wilson
Wagner, Mrs. Wilson
Walbourn, Mrs. Alma S.
Waler, Albert
Walter, Miss Helen
Wasser, Aaron
Wasser, Mrs. Aaron
Wasser, Mrs. Hortense
Wasser, John
Wasser, Thomas
Wasser, Miss Vivian
Westphal, Mrs. Edna

Transcriber's Note: the lists above and below weren't explained, but the "Anniversary Roll" is probably the membership list as of 1960, and the list below fairly recently deceased members as of same date.


Baker, Roy
Bramer, Charles F.
Bramer, Mrs. Charles F.
Bramer, Frederick
Bramer, Mrs. Frederick
Buisch, William
Buisch, Mrs. William

Capwell, Mrs. Bernice
Chalupa, Frederick Jr.
Croll, Miss Carrie
Cruse, Ernest

Dale, Frank
Dale, Mrs. Julia
Dengler, Frank
Dengler, Mrs. Frank
Dengler, John M.

Facer, Arthur

Hildreth, Frank

Knox, Mrs. Marian Schuldt

Lagenor, Leland C.

Martin, Adam
Martin, Mrs. Adam
Martin, Lester
Martin, Miss Martha
Martin, Philip
Martin, Mrs. Philip
Miller, Miss Maud

Rice, Carleton C.

Shuler, Miss Anna
Shuler, Richard
Shuler, William
Shuler, Mrs. William
Stauffer, Rev. William H.
Stauffer, Mrs. William H.

Trautman, Albert
Trautman, Mrs. Albert
Tyler, Mrs. Alvin
Tyler, Thomas

Walter, Miss Margaret
Wasser, Dean


The First Evangelical Church of Lyons, N. Y. had its beginnings in the year 1835. During that year the first class was organized at the home of George Stoetzel, who resided on William St., Rev. M. F. Mees of the East Pennsylvania Conference presided. The following persons were received as charter members: George H. and Saloma Ramize, Michael and Rosina Faulstich, George and Dorothy Stoetzel, George and Catherine Humbert, George and Barbara Ramize, and Phlip Lang.

During this time the services were held in the homes of the members and in the basement of the old Methodist Church; also in the Center building and in the old school house on Pearl St.

On Feb. 5, 1844 the society was incorporated and the following trustees were elected: Louis Schneider, Henry Miller, Fred Hamm, Michael Faulstich and Philip Althen.

On Feb. 13, 1844 the school house on Butternut St. (this building stood directly south of Wayne County Jail) was purchased for the sum of $600.00 and fitted for church purposes.

In 1845 a Sunday School was started with twenty scholars, Daniel Rodenbach and Philip Althen were the first superintendents.

Increased numbers created the need for a larger building and on Feb. 12, 1850, a lot was purchased on the corner of Spencer and Holley Sts. for the sum of $500.00 and soon after, the corner stone was laid. In Dec. 1850, the new church building which cost $6,000.00, was dedicated by Bishp Joseph Lang.

In 1868, the house on the north east corner of Spencer and Canal Sts. was purchased for use as a parsonage. Prior to this time the pastors lived in the basement of the church. In 1872, this house was sold and the present parsonage was built.

In 1881, a new vestibule and steeple were erected, doing away with the original steeple and outside stairs and platform.

All services were conducted in German, until 1889. From this time til 1909, both German and English were used. Since 1909, all the services have been in the English language.

In 1895, a Young People's Society was organized. The first officers were: William F. Kaiser, Pres.; Elizabeth Martin, Vice-Pres.; August Althen, Corres. Sec.; Margaret Feldmann, recording sec.; George Reule, Treas.

In 1902, the auditorium of the church was redecorated and a new carpet and new pews were purchased. The cost was $1,740.

On July 24, 1902, a Ladies' Aid Society was organized. The officers were: Mrs. G. Oakleaf, Prs.; Mrs. G. G. Messinger, Vice-Pres.; Mrs. W. H. Shuler, Sec.; Mrs. G. Greenagle, Treas.

In 1905, the pipe organ was purchased and installed at a cost of $967.

On Aug. 7, 1906, a Women's Missionary Society was organized. Officers were: Mrs. W. H. Stauffer, Pres.; Mrs. G. Greenagle, Vice-Pres.; Mrs. D. E. Buisch, corres. sec.; Mrs. G. Oakleaf, recording sec.; Mrs. A. Trautman, treas.

In 1913, a new carpet was purchased for the floor of the church, and cork composition was put on the Sunday School floor.

The sheds and barns on the south side of the church were removed in 1926, and a two-car garage was built.

In 1932, the Sanctuary and vestibule of the church were remodeled and redecorated at a cost of $1,776.19. The church was reopened for services on April 3, 1932, with Bishop M. T. Maze officiating.

In April 1937, the 102nd Anniversary was held, with Rev. Carl Heinmiller of Ohio, as guest speaker.

During World War II, 21 boys from our congregation served out country.

On July 20, 1944, the Altruists was organized.

In 1946, there was a union of two religious bodies. The Evangelical Church and United Brethren Church. The name then became The Evangelical United Brethren Church.

In 1948, the parsonage kitchen was modernized.

In 1950, papers were signed incorporating the church. Folding doors were installed in the large Sunday School room to take care of the increase in the Primary Dept. Also the outside of the church had a new coat of paint.

In 1952, a gas furnace was installed in the church building, and a new kitchen was built, at a total cost of about $4,500.00.

In 1954, the Sanctuary was painted, the new aisle runners and altar rug were given as memorial gifts.

In 1956, automatic heat was installed in the parsonage.

In 1956, new flooring was laid int he three Sunday School rooms.

SInce their organization on Oct. 12, 1922, the E. U. B. Men have worked diligently on all building and remodeling projects.

Through the years, many Christian workers have given of their time, energy and tithes so that the work of the Lord may go on in First Church of Lyons.

For those who have worshipped in this Church during these one-hundred and twenty-five years that have now gone home to Glory, we give a silent prayer.


Lyons Oil Supply - Arthur C. Schnabel
Amicao Cleaners and Launderers, 17-21 Canal Street
Compliments of Emmie Cole - Red and White, 23 Canal Street
Compliments of Irvin Rockwell, Plumbing and Heating
Best Wishes on your 125th Anniversary, B. J. Lehn - Grocer
Compliments of Schneible Bakery
Compliments of Alloway Store and Service Station
Compliments of Burton's Texaco
Compliments of David D. Bradley, General Insurance, In Business Over 37 Years
John Canne & Sons, Farm Equipment - Machinery Repair, Phelps, N. Y.
Wilbur G. Barnhart - Cemetery Memorials, 48 Water St., Lyons, N. Y.
Herman Bros. Inc., Lyons, N. Y.
Compliments of Wykle's Esso Service
Josph R. Trombino - Mason Contractor, Cement Urns for Cemetery & Lawns
Compliments of Schleede Farm Supply, Lyons, N. Y.
Henry Killick & Sons - Millers, Lyons, N. Y.
Compliments of Community Store, Corner Broad & William
Lyons Floral Shoppe
Compliments of J.J. Newberry
Compliments of Walter Engels
Compliments of Lyons Hardware
Compliments of Humberts Sales & Service
Tri County Feed Inc., Lyons
Vanderveer & Coleman Inc., Farm Produce and Farm Supplies
Mack's Body Shop - Collision Service, 43 Water St., Lyons, N. Y.
Lyons Coal Co.
Compliments of Boeheim Funeral Home, Furniture and Funeral Directors, Est. 1854
Smart's GLF Service - Feed, Seed, Farm Supplies, Lyons, N. Y.
Compliments of Tri Bro Supply Inc., 102-108 Canal St., Lyons, N. Y.
Earle B. Rice - Electrical Contractor
Compliments of Hank's Body Shop, Montezuma St., Lyons, N. Y.
Paliotti's Service Station - Sinclair Gas, Cor. Water & William Sts.
Compliments of La Gasse Iron and Welding
Compliments of Phil & Lou's Auto Shop, Used Cars, Lyons, N. Y.
Compliments of Cup 'N' Spoon, Hot Dog Stand
For Rambler See Elmer L. Westendorf
Compliments of Lyons Service Station, Dodge - Dart
Weeks Funeral Home, 5 Phelps St., Lyons, N. Y.
Charles G. Rooke - Insurance Agency
Gardner Buick Co., Buick Sales & Service, 59 Montezuma St., Lyons, N. Y.
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Courtesy of Williamson's Cleaners
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Compliments of Greco Jewelers, 9 Canal St., Lyons, N. Y.
Compliments of Paliotti Shoe Store
Compliments of Ford Dairy Inc.
Compliments of Duane Hegedorn
Compliments of William Higgs
Compliments of Edward Johnson
Lyons Men's Shop, 32 Canal St., Lyons, N. Y.
John P. Lytle, Florist, Newark Road, Lyons, N. Y.
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Compliments of The Lyons National Bank
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Compliments of William Haidley - Paint & Wallpaper Store, 42 Water St., Lyons, N. Y.
Compliments of Peter Renzi - Restaurant Supply Co., Water St., Lyons, N. Y.
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Compliments of Amrose Super Market
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Compliments of Juliano's Auto Parts, Lyons, N. Y.
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Compliments of Ohmann Bros., Lyons, N. Y.
Van Dusen's Appliance Store
Hecox Auto Electric - Magnetos, Starters, Generators, 184 Water St., Lyons, N. Y.


Church Calendar - times of worship services, and days and times of organization meetings

Order of Service for Sunday, May 8, 1960 - readings, hymns and sacred music

Remarks from Pastor Charles L. Hertzog

Photos of Pastor Hertzog and guest speaker J. Gordon Howard (Bishop of the East Central Area, Evangelical United Brethren Church)

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