Lyons, NY

Wayne County, NY

Below are pictures of some of the Lyons locations you've read about in articles on the site!

Lyons Trolley Bridge

The old canal tow path, showing trolley bridge and barge. Early 20th century. This is the very Erie Canal by way of which your ancestors crossed New York State, and mule teams pulled the packet boats. Clinton's "Big Ditch" really wasn't that wide by today's standards, resulting in major traffic jams!


Geneva St. through Alloway in South Lyons. Ca. 1906. Still a quiet place, not much larger than you see here. Note the old inn with the pillars and porches, typical of buildings you can still see in the Finger Lakes Region. Inns were spaced every mile or so along some roads, providing necessary places to stay and square meals as folks moved west across the state and beyond.

Old Jail

The old 19th century Wayne County Jail in Lyons. Early 20th century. Built to last, there are still many brick Victorian buildings of this style all over Wayne and surrounding Finger Lakes counties.

The Poorhouse

The old Wayne County Home, aka the poorhouse, in Lyons. Ca. 1910. Check out the County Home Records to see a picture of the poorhouse burial grounds.

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