Names from old programs and other publications.

Old school brochures, pamphlets and events programs are excellent sources for finding out personal interests and talents of ancestors. The articles below date from 1847 - 1921, samples of types of items available to view at Wayne County's Office of the County Historian, in Lyons, N.Y.


February 24, 1847

[Note: this is a student "social studies" presentation.]

Order of Exercises
Distribution of Schemes
Entrance of Delegates in Their Costumes
1. Address - Delegate from the United States of America, Darius H. Denton
2. Address - Delegate from Brazil, George W. Taft
3. Address - Delegate from China, Thaddeus O. Fellers
4. Address - Delegate from C. Tartary, James H. Hyde
5. Address - Delegate from Italy, Baxter M. Tainter
6. Address - Delegate from Arabia, Wm. Knowles
7. Address - Delegate from the Jews, Wm. P. Van Wickle
8. Address - Delegate from Mexico, Stephen Rogers
9. Address - Delegate from France, B.E. Nichols
10. Address - Delegate from the Camanche tribe of Indians, Wm. J.D. Pierpont
11. Address - Delegate from Greece, Wm. W. Voorhes
12. Address - Delegate from Poland, A.E. Morley
13. Address - Delegate from Lapland, Charles C. Moore
14. Address - Delegate from England, David C. Price
15. Address, with song, A Yankee, Wm. D. Foster
16. Address - Delegate from Scotland, J. Irving Pollok
17. Address - Delegate from Switzerland, Jerome Croul
18. Address - Delegate from Germany, Samuel H. Foster
19. Address - Delegate from Turkey, Horace A. Ross
20. Address - Delegate from Ireland, Edwin R. Hughes
21. Address - Delegate from Africa, Henry P. Price
22. Address - Delegate from the Iroquois, F.H. James

The original programme is on file at the Office of the County Historian, Lyons, NY.


W.H. Sepon, Esq. & family

The Managers respectfully solicit your attendance at a UNION FESTIVAL, to be held in the spacious new hall of the Lyons Union School House, Thursday, December 28, 1848.

An address by a distinguished gentleman from abroad, will be delivered at one o'clock, p.m., followed by Dinner, and a Succession of Amusements, during the evening. A Concert of Vocal & Instrumental Music at 6 o'clock. Supper at 8 o'clock. Holmes & Bailey's Brass String Band from Rochester, will be in attendance During the Day & Evening.

W.H. Sisson,H.J. Leach, C. Demmon, G.W. Benton, N.B. Caswell, C. Rice, P. Babcock, Jus., L.H. Sherwood, E.G. Thurston, G.A. Wells, J.F. Pollok, M. Brownson, C.O. Hoffman, W. Knowles, J.H. Adams, J.H. Galusha, D.H. Denton, J. Knowles, Jus., D.D. Mason, F.E. Cornwell, S.H. Klink, S. S. Herrick, G.C. Halliday, A.B. Williams, W.P. VanWickle, D.C. Price, H.B. Gallup, H.P. Knowles, A.M. Leach, A. Treadway

J. Adams, H.N. Taft, A. Bemsen, D. Chapman, L. Sherwood, C. Poucher, C. Foster, G.W. Cramer, H.G. Dickerson, J. Leach, W.D. Perrine, D.W. King, E.B. Price, H.G. Hotchkiss, S.A. Dewey, A.O. Spencer, L. Mirick, J. Dunn, A.D. Folhamus, A. Lyman, W.N. Cole, A.L. Beaumont, P.C. Wells, D. Watrous, J. Layton, D.W. Parshall, J.C. Smith, E. Johnson

D.H. Denton, G.C. Halliday, J.H. Galusha, C.B. Price, D.C. Price, H.P. Knowles, G.S. Bennett, A.J. Mirick, A.W. Cook, R.F. Layton, J.H. Holmes, H.B. Gallup
Misses: L.H. Holley, M.E. Foster, C.L. Dickerson, L. Denton, L. Bashford, L.B. Adams, R.M. Adams, M. Rogers, E. Dickerson, C.A. Hovey, E.M. Smith, S.H. Foster

The avails to be appropriated to furnishing the new Rooms Lyons, December 7, 1848.

The original invitation is on file at the Office of the County Historian, Lyons, NY.

Lyons Republican, April 22, 1859

Mr. Editor: On Thursday and Friday of last week, the closing exercises of the Lyhons Union School for the term ending Friday, April 15th, took place at Union Hall. Thursday morning was devoted to recitationss from the 3d and 4th Grades, in which they acquitted themselves with credit.

As the morning was extremely unpleasant, the rain falling in torrents, and the wind blowing a perfect gale, few persons ventured to brave the storm and come to the house, but in the afternoon there was a cessation of the rain, and many spectators were present to listen to the exercises of the 1st and 2d Grades. These were highly interesting and portions of them quite amusing.

It was evident to those present of any judgement in such matters, that they must have enjoyed the advantage of superior instruction to be able to recite in so excellent a manner and the declamations of the little boys and recitations of th elittle girls, showed, not only that the teachers possessed a nice taste and discrimination in reading and speaking, but that they had been successful in imparting to their pupils the true spirit of reading and eloquence.

Friday afternoon was devoted to the rhetorical exercises of the 3d and 4th Grades. To say they passed off very finely would hardly convey to those who were not present a correct idea of their real character. We have often attended, both in the same building and in other institutions, similar exercises; but we think those of last week were superior to any we have ever previously witnessed.

As the connection of the Principal, F.B. Snow, and Miss Julia A. Archer, of the young ladies Academical Department, with the school was to cease with the present term, we suppose each of the scholars endeavored to do as well as he was able.

After the exercises were finished, Mr. Snow, going in front of the stage, called Miss Archer to him, securing her attention while Misses Albertine Mirick and Ida Sylvester approached her thus engaged, for the purpose of presenting, in behalf of the young ladies of her room, a spelndid silver Card Basket, filled with cards bearing the names of each of her pupils. Miss Albertine then read the following address:

"Beloved Teacher: - The hour has come when by your own free choice, you have decided that your date and interest require you to dissolve the connection, which has existed so long and so happily between us, and it is only left us to express our deep regret that you thus read your duty.

You have long and earnestly labored with and for us, and permit us to assure you that we deeply appreciate all your efforts for our good, and the more as we begin to realize that we are about to lose them forever. You have watched over us faithfully to warn us of approaching evil even though afar off, to restrain us from youthful indiscretions, to encourage every noble aspiration and earnest effort to high intellectual attainment and moral excellence.

And now, as we must part, we would ask you to accept this little Gift, that whenever you look upon it, you may call up the memory of pupils here, and be assured that whereas and in whatever sphere your duty may be assigned, you carry with you the gratitude of the young ladies of this school, and are followed by the prayer that the blessing of heaven may attend you until we all meet in that Great School, where Christ shall be the Great head and Teacher."

Miss Archer thanked them for their kindness which she felt was unmerited, and, although it gave her one more instance of that affection and attachment, still it was not necessary that she should receive anything to awaken in her mind in coming years, when distance should separate them, the memory of those of whom they were the representatives, but she should ever retain as one of the brightest recollections of the past, her connection with the young ladies of the Union School.

This, though not in her own language, comprehends most of what she said, but as every one will readily see, it lacks the spirit and smoothness of the original.

After Miss Archer had finished, Mr. Snow went upon the stage to make a few closing remarks. He had hardly commenced when Mr. Smith, teacher of the 4th grade, advanced to the stage in front of Mr. Snow, and was joined by the other teachers of the School when Mr. Smith, in behalf of the teachers, presented him with a magnificient copy of Tennyson's Poems by saying:

Mr. Snow, "Please accept this volume of Tennyson's Poems from us, as a slight testimonial of our respect for you as a christian and a man, and the love we bear you as a friend and fellow teacher."

Mr. Snow thanked them in a few appropriate remarks, at the same time passing some high encomiums upon them as teachers.He then said his labors were done. He had finished his work, and all that remained for him was to say farewell. He had endeavored to do his duty, and though he had probably committed some errors, for to err is human, they were errors of head and not of heart.

He had nothing to regret. He wished prosperity and success might attend the school, and finally when earthly duty was done, that he might meet with all his pupils and friends where assemblies and schools never break up, and "Christ himself doth rule."


1862 Lyons Union School Circular


The Board of Education for the village of Lyons issue the following Circular, commending the privileges of the Lyons Union School to the consideration and patronage of the public.

The village of Lyons is situated in one of the finest agricultural regions in the world; and its moral tone and character are unsurpassed.

The Institution is complete in all the material of education; Library, Blackboards, Maps, Charts, Globes, Chemical and Philosophical Apparatus; and the arrangements for ventilating, warming and seating, are even with the improvements of the age.

The Board of Education confidently assert that the Faculty in this Institution are superior in learning, ability, and all requisite qualifications, to that of any similar Institution in the State.


James C. VanBenschoten, A.M., Principal

Fourth Grade (Academic)
Joseph B. Collins, Male Department
Miss Julia A. Archer, Female Department

Third Grade
Miss Hester A. Weston, Male Department
Miss Martha A. VanMarter, Female Department

Second Grade
Miss Isabella Munn, Male Department
Miss Laura B. Adams, Female Department

First Grade
Miss Betsey J. Wirts, Male Department
Miss Adalaide L. Townsend, Female Department
Miss Julia K. Holley, Small Boys and Girls

The pupils are arranged in four Grades, according to their progress in the prescribed course of study.The First, Second and Third Grades embrace the Primary and Common English studies, and the Fourth Grde contains the Academic Department.The males and females of each Grade are under the direction and instruction of a separate teacher.

The Principal instructs classes in the high branches, exercises a general supervision over the whole School, and attends to the proper arrangement and classification of the scholars.

We have a scheme arranged ascending by successive and easy steps, from Alphabetical Cards to advanced standing in any of the Colleges of the United States.In this course the Primary and Common English Studies, Spelling, Reading, Grammar, &c., are not "too much neglected," but the instruction in them is thorough and practical.

Our first effort in the education of those committed to our care is directed to the practical and useful, to facility and correctness in composition, and to grace in reading and speaking; but the cultivation of morals, taste, habits of reflection and propriety of conduct, is by no means neglected.

In seeking to supply the great and pressing want of this community - systematic, assiduous, thoroughly American Instruction - we have made our Institution competent, we hope, to qualify those who commit themselves to our charge, for business, for teaching and for professional studies.

The principles of Chemistry, Physiology and Mathematics are continually referred to their applications in life. In the Languages, the exercises are first written and afterwards repeated orally as often as possible. Particular attention is given to the Modern Languages.

In Book-Keeping, Lectures will be given on the formalities required in Contracts, the Statute of Limitation, the duties of Town and County Officers, etc.

None but the most competent, efficient and exemplary teachers are employed no other school so constantly unites principles and things, theory and practice.

Our patrons and friends are requested to visit our Exercises and Examinations, in order to become better acquainted with our Regulations and Method of Instruction. Neither the "pouring in' nor the 'drawing out' process is followed, but students are required to learn the lessons given them.

REGULATIONS Students are required to be respectful in their intercourse and relations with each other and with their teachers; to be punctual in their attendance; to be present at dailyk prayers; to be present at recitations. They are forbidden to make any unnecessary noise about the Institution; to mar the buildings; to use profane or indecent language; to leave place or communicate with each other without permission.

CALENDAR The First Term will begin January 27, 1862, and close April 12, 1862. The Second Term will begin April 21, 1862, and close July 5, 1862. The Third Term will begin August 11, 1862, and close October 25, 1862. The Fourth Term will begin November 3, 1862, and close January 17, 1863.

In the First Grade, non-residents, $1 50
In the First Grade, residents, 1 00
In the Second Grade, non-residents, 2 00
In the Second Grade, residents, 1 50
In the Third Grade, non-residents, $3 00
In the Third Grade, residents, 2 25
In the Fourth Grade, non-residents, 4 00
In the Fourth Grade, residents, 3 00

By Order of the Board
K.H. Murdock, President
Lyman Lyon, Secretary

The original circular is on file at the Office of the County Historian, Lyons, NY.

Of the Closing Exercises of the UNION SCHOOL,
Friday Afternoon, Dec'r 16th, 1864.

Music, Chorus and Solo, "Doors Open Wide"

Declamations, Geo. Putney, Jac. Schneider, Chas. Teller, Geo. Miller

Declamation, Value of a Reputation, Oliver Durfee

Select Pieces, Laura Andrew and Libbie Shepard

Essay, Life is Short, Jennie Bwinnell

Essay, Concentration of Mind, Sarah W. Spier

Select Pieces, Darrah Osborne and Frankie Sisson

Select Pieces, Lizzie Ellis and Louise Demmon

Recitations, Cornie Knowles and Lucy Ryder

Select Pieces, Irving VanMarter, Geo. Mestler, A.F. VanVoast

Essay, The Influence of Woman, Ella Merrill

Music, Solo and Chorus, "Kiss my Mother Dear for Me"

Select Pieces, Ella Osborn, Louise Metzger, Kate Stratton

Composition, Kittie Moore and Matie Bottum

Declamation, Seward's Defence of Freeman, J.B. Ellis

Select Pieces, Matie Groot and Eunice Owens

Compositions, Hattie Young and Lillie VanWickle

Dialogue, Eva and Mary VanVoast

Essay, Our Aspirations, Mary E. Merrill

Declaration, Mount Tabor, Charles Dunwell

Declaration, Loyalty, James Pell

Music, Chorus, "Stand Up for Uncle Sam"

Select Pieces, Rosa Norley and Maria Wilsdon

Essay, Imagination, Mary L. Rice

Select Pieces, Sarah McCall and Libbie Shepard

Essay, Sympathy, Mary E. Sharp

Recitation, No sect in Heaven, Mary E. Bottum

Essay, Weather, Sarah Hanchett

Select Pieces, Rosa Lyon and Georgia DeGolyer

Declamation, Fate of McGregor, H.S. Williams

Recitation, Emma Richmond and Emma Rice

Declamation, Judgement, Charles Mason

Recitation, Clara Buell, Maggie Latimer, Mary Clark

Original Oration, Nobility of Labor, Wmn. Clark

Original Oration, The Advantage & Disadvantage of Free Schools, Jno. Clark

Original Oration, Learning better than Wealth, E.J. Wickson

Original Oration, Progress of Civilization, Esmond Leach

Music, Chorus, "There's Music in the Air"

Colloquy, By the Fourth Grade of Boys and Girls

The original programme is on file at the Office of the County Historian, Lyons, NY.

December 16, 1870

Music, "Home is the Best", School

The Old and The New, George Wickson, 4th Grade

Kind Neighbors, Hattie VanWickle, 1st Grade

The Little Orator, Dexter Teller, 1st Grade

Annabel Lee, Hattie Bottum, 3d Grade

The Rising Generation, Mary Ryder, 4th Grade

Solo, Miss Maggie VanWickle

Love of Country, Wm. Hunt, 3d Grade

Be Good To-Day, Rose Case, Half Grade

A Boy's Speech Against Shooting Birds, Wilber Rall, 1st Grade

Never Satisfied, Clara Rice, 1st Grade

Old Boys, Harry VanCamp, 2d Grade

Music, "Love at Home", School

Die Wacht am Rhein, Harry Zimmerlin, 4th Grade

The Red Chignon-(Colloquy), 3d Grade Girls

Our Little Fred, Henry Ravell, 1st Grade

The Horrors and Honors of War, Charles Leach, 4th Grade

My Maiden Mabel, Sarah McCall, 4th Grade

Music, "On the Mountains", Choir

Bernadio and Alphonso, Wm. Vosburgh, 4th Grade

Something to Do, Maria Groot, 4th Grade

Physiognomy-(Colloquy), 3d Grade Boys

The Best Dress, Fannie Wickson, 3d Grade

The Fireman, Luman Nichol, 4th Grade

The Kittens, Jessie Robinson, Half Grade

German Recitation, Girls

Grandpapa's Spectacles, Belle Mirick, 1st Grade

German Song, "Weihnachtsgesang"

The Changed Cross, Mary Raines, 4th Grade

Choice for Glory-(Colloquy), Second Grade of Boys

Hunter, Philip Becker

Fisher, Frank Waterman

Gardner, Bertie Ward

Philanthropist, Willie Mirick

The Planets, Edward Bourne, Half Grade

The Gift of the Fairy Queen-(Colloquy), 2d Grade Girls

On the River, Ettie Shepard, 2d Grade

Sincerity, Annie Cole, 4th Grade

Music, "Christmas Morning", School

German Recitation, Boys

The Lambs, Carrie Tinsley, Half Grade

Trifles Make Perfection, Frank Hovey, 4th Grade

The Dandelion, Mary Clark, Half Grade

Suppose, Nellie Smith, Half Grade

German Song, "Herbstgesang"

The Battle of Ivry, Wallace Horn, 4th Grade

Music, "Sweet Visions of Childhood", Choir

The original programme is on file at the Office of the County Historian, Lyons, NY.

February 16, 1871

On the afternoon of Tuesday, the 7th instant, Certificates and Diplomas were conferred as follows, viz:

In First Part of the Course.
Miss Mary H. Clark, Praire du Sa. Wis.
Miss Mattie A. Mirick, Lyons, N.Y.
Miss Eliza G. Wickson, Lyons, N.Y.
Miss E. Eloise Clinton, Newark Valley.
Miss Mary E. Peck, Oakhill, N.Y.
Miss Ella A. Browning, Holland Patent.
Miss Eliza M. Horton, Tarrytown, Pa.
Miss Mary E. Hood, Clyde, N.Y.
Theophilus W. Emerson, Conquest, N.Y.

In Both First and Second Parts of Course.
Miss Flora E. Wilcox, Unadilla Forks.

In Second Part of Course.
Miss Libbie M. Wood, Red Creek, N.Y.
Miss Mary S. Henry, Argyle, N.Y.
Miss Mattie A. Conger, Cato, N.Y.
Miss Carrie E. Rice, Hannibal, N.Y.
Miss Lottie M. Reed, Lebanon, N.Y.
Miss Emma G. Mallery, Lyons, N.Y.

The original clipping is on file in the Office of the County Historian, Lyons, NY.

1872 ADS from an unknown newspaper

Lyons Musical Academy
Current Session began
On Wednesday, Nov. 13, 1872
Newly-Finished and Pleasant Rooms have been secured in the Adams Block, No. 50 Canal St.
Circulars furnished on application to the Principal.
O.S. Adams, Lyons, N.Y.

Incorporated 18436
Offers First-Class advantages to those desiring to prepare themselves for Business or College.
Next term commences January 6th.
All desirous to join the TEACHERS' CLASS will address the Principal for registration and information before commencement of the term.
The regular course procides thorough drill in the ENGLISH BRANCHES; also in LATIN, GREEK, FRENCH and GERMAN.

For full information address

Edward A. Kingsley, Principal
or M.H. Waterman, Sec'y Board Educ'n

The original ad is on file in the Office of the County Historian, Lyons, NY.

Friday Evening, December 19, '73
Doors open at 6:30. To Commence at 7.


Music, Greeting Song, Delegates from each Grade

Prayer, First Grade Girls

Music, "Only a Dream", Misses Ada Kent, Gertie Jewell, Mamie Adams, Anna Baldwin, Sarah Vosburgh, Lina Brownell, Messrs. W.A. Jones, G.R. Klinck, Welling Soule

Declamation, "The old man goes to School", Daniel Engel

Declamation, "Madam Rolland", W.A. Hunt

Music, "Wie-ist's, Moerglich Dann", Ettie Shepard, Maria Shepard, Jennie Devoe, Mamie Mirick

Colloquy, Sense vs. Sentiment
Dramatis Person E.
Miss Trancendental, Nellie Robinson
Miss Mary Douglass, Fannie Wickson
Miss Burnett, Mamie Adams
Miss Strongerly, Sarah Vosburgh
Old Lady, Miss T's grandma, Callie Waterman
Bridget Mulrooney, servant, Jennie Bottume
Flower Girl, Cora Bartlett
Thomas Trancendental, T.W. Collins, jr.
Adolphus Fiz-Allen, a dandy, James Forfar
Jonathan and Sarah Ducklow, G.R. Klinck and Jennie Medbery

Music, Exercise Song, Half Grade Boys

Recitation, "A leak in the Dike", Martha Westfall

Recitation, "Hoe your own Row", DeWitt Price

Disquisition, "America", T.W. Collins, jr.

Music, "The Yankee Girl", Alice Manfield

Recitation, "Die Kline Sobueker", Edward Wesley, Miles Soule, Wills Young, Charley Stults

Colloquy, The Enrolling Officer

Mrs. Gridley, Minnie Klinck
Mrs. Withers, Adie Forfar
Miss Spindle Shanks, Florence Ravell
John Smith, Chas. Stults

Music, "Leaf by Leaf the Roses fall", Misses Ella Soule, CallieWaterman, Mamie Adams, Lina Brownell, Sarah Vosburgh, Eva DePew, Messrs. W.A. Jones, G.R. Klinck, Welling Soule

Declamation, "Putting on Airs", J. Stewart

Recitation, "High Tide", Ella Soule

Dialogue, "The Model School", Lizzie Ireland-Teacher

Gespraech, "Der Loewe und Das Lamm", Sophie Keller, Libbie Haitz, Frieda Eitelman, Anna Eitelman, Clara Bardon, Caroline Baltzel, Maga Liedinger

Burlesque, "The Irish Schoolmaster", R.H. Rozell-Teacher

Recitation, "Little Boy's Speech", Eddie Weden and Cora Bartlett

Declamation, "The American Sailor", Welling Soule

Music, "That Sweet Story of Old", Half Grade Boys

Colloquy, Never Say Die
Mr. Simon Graylock, Chas. W. Bennett
Mrs. Graylock, Gertie Jewell
John Bounce-coachman, Henry G. Tinsley
Patty Pert-maid, Hattie Allen
Mr. Ralph Cheeney, Willie Mirick
Alice Chase, Lida Dickie

Music, "Sweet Bells of Memory", Misses Callie Waterman, Anna Baldwin, Messrs. W.A. Jones, W. Soule

Recitation, Brush-Wood, Gertie Jewell

Oration, "Freedom", W.A. Jones

Music, Good Night

Recitation, "The Court Ladie", Bertie Althen
Recitation, "Mollie's Trials", Nellie Tinsley
Dialogue, "The Heavy Man", Annie Huff, Annie Boardman, George Hartnagel
Recitation, "The Drummer Boy's Burial", Mellie Ireland
Dialogue, "The Doctor and his Patient", Ada Steever, May Stults, Nellie Smith, Willie Mills

The original programme is on file at the Office of the County Historian, Lyons, NY.

September 12, 1874 The Union school at Lyons, Wayne county, made a very pleasant trip from that place to Clyde and back on Greenway's "Annie Laurie", one day this week.

The original article is in a scrapbook on file at the Office of the County Historian, Lyons, NY.

"From School Life to Life's School"
Academic Department


Commencement Exercises
at Memorial Hall, Friday Evening, June 25th, 1897 at 8 o'clock


Prayer, Rev. M.S. Wells
Music, Orchestra
Essay, Wit and Humor in America, Rena M. Dickie
Essay, Standing on Tiptoe, Edith H. Crowell
Piano Duet, Lichter tanz der Braute von Kashmer, Anton Rubinstein, Misses Rogers and Sweeting
Essay, Japan's Fair Daughters, Ila M. Hopp
Essay, The Red Man, Abbie E. Bryant
Vocal Solo, For All Eternity, A. Mascheroni, Katharine M. Mackin
Violin Obligato, Alec Ostrander
Essay, Heroines of Longfellow, Mary L. Lockwood
Piano and Violin Duet from Mozart's "Don Juan," Vieuxtemps and Wolf, Alex Ostrander and Mamie Murphy
Essay, Our Puritan Mothers, Elizabeth F. Nusbickel
Essay, The Children's Poet, Emma L. Tinsley
Chorus, The County Fair WAltz, Obt.
Presentation of Diplomas by the Principal

Abbie E. Bryant, 53-40
Edith H. Crowell, 51-40
Rena M. Dickie, 69-56
Ila M. Hopp, 51-38
Mary L. Lockwood, 61-50
Elizabeth F. Nusbickel, 63-52
Emma L. Tinsley, 77-64

The first number opposite each name indicates the Regents' counts obtained according to the old method of awarding credentials including 14 counts for preliminary subjects; the second number by the new method which includes academic subjects only, 48 counts being required for the Regents' diploma.

Crain A. Moore
Wm. Kreutzer
Burton Hammond
W.H. Kinney, Principal

The original programme is on file at the Office of the County Historian, Lyons, NY.

Standings of Academic pupils for Year 1897-98

No. of Regents' counts after the June Examination.

Jennie Anderson, 52
Myrtle Alden, 10
Jennie Agett, 6
Frank Bauers, 12
Maude Bastian, 32
Sadie Beadle, 34
Clara Broderick, 41
Meda Bastian, 10
Irene Berns, 0
Fred Boeheim, 28
Walter Burgess, 10
Helen Beal, 2
James Carmer, 61
Edward Christman, 37
Louise Comfort, 22
Emily Cramer, 36
Edna Curtiss, 32
Agnes Carey, 2
Mayme Carey, 2
Sarah Carmer, 16
Cila Caves, 12
Florence Claussen, 24
Adella Cosselmon, 6
Hannah Doyl, 6
Jessie Deady, 29
Florence Deuchler, 35
Belle Dunn, 32
Sadie Dunn, 44
Wilfred Douglas, 4
John Deady, 6
Eliz. deVeitelle, 8
Ida Eberling, 30
Mabel Engel, 16
Alice Feiock, 44
Albert Foster, 28
Fred Foster, 18
Fred Frost, 20
Townley Fries, 52
Harry Fries, 12
Henrietta Fletcher, 4
Dora Goewey, 4
Susie Ginn, 4
Frances Getman, 32
Saxon Gavitt, 10
Ed. Goetzman, 4
Emma Greenagle, 22
Marion Getman, 4
Kathleen Hahn, 14
Clara Hammond, 8
Carrie Hotchkiss, 10
Wm. Hotchkiss, 30
Eliz. Hotchkiss, 10
Irving Hartman, 4
Rachel Hammond, 2
Edgar Jennings, 6
Price Kinney, 9
Arthur Leach, 40
Marie Lockwood, 58
Albert Lendt, 40
Fred Lucas, 4
Bertha LuDugne, 2
Jeremiah Lally, 6
Leon Leach, 4
Mary Miles, 14
Birgitta Moran, 4
John Moran, 14
Eliz. Moran, 6
Florence Mann, 39
Nellie Mahany, 22
Mabel Medirk, 14
Arte Meade, 32
Margaret Murphy, 44
Edward Miles, 4
Ina Newkirk, 2
Nellie Needham, 8
Fred Nusbickel, 45
Insanelda Nusbickel, 42
Ethel Ostrander, 10
Maggie O'Keeffe, 6
John O'Malley, 0
Nora Paylor, 4
Grace Putnam, 10
James Paton, 20
Wm. Pilcher, 10
Frank Pflug, 4
Jason Parker, 56
Millie Putney, 6
Albert Rooker, 55
Nellie Robinson, 50
Bessie Rudd, 16
Mary Rudd, 10
Eva Rodenbach, 24
Nell Rogers, 6
Ada Rogers, 2
Lewis Reynolds, 10
Henry Reynolds, 2
Clara Ridder, 0
Minnie Sherman, 8
Esther Storn, 12
Cora Smith, 30
Minnie Smith, 8
Maud Stephen, 2
Florence Stolz, 19
Bertha Siegrist, 8
Dorothea Spies, 20
Gertrude Streeter, 8
Geo. Shuler, 8
Matie Shaw, 26
Grace Snitzell, 40
Wm. Schneible, 42
Chas. Starer, 50
Louise Sisson, 10
Willard Vader, 38
Nelson Weier, 16
Nellie Warren, 4
Wm. S. Weeks, 28
Herbert Warfield, 2
Grace Zimmerlin, 12

Original list is on file at the Office of the County Historian, Lyons, NY.

"Non Offensionibus sed Victoriis"
Lyons High School Commencement Exercises
Memorial Hall, Thursday Evening, June 23, 1904 at 8 o'clock


Prayer, Rev. W. G. Hull
Music, Orchestra
Oration, Commercialism of the Age, Lloyd R. Kneeland
Oration, The Octopus of the West, John Clifford Rogers
Music, Selected, High School Mandolin Club
Essay, Child Labor, Elizabeth F. O'Connor
Oration, The Automobile and its Development, Carlton A. Blaine
Music, "The Torrent", A.W. Merchant
Three Part Song
Sopranos 1, Lillian Murray, Delena Myers
Sopranos 11, Ellen Bailey, Mabel Phillips
Altos, Nora O'Keeffe, Irene Baltzel
Essay, Library Work as a Career, Emma L. Graff
Oration, The New Element: radium, Frederick L. Hoffman
Music, Selected, High School Mandolin Club
Essay, Marriage Customs, Ellen M. Meehan
Oration, Why Japan Should Win, William Clark Mason
Music Solo, "I loved You Better Than I Knew", Robert G. Hennessy
Oration, Russia's Claim to Our Sympathy, Harry F. Gardner
Essay and Valedictory, An Optimist, Olive L. Putnam
Three Part Song, "The Last Rose of Summer", Thomas Moore
Address to Class and Presentation of Diplomas, Principal W.H. Kinney
Music, Class Song, "Lyons High School"

CLASS of 1904
Carlton A. Blaine, 52
Harry F. Gardner, 56
Emma L. Graff, 54
Fred L. Hoffman, 54
Lloyd R. Kneeland, 60
William Clark Mason, 50
Ellen M. Meehan, 50
Elizabeth F. O'Connor, 55
Olive L. Putnam, 62
John Clifford Rogers, 58

The numbers opposite the names indicate Regents counts obtained, 48 counts being required for the Regents Diploma.

Dwight P. Chamberlain
Calvin Hotchkiss
Crain A. Moore
W.H. Kinney, Principal

The original program is on file at the Office of the County Historian, Lyons, NY.

"Climb, Though The Rocks Be Rugged"


Memorial Theatre, Tuesday Evening, June 19th, 8:00 o'clock


Prayer, Rev. F.W. Kneeland
Music (Chorus), "A Day on The Water", Veazie
Essay, "Robert Burns", Helena F. Schleich
Debate, "Municiipal Ownership of Public Utilities"
Affirmative, Addison G. Mann, Heiby W. Ungerer
Negative, Lloyd S. Jordan, Rhea D. Putnam
Music, "Princess Gavotte", Mandolin Club
Essay, "A Fair Pagan", May Morsheimer
Oration, "Is Football A Suitable Game for High Schools? No.", James P. Gleason
Recitation, "The Famine", Longfellow, Irene Baltzel
Music (Chorus), "Merry June", Vincent
Award of Diplomas

Irene Baltzel, 83 333/4
Jeannette Burnett, 71
Irving C. Clausz, 73
James P. Gleason, 70 1/2
Lloyd S. Jordan, 67 1/2
Roy Killick, 68
Addison G. Mann, 65 1/2
May Morsheimer, 63 1/2
Harry W. Paton, 66
Rhea D. Putnam, 69 1/2
Helena F. Schleich, 77
Heiby W. Ungerer, 77

The numbers opposite the names indicate the number of Regents counts obtained, 63 counts being required for the Regents diploma.

Dr. C.A. Moore
D.F. Chamberlain
L.D. Rodenbach
W.H. Kinney, A.M., Principal

The original program is on file at the Office of the County Historian, Lyons, NY.

Senior Plays - Presented by the Class of 1921
June 3, 1921, at the "Ohmann"


Cast of Characters
Tony Simms, Clara WIlliams
Widow Simms, Helen Rife
The Gentleman, Howard Hartnagle
His Soul, Stanley Reeves
The Scissors Grinder, Clyde George
His Soul, Gordon Avery
The Washwoman, Ruth Turpin
Her Soul, Elizabth Smith
Scene: The Kitchen in Widow Simm's Home

By Zona Gale

Grandma, Gladys Studer
Mis'Diantha Abel, Myrtle Carr
Ezra Williams, George Tucker
Peter, Stephen Wolfe
Inez, Sarah Graff
Mis' Elmira Moran, Edith Gruschow
Mis' Trot, Helen Keesler
Mis' Carry Ellsworth, Isabelle Bradley
Scene: Mis' Abel's Kitchen

By Brander Mathews

Virginia, Evangeline Miller
Paul (her husband, George Tucker
Scene: The Living Room in Their Home

The original program is on file at the Office of the County Historian, Lyons, NY.

Contributed by Co-coordinator Allyn Hess Perry. All spellings and punctuation are as in the original. Thank you in advance for directing all questions about persons and schools listed to the Office of the Wayne County Historian.

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