Source: "Boyd's Business Directory of over One Hundred Cities and Villages in New York State," by Andrew Boyd. Albany, N.Y.: Charles Van Benthuysen & Sons. 1869.

LYONS, Wayne County.

Wayne county formed April 11, 1823. This village is situated at the conflux of Mud creek and Canandaigua outlet, and is one of the finest in the State. It is one of the oldest towns in Western New York, and was settled in 1789. The village was incorporated April 18, 1854. It is 193 miles from Albany and 105 from Buffalo. It contains many fine edifices, including a court house of tasteful cut stone, with a fine portico and dome. There are seven churches, a union school-house, two newspapers, two banks, a variety of stores and manufactories of different kinds, including a furnace, machine-shop and agricultural implement shop, tile manufactory, brick yard, pottery, brewery, fanning-mill establishment, a saddle-tree factory, and a variety of others. Ten thousand pounds of peppermint are annually distilled here. Population about 4,000.

Althen Daniel, grocer, Church near William
Althen Philip, clothier, Water n. Congress Hall
Andron J. shoemaker, Water near Broad
Arnold Christman, saloon, Broad near Water
Atlantic & Pacific Telegraph office, Church cor. William
Aul Henry, fanning mill mfr. Phelps
Austin D.C. (Huff & Austin), Canal

Baltzel Henry, shoemaker, Broad
Barick Charles, druggist, Tower's block
Bartlett Clark, grocer, S. side of the Lock
Basford S. (Sanford & Co.), S. side of Lyons lock
BASTIAN BERNHARD, wagonmaker, Geneva
Bastian Henry, blacksmith, Geneva
Beadle T. & S. shoemakers, Canal
Belden George M. saloon, Canal near William
Belding House, Peter Tinklepaugh, Water corner Broad
Bell S.B. Rev. pastor Presbyterian church
Bennett Ebenezer H. boots and shoes, Canal
Bennett Jennie, dressmaker, Canal
Bennett John P. sheriff
Bennett L.R. livery, Water near the canal
Berns Henry, shoemaker, Canal
Boeheim Frederick W. cabinetmaker, Jackson
Boehmler Fred. jr. (Fred. Boehmler & Son), Broad near Water
Boehmler Fred. & Son (Fred. Boehmler, jr.), furniture, Broad near Water
Bottum Edward W. (Bottum & Gillette), William near Canal
Bottum & Gillette (E.W. Bottum and A.F. Gillette), physicians, William near Canal
Bourne John H. tinsmith, &c., Water n. Broad
Brubacher Martin (Rohrbacker & Brubacher), Maple

Camp John H. district attorney
Carver George (Carver & Smelt), William corner Church
CARVER HOUSE, John Carver, proprietor, Water near Broad
CARVER & SMELT (G. Carver and W.H. Smelt), proprietors, Graham House, William corner Church
Claassen Gustavas A. fanning mill manuf. Canal
Clapp Clark R. justice of peace, Towers' block
Clark William, lawyer, William corner Canal
Clausen Joseph, manuf. fanning mills, Canal
Clute George E. saloon, Broad near Water
Cole John L. lawyer, William near Canal
Collins Thaddeus W. county clerk
Congress Hall, S.V. Maine, Water n. the canal
Cosart E.C. Mrs. milliner, Canal
CRAMER GEO. W. insurance agent, grocer, forwarding and commission merchant and coal dealer, Canal

Daraich John, blacksmith, William
David Wm. G. physician, William near Church
De Golyer Joseph T. grocer, William
Depew Warren (Depew & Hanchett), William
Depew & Hanchett (W. Depew and M. Hanchett), dry goods, William
Deuchler Philip, blacksmith, Geneva n. Canal
Dickerson Hermance G. jr. (H.G. Dickerson & Son), opposite Congress Hall
Dickerson Heman G. & Son (H.G. Dickerson, jr.), hatters, Water opp. Congress Hall
Dillenbeck Menzo H. druggist, Water n. Broad
Doty Ambrose O. jeweler, Towers' block
Driscoll Nellie, milliner, Broad
Dudley Rev. pastor, Baptist church
Dwey Smith A. county treasurer

Eitelmann Christian, grocer, Water ab. Broad
ELLIS BENNETT V. postmaster, William corner Canal
Engelhart Conrad, grocer, junction of Broad and William
Espenham Charles F. binding, Canal
Espenheim & Son, cabinetmakers, &c. Canal
Ewalt Peter, hairdresser, William
Exchange Hotel, William Payne, Broad

Finch James, harnessmaker, Canal
FORFAR JAMES, lumber and coal, Geneva
Francisco B.S. boots and shoes, Canal
Frazer Henry R. jeweler, Canal
French Wm. A. dry goods, 2 Knowles pl. Water
Fries A. & Son (Theodore), grocers, Canal
Fries Theo. (A. Fries & Son), Canali

Gavitt Saxon B. (Gavitt & Murdock), William c. Church
GAVITT & MURDOCK (S.B. Gavitt and R.H. Murdock), bankers, William c. Church
German Mechanic Benevolent Association. Meet first Wednesday in the month
Gibson Chauncey, saloon, Canal
Gilbert John, cabinetmaker, Broad
Gillette Aug. F. (Bothum & Gillette), William n. Canal
Goff Orlando S. photographer, William n. Church
GRAHAM HOUSE. Carver & Smelt, props. Church cor. William
Griswold Edmund A. lawyer, Broad n. Water
Gunthner John, saloon, William

Hanchett Manly (Depew & Hanchett), William
Harrington Thomson, potter, Canal
Hartman H. Mrs. ladies' furnishing store, Water near Broad
Hartnagee Geo. groceries, Water cor. Broad
Hattler Geo. M. grocer, Canal
Haynes James B. blacksmith, William
Hecox John J. grocer, Broad cor. Water
Hotchkiss Hiram G. mfr. peppermint, Water above Broad
Hovey Hiram, hats, caps, &e. Canal
Hovey Hiram, marble yard, Water near Broad
Hoyt E.J. Miss, dressmaker, Broad n. Water
Huff M.A. (Huff & Austin), Canal
Humanity Masonic Lodge No. 406. Meet 2d and 4th Wednesdays in each month
Huff & Austin (M.A. Huff and D.C. Austin), druggists and grocers, Canal

Jameson Hugh, dentist, Canal

Keiser J. cooper, Canal cor. Jackson
King M.B. saddler, Water near Broad
Kingsley Wells, dyer, William
Knapp Clark W. hotel, Canal
Knoblock John, harnessmaker, Canal
Knowles Geo. W. agt. Merchants Express Co., Water near the canal
Koester Charles, brewer, Maple
Kreutzer William, hardware, &c., William

Layton Nelson P. butcher, Water near Broad
Leach Miles T. & Herman J. grist mill, Water above Broad
Leahn Rev. pastor German Methodist
Leonard E.G. (Caleb Rice & Co.), Water near Broad
Lightinger Joseph, wagonmaker, William
Llewellyn T. (Llewellyn & Weller), Canal
Llewellyn & Weller (T. Llewellyn and James Weller), meat market, Canal
Louster George, meat market, William
Lyons National Bank; capital, $100,000; D.W. Parshall, pres.; M.C. Tucker, cash.; William corner Canal
LYONS REPUBLICAN, Wm. T. Tinsley, editor, William near Church

Maine Stephen V. Congress Hall, Water near the canal
Marshall Stephen, lumber and coal, Geneva
Martin Henry, carriagemaker, Geneva n. Canal
MASON CLARK, lawyer, William
McElwain Jas. carriagemaker, Geneva n. Canal
Medbury A.M. & D.D. grocers and produce, Water opposite Congress Hall
Miller Frederick (Zimmerlin & Miller), Canal
MIRICK IRA, malster, Montezuma c. William
Mirick Nelson R. malster, William
Moran Daniel, clothier, Canal
Murdock Rawson H. (Gavitt & Murdock), William corner Church
Murray M.H. blacksmith, Canal

Nellis Nelson, liquors, Broad near Water
Norton Daniel L. lawyer, Tower's block

Olmsted Chumasero, hairdresser, Canal

Parshall D.W. president Lyons National Bank
Patterson Roger J. dry goods, Canal
Payne Wm. proprietor Exchange Hotel, Broad
Pell Cornelius, merchant tailor, Tower's Hall, William
Perrine Wm. D. & Son. (W.N. Perrine), jewelers, Broad near Water
Perrine Wm. N. (W.D. Perrine & Son), Broad near Water
Price C.B. (E.B. Price & Son), Canal
Price E.B. & Son (C.B. Price), grocers, Canal
Pues John, grocer, Jackson

Rains John Rev. pastor Meth. Epis. church
Randall J. Mrs. fancy goods, Canal
Rapp Peter, baker, Canal
Ravell Charles H. photographer, Canal
Redgrave Samuel C. (Remsen & Redgrave), Canal cor. Geneva
Reinhardt Adolph, tobacconist, Canal
Remsen Aaron (Remsen & Redgrave)) Canal cor. Geneva
Remsen & Redgrave (A. Remsen and S.C. Redgrave), hardware, Canal cor. Geneva
Rice Caleb & Co. (E.G. Leonard), dry goods, &c. Water near Broad
Rich Abraham B. clothier, Canal
Robinson John, blacksmith, Geneva
Robinson Wm. C. sash factory, Phelps
Rogers James, shoemaker, Water near Broad
Rohrbacker George (Rohrbacker & Brubacher), Maple
Rohrbacker & Brubacher (G. Rohrbacker and M. Brubacher), brewers, Maple
Roys Charles H. lawyer, Church near William
Rudd James H. bookseller, &c. 3 Centre Bridge, William

Sandford Wm. W. (Sandford & Co.), S. side of Lyons lock
Sandford & Co. (W.W. Sandford and S. Bashford), grocer, Lyons lock
Schattuer Adam, fanning mill mnfr., Phelps
Schaub George, saloon, Broad near Water
Schmett Henry, saloon, Water near Broad
Schnalze James Rev. pastor German Lutheran church
Schneider Jacob, grocer, Water near Broad
Schneider Jacob, tobacconist, William opp. Park
Sees Jacob, saloon, Canal
Smallbone John, turner, Jackson
Smelt William H. (Carver & Smelt), William cor. Church
Stephan Philip J. shoemaker, William
Sterns Augustus A. telegraph operator, Church corner William
Stewart J. Rev., Catholic church
Stoecker Frederick, shoemaker, Broad n. Water
Stolz Samuel (Strauss & Stolz), Canal
Strang George C. dry goods, Canal
Strauss Leopold (Strauss & Stolz), Canal
Strauss & Stolz (L. Strauss and S. Stolz), clothiers, Canal

Taft James N. druggist, Canal corner William
Taylor E.P. tanner, Geneva
Thaise Charles, shoemaker, Canal
Tinklepaugh Peter, Belding House, Water cor. Broad
TINSLEY WILLIAM T. editor Lyons Republican, William near Church
Tower Henry T. dentist, Tower's block
Tucker Charles B. physician, William n. Canal
Tucker M.C. cashier Lyons National Rank

Utter H. Mrs. fancy goods, Canal

Van Anken J. boots and shoes, Canal
VAN CAMP Wm. editor Wayne Democratic Press, William near Canal
Van Etten John W. lawyer, William cor. Canal
Van Wickle Stephen D. (Wickson & Van Wickle), centre of Main
Vosburgh William, physician, Canal n. William

WAYNE DEMOCRATIC PRESS, (weekly). Wm. Van Camp, editor. William near Canal
Weden August, harness and carriage trimming, Water above Broad
Weller James (Llewellyn & Weller), Canal
Welling Joseph, lawyer, William near Canal
Wesley John, blacksmith, Water above Broad
Wickson George G. (Wickson & Van Wickle), centre of Broad
Wickson & Van Winkle (G.G. Wickson and S.D. Van Wickle), foundry and machine shop, Broad
Williams William H. Rev. pastor, Epis'l church

Yackel Philip, shoemaker, Water n. Cong. Hall
Young John, saw-mill, Canal
Youngs John, manuf. fanning mills, Jackson

Zimmerlin F. C. (Zimmerlin & Miller), Canal
Zimmerlin & Miller (F.C. Zimmerlin and F. Miller), bakers, Canal

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