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When family researchers discover their ancestors' occupations, they wonder what local businesses were in existence for a particular year. The usual sources consulted in seeking out information about extant businesses are old newspapers, gazetteers, and phone books. Often forgotten are the publications of local fraternal organizations, churches, and especially high school yearbooks and other school publications. The ads below came from "The Senior," a publication of the students of Lyons High School. A copy of the 1921 classbook is on file at the Office of the County Historian, Lyons, N.Y.


THEISE Recreation Parlor and Smokers Supplies, My Motto - The Best

Investigate the "Easy" Electric Washer at GUCKER BROS.

Kodaks, Baseball and Tennis Supplies at GETMAN-MOORE, INC.


Give Us A Try Kodak Finishing and Printing, Car-hart Service of Rochester, Largest Plant in Western New York, THE NOBLE DRUG STORE

Victrolas and Victor Records at OHMANN'S JEWELRY STORE

A Hundred Years of Grocery Selling Would Only Help to Perfect The Minor Parts of Our Business. Wish A Hundred Years of Experience We Couldn't Sell More Honest, Pure or Reasonable Groceries. MILLER'S GROCERY, Phone 70, Hattle Block

This Adv. Will Save You 5 When Buying Coffee Get It At LEHN'S GROCERY STORE, 47 Canal Street

VALIN'S VARIETY STORE Wall Paper and Paint At Popular Prices, Also Watch Our Windows for Week-End $1.00 Specials

LYONS CANDY KITCHEN, 36 William Street Delicious Home Made Candies and Ice Cream

The Old Reliable JOPPA DRY GOODS STORE Established 1873 All Kinds of Sheer White Goods for Dresses both Domestic and Imported, Long Silk Gloves


Fords! They Go Where Ever You See Them. You See Them Where Ever You Go. Cars, trucks, tractors. COFFEY'S GARAGE Lyons, N.Y.

JOHN W. WOLFE 32 Canal Street Fine and Staple Groceries Good Coffee a Specialty

SCHNEIBLE'S Bread, Rolls and Biscuits All Kinds of Fancy Pies and Cakes

Go To PIERCE'S To Get the Best Bartholomay Brick Ice Cream

ECONOMY GARAGE We repair automobiles and fix Fords, Gasoline and Oil, Opposite Hotel Wayne - Phone 34-M

Make No Mistake Insure With LAKE

Drink Blood Orange Served in Bottles, Order a Case for the Home WM. HOUSE & SON

For Coal, Coke, Wood, Roofing, Cement, Salt, Sewer Pipe, Hay and Straw LYONS COAL COMPANY INC. Phone 200

THE LYONS SHOE REPAIR SHOP Philip Paliotti, Prop. 571-2 William St.

Furniture and Rugs at Reduced Prices F. BOEHEIM & SON Water Street, Lyons, N.Y.

Always Look for THE LYONS RESTAURANT Open Day and Night

Men's and Boys' Clothing and Furnishings C.M. BALTZEL and SON Home of Hart, Schaffner and Marx Clothes

THE CENTER MARKET William Street Fresh and Salt Meats

FRED H. SMITH PLUMBING and HEATING Bathroom Fixtures and Accessories

H. BISHOP Cleaning and Pressing, We Press Your Suit While You Wait

WILLIAM HOLLOWAY & SONS Sell Men's and Young Men's Wearing Apparel of high grade at very reasonable prices. Call and Examine Our Stock

Hardware, Paints and Oils ROGERS & SUCHER

B.A. CZERNY All Kinds of Repairing, 34 Broad Street

F.W. BOEHMLER High Class Furniture and Rugs At Low Prices, William Steet

For Electrical Repairing Call 170-R H.C. CRANE

D.P. MORAN & CO. Merchant Tailors, Readymade clothing, hats, caps and gents furnishings

SHULER'S UNITED CIGAR STORE 40 William Street, Pocket Billiards, Cigars

THE LYONS NATIONAL BANK Established 1865, Safe Deposit Boxes for Rent

White Star Pastry Flour, HENRY KILLICK & SONS

WILLIAM WITT, Lyons, N.Y., Distributor of the Famous Endicott Shoes, Direct From Factory to Wearer, 62 Water St.

HOUSE'S BAKED GOODS, Fresh Every Day, Satisfaction Guaranteed, Try Them

THE ELECTRIC GARAGE, Geneva Street, "Exide" Battery Service Station Full Line of Auto Accessories

E. SAUTTER, Walk-Over Shoes, Lyons, N.Y.

HOTEL WAYNE, Management Hotel Wayne Co., Inc., Business Men's Luncheon Daily at 12, to Holders of Coupon Tickets Good for 10 Meals - $5.00, Special Dinners Sundays $1.00

W.G. CARPENTER & CO., Drugs, Stationery, Wall Paper, Sewing Machines, Office and Physicians' Supplies, Monarch Paint 100% Pure, Varnishes, Oils and Wood Stins, Agency Geneva Laundry, Phone 166-M

GEO. W. SLOAN LUMBER CO., Incorporated, Dealers in Builder's Supplies, 60 Geneva Street

W.E. BOURNE & CO., School Supplie, Sporting Goods and Fishing Tackle, Newspapers and Periodicals

A.E. BURNETT Coal and Wood, Office 48 Canal St., Yard 48 Geneva St.

ALTHEN & HAYDEN Barbers (We've Sold Our Cow) Canal Street

DARROW STUDIO, Pictures never Grow Up, Newark and Lyons, N.Y.

Complete Assortment of Graduating Gowns of Georgette, Crepe de Chine and Organdie THE STYLE-KRAFT SHOP, Lyons, New York

If It's Electricity - that's us! ARROW ELECTRIC SHOP, 30 Canal Street

Sport Oxfords? Yes, at H.D. UNGERER'S Broad St.

Gifts That Last! A Complete Line of Gifts for Graduation and June Weddings L.E. SEELY 26 Canal St., Lyons, N.Y.

T.A. YACKEL & CO, Dealer in Farm and Village Property, Lyons, N.Y.

Dodge Brothers Motor Cars, More than half a million people are driving Dodge Brothers Motor Cars because Does Brothers Motor Car is undeniably good value. The gas consumption is unusually low. The tire mileage is unusually high. A.L. SCHLEDE

MARTIN YOUNG, Proprietor, Staple and Fancy Groceries, Provisions, Fruits and Vegetables

FISHE & WICKMAN GARAGE, Gasoline and Oil, Auto Supplies, Automobile Repairing, Geneva Street, Lyons, N.Y.

D.H. MANN, Insurance and Real Estate, Sevalen Block, Lyons, N.Y.

M.E. COLVIN, Optometrist, If It's Your Eyes See Me, Sevelen Blk., Lyons, N.Y.

Compliments DeJOHN BROTHERS, Day and Night Taxi Service

Anderson Six, SPECHT & FORGHAM, Agents For Wayne County, Lyons, N.Y.

THE GAVITT NATIONAL BANK OF LYONS, Lyons, New York, Capital and Surplus $120,000, Safety Deposit Boxes for Rent

THE LYONS REPUBLICAN COMPANY, Lyons, N.Y. Compliments of The Lyons Republican Co.

We Believe that Service is Our First Duty therefore this Duty is of Greater Importance than Making Money, EMPIRE GAS & ELECTRIC COMPANY

Our Car Agency, Nash Six and Four, Leaders in Quality and Value, New Price, Chandler, F.O.B. Cleveland, $1,785.00; Cleveland, F.O.B. Cleveland, $1,295.00; Overland, F.O.B. Toledo, $685.00, We service our cars promptly when needed. We believe the public has faith in the above lines. MARSHALL-SHEPARD IMPLEMENT CO.

Sherwin-Williams Paint, Largest strictly high grade paint manufacturers in the world. Outside, strictly pure lead and oil, machine mixed, producing even spreading qualities and greater surface covered. Floorlac for varnished floors or furniture finish. Regular porch and floor finish. Varnishes for floors, ceilings, autos, boats and interior finish. Not one for all. Our store has distributed S.W.P. for twenty-five years, exclusively, and our users come back year after year. Same high quality today as fifty years ago. You can always get what you need at our store. MARSHALL-BARRICK CO., INC.

The above ads may be seen in THE SENIOR, 1921 Classbook on file at the Office of the County Historian, Lyons, N.Y.

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