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"60 MILES AN HOUR" (a production at Lyons American Legion)

(A Frederick B. Ingram Production)
Under the Auspices of The American Legion
Friday Nov. 28th, 8:15 (1941)

Directress, Peggy Swanson

Pianist, Mrs. Edward Wells (for rehearsals and performance)

Orchestra, Scott's Blue Stompers

Ben Tracy, William Miller
Spike Ham, Frederick Hooper
Hulda, Musseta Sawyer
Josephine, Florence Longrod
Mrs. Dunn, Mrs. Joseph H. Berdel
Eddie Mac, William Maddock
Sally Dae, Elizabeth Lambrix
"Sixty" Dunn, Leslie Lehn
Judge Edward, George Miller
Bill, Nicholas DeJohn
Monkey, George Proseus
Sleepy, Eugene Fox
Madame, Lillian Stoetzel
Colonel Ruffskin, John Carroll

ACT I, Durkins Corners, Ohio, 1917
ACT II, A Tavern In France, 1918
ACT III, SAme as Act 1, 1918

Mary Clausz, Alice Murphy, Dorothea Farnsworth, Margaret Snow, Kathleen Daily, Elnor Sohn, Bernice Tinney, Marguerite Matty, Uarda Wagner, Roslyn Cooper, Florence Covert, Ernestine Rodwell, Margaret Warren, Edna May Fisher, Edythe Myers, Marion Pierie, Shirley Pierie, Peggy Leach, Mary Bishop, Nancy Lotito, Helen Kline, Louise DeVeto, Hazel Gillette, Anna DeVeto, Mary Morandi, Laura Boni, Edna Pickering, Alice Roediger, Helen Benning, Frances Spaulding, P. Frances DeVeto, Mary Greco, Elizabeth Moose, Marian R. Wright, M.H. Negus, Dora Reed, Frances Wagner, Winifred Bade

Musical Numbers
"Cheer up", Opening Chorus
"Scandinarian Girl", Hulda, Spike
"Wobbly Walk", Girls
"My Mother's Eyes", Mrs. Dunn, "Sixty"
"Minnie the Mermaid", Spike, Sally, Tracy
"I'll Be Blue Just Thinking of You", Sally, "Sixty"
"Over There", Finale

Musical Numbers (continued)
"I Still Get A Thrill Thinking of You", Sally, Sixty, Girls
"What's the Use", Sally, Bill, Monkey, Sleepy, Spike
"Under the Moon it's You", Sally, Eddie
"Kinky Dinky", Eddie, Sixty, Bill, Girls
"Over There", 2nd Act Case

"Sing You Sinners", Girls
"Cheer Up", Lead up to Finale
"Cheer Up", Grand Finale

With Charles Grahling, Master of Ceremonies
Anthony Rago, Orlando Martin, Edward Ohst, John Rockefeller, James Comella, Peter DeLork, Rose Patrizzi, Billy Fox, Frank Scarcelli, Dorothy Dykeman, Ruth VanKoevering, James Alvaro, Marian Earle, Joseph DeSain, Mary DeLucca, Florence DeJohn, Mabel Bornheimer, Mary Perry, Mike Rogers, Philip Comello, Evelyn Schoen, John Catholdi, Mary Luenella, Thornton Negus, Howard Robinson, Betty Fowler, Marjorie Cheeseman, Helen Sevelen, Nicholas Cipriano, Robert Allen, George Cunningham, Buddy Pierce, Jr., Howard Cheeseman, Jack Dashney, Vivian Parrish, Jane Leola Madigan, Josephine Cassavino, Tony Montemarano, Harriet Fater, Ruth Tablonske, Dorothy Chappell, Marian Hood, Mamie Cipriano, Phyllis L. Tyler, Fay Hogue, Louis Reda, John Stewart Paton, Anna DeLucca, Robert Forgham, Myron Gilbert, Pearl Humbert, Myrtle Loveless, Charles Nellis, Lucile O'Neil, Nellie Scott, Eleanor VanBoven, Robert Metz, Martha Powers, Betty Plyter, Angeline Paglinuso, Phyllis Kurtz, Byron Nellis, Mary Santelli, Jean Whitcomb, Alma Schuldt, Ann a Avok, Cecelia Justino, Dorothy Beaman, Louise Colatorci, Frederick Tinney, Ruth Bedell, Mary Petrus, Bobby Clouse, Robert Rankert, Rose Zazzara, Donald Hutchinson, Robert C. Miller, Lorraine Rankert, Rosemary Crisci, Alma Barclay, Marion Jones, Newell Whitcomb, Mary Hayden, Nicholas Varalli, Barbara Stone, Marcella Miller, Mildred Jane Myers, Craig Manning, Mary Amico, Marjorie Burgess, Elsie Schaver, Howard Gutschow, Josephine Catholdi, Katherine Kush, Marion Nanni, Kathryn Haidley, Tony DeLork, Alma J. Laskey, Domenic D'Errcola, Betty Lou Grabau, Marian Galens, Tony Paliotti, Dorothy Paliotti, Dorothy Voight, Jack Grahling, John Comella, Anna Williams, Betty Marie Schwab, Irene Daily, Viola Martin, Barbara Knapp, Nicholas Sevalen, Mark Blanch, Charles Bestard, Francis Nanni, Rose Ticconi, Ann Gehan, Robert Dashney, Catherine Zazzara, Benny Evangelist, Billy Gillette, Sheldon Pulver, Louise Knight, Angeline Fillipello, Martha Vercrouse, Albert Lese, Louise Stirpe, Mary DeCola, Sam Santelli, Joseph Trombino, Bertha Craver, Robert Killips, John Molinaro, Louis Justino, Marian Parrish, Jennie Stirpe, Naomi Faye Knapp, Ellen H. Gale, Katherine Negus, Betty Rankert, Mary Latito, Violet Grahling, Dorothy Wilck, Mary Nordbloom, Anna Gresco, Flora Scarcelli, Margaret Petitti, Jennie Varalli, Dorothy DeCola, Josephine Chicketti, Domonick Perry, LaVearl Brown, James Peters, Mike Lese, John Ferndino, Joseph Petrus, Lolette McMullen, Robert J. Burgess Jr., Agnes Reda, Clifford Gannett, Edwin Morris, Ethel Peltier, Mary O'Brien, Marie Walters, Marian Allen, Lelia Perry, Marguerite Vercrouse, Mary Helen Forgham

1st and 2nd, Miller and Murphy, "Song and Smile Boys"
Between 2nd and 3rd Acts, "Rope Stunt" by Trooper Todd
Musical Tap Dance, Ernest Trombino
Music by Scott's Blue Stompers before and between acts. The Legion Post and Peggy Swanson takes this opportunity to thank the public for their kind support.

The original program is on file at the Office of the County Historian, Lyons, NY.

Contributed by Co-coordinator Allyn Hess Perry. All spellings and punctuation are as in the original. Thank you in advance for directing all questions about persons and schools listed to the Office of the Wayne County Historian.

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