Lutheran Church, Lyons, NY


For Our Heroes of the

Broad Street Lutheran Church

Church Parlors, Lyons, New York

Friday Evening, June 13, 1919


America - Audience

Address of Welcome - Rev. Albert Heyd

Home, Sweet Home - Audience

Welcome - Kenneth Feiock

Ukelele Selections - Miss Marie Held

The Changed Home - Miss Anna Gruschow

Piano Solo - Miss Mabel Schraffenberger

Selection - Mrs. John Hartnagel

Till We Meet Again - Misses Stell and Alwardt

Beautiful Ohio - and Mrs. Morsheimer

The Little Wooden Crosses - Miss Leona West

Ukelele Selections - Miss Marie Held

One of Our Boys - Heiby Ungerer

Duet - Whitman and Voelzer

Star Spangled Banner - Audience


John Ledermann, Henry Ungerer

Carl Ledermann, Herbert Martin

Herbert Ungerer, Byron Nellis

Grover Mestler, Arthur Mierke

Fred Goellner, George Ungerer

Roy Oswaldt, Eugene Fox

Harold Lauster, John Heidenreich

Harry Loveless, Ross Kaiser

Ralph Loveless, John Emmel

Emil Hilflicker, Clarence Myers

Arthur Greenagel, Clifford Pohl

George Eckert Jr., William Reiter

Arthur Hartnagel, Karl Fuchs

Frank Walters, Daniel Fisher

Carl Deutchler, Philip Ungerer

William Gruschow, Lewis Albrecht

William Pierce, Daniel Studer

Carl Gruschow, Arthur Miller

Earl Stephan, Rudolph Heitzenreder

Raymond Leidinger, William Hilflicker

Lavern Lancaster, Fred Radder

Frank Shelley, Fred Studer

HEROES OF '61-'65

Col. George W. Harrington, Philip Arbogast

Godfried Czerny, Philip Clausz

This booklet is on file at the Office of the County Historian, Lyons, N.Y. The site coordinators and site volunteers have NO information whatsoever about any of the persons listed. We thank you in advance for not emailing us, but directing ALL requests for information to the Office of the County Historian, or using a search engine.

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