Friday, September 28, 1917

Part 1

The following was transcribed from an original copy of "The Lyons Republican," Friday, September 28, 1917. This paper also traditionally carried quite a bit of news from other county towns. This is Part 1 of a multi-installment transcription.

S.E. Bishop, Correspondent


Clyde.- Last Thursday morning when a tug was bringing the 8 o'clock shift of men to Clyde a row boat containing five men, which the tug was towing, sank about two miles west of this village and two of the men were drowned. One, Abbramo De Lucca, a Greek, who leaves a wife and six children; the other a Pole, a stranger in this section. The bodies were recovered five hours later.

Coroner Winchell found $477 in bills on the person of the drowned Pole.

Peter Arnitz, one of the men in the boat, is a good swimmer, but when the boat upset one of the drowning men grabbed him by the foot and dragged him to the bottom of the canal. He couldn't bring the man to the surface with him and he couldn't break away from the death grip on his foot, but just at the point of exhaustion his shoe came off and he reached the surface and was helped ashore. When the dead man's body was recovered the shoe was held tightly in his grasp.


Clyde.- Miss Hazel Jeanette Wilson, daughter of Mrs. F.M. Tuck of this village, and Clifford Washburn of North Rose were married at 11 o'clock Saturday night at the M.E. parsonage, Rev. F.B. Duvall officiating.

The bride, on of Clyde's most estimable young women, has for a long time been employed in the office of the Clyde Herald. The groom is a prosperous young farmer. The bridal couple were attended by Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Darling of North Rose, the latter a sister of the groom. The bride wore a beautiful dress of blue crepe de chine trimmed with white. After an extended eastern auto trip Mr. and Mrs. Washburn will reside in North Rose.

Mrs. Josephine Barrows

Clyde.- Mrs. Josephine Barrows, widow of Albert Barrows, died Saturday, aged 61 years. Deceased was one of the most highly esteemed and respected residents of this village. She leaves one daughter, Mrs. Floyd Oatman of Durhamville, and two sons, Newton and Albert, of Clyde.

Mrs. James Fraher

Clyde.- Mrs. James Fraher, a highly respected citizen of Clyde, died Monday, aged 75 years. She leaves her husband, two daughters, Mrs. W.J. Laragy of Rochester, and Mrs. George Mabie of Clyde and ten grandchildren.

Funeral services were held in St. [Note: printer's error, no words following.]

Lock Berlin Paragraphs

Lock Berlin.- Mrs. George Kreiss and son Ralph spent Saturday and Sunday in Rochester.

John Moon, who has been spending a week with his brother, D.C. Moon, returned to Stanley Sunday.

Rev. Albert Heyd's Sunday school class held a picnic at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Miller Thursday.

Mrs. L. Gordon of Clyde and Mr. Ephraim Clark of Wolcott called on Mrs. Harry Foote Thursday.

Mrs. Frank Wallace left Wednesday for Detroit.

Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Maynard and Mrs. Ellis spent Sunday in Alton.

Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Jenison and daughter Gertrude of Cortland were guests at "The Maple Street Mansion" from Friday until Sunday. Miss Mary Jenison accompanied them to Cortland.

Michael Knapp of Rochester visited his sister, Miss Marie Knapp, Sunday.

Mrs. M.A. Turpin entertained Miss Bryant of Rochester Sunday.

Miss Elizabeth Lang is entertaining company.

Mr. and Mrs. William Hammond and daughters Doris and Beatrice of Buffalo visited at Ernest Selby's Sunday.

Samuel S. Richmond suffered a slight shock Sunday. [Note: shock = stroke]

Mrs. Emma Foist visited Mrs. A. Newkirk Monday.

Pilgrimsport Personal Items

Pilgrimsport.- Mr. and Mrs. Louis Wagner and Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wagner motored to the Waterloo Fair Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Priest and daughter Mildred of Fairport visited Mr. and Mrs. Roy Mather.

Mrs. Sarah Gardner spent Sunday in Newark.

Arthur Reynolds of Rose called on friends here.

Mrs. Joseph Bridges, Mrs. Mary Smart, Mrs. Evy Rooke and Mrs. Wm. J. Bramer have been on the sick list.

Miss Rachel Jaeger of Elizabeth, N.J., visited Mr. and Mrs. Albert T. Wagner.

Mrs. Hugo Ventury of Maywood, N.J., has been visiting her son, John Ventury.

Edward Baker and a party of friends spent Sunday at Sodus Point.

Mr. and Mrs. M. Turpen entertained out of town friends the week-end.

William Krusemark and family spent Sunday in South Lyons.

Next Sunday is the last session of Sunday school.

Miss Clara Andrews of Lyons was the Sunday guest of Miss Hazel Dudley.

Mrs. Arbogast of Lyons, Miss Rachel Jaeger and Mr. and Mrs. Albert T. Wagner motored to Rochester.

One North Lyons farmer, unable to get threshers in time to get seed to sow, took matters in his own hand and flailed out his seed wheat. Where there's a will, there's a way. Some more farmers may have to do the same if they can't get threshers soon.

Joy Jottings

Joy._ Mr. and Mrs. Orlando Ostrander of Newark spent Sunday with Mrs. Martha Lape and family.

Miss Jeanette Waters is visiting in Schenectady.

Mr. and Mrs. F.C. Allen and family visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stevens, of North Lyons.

Mrs. Earl Forster entertained the Red Cross circle Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. Irving Beal and family of Sodus called on Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hamlink.

Mrs. John Schoonerman is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Fred Johnson, at Fruitland.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Norrison entertained Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ledain, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Norrison of Newark Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gardner entertained company Sunday.


Personal Paragraphs of Interest to Clydeites and Others

Clyde.- Ralph Eldridge of the 30th Regimental Band, came up from Syracuse to spend Sunday with his people.

Eugene Malaney and son Emmett Malaney of Syracuse spent Sunday with relatives in Clyde.

Leo Sutliff has resigned his position as mail clerk and returned to Clyde from Cleveland, Ohio.

Rev. and Mrs. Frank B. Duvall spent Saturday in Tully, where Mr. Duvall officiated at a wedding.

Tom Walsh of Auburn came to Clyde Monday to inspect the Opera House with a view of decorating it for the Odd Fellows fair. Mr. Walsh is one of the best decorators in this part of the state and he has been engaged by Clyde Lodge to transform the Opera House into a place of great beauty.

S.E. Bishop and Commander William Brisbin of the local Home Defense Corps, attended a meeting of the committee on Security and Defense held Wednesday afternoon in the Court House in Lyons.

Captain W.J. Brisbin of the Clyde Home Defense Corps was elected last Wednesday by the Home Defense Corps of Wayne county, chairman of a committee to arrange for a series of football games and competitive drills to be carried out this fall and winter among the various Home Defense Corps of the county.

Scores of Clyde folk attended the great patriotic meeting held in Lyons last week Friday and were more than pleased with the wonderful doings there on that great day.

Miss Euphemia Peeling visited friends in Rochester.

Captain D.H. Mowell and wife of Brooklyn and Mrs. John R. Mowell of Ellenville spent the past week in Clyde with Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Legg. Captain Mowell is a nephew of Mrs. Legg. They came to Clyde in their auto.

Mr. and Mrs. William Legg, jr., of Cato, accompanied by their friends, Mr. and Mrs. Forester, motored to Clyde the latter part of last week and visited with Mr. Legg's parents here.

B.W. Barnes has come from Rochester to accept a position in the Watson Clothing Store.

George Weeks of San Francisco visited here the past week with his cousin, Miss Alice Weeks.

Charles Steuerwald of Hudson, Mich., editor of the Hudson Post, and his sister, Mrs. Charles Benton, of Phelps visited in Clyde Tuesday. Mr. Steuerwald formerly lived in this town and learned his trade in the Clyde Times office.

James Richard King and Mrs. Etta Brown were married in Niagara Falls Saturday. They will make their home in Clyde.

Clyde citizens turned out en masse on Wednesday afternoon at two o'clock, and accompanied by the Saxton Band, escorted the boys leaving Clyde for Camp Dix to the train and gave them a hearty send-off.

Cows Eat Too Much Green Corn -
Child's Death Results

Clyde.- Norman Francisco, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Francisco, died of acute gastro entrietus (sic) last Thursday. Death was due to milk taken from cows which broke into a corn field and ate too much green corn. Three other babies were dangerously ill from the same cause, but are now out of danger.


Clyde.- A splendid reception and banquet was given Tuesday in the Opera House by the Home Defense Corps in honor of the boys who left Clyde yesterday for the training camp.

Covers were laid for a hundred. District Attorney A.S. Armstrong presided. The principal speeches were delivered by Rev. Father Andrew Dissett and Dr. J.L. Thorpe. An full orchestra furnished music. The boys were each presented with a kit by the women of Clyde.

The hall was decorated with flags and bunting and a great evening was enjoyed by all.

The names of those who leave Clyde for camp are printed on the first page of this issue.


Rose.- Mrs. George F. Valentine and Miss M. Evalene Osgood visited in Syracuse.

Mrs. Neilson and daughter of Toronto were Rose visitors.

Miss Emma Ayers of Auburn spent the week-end here.

James C. Sheffield of Lyons spent a few days with his sister, Mrs. A.A. Klinck.

Mr. and Mrs. George Bryant of Buffalo and Mrs. W.F. White of Wallingtonn were guests of Dr. and Mrs. G.D. Winchell.

Ross V. Bennett of Sodus Center visited his cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin A. Weeks.

Mrs. Charles A. Martin called on Mrs. Myrtle Morey at the Crouse Irving Hospital in Syracuse.

Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Armstrong and daughter of Jordan visited relatives.

James Ogram of Hannibal has been visiting the Brewster families.

Mr. and Mrs. William Crowell of Belmont, Mass., are making their annual visit here.

At Lyons Presbytery in Marion arrangements were made for a class on "An African Trail" to be held in Rose Presbyterian Church and to be conducted by Mrs. Frank Emerson of Elat, Africa, October 2 and 3.

Mr. and Mrs. Decker, Mrs. Eddy and Miss Carrie Eddy of Marion were callers on Mr. and Mrs. C.G. Wood Sunday.

Mrs. Ernest L. Ditton was in Palmyra Sunday. Her grandmother, Mrs. Lucina Nottingham, accompanied her to Palmyra, where she will spend the winter.

Mrs. Kendric L. Osborn, superintendent of the cradle roll of the Baptist Sunday school, gave a party for the children Friday.

Edward A. Weeks was home from Coxsackie over Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. William Talcott of Hubbardsville were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Merton H. Armstrong Sunday.

Miss Florence Henderson of Utica visited her parents Sunday.

Savannah Personals

Savannah.- The W.C.T.U. met at the home of Mrs. D.J. Cotton Tuesday. Mrs. Cotton attended the convention at Lyons Friday.

Milan Sherman has been on the sick list.

Mrs. Harriet Soule is ill.

Harry Lockwood and wife of Athens are visiting his mother.

Clinton and Clifton Wright were called to Lyons Wednesday and expect to start for training camp from there.

Mrs. Burghdorf and mother were in Auburn Saturday.

Miss Maud Lux and Miss Mable Hamilton were callers in town Saturday.

Mrs. B.F. Gage is in Syracuse with her daughter, Nellie Stuart.

Mrs. Walter Vivier was in South Butler Sunday.

The pound party held in the M.E. Church Friday for Mrs. Burghdorf was a success.


North Rose.- Mrs. Jemima Smith, who resides with her daughter, Mrs. F.S. Kelsey, in Galen, will observe her 96th birthday tomorrow. She was born in Suffolk, England, September 29, 1821.

Her parents were James Catchpole and Susan Nights Catchpole, who came from England with their family in 1837. They settled on White Spring farm, near Geneva. Their trip across the ocean was made in a sailing vessel and occupied eleven weeks. Later they moved to North Rose and took up a 1,000 acre tract of land which was then a forest.

Mr. and Mrs. Catchpole were the parents of eight children. Mrs. Smith is the only survivor of this family.

In 1847 Jemima Catchpole was united in marriage to John Smith of North Rose. Five children were born to them, two of whom now survive, Edgar Smith of North Rose, and Mrs. F.S. Kelsey of Galen. Her husband, John Smith, died twenty years ago.

The Catchpole family is noted for longevity. Mrs. Smith father, James Catchpole, lived to be 92 years of age and a sister, Mrs. Susan Smith, died in Geneva a few years ago at the advanced age of 98 years.

Two years ago, Mrs. Smith underwent an operation for the removal of cataracts from her eyes. Since then her eyesight has been excellent. The cataracts were of fifteen years' standing. She is now engaged in knitting for the soldiers.

Mrs. Anna Desmond

North Rose.- The death of Mrs. Anna Desmond occurred Friday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. W.W. Morey, after a long illness, aged 74 years. She was born in Cayuga county. Her parents were Isaac and Caroline Bowman. The greater part of her life was passed in Huron.

Surviving are her daughter, Mrs. Morey, a son Darwin Desmond, and two granddaughters, Mrs. John Herring and Miss Eva Desmond, all of Rochester; two sisters, Mrs. E.A. Foster of North Rose and Mrs. Judson Goodsell of Victory, and five brothers, Walter and Edwin Bowman of Michigan, Byron Bowman of Washington state, Elmer Bowman of Clyde and George Bowman of North Rose. Her husband, John Desmond, died a number of years ago.

The funeral was held from the home at 2 p.m. Monday, Rev. J.H. Britten officiating. Interment in the Rose Cemetery.

South Butler Briefs

South Butler.- Mr. and Mrs. Frank Leach and daughter Janet of Blodgett Mills were week-end guests at G.J. Wilson's.

Frank Wise of Wolcott spent Sunday with George Schouten.

Mrs. George Wilson and daughter Valeria were in Wolcott Monday.

Mrs. A.C. Wing of Butler Center visited Mrs. John Eakins.

D.E. Wadsworth of Wolcott was in town Saturday.

Mrs. L.C. Griffing was in Syracuse Saturday.

Miss Agnes Hall of Oswego Normal was home Sunday.

Misses Adelaide Wilson and Ethel Burroughs were in Auburn Saturday.

L.F. Eggleston spent from Friday until Tuesday in Syracuse.

Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Erickson and George Fox will give a variety entertainment in I.O.O.F. Temple Saturday evening.


Sodus Centre.- Albert P. Shepard of Cleveland, Ohio, is spending a fortnight with friends and former neighbors in this vicinity.

Harry Glass has purchased the store and trolley station business at Wallington and his mother and family are moving to the McDowell house there. Robert McCarthy, jr., who has acted as agent for the Rochester & Sodus Bay trolley line for the past year, will succeed Bradner F. Newbury as operator in the Penn. R.R. station at Wallington. Mr. Newbury has been called to the colors.

Mrs. George R. Borradaile, Mrs. Frederick C. Webler, Mrs. Eugene B. Thrasher and Mrs. George F. Hall motored to Canandaigua Wednesday and were guests of Mrs. Reuben Josey.

Mrs. Henry Schimpf visited her sister at Lyons during the past week.

Albert G. Graham, Mrs. Catherine Graham, Mrs. Harvey Millard and Mrs. Frank Dinsmore of Clyde were guests at "The Evergreens" earlier in the week.

Daniel Austin has purchased the Andrew Miller place and assumed possession last week. Freeman Himes will continue to occupy it.

Robert I. Youngs of Schenectady visited relatives here and at Fairville during the week.

Mrs. Carrie Smith and her sister, Mrs. Mary Stickles, of Ridgeway, Canada, have been spending the week with their brother, John Stickles, and wife at Auburn. Mrs. Stickles will return to her home in Canada tomorrow.

During the severe electrical storm of last week Wednesday night, the large transformers at the Empire Mills burned out, and a telephone message to Wolcott caused the high power current to be turned off. For an hour, Wolcott and other villages east of here were in darkness.

Station Agent Marshall of Sodus Centre attended a meeting of agents from the principal stations at Elmira Monday.

Clinton Smith has returned to his home at Sandy Creek after spending the summer with Byron J. Drew and family.

It is reported that when that part of Route 30 between Alton and Wolcott is let the state will take over the bridge at Resort over Sodus Bay and erect a new one.

Mr. and Mrs. George H. Thurston of Alexandria Bay have been recent guests of her parents, and on their return home were accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. David Harris for a week's visit.


South Sodus.- The death of Dr. G.K. Ellis occurred last week Wednesday.

Dr. G.K. Ellis was born at Clayton, Jefferson county, May 29, 1857. After availing himself of the advantages of the public schools of his native town he continued his studies in Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, Michigan, in preparation for the work of his chosen profession. He entered the medical department of the University of Buffalo in 1887, and after receiving his degree he practiced his profession.

Dr. Ellis established his home here in South Sodus in 1914, coming from Valois, N.Y. He was a member of the North Hector Lodge, No. 930, I.O.O.F. He came to South Sodus thinking a change would be better, as his health was not good. Five months ago he was taken ill and gradually grew weaker until the end, September 19th. He fell asleep with the last words, "I am going to Jesus."

Dr. Ellis leaves a devoted wife and two children, Earl E. Ellis and Mrs. Wilbur Clark, and three grandchildren, all of South Sodus.

The funeral was held Saturday at 2 o'clock with burial at Sodus Cemetery.

South Sodus Items of Interest

South Sodus.- Miss Hattie La Fleur has returned to Adams after visiting her sister, Mrs. Dr. Ellis.

Mrs. John Lester of Sodus Center visited Mr. and Mrs. William Lester.

Mr. and Mrs. Edd Fletcher and children of Sodus spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Vanmarter.

Mrs. Donald Negus has been entertaining her brother Ezra of North Rose.

Mrs. John Wraight, Mrs. Henry Houghtaling and Mrs. Felker spent Tuesday with Mrs. Henry Wraight.

Mrs. Kenreich has returned home for the Barber Hospital.

Zurich Paragraphs

Zurich.- William DeVall of Phelps visited Mrs. Carrie DeVall.

Mrs. F.J. Welch and Grace Hazen passed Friday at Newark the guests of Mrs. William Swartz.

Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds Finch, Mr. and Mrs. Glen Finch of Buffalo and Mrs. Claude Pulver of Palmyra were guests of Mr. and Mrs. O.H. Hughson Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Hotel entertained Mr. and Mrs. John Russell and children of South Sodus. Mr. and Mrs. Paul DeHond and son of Sodus and Mr. William Raymer and Miss Elizabeth DeHond of Sodus and Alton.

Miss Estella McNamara of Newark passed a few days at the home of her parents.

Mr. and Mrs. F.J. Welch passed Sunday at Newark the guests of Mr. and Mrs. William Swartz.

Mr. and Mrs. William Warner had business at Palmyra Saturday.

Mrs. Seymour Richards has been entertaining her sister, Mrs. William Martin and son from Washington.

Mr. and Mrs. George Hazen of Webster passed Wednesday at F.J. Welch's.

Mrs. Merritt Humbert of Sodus was the guest of her parents Friday.

Arthur Leib of Rochester visited his parents Sunday.


Williamson.- Rev. W.G. Boyd preached Sunday in recognition of the 6th anniversary of the Rebekahs. The other churches were invited and the I.O.O.F. attended in a body.

Williamson Grange will hold a fair November 16th and 17th.

Miss Hazel Dean and Emerson Sherman were married Tuesday by Rev. C.H. Howes.

Mr. and Mrs. C. Hamlink have returned from Dakota and will live here.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Palmer and two children motored to Hannibal Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Jacob King and Miss Addie spent Sunday in Sodus.

The 13th birthday of Matie and Francis Baylard, twins, was celebrated Sunday by entertaining friends at dinner.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rubins and two daughters, who went to the city to spend a few days, are there still on account of illness. Both children were taken ill and the oldest and Mrs. Rubins are still in the hospital.

Miss Ella Davis of Batavia is a guest of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Adams.

Wayne Centre Briefs

Wayne Centre.- Albert Falke spent Saturday in Rochester.

Mrs. Burgess, who has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. Elmer Van Riper, has returned to Waterloo.

Jeanette Youngs of Rochester visited her parents.

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Castor of Redfield spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter White.

Mrs. Phoebe Reynolds visited her daughter, Mrs. George Finch.

Gretta Steitler has returned from Rochester.

Mrs. Carrie Goetzman has returned from Sodus.

Harry Harrington and family spent Sunday in Clyde.

W.E. Lambert entertained friends last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Larkin entertained friends the first of the week.

Mrs. George Falke visited Mrs. Fred Ginder near Zurich Friday and Saturday.

Mrs. and Mrs. Fred Cowles, Miss Weed, Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Klippel of Newark, Mr. and Mrs. Gideon Barrett of Rose, Mr. and Mrs. George Klippel of Lyons, Philip Klippel of Lock Berlin were entertained at Henry Klippel's Sunday.

Frederick Cross was in Rochester the first of the week.

Gordon Buzzard had business at Rochester Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Ghent of Rochester visited their parents.

John Johnson and family of Clifton Springs were entertained at M.G. Harrington's Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Goetzman of Lyons were Sunday visitors at Palmer Lester's.

Sodus Paragraphs

Sodus.- Mrs. Matilda Steve of Newark is the guest of Mrs. Joseph Wood.

Mr. and Mrs. Ross Bush and family of Marion were also guests at Mr. and Mrs. Wood's the week-end.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Richardson, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cline, Mr. and Mrs. John Cline and family, all of Huron, were in Sodus Saturday.

Edward Freise of Alton was the guest of M.G. Wood a couple of days.

The business men of Sodus will have the streets all marked on the corners.

Saturday night a dummy was burned in effigy as a compliment to slackers of the town and county.

The Week at Alton

Alton.- Mrs. Edward Wormuth of Frankfort is visiting her sister, Mrs. Samuel Camp.

Mrs. Frank Camp left Monday for a visit with relatives in Mt. Clemens, Mich.

Mrs. S.T. Burns is home from a week's visit at Fulton and Syracuse.

Rev. C.H. Bailey of Saratoga Springs, the new pastor of the F.M. Church, will occupy the pulpit next Sunday.

George Palmer has closed his meat market here and moved his family to Sodus.

Mrs. A. Shannon of Marcellus, Mich., is visiting relatives here.

Floyd Teetor has moved his household goods to Sodus Point. He has decided to stay another year with Mr. Corwin.

M.E. Church Items from South Sodus

Sunday, September 30th, will be the last Sunday this conference year, the pastor will preach at 10:30 a.m. and hold communion service, Sunday school following. At 7:30 p.m. Mrs. Ruth C. Redington, wife of Mr. Redington, who is state engineer having charge of the construction work on the new road building through South Sodus, will speak. Mrs. Redington is the daughter of Prof. Sabeen of Syracuse University and is a graduate of that institution, was formerly located in Seneca county in charge of dependent children, has lectured at Wells College, May Memorial Church, Syracuse, and many other places. She is worthy of a good hearing; let all come. Subject, "Some Things Other Folks are Doing."

The parsonage and parsonage barn are being shingled.

The pastor will go to conference with salary paid in full, and as much on benevolences as last year, $2,000 for Cazenovia Seminary, $600 more than Lyons M.E. Church paid, District Superintendent paid in full, which is certainly doing well for the little society at South Sodus.


North Rose.- Miss Olga Catchpole has returned to the Elmira Female College, where she enters upon her senior year.

Mrs. W.W. Morey has returned to Baltimore, Md.

H.E. Lake of Detroit, Mich., is visiting Mr. and Mrs. N.R. Graham.

Mrs. Alfred Weed and daughter Jessie have returned from a visit in Syracuse.

Miss Lela M. Rose was a week-end guest of her sister, Mrs. W.A. Butts, in Fulton.

Frank Lindsay and family will move to Fulton, October 1st. Mr. Lindsay has been employed there for some time.

Mr. and Mrs. T.B. Welch spent Tuesday in Geneva.

Rev. and Mrs. O.D. Dutcher spent Tuesday in Auburn.

Mrs. Jay DeKing of Rochester is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Harris.

Mr. E. Newberry attended the Embalmers' Association in Syracuse.

Miss Ruth Morey has returned to Auburn.

George Marshall has gone to Hopbottom, Pa., where he is engaged in evaporating apples.

Mrs. Ralph Closs returned home Saturday from a visit in Akron, Ohio. She was met in Rochester by Ralph Closs and children, Esther and George.

Miss Frances Tracy of Weedsport is visiting her uncle, Irving Ullrich.

Howard C. Miner, former publisher of the North Rose Advocate, has been enlisted in Co. L, 50th U.S. Infantry, stationed at Syracuse. He has been appointed clerk of Co. L.

Mr. and Mrs. John Miner entertained at dinner last Sunday in honor of their daughter, Mrs. Mark French's, birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Roy McMaster and family of Homer were present. Mr. and Mrs. Miner went to Homer with them for a week's visit.

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Morey and children, Wesley and Helen, of Rochester and Mr. and Mrs. Glen Granger of Sodus passed Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. John D. Morey.

Marengo Personal Items

Marengo.- Rev. C.N. Platt will preach in the chapel Sunday at three o'clock. Everyone welcome.

The Union Workers will meet in the chapel next week Saturday. Text word, "Peace."

Mrs. Eliza Wilson and Mrs. George Wilson were in Rochester last Thursday.

Mrs. Vol Brown visited her daughters, Mrs. Hosford and Mrs. Maynard, at Waterloo the past week.

Mr. and Mrs. William Benjamin, Mrs. Sarah Snedaker, Mrs. H. Fisher and daughter Evelyn motored down from Buffalo and were guests of Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Thorn recently.

Flora, Emma and Elberta Hall were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Upham in Junius the week-end.

Mrs. Clarence Pruner and daughter Gladys of Lyons were guests of Mrs. Archie Burchim the week-end.

Ezra Evans of Rochester was the guest of his mother the week-end.

Archie Burchim is employed at the R.S. & E. power house in Lyons.

Miss Blanche Taylor and Wheeler Pearson of Auburn were married in that city last week Tuesday. Miss Taylor lived here at one time and her many friends extend hearty congratulations. They are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Thorn this week.

Mrs. Humphrey died at her home in Rochester last Friday. Funeral services were held there Monday and the remains brought here for burial in the Friends Cemetery. Mrs. Humphrey was formerly Ella Hunt and lived here a number of years before going to Rochester.

Byron Sloan, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Sloan and Mrs. Orville Clum were called to Marion Monday to attend the funeral of Mrs. Simon Furgerson, a sister of Mr. Sloan.

You Are Shown a Way Out

There can be no reason why any reader of this who suffers the tortures of an aching back, the annoyance of urinary disorders, the pains and dangers of kidney ills will fail to heed the word of a resident of this locality who has found relief. The following is convincing proof of merit.

J.B. Shuman, stationary fireman, Sodus St., Clyde, N.Y. says: "My kidneys acted irregularly and the kidney secretions were scalding in passage. I was lame and sore across my back and my skin was feverish. I had a dull ache in my back and mornings, especially, I felt lame. I used Doan's Kidney Pills and they gave me fine relief. They have also benefited me whenever I have had any signs of kidney trouble since.

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