Bastian, David

Bastian, George

Bastian, Amelia

Bradley, Catharine

Bradley, Catharine

Bauer, Philip

Bunker, Sarah

Beal, William (or infant of Sarah Cuddeback)

Clancy, Philip

Clancy, Philip

Collins, Mrs. Timothy

Dengler, Geoirge

Deveto, Suyllivan

Dunn, Mrs. Eliza

Easterly, Charles

Chrsman, George

Fink, Charles

Gabel, Joseph

Guenthner, Mrs. Christina

Guenthner, Mrs. Christina

Goetzman, Samuel

Hazen, Perry

Hazen, L.J.

Hansworth, Michael

Howell, Mrs. Hattie

Hartnagle, Henry

Hartnagle, William

Barholdt, Fred (over-hand of F. Cuddeback place)

Lyons Milling Co.

Lyons Milling Co.

Lyons Ch__der butter factory

Lusane, John

Miller, Mrs. Rosina (farm occupied by George Strolzel)

Malone, Antonie

Norman, Mrs. A.

Norman, Irving

Norman, Edward

Norman, Abram

N.Y.C. & H.R.R.R.

Petrus, Joseph

Petrus, Thomas

Petrus, Carman

Parshall, Mrs. L.C.

Roehrig, B. C.

Renckert, Jacob 2nd

R.E. & E. Electric Road

N.L. & D. Power Company

Slater, James

Stell, Frederick

Snow, James

Sapo, Rocco

Sapo, John

Ungerer, Hartwig


R.S. & E. Electric Road

American Telephone

NOTE:Some of the names were difficult to make out and the transcriber has done the best she can deciphering the handwriting. The original list can be personally viewed at the Office of the County Historian, Lyons, N.Y. The site coordinators and site volunteers have NO information whatsoever about any of the persons listed or the geographic boundaries of this school district. We thank you in advance for not emailing us, but directing ALL requests for information to the Office of the County Historian.

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