1891 - 1892

**** Outside of the Village of Lyons *****

"Giving the names of the assessed property owners, number of acres for which they are assessed, and their post-office address."


Property Owner Number of Acres Post Office Address of Owner
Agett, Thomas 128 Lyons
Albergast, Charles 44 Lyons
Albergast, Philip Mrs. 100 Lyons
Alden, Hiram 74 S. Sodus
Althen, Daniel 75 Lyons
Avery, A. G. 124 Lyons
Baker, W. & Robison 15 Lyons
Baltzel, George and Mrs. Wm. 115 Lyons
Baltzel, Saloma Mrs. 73 Lyons
Barclay, Abram 44 Lyons
Barclay, Barton Mrs. 30 Zurich
Barclay, Elenor 40 Lyons
Barton, Daniel 98 Lyons
Barton, Isaac 85 Lyons
Barton, Sexton 48 Lyons
Barton, Theodore 91 Lyons
Barton, William 116 Lyons
Bast, William 80 Zurich
Bastian, Barney 48 Zurich
Bastian, David 152 Lyons
Bastian, George 152 Lyons
Bastian, George Mrs. 91 Lyons
Beals, Fred and David 104 Lyons
Bennett, E. Miss 22 Lyons
Benning, Clara Mrs. 108 Lyons
Bishop, John C. 75 Lyons
Bishop, John C. Mrs. 36 Lyons
Bower, Michael C. 75 Arcadia
Bradley, Benjamin 76 Lyons
Bradley, James M. 151 Lyons
Bradley, Judd 171 Lyons
Bradley, William 85 Lyons
Bradley & Young 101 Lyons
Bramer, Fred. 77 Lyons
Bramer, Joseph 101 Lyons
Brink, Benjamin 96 Lyons
Brown, Sally Mrs. 68 Lyons
Brown, T. W. 40 Lyons
Burgis, Martin 80 Lyons
Burnett, Gilbert 51 Lyons
Button, Charles 112 S. Sodus
Chamberlain, D. S. 80 Lyons
Chambers, Chauncy Mrs. 53 Lyons
Cole, Samuel J. Mrs. 90 Lyons
Collins, Thadius 98 Lyons
Creager, John 118 Lyons
Croul, Charles 44 Lyons
Cuddeback, William 30 Lyons
De Golyer, J. T. 5 Lyons
Dennis, Albert 50 Zurich
Dickerson, H. G. Jr. 20 Lyons
Dillingham, Deloss W. 43 Lyons
Dudley, Jesse 22 Lyons
Dunn, Elizabeth Mrs. 100 Lyons
Dunn, Harrison Mrs. 168Lyons
Dunn, James 143 Lyons
Dunn, Nancy Mrs. 70 Lyons
Dunning, George W. 33 Lyons
Ehresmann, George 82 Lyons
Ennis, George Mrs. and Robert 190 Lyons
Espenscherd, John Mrs.(not stated) Lyons
Eyer, Fred. and John 40 Lyons
Eyer, George 53 Lyons
Eyer, Henry 90 Lock Berlin
Falka, Anthony 114 Lyons
Fellows, John E. 276 Lyons
Filkins, George 50 Lyons
Fisher, Charles 56 Lyons
Folka, Ernst 90 Lyons
Fox, Louis 107 Lyons
Frick, Fred 43 Lyons
Frick, Louis 79 Lyons
Fry, Philip 48 Lyons
Gardiner, John F. Mrs. 75 Lyons
Garvey, Jacob 41Lyons
Gavitt, Saxton B. 73 Lyons
Geither, Jacob 70 Lyons
Gifford, W. S. 95 Phelps
Goetzman, David 92 Lyons
Goetzman, Fred 136 Lyons
Goetzman, George 80 Lyons
Goetzman, Louis 49 Lyons
Goetzman, Samuel 135 Lyons
Goodman, Israel 26Lyons
Goesline, Peter 51 Lyons
Gress, Jacob 77 Lyons
Grimm, Henry 163 Lyons
Grotrian, A. Rev. 58 Lyons
Gunthner, C. F. 93 Lyons
Hale, Lavina Mrs. 138 Lyons
Hannett, William 64 Lyons
Hano, John Mrs. 100 Lyons
Hartman, Isaac and James 71 Lyons
Hartnagle Fred., heirs 84 Lyons
Hayen, Charles 235 Lyons
Heidenrich, A. 97 Lyons
Henckle, Anton C. 58 Lyons
Hendee, Alpheus 77 Lyons
Hendrick, Fred. 9 Lyons
Hill, Edward 117 Lyons
Hilliard, Thomas 54 Lyons
Hopkins, Alonzo 11 S. Sodus
Hopkins, Daniel 30 S. Sodus
Hopkins, Thomas 14 S. Sodus
Horn, Henry 129 Lyons
Horn, Oliver P. 107 Lyons
Hosford, David and John 129 Wayne Centre
Hotchkiss, H. G. 295 Lyons
Hotchkiss, H. G. Jr. 8 Lyons
Houghtailing, William H. 72 S. Sodus
Hughson, William 50 Zurich
Humbert, George 56 Lyons
Hyde, William 48 Lyons
Jackson, C. E. 92 Lyons
Jackson, James 48 Lyons
Jennings, Alice Mrs. 40 Lyons
Jennings, Henry 170 Lyons
Jennison, D. E. 188 Lock Berlin
Jennison, D. E. Mrs. 20 Lock Berlin
Johnson, Frank Mrs. 45 Lyons
June, Nellie Miss, B. Thomas, Guardian 10 Lyons
Kaiser, Jacob 19 Lyons
Kartenhuber, John 58 Lyons
Keller, Dwight 130 Lyons
King, Albert 24Lyons
Kipple, John 70 Wayne Centre
Klern, Henry 9 Lyons
Kline, William 20 Lyons
Kohl, Fred 46 Lyons
Kohl, Joseph 18 Lyons
Kurtz, George Mrs. 70 Lyons
Lampson, Alfred 120 S. Sodus
Lampson, Benjamin 116 S. Sodus
Lancaster, George 75 Lyons
Lane, Bowman 12 Lyons
Lane, Charles 300 Lyons
Lane, Levi 61 Lyons
Lane, Levi Mrs. 54 Lyons
Langdon, Wilson Mrs. 108 Lyons
Larue, Joseph 72 Lyons
Leach, A. F. 70 Lyons
Leible, Jacob 84 Lyons
Lynx, Henry Jr. 50 Lyons
McClelland, David 168 Lyons
McClelland, Morgan 160 Lyons
McMillen, John 77 Wayne Centre
Meador, MIchael 118 Lyons
Mentz, Henry 55 Lyons
Merchant, John 79 Lyons
Merstiner, Michael 128 Lyons
Metz, Jacob 10 Lyons
Miles, William H. 115 S. Sodus
Miller, Augustus 80 Lyons
Miller, George F. 85 Lyons
Miller, L. D. 48 Lyons
Mirick, Hiram (heirs) 8 Lyons
Mirick, N. K. 87 Lyons
Morsheimer, Henry 68 Lyons
Munn, Frank and George 25 Lyons
Munn, William H. 93 Lyons
Myres, M. 6 Lyons
Newton, Henry 182 Lyons
Osburn, William H. 127 Lyons
Oswaldt, Jacob 54 Lyons
Patton, Mary Miss 224 Lyons
Peirson, Gustine 50 Lyons
Penoyer, William H. 26 Lyons
Pope, James M. 57 S. Sodus
Pulse, John 44 Lyons
Ranckert, Jacob 201 Lyons
Ranckert, Philip 73 Lyons
Randall, P. 128 Lyons
Reynolds Clark 125 Lyons
Richard, M. 109 Lyons
Richmond, Elias 158 Lyons
Rogers, James 133 Lyons
Rogers, Julia Mrs. 112 Lyons
Rogers, William G. Mrs. 50 Lyons
Rogers, William H. 50 Lyons
Rook, E. 10 Lyons
Rook, Thomas 22 Lyons
Roy, Isaac 2nd 143 Lyons
Rozelle, Albert 86 Lyons
Schaub, Philip 195 Lyons
Schlaed, Henry 18 Lyons
Sebring, John 49 Lyons
Sedgewick, Edwin 23 Lyons
Shaw, Enos 168 Lyons
Shaw, J. J. 128 Lyons
Shaw, William 110 Lyons
Sherman, Benjamin 121 Lyons
Smart, Charles 7 Lyons
Smart, William Mrs. 49 Lyons
Smith, Adam 54 Lyons
Snyder, Zuriah Mrs. 20 Lyons
Sohn, Fred. 42 Lyons
Sparks, Jefferson Mrs. 128 Lyons
Stanton, Thomas 56 Lyons
Stell, Fred 79 Lyons
Stell, George 53 Lyons
Stell, Philip 151 Lyons
Stickney, Walter and Andrew 18 Lyons
Stoetzel, Henry 49 Lyons
Studer, Michael 198 Lyons
Taylor, Elijah P. 118 Lyons
Teachout, Henry 67 Lyons
Tillotson, Oscar 142 Fairville
Tindall, Charles 25 Lyons
Townsend, Harriet Mrs. 68 Lyons
Twambley, Samuel and William 215 Wayne Centre
Vanderbilt, R. Mrs. 123 Lyons
Van Dusen, H. P. Mrs. 80 Lyons
Van Inwagen, Danie 30 Lyons
Van Wickle, J. G. 379 Lyons
Van Wickle, Margaret Mrs. 43 Lyons
Vogle, Fred 54 Lyons
Walters, Philip 22 Lyons
Warner, Fred Mrs. 112 Lyons
Warnkee, Henry 103Lyons
Waterman, A. 145 Lyons
Watson, Otis L. 107 Lyons
Watters, Philip L. 70 Lyons
Weber, Martin 63 Lyons
Webler, William 28 Lyons
Weigh, John 80 Lyons
Westcott, Horace 75 Lyons
Wheadon, William 23 Lyons
Whitlock, Amanda Mrs. 75 Lyons
Whitlock, Fanny Miss 108 Lyons
Whitlock, Henry 172 Lyons
Whitlock, Jane Mrs. 73 Lyons
Whitlock, Levi J. 75 Lyons
Whitney, Ira 50 Lyons
Wonder, Charles 98 Lyons
Woodard, Charles 26 Lyons
Wright, Samuel 76 Lyons
York, Thomas 72 Lyons
Youngs, Conrad 182 Lyons
Youngs, Jacob 50 Lyons
Youngs, Luman 70 Lyons

Source: The Wayne County Directory for 1891-92. Newburgh, N.Y.: L. P. Waite & Co., Publishers., 1892.

Although some of the spellings are incorrect, for historical accuracy, spellings of first and last names have been transcribed exactly as given in the original resource, and will not be changed. The site coordinators have no information about individuals listed. We thank you in advance for directing ALL questions about individuals to the Office of the County Historian.

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