New Year's Day in Lyons 1881

Town of Lyons

Wayne County, NY

New-Year's Day in Lyons 1881

The number of ladies intending to open their houses next New-Year's day (Saturday) to their friends is fully as large as usual. Indications are that the day will be a pleasant one. With as much snow on the ground as at present, the sleighing will be good in the village; and to the festivities of the day will be added the merry jingle of the sleigh bells. The number of callers will no doubt be as large as in previous years. We publish below a list of the houses open on Saturday, and the ladies at each who will receive their friends.

At Mrs. Calvin Hotchkiss', on Pearl St.

Mrs. Calvin Hotchkiss, Miss Jennie Devoe, Mrs. Allie Devoe, Miss Hattie Hartman, Miss Maggie Carver, Miss Cora Bartlett, Miss Curtiss.

At Mrs. H. G. Hotchkiss', on Butternut St.

Mrs. H. G. Hotchkiss, Mrs. Adams, Mrs. Platt, Mrs. C. H. Dickerson, Mrs. Craine, Mrs. H. G. Hotchkiss, Jr., Mrs. Leman Hotchkiss, Miss Alice Hotchkiss, Miss Mary Adams, Miss Mary Dickerson, Miss Dora Platt, Miss Nellie Platt.

At Mrs. V. R. Sweeting's, on High St.

Mrs. V. R. Sweeting, Mrs. M. Brownson, Mrs. Arnold, Miss Jennie Brownson, Miss Lena Brownson, Miss Bacon, Miss Minnie Taft, Miss Annie Arnold.

At Mrs. H. G. Dickerson's, on Cherry St.

Mrs. H. G. Dickerson, Mrs. H. C. Rogers, Mrs. J. C. Croul, Miss Linda Bostwick.

At Mrs. A. M. Leach's, on Cherry St.

Mrs. A. M. Leach, Miss Minnie Leach, Miss Emma Leach, Miss Tillie Butts.

At Mrs. F. R. Ford's, on Broad St.

Mrs. F. R. Ford, Miss Ford.

At Mrs. E. G. Leonard's, on Broad St.

Mrs. E. G. Leonard, Mrs. S. D. Holmes, Mrs. S. H. Klinck, Mrs. N. R. Mirick, Miss Minnie Klinck, Miss Lidia Dickie, Miss Louise Leonard, Miss Mamie Arnold, Miss Gertie Mirick, Miss Kate Crawford, Miss Irene Redgrave.

At Mrs. Dr. Vosburgh's, on Broad St.

Mrs. Vosburgh, Miss Sarah Vosburgh, Miss Nellie Vosburgh, Miss Minnie insley, Miss Addie Bennett.

At Mrs. C. H. Ravell's, on Queen St.

Mrs. C. H. Ravell, Mrs. Dr. Bottum, Mrs. Dr. Sheldon, Mrs. J. H. Pell, Miss Florence Ravell, Miss Hattie Bottum, Miss Jennie Bottum, Miss Nora Sheldon, Miss Sue Ravell, Miss Maude Bostwick.

At Mrs. V. R. Richmond's, on Bear St.

Mrs. V. R. Richmond, Mrs. J. A. Blackburn, Miss Nellie Richmond, Miss Kate Richmond, Miss Jessie Blackburn, Miss Mary Mirick, Miss Grace Blackburn, Miss Belle Blackburn.

At Mrs. C. H. Moore's, on Broad St.

Mrs. C. H. Moore, Mrs. Wm. H. Rogers, Mrs. Wm. Kreutzer, Miss Susie McElwain.

At Mrs. C. H. Roys', on Phelps St.

Mrs. C. H. Roys, Mrs. J. H. Rudd, Mrs. Taft, Miss Mary Rogers.

At Mrs. R. A. Hubbard's, on Phelps St.

Mrs. R. A. Hubbard, Mrs. G. W. Kellogg.

At Mr. J. H. Camp's, on Phelps St.

Mrs. J. H. Camp, Mrs. A. H. Towar, Miss Morse, Miss Rebe Camp, Miss Freddie Towar.

At Mrs. W. H. Williams', on Phelps St.

Rev. Mr. Williams, Mrs. Williams.

At Mrs. J. W. Dunwell's, on Catharine St.

Mrs. J. W. Dunwell, Mrs. R. P. Groat, Mrs. H. T. Towar, Mrs. W. T. Tinsley, Mrs. Theo. Fries, Miss Bixby.

This list is transcribed from a newspaper article in a scrapbook belonging to A. Lida Dickie. This scrapbook is on file at the Office of the County Historian, Lyons, New York. The text has been re-formatted for ease in online reading.

The site coordinators aren't related to any of the individuals listed, so we have no information about them. We thank you in advance for not emailing us with questions but directing ALL inquiries to the Office of the County Historian.

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