Thursday, January 8, 1880

Part 4

The following was transcribed from an original copy of "The Lyons Republican," Thursday, January 8, 1880. This paper also traditionally carried quite a bit of news from the Town of Galen, as well as other county towns. This is Part 4 of a 4-installment transcription.

Here and Hereabout

- The Carman farm of 120 acres at Junius is for sale. Inquire of M.J. Waterman.

- A portion of Greenway's brewery in Syracuse caved in on Monday, entailing a loss of $17,000.

- Hon. John H. Camp returned to Washington on Monday night, Mrs. Camp and Miss Rebe accompanying him.

- Sheriff Glen took possession of the Sheriff's residence and jail on Monday - ex-Sheriff Clark returning to his former home in Marion.

- The organization of the Legislature was greatly facilitated this year by the early presence and kindly interest of something like a score of Republicans from Wayne county.

- Mr. T.W. Collins, Jr., has been appointed Surrogate's Clerk, in place of George Keut, who has been connected with the office since 1864; and will attend to business-calls with promptness.

- The ridiculous story about Mr. Vanderbilt endeavoring to persuade the people of Lyons to change the name of the town, is having an extended run through the newspapers - equal to the yarn about the edge-tool manufactory.

- The Dem. Press is rejoiced to find two towns in Cayuga county, Genoa and Ledyard, that pay higher taxes (in proportion to their assessments) than Lyons -and exultingly exclaims "GOOD!" Perhaps Genoa and Ledyard have been playing at railroad bonding, too.

- Mr. S.H. Parker has recently completed the thirty-fifth year of his connection with The Geneva Gazette as its editor; and we hope he has twice as many years still before him. For Parker is one of the best fellows living, if he is a little askew politically.

- Invitations have been sent out by Humanity Lodge, No. 406, F. & A.M., of this village, announcing a social party on Thursday evening next, at Towar's Hall. The arrangements are in competent hands, and we advise those who were fortunate enough to get an invitation to attend if possible.

- Geo. Strife, the young man who recently helped the woman he calls his wife to nearly kill Theodore Creager, was arrested last week charged with having robbed a hen-coop near the tannery - breaking a lock in so doing. He was examined before Esq. Mason, and committed to await the action of the grand jury.

- Our friend Dr. D.F. Wilcox, formerly of Newark, now of Catskill, has assumed the leadership of St. Luke's choir in the last-named place; and The Recorder says that he "may facilitate himself upon the fact that he is the right man in the right place, and that his efforts are really appreciated. No better singing was ever heard in Catskill than is now to be heard of St. Luke's choir. Long may the Doctor wave!"

Railroad Notes

A new time-card went into effect on the Geneva & Lyons and the Geneva, Ithaca & Sayre railroads on Sunday last. The evening train south that formerly left at 6:30 now leaves at 6 o'clock. This is the only change in the times of passenger trains. Two freights (numbers 66 and 69) have been taken off, leaving twenty-two regular trains on the Geneva & Lyons road.

Joseph Drexelius, the chief operator and train dispatcher of the western division of the N.Y. Central, was presented on New-Year's day with a gold watch and chain and a dictionary, all from the operators between Syracuse and Buffalo. Mr. Drexelius is very popular with all classes of railroad men.

The coal trade over the S.G. & C.R.R. is dropping off slightly.

The pay of the three engineers running the passenger trains between Lyons and Sayre has been advanced ten dollars per month.

Five new engines for the Missouri Pacific railroad went west on Friday last.

The S.G. & C.R.R. Co. have bought some flats of the Ontario Southern road, and will use them in their coal trade.

There were 181 trains sent east and west from the Lyons yard in December.

In addition to the coal loaded on engines here, there were 25,589 tons sent to stations between Niagara Falls and Albany in December.

46,447 tons of individual freight were shipped from this station in December, 28,220 tons of which were private shipments of coal.

Game Supper

The annual game supper at Congress Hall on Saturday evening, given by the members of the Spencer Sportsmen's Club, was a very gratifying success and much enjoyed by such as were present. About forty gentlemen participated and the number would no doubt have been much greater had it not been for the tragedy on Canal street the same afternoon, which was the reason given by several invited guests residing in that vicinity for their non-appearance. The game included all seasonable varieties found in this section, and some procured from abroad - all cooked to perfection,and calling out the warmest compliments of the excellent cuisine of mine host Langdon.

Whereas, default has been made in the payment of the money secured by a certain mortgage bearing date the 18th of June, 1878, made and executed by Louisa H. Root, of Palmyra, Wayne county, New York, to Heman J. Hildreth, of Herkimer, Herkimer county, New York, which mortgage was recorded in the Clerk's Office of Wayne county, New York, on the 2d day of July, 1878, at 9 1/2 o'clock A.M., in liber No. 85 of mortgages, at page 126, &c.; and was also recorded in the Clerk's Office of St. Lawrence county, New York, on the 8th day of July, 1878, at 12 o'clock M., in liber No. 75 of mortgages, at page 10, &c.; and whereas the whole amount claimed to be due and unpaid on said mortgage at the time of the first publication of this notice is the sum of four thousand three hundred and forty-seven dollars and ninety-nine cents, to wit: ... [lengthy legalese omitted].... now, therefore, notice is hereby given that by virtue of the power of sale contained in said mortgage and duly recorded therewith, and in pursuance of the statute in such cases made and provided, the said mortgage will be foreclosed by a sale of the mortgaged premises described in said mortgage by the subscriber, the mortgagee, at public auction, on the 8th day of April, 1880, at 10 o'clock of the forenoon of that day, at the front door of the Court House in the village of Lyons, in the county of Wayne, N.Y.

The aforesaid mortgaged premises so to be sold as aforesaid described in said mortgage as follows: All that tract or parcel of land situate in the town of Gouverneur, in the county of St. Lawrence and State of New York [long surveyor's description omitted here. Please check with county clerk's office for deeds owned by parties mentioned. Parties whose lands adjoined this parcel were C.C. Laidlow and Cornelia Bullard, with mention that this tract was previously owned by John C. Eager and wife in 1871, Clerk's Office, St. Lawrence Co., liber 91 of deeds, at page 219].

Also, all that other tract or parcel of land situate in the town of Palmyra, county of Wayne and State aforesaid, lying about one mile south of Palmyra village on the Canandaigua plank road, and known as the Acker place, deeded to Rhoda A. Sherman by Lucy Acker October 9, 1864, and bounded on the north by a piece of land now owned by Mrs. Homer Williams; on the east by the David Johnson farm; on the south by H.S. Riggs' (formerly John L. Hardenburgh's) land; on the west by the above mentioned highway, containing fourteen acres of land, be the same more or less. Reference is had for description of premises last above mentioned to a deed from Sarah Powell to the party of the first part, dated March 31, 1870, recorded in Wayne county Clerk's Office April 9, 1870, in liber 101, page 332. - Dated Lyons, Jan. 8, 1880.

Heman Hildredth, Mortgagee
J.A. Steele, Attorney, Herkimer, N.Y.

CITATION TO ATTEND ACCOUNTING OF EXECUTORS AND ADMINISTRATORS.- The people of the State of New York, to all persons interested in the estate of Abigail Randolph, late of Walworth, in the county of Wayne, deceased, Send Greeting: You and each of you are hereby cited and required personally to be and appear before our Surrogate of our County of Wayne, at his office in the village of Lyons, in said county, on the 5th day of April next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, and then and there to attend the final settlement of the accounts of O.O. Mason, as administrator of the estate of the said deceased.

Given under my hand and seal of the Surrogate's Court of the said County of Wayne, at Lyons, in said county, this 22d day of December, A.D. 1879.
G.W. COWLES, Surrogate

AT A SURROGATE'S COURT held at the Surrogate's Office in Clyde, in and for the county of Wayne, on the 29th day of December, A.D., 1879; Present: Hon. G.W. Cowles, Surrogate: In the matter of the application of Harriet Trimble, administratrix of the goods, chattels, &c., of Joseph Trimble, deceased, for authority to mortgage, lease or sell the real estate of said deceased for the payment of his debts. On reading and filing the petition of Harriet Trimble, the administratrix of the goods, chattels and credits of Joseph Trimble, late of the town of Williamson, in the county of Wayne, deceased, for authority to mortgage, lease or sell the real estate of the said deceased for the payment of his debts, it is ordered, that all persons interested in the estate of the said Joseph Trimble, deceased, appear before the Surrogate of the county of Wayne, at his office in Lyons, in said county of Wayne, on the second day of February, 1880, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of that day, to show cause why authority should not be given to said administratrix to mortgage, lease or sell so much of the real estate of the said Joseph Trimble deceased, as shall be necessary for the payment of his debts.- Dated December 29, 1879.

Gideon Ramsdell and Emma Ramsdell, as committee of the person and estate of William H. Ramsdell, a lunatic, plaintiffs, against William Penn Howland and Cornelia M. Howland his wife, Sidney Mead, The Southern Central Railroad Company, Elizabeth Dare, Eugene Barber, Henry Morgan, Charles L. Sheldon, Franklin L. Sheldon, Samuel B. Tobey, Anson H. Murdock, The First National Bank of Auburn, Charles Carpenter, Edwin Richardson, John Brummelkamp, David D.T. Moore, John D. Spalding, James Kedian and Martin Kedian, defendants. To the above named defendants: You are hereby summoned to answer the complaint in this action, and to serve a copy of your answer on the plaintiffs' attorney within twenty days after the service of this summons, exclusive of the day of service; and in case of your failure to appear or answer, judgment will be taken against you by default for the relief demanded in the complaint, - Dated this 24th day of July, 1879.

Plaintiffs' Attorney, Lyons, Wayne Co., N.Y.

To Sidney Mead: The foregoing summons is served upon you, by publication, pursuant to an order of George W. Cowles, County Judge of Wayne county, dated the 19th day of December, 1879, and filed with the complaint in the office of the Clerk of Wayne county at Lyons, New York.
J.H. CAMP, Pl'ffs' Att'y.

SUPREME COURT. - COUNTY OF WAYNE. - James W. Stewart against Thomas H. Abrams and Minerva Abrams his wife, Frederic H. Pelton, George Pelton, Dexter N. Miner, Avery M. Green, Nelson R. Mirick and The Lyons National Bank. To the above named defendants: You are hereby summoned to answer the complaint in this action, and to serve a copy of your answer on the plaintiff's attorney, within twenty days after this service of this summons, exclusive of the day of service: and in case of your failure to appear or answer, judgment will be taken against you by default for the relief demanded in the complaint. Trial desired in the county of Wayne.- Dated this 6th day of November, 1879.

Plaintiff's Attorney
Office No. 17 Smith's Arcade,
West Main Street, Rochester, N.Y.

To the above named defendants Thomas H. Abrams and Minerva Abrams, his wife: The above summons is served upon you by publication, pursuant to an order of Hon. Charles C. Dwight, a Justice of the Supreme Court of the State of New York, dated the 24th day of November, 1879, and filed with the complaint in the office of the Clerk of the County of Wayne, in said State. Dated November 24, 1879.

Plaintiff's Attorney,
Office No. 17 Smith's Arcade
West Main Street, Rochester, N.Y.

SUPREME COURT. Union Trust Company, of New York, against Stephen Cromwell and another. In pursuance of a judgment of foreclosure and sale, duly entered herein upon November 15, 1879, I, the referee therein named for that purpose, will sell at public auction, at the Railway Station of the New York Central Railroad Company in the village of Lyons, county of Wayne, and State of New York, upon Saturday, January 10, 1880, at 10 o'clock A.M., the lands and premises described in said judgment as follows, that is to say: All that certain piece or parcel of land situate in the village of Wolcott, in the county of Wayne, being part of lot No. 50 of Williamson's patent, beginning at the south west corner of lot No. 44 Hank's allotment in the centre of the highway south five chains and ninety-seven links of the intersection of the New Hartford street and Main street; thence south along the centre of New Hartford street two chains twenty-three links; thence east six chains fifty links; thence north ninety-three links; thence north sixty-two degrees thirty minutes west two chains seven links; thence north eighty-six degrees west four chains seventy links to the place of beginning, containing one acre and twenty-six rods of land, reserving ten feet for a lane on the south side of said lot running east to the creek.
Plaintiff's attorneys, 29 Wall St., New York.

DISSOLUTION. Notice is hereby given that the partnership heretofore existing in Lyons under the name and style of Goseline & Emens has been dissolved by mutual consent. The business will be continued as usual by A.W. Goseline, on his own account, at the old stand in Agett's Block, on Canal street. - Lyons, Jan. 17, 1880.

NOTICE. Office of Lyons Gas Light Company, Lyons, N.Y., January 1, 1880.- Notice is hereby given that a meeting of the Stockholders of said Company, for the purpose of electing Directors thereof, will be held at their office on Saturday, January 17, 1880, at 7 o'clock P.M. S.B. GAVITT, Pres't.

Hon. Seth Wakeman, a prominent politician of Genesee county and in all respects a self-made man, died at his house in Batavia on Sunday last, aged nearly seventy years. He held numerous minor offices, and was a member of the XLIId congress. He was a man of ability and integrity, and had an enviable position in both public and private life.

Parnell, the famous Irish agitator, arrived in New York last week, and will make a vigorous effort to enlist the sympathies of Americans on behalf of the Irish emancipation movement.


[Wayne County businesses only transcribed]

Stolz & Straus, Gentlemen's Clothing, 14 Canal Street, Lyons
Jas. J. Paton's Model Grocery, No. 19 Water St., Lyons
The Lyons Livery Stable, L.R. Bennett, Proprietor; horses, carriages, cutters, etc. to let
Hubbard's, 26 Canal Street, Lyons; dry goods & fancy goods, clothing, linens, gifts
I.B. Schuyler & Co., Towar's Block, Lyons; dress & dry goods, cashmere, gloves.
Rodenbach & Gucker, 24 Canal Street, Lyons; dry goods, notions, fancy goods.
F.N. Freeman, 20 Canal Street, Lyons; manufacturer of pure candy; cigars, tobacco
J.H. Rudd, Centre Building, Lyons; books, diaries, stationery, albums
A. Fries & Son, 32 Canal Street, Lyons; groceries and provisions
N.P. Darling, 61 William Street, Lyons; piano and organ sales and tuning
Dan. Moran, 34 Canal Street, Lyons; men's clothing
Joseph Zipfel, Lyons Town Tax Collector, receiving tax payments at the Store of George Hartnagel, corner Broad and Water Streets, Lyons
Mrs. D.W. Norton, Canal Street junction of Catharine, Lyons; First-Class Hair-Work
Jackman's, 5 Canal Street; rubber stamps
D.S. Chamberlin, Lyons; private money lender at 6% for improved farm lands in Wayne County

For information about persons or businesses listed, please direct all research inquiries to the Office of the County Historian.

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