1891 - 1892

"Giving the names of the assessed property owners, number of acres for which they are assessed, and their post-office address."


Property Owner Number of Acres Post Office Address of Owner
Abbott, Emerson 80 N. Huron
Ackerman, Henry 54 Alton
Adsit, Benjamin 71 Wolcott
Andrews, William 143 Alton
Andros, D. H. Mrs. 40 S. Huron
Andros, John 25 S. Huron
Andros, Joseph 15 S. Huron
Arnot, John P. 138 Wolcott
Baker, George W. 24 Wolcott
Barnes, George A 16 Alton
Barnes, Harvey D. 86 North Rose
Barnes, James 95 Lummisville
Barrett, Luman 72 Rose Valley
Baxter, Oliver W. 14 S. Huron
Beach, Randall 66 Wolcott
Beals, Sabra 77 N. Huron
Beals, Sarah 127 N. Huron
Blanchard, Benj. estate 45 Lummisville
Blauvelt, Elisha 48 Wolcott
Blauvelt, James 45 Wolcott
Blauvelt, John 11 Wolcott
Blauvelt, William 36 Wolcott
Booth, Charles 95 Wolcott
Boyd, James 17 N. Huron
Brackett, A. J. 95 Sodus Point
Briggs, John 164 N. Rose
Briggs, Lyman 168 Lummisville
Brown, Ruth Mrs. 28 Wolcott
Brundage Sophia 71 S. Huron
Brush, James 36 N. Huron
Burnett, Byron 105 N. Huron
Burnett, William 95 N. Huron
Burrington, Wheaton 43 Lummisville
Cahoon, Benjamin, estate 77 Alton
Cahoon, Newell 26 Alton
Cahoon, Orrin 32 Alton
Catchpole, James 296 N. Rose
Catchpole, Robert 138 Alton
Catchpole, Robert A. 200 N. Rose
Chaddock, F. J. 48 N. Rose
Chaddock,Watson 26 N. Rose
Chamberlain, Dwight 611 Lyons
Chapin, Fannie 29 N. Huron
Chapin, Joseph R. 69 Wolcott
Chapin, Spencer 43 Huron
Chase, Smith W., estate 90 N. Huron
Church, Adonijah 62 Wolcott
Church, Alanson 50 Wolcott
Clark, Allen 111 Wolcott
Cline, Aaron 20 Lummisville
Cline, Henry 96 Lummisville
Cline, Lewis Sen. 192 Lummisville
Cline, Lewis Jr. 56 S. Huron
Cloudy, Stephen 126 Huron
Colcord, Josiah56 North Huron
Cole & Catchpole 240 North Rose
Converse, Charles 80 North Huron
Correll, Daniel 66 Lummisville
Correll, Harrier 34 North Huron
Correll, Judson and Charles 10 Huron
Cosad, Frank 190 North Huron
Cosad, James M. 131 Wolcott
Cosad, Samuel 70 Wolcott
Cowell, Harmon 11 Lummisville
Cox, Patrick 44 Wolcott
Creque, Arvine 27 Wolcott
Darling, Chauncy 44 Huron
Darling, Peter 58 Wolcott
Darling, Walter 48 Wolcott
Davenport, Alphonse 5 N. Rose
Davenport, Charles 21 Alton
Davenport, Elisha 26 Alton
Davis, William 86 N. Huron
Deady, Ambrose 33 Wolcott
Deforest, George 37 N. Huron
Deking, Jacob 38 Wolcott
Delong, David M. 72 N. Rose
Delong, L. A. Mrs. 92 N. Huron
Demmons, J. W. 102 Wolcott
Derby, Erwin 120 N. Huron
Devoll, Sophia Mrs. 19 N. Huron
Dickerson, George 50 N. Huron
Doolittle, John 71 S. Huron
Doty, John 65 S. Huron
Dowd, Alfred F. 38 Huron
Dowd, A. M. Mrs. 52 Huron
Dowd, George 72 Wolcott
Dowd, Hiram J. 48 Wolcott
Dowd, Judson 17 Wolcott
Dowd, Salina Mrs. 122 N. Rose
Dowd, Stephen P. 72 N. Rose
Draper, E. H. 270 Wolcott
Drown, John Mrs. 71 Wolcott
Drury, Alvin 42 Wolcott
Drury, John 72 Wolcott
Dunbar, Nelson 14 S. Huron
Dutton, Lucy J. Mrs. 164 Wolcott
Eckerson, Thomas 29 Alton
Eckert, Andrews 65 N. Huron
Eckert, Christian 89 N. Huron
Espenchied, Fred. 72 Alton
Feeck, William 27 N. Rose
Flint, Dwight B. 79 N. Rose
Fowler, Dewitt C. 100 Lummisville
Fowler, John 86 Lummisville
Fowler, Stephen D. 59 Wolcott
Fowler, William 75 Lummisville
Fox, Frederick 30 Wolcott
Fox, George H. 40 Alton
Fuller, E. B. 25 Lummisville
Gardner, Ishmael 119 N. Rose
Gatchell, Christopher 98 Alton
Gatchell, Henry 42 Alton
Gatchell, James W. 131 Alton
Gatchell, William W. 155 Alton
Gibson, Mary Mrs. 15 Lummisville
Gillette, Angenette 24 Lummisville
Gillette, Henry 177 Wolcott
Gillette, Myron 81 N. Huron
Green, Cordelia 20 N. Rose
Green, George 58 Wolcott
Green, Henry 15 N. Rose
Green, Hugh 110 Wolcott
Green, James 94 N. Huron
Harrington, Ira 29 N. Huron
Healds, Addison 20 N. Huron
Heck, Augustus 44 Lummisville
Heck, Willilam 48 Lummisville
Hendrick, Austin 88 North Huron
Henry, Seymour 15 Wolcott
Henry, William 196 Wolcott
Hill, Abraham 35 N. Huron
Houston, James 78 Lummisville
Huntley, Esther 40 N. Huron
Huntley, Malcom 20 N. Huron
Huntley, Timothy 30 N. Huron
Hyde, William 48 Wolcott
Jenkins Brothers 29 Wolcott
Jenkins, Theodore 48 Wolcott
Jewell, Henry 61 Wolcott
Jones, Judson 38 Wolcott
Keesler, Ansel 85 Wolcott
Kelicut, George 78 Wolcott
Kelley, Robert J. 115 Alton
Knapp, Louisa 48 Wolcott
Knight, Albertine Mrs. 93 N. Huron
Lafavor, Alfred 66 S. Huron
Lake, David 43 Huron
Lamb, Alexander M. 110 Wolcott
Lamb, Edwin 17 Miller's Corners
Lamb, Henry 10 Lummisville
Lasher, E. J. 83 S. Huron
Leroy, H. C. 105 Lummisville
Lockwood, John H. 34 Alton
Loomis B. R., heirs 268 Huron
Loomis, Wm., heirs 327 New York city
Lovejoy, Lewis B. 74 Wolcott
McKee, Joshua 58 North Huron
McQueen, Charles E. 56 Wolcott
McQueen, Emorilla 30 Wolcott
McQueen, Jerome 16 S. Huron
Meeker, Elizabeth 102 N. Huron
Michael, Henry 205 Wolcott
Miles, Burns 12 Alton
Mitchell, George 28 Alton
Mitchell, William 115 Alton
Moore, Robert Mrs. 61 Lummisville
Moses, Harvey 54 Wolcott
Munsell, Laura Ann 12 Walton
Newberry, Eddie 50 N. Huron
Newberry, Levi 70 N. Huron
Newberry, Robert 110 N. Huron
Newell, Roger H. 251 Lummisville
Nicholas, George 19 N. Huron
Nicholas, Sarah Mrs. 21 N. Huron
Odell, David 10 North Rose
Olmstead, Lawrence 62 Wolcott
Olmstead, William 65 Wolcott
Overton, Howard J. 28 N. Rose
Owen, Henry 15 Lummisville
Owen, Milton 50 Wolcott
Owen, William 10 Lummisville
Paddock, Levi 78 Clyde
Paine, Smith R. 30 Alton
Palmer, William 48 Wolcott
Parsons, Emory 80 N. Huron
Parsons, Lorin A. 90 N. Huron
Partridge, Elmore 59 Wolcott
Perkins, John 19 Wolcott
Persons, Morton 95 Wolcott
Pierce, John 98 N. Huron
Pimm, Joshua 70 Auburn
Plumb, Reuben Mrs. 14 N. Rose
Prindle, Cassius 12 N. Huron
Prindle, Theodore 6 N. Rose
Proctor, John 45 Lummisville
Proseus, Edward 98 N. Rose
Pulver & Sours saw mill Alton
Purdy, F. H. Mrs. 174 Lummisville
Quackenbush, Hannah Mrs. 35 N. Rose
Quivey, David 55 Wolcott
Qureau, George 56 Wolcott
Qureau, William 74 Lummisville
Reals, Horace 9 Wolcott
Reed, Charles E. Mrs. 67 N. Huron
Reed, Lura 58 Buffalo
Reed, Nelson 30 Alton
Reed, Roswell E. 47 N. Huron
Reynolds, Jacob 81 Alton
Rice, L. H. & L. J. 8 Wolcott
Richardson, Albert L. 23 Wolcott
Richardson, Henry 68 Wolcott
Richardson, Horace 26 Wolcott
Riggs, Henry 14 N. Rose
Rinehart, Aaron 24 N. Rose
Robinson, Allen 91 S. Huron
Robinson, Richard 88 Wolcott
Robinson, William 170 Wolcott
Russell, George H. 165 Wolcott
Sandals, William 70 Wolcott
Scott, William 41 N. Huron
Scutt, Alexander 70 N. Rose
Seager, Benjamin 22 Alton
Seaman, George 42 N. Huron
Seeber, James 83 N. Huron
Serven, Lydia A. Mrs. 208 Wolcott
Seymour, Thaddeus 30 Alton
Shannon, Lester H. 59 Alton
Sheldon, Hannah Mrs. 42 N. Huron
Sherman, Abram 90 Wolcott
Sherman, Jane A. Mrs. 54 Wolcott
Sherman, John J. 25 Wolcott
Sherman, Stephen S. 79 N. Rose
Slaght, G. A. 112 Wolcott
Smith, G. W. 48 N. Huron
Smith, James E. 51 Wolcott
Smith, John S. 150 N. Rose
Snyder, William 83 S. Huron
Sours, Albert 80 S. Huron
Sours, Henry 28 S. Huron
Sours, Matilda 48 S. Huron
Sours, Reuben 209 S. Huron
Sours, Tunis, estate 141 S. Huron
Squares, Henry 28 Lummisville
Stockledger, Joseph 48 Lummisville
Streeter, Melvin 150 N. Huron
Talcott, Joseph 63 Wolcott
Taylor, Charles 35 N. Huron
Taylor, Charles Q. 50 N. Huron
Taylor, Gilbert 57 Wolcott
Terbush, Henry 78 N. Huron
Terbush, John 108 N. Huron
Terbush, Saphronia 49 N. Huron
Terbush, Spencer 38 N. Huron
Thomas, George 25 S. Huron
Thomas, Philip D. 40 S. Huron
Thorpe, Joseph Sen. 25 Lummisville
Thorpe, Joseph W. 107 Lummisville
Tindall, M. P. 94 Alton
Tompkins, Jane Mrs. 28 Wolcott
Townsend, Philip 42 Lummisville
Townsend, Sabrina 42 Lummisville
Tracy, Roswell 9 S. Huron
Treat, Jane Mrs. 94 Wolcott
Upson, William W. 24 Clyde
Vandenberg, James 46 Lummisville
VanHousen, Catharine Mrs. 52 Wolcott
Veley, Eliza 175 Lummisville
Veley, Lewis 15 Lummisville
Vought, David 105 Wolcott
Vought, Nicholas 35 Wolcott
Waldron, Alfred 103 N. Huron
Waldorn, Charles 59 Lummisville
Waldron, Hiram 164 N. Huron
Waldruff, Jacob 49 Wolcott
Waldruff, Jacob Mrs. 87 Wolcott
Waldruff, John, 49 Wolcott
Washburn, Albert 44 Wolcott
Weed, Addison 70 N. Rose
Weed, Luther 40 N. Huron
Weed, Oscar 219 N. Rose
Wells, Samuel S. 109 Wolcott
Wilkinson, Fred 13 N. Rose
Winchell, John and William 74 Wolcott
Winchell, Lavina 42 Alton
Wood, A. L. 154 Wolcott
Woodruff, Hiram 80 Wolcott
Wride, George 254 Sodus
York, Benjamin 182 Alton
York, John 40 Alton
York, Sarah D. 53 Alton
York, Warren 48 Alton

Source: The Wayne County Directory for 1891-92. Newburgh, N.Y.: L. P. Waite & Co., Publishers., 1892.

Although some of the spellings are incorrect, for historical accuracy, spellings of first and last names have been transcribed exactly as given in the original resource, and will not be changed. The site coordinators have no information about individuals listed. We thank you in advance for directing ALL questions about individuals to the Office of the County Historian.

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