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From NY State Resources
Part 3

NEW 6/9/10   From the Savannah Times, April 1, 1921, front page

South Butler News and Personal Items

Married at the home of the bride in Wyoming, Ill., March 16, Judson E. Van Dusen and Miss Laura Leadly. During the evangelistic meetings held in the M. P. church recently, Mrs. Van Deusen was the soloist.

Calvin Wells had the misfortune to break both bones in his right arm Saturday, cranking his car. Dr. Mason was called and reduced the fracture.

Ray Davis and wife of Rochester were over Sunday guests of his mother, Mrs. Eva Davis.

Mrs. Julia Freeman of Syracuse is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Mason this week.

Miss Esther Cook of Clyde was the guest of her sister, Mrs. Clarence Reed the first of the week.

Miss Hariet Weaver was the guest of her sister in Herkimer over Easter Sunday.

Dewitt and Seraphine Rose of Oneida are spending their Easter vacation with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Wheeler.

Early Monday morning the house on Milan Sherman's farm on Slyburg, occupied by Maynard Colvin, was burned with all its contents. A defective chimney is supposed to have been the cause of the fire.

NEW 6/9/10   From the Clyde Herald, April 3, 1935

North Rose

The following members of the homemaking classes of the North Rose Central School made a trip to Rochester on Saturday and were taken through the Strong Memorial Hospital: Helen Thomas, Ruth Thomas, Katherine Thomas, Dorothy Converse, Irene Converse, Helen McQueen, Thelma Clingerman, Bernice Wilson, Velma Borden, Theresa Lee, Eudora Oaks, Marguerite McCall, Frances Pitcher, Virginia Winchell, Ruth Conley, Helen Mables, Elaine Orost (?), Marjorie Baker, Lucy Osgood and Ellen Tellier. The trip was arrange by the county nurse, Miss Anne Ornschow. Miss Clare Dennison, superintendent of nurses, showed them through the hospital. Miss Jennie Alessi, Miss Elizabeth Tellier and Miss Grace Bowell (?) accompanied the girls.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Dagle attended the funeral of Mrs. Libbie Guino in Rochester of Tuesday.

Mrs. Robert VanDeusen of Rochester is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Warren L. Edwards.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mertz celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary on Saturday with 14 friends at their home.

Miss Dorothy Wise of Buffalo visited Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Wise over the week-end.

Miss Alice McClelland of Palmyra visited her sister, Mrs. John Farnsworth, part of last week and attended Mr. and Mrs. Farnsworth's 30th wedding anniversary Thursday evening.

Lock Berlin

Mrs. Elmer Brown of Rose spent Sunday with her mother, Mrs Emma Foist.

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Lembke have moved from the John Stewart house to the Gatesman house on East Main Street.

Mrs. Joseph Harwood was called to Oneida last week when her daughter, Mrs. Walter Merkling, had an operation for acute appendicitis at the Oneida City Hospital.

Mrs. Elmer Lembke entertained her sister, Mrs. Glenn Carlston, and husband of Waterloo, Thursday for dinner.

Mrs. Max Sontheim and daughter, Eleanor, were week-end guests of Mrs. Sontheim's sister, Mrs. Grace Hoppel at North Rose.

NEW 6/9/10   From the Clyde Herald, June 10, 1914

For Sale.
To close estate, the Edward Murray farm of about 25 acres, situate about 1 mile north and east of Clyde. Make written offers to Edward L. Cleary, Attorney for Administrator, 906 Wilder Building, Rochester, N.Y.

A daughter, Lois Amy, arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Devereaux, Saturday, June 6th.

Stratton Tompkins, Bernard Tobin and Arthur Curran have returned from Cornell for the summer vacation, to their homes in this village.

Aden Brown, of Albany Law School, has arrived home for his summer vacation to spend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. A. Brown.

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hinman and Mr. and Mrs. Willis Hinman motored to Auburn Sunday to call upon Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Hinman of that city.

Matthew Cahill, formerly of Clyde, who has spent the last two years in New York returned recently to Clyde to spend the summer with relatives and friends here.

Paul Johnson of the Bliss Electrical School at Washington, C.D., is home for a short vacation, at the end of which, he will go to Philadelphia where he has accepted a position.

S.E. Bishop left Sunday evening to attend the 116th(?) annual commencement of Union College at Schenectady, N.Y. He will also be in attendance at the 30th reunion of the class in college from which he was graduated, 1884. Before returning he will visit friends and relatives at Albany, New York, Newburg and Tarrytown, N.Y.

Yesterday, while the town assessors, John O. Welch, Wm. Groescup and David Robinson were driving past the Arthur Brooks farm near Lockpit, their horse became frightened at a gasoline engine, and in plunging violently, broke the rear seat loose, throwing Mr. Robinson and Mr. Groescup out backwards. Mr. Groescup struck on his head and was picked up unconscious. He was brought to Clyde where he was attended by a physician.

NEW 6/9/10   From the Clyde Democratic Herald, September 5, 1894

Miss Stella E. McIntyre entertained the Embroidery Club at her home last evening.

John Farrel has returned to St. Bernard's Seminary, Rochester, to pursue his studies.

Geo. C. Nobles has returned from Oakfield, where he was visiting relatives and friends.

Misses Ida and Elizabeth Turner of Buffalo, are guests of their brother John H. Turner.

Chas. Adams, wife and son Berty, and Chas. Fritz, of Rochester, are guests of A. E. Adams.

Miss Kittie Moriarty left this week to pursue a course of study in the Geneseo Normal School.

Mrs. C. H. Barker, after a pleasant visit with Clyde friends, has returned to her home at Charlotte.

Miss Fanny Smith and Miss Bernadine Van Etta left Thursday for their home in Bloomington, Ill.

Miss Edna M. Field left to-day to take a course in Kindergarten teaching at the Normal College at Oswego.

Miss Alice Flynn, who has ben passing her vacation at her home in this village, returned to her school at Winona, Wis., Thursday.

Loren N. Gilbert, of Lock Berlin, having passed the required examination, expects to be admitted as a full fledged lawyer in October. Our congratulations.

Rev. Mr. Webb, the newly chosen rector of Grace Episcopal Church, Lyons, took official charge of his pastorate Sunday, conducting divine services at the usual hour.

Mrs. Anna Jolley and sons, Rossie and Harold, who have been guests of Clyde friends, returned to their home in Greenbush, Monday. Harold will enter the Albany Normal College for a course of studies.

Chas. R. Hamblin, has resigned his position in the Herald office and gone back to railroading. He will have the day charge of the signal tower of the Central-Hudson RR at Weedsport. We wish Charley success.

The Board of Education of the Clyde High School have secured the services of Miss Laura L. Phillips, of Rouse's Point, as teacher of music and elocution for the present school year. Miss Phillips is a graduate of the Normal Department of McGill University, Toronto, and of the Emerson School of Oratory and Music, Boston. [NOTE: the university is in Montreal.]

MIss Ella Dowd, of Huron, has accepted a position in a Long island school as preceptress.

Prof. Burt P. Seelye of North Rose, has been re-engaged to teach higher mathematics and sciences, in Brooklyn, at a salary of $1,200 per year.

A house in Wolcott, owned by Robert Dempsey, was struck by lightning during the electric storm on Wednesday evening, of last week, and burned to the ground.

The Union School at Savannah began Monday with H. N. Tolman, principal; Miss Carrie E. Squires preceptress; Miss Julia Newton, junior department; Miss Ella Damewood, intermediate department; Miss Lillian Searle, primary department.

The case of assault brought by Mrs. Jane Phillips and Mrs. Jerome Marble of Wolcott against their son and brother, Alfred P. Phillips, which was to have been tried Tuesday has been compromised, it is said, and the charge will not be pressed.

Officers Elected.

Following are the officers elected for 1895, at the recent encampment of the Wayne County veterans at Bonnicastle: Anson S. Wood, President, Wolcott; James A. Merrill, Secretary, Wolcott; Charles L. Tassell, Quartermaster, Marion. Vice-Presidents: Rufus Smith, Arcadia. E. W. Newberry, Butler. Alonzo Young, Galen. Nathan Bullock, Huron. Homer C. Dunn, Lyons. C. C. Potter, Marion. O.C. Lapham, Macedon. Orrin Caray, Ontario. H. G. Clark, Palmyra. A. W. Seager, Rose. A. S. Hall, Savannah. C. M. Clapp, Sodus. W.H. Vandermerlin, Williamson. B.J. Worden, Wolcott. President Wood announced as his Adjutant C. E. Fitch of Butler. The reports of the Secretary and Quartermaster were made at this meeting which showed the fiances (sic) of the association to be in a healthy condition.

NEW 6/9/10   From the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, December 31, 1890

The officers-elect of Savannah Lodge, F. and A. M., will be publicly installed this evening, after which their annual ball will be held at Gregg's Opera House. Elaborate preparations have been made and it will be the social event of the season. The following committees have been appointed: Honorary, John A. Munson, Ammon S. Farnum, James B. Wiley; arrangements, Horace W. Smith, A. S. Farnum, Welling C. Soule; Invitation, Gorham J. Wilson, James G. Foster, C. Gaylord Wood, Edward M. Vought, J. N. Westbrook, David Hovey, George De Laney, Perry Morgan, Bert G. Clark; reception, Dr. William H. Sweeting, E. B. Male, John B. Carris, Hutchinson E. Newton, James L. Cox, Bert G. Clark; floor managers, Lewellyn C. Sherman, James G. Foster, Welling C. Soule, Robert M. Gregg, Arthur W. Evans. Supper will be served at the Newton House.

The Disciples' Sunday-school of South Butler has elelcted the following officers: superintendent, John E. Hough; librarian, George Wilson; organist, Lillie Wadsworth; chorister, Arthur Skinner.

NEW 6/9/10   From the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, September 22, 1892, page 4

C.D. Hicock and Miss Jennie May Allen, of Clyde, were married last Thursday evening at the home of the bride's mother, Mrs. William Huwbey (?). Rev. David Keppel, pastor of the Clyde Methodist Episcopal Church, officiating.

NEW 6/9/10   From The Times, November 18, 1851 (Clyde NY)

CLYDE HOTEL, corner of Glasgow and Parker sts. - Porter G. Dennison, Proprietor.
AMERICAN EAGLE, kept by H. Goodchild, at the old Lock.
FRANKLIN HOUSE, kept by A. Speaker, south side of the Canal.
FARMER'S EXCHANGE, kept b. Wm. Newman, at the Old Lock.

NEW 6/9/10   From the Clyde Democratic Herald, October 26, 1892

The ladies of the Methodist Episcopal church will hold a husking Bee sociable in the buildings of John R. Walsh (on the old Stewart farm), east of Clyde, next Friday evening. Various old fashioned amusements will be indulged in and refreshments will be served.

A. Richie and wife, of Chicago are guests at W.J. Collins'.

Mrs. J. A. Myers and Mrs. Wm. Adams, of Otsego, Mich., are guests at A. E. Adams'.

Miss Ellen H. Douglass has gone to the Boston College of Oratory to pursue a post graduate course.

The family of John Greiner removed to Canastota Monday, where Mr. Grenier (sic) has for some time past been employed in the glass works.

Coleman Syron and family of Clyde, at the morning service Sunday, presented to the Galen Presbyterian Church an elegant oak Communion table, as a memorial. Mr. Syron has been an elder in the church for a number of years.

Miss Allie Rhea, of Michigan, is a guest at Freeman Scutt's.

E. T. Child, of Bermuda, is a guest of his brother, S. J. Child.

Mrs. Ira Lavelle, of Iona, Mich., is a guest of Mrs. C. W. Mead.

Mrs. N. P. McVicar, of Rochester, was a guest at J. D. McVicar's last week.

Geo. A. Bates, formerly of Clyde, has been elected Treasurer of the Freshman Class of Hamilton College.

M.J. Blodgett, of Frankton, Ind., who has been passing a few days in town left this afternoon for his home in the west. "Mitt" certainly has not grown a day older since he moved west and his reports if the success of the venturesome Clyde boys is pleasing to their many friends in this vicinity.

Mrs. Jeremiah Meade, of Hastings, Neb., a former resident of Clyde, is making an extended visit with relatives and friends in this vicinity.

NEW 6/9/10   From the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, July 17 1885

James Phelps has been appointed post-master at Red Creek, Jacob Covert having been removed for offensive partisanship.

It is thought that the crops of the town of Walworth are superior, on the whole, to those of any other town in the county. The raspberry crop will be immense, and all the boys and girls, besides multitudes of other people, will be required to pick them.

Some length of the sidewalk between the south end of the Glasgow street river bridge and the West Shore railroad, at Clyde, is built on posts eight or ten feet above the level of the river. Wednesday morning a crowd of people were standing on this walk to see the long train of cars, with excursionists for Niagara Falls, pass by. The train had gone, and the crowd had left the place; a few minutes later a single pedestrian passed along and, feeling the walk settling under him, he had just time to jump off solid ground when the walk fell down with a crash. Had it gone down when the crowd was upon it, a fearful disaster might have been the result.

NEW 6/9/10   From the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, September 11, 1886

Henry Schuyler, of Lyons, an Miss Ida Dominick, of West Granby, Oswego county, were married at the home of the bride's parents, in the latter place, on Wednesday evening. They will make their home in Lyons.

NEW 6/9/10   From the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, January 28, 1901


Lots of Building Promised for Village This Spring and Summer.

Sodus seems on the eve of one of the biggest building booms in its history. The coming of the Rochester & Sodus Bay electric railway has made it necessary, and the erection of a canning factory which will employ 100 hands makes it still more necessary. At present it is simply impossible to rent a place to do business, and next to impossible to rent a house. Rents are growing higher on this account. The best tenants get the houses. Several of the poorer people are trying to secure quarters for this spring, but in many cases it is found impossible.

This has started the building boom. Houses in all parts of the town are under construction. On the Rude-Sergeant addition Hopkins Brothers will build four residences this spring. On the same tract eight or ten more houses will be erected. For the first time in several years a house will be erected on Mt. Pleasant by Charles Snyder. Belden avenue will be the location for about half a dozen before the summer is over, two being under construction at present. In other part of the villages single houses are being built. Two warehouses and a canning factory have been added to the business blocks during the past year, and more will follow.

NEW 6/9/10   From the Clyde Times July 14, 1921

Walter Clark Gilbert, editor of the Savannah Times, has taken unto himself a wife, Miss Adelade Henrietta Getty, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Henry Getty of Williamson. The ceremony was performed at the home of the bride's parents July 2nd, by Rev. E. O. Jessup pastor of the Williamson Baptist Church, in the presence of a small company of relatives and close friends. After an automobile trip to the Adirondacks Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert will be at home to their friends at Savannah.

NEW 6/9/10   From the Clyde Times, November 22, 1917

Fire at Lockpit

About one o'clock Sunday morning the Edward Garry house at Lockpit, better known as the O.A. Burton house together with contents was destroyed by fire, with nothing saved but an organ. The fire was not discovered until the roof was ready to fall in. The family upon awakening scarcely had time to escape un-injured. The loss is covered by insurance.

Buried Alive.

George Glover met with an accident last Thursday morning that nearly cost him his life. While working with the force that was dynamiting across the hard ridge on the Irving E. Smith farm, four miles south of this village, preparatory to dredging it out for the barge canal, several charges of dynamite exploded and Mr. Glover who had not been warned of the blast was buried in the upheaval. His fellow workmen did not know for a time that he was caught, but some of them, walking across where the explosion occurred saw one of his feet sticking out from a pile of earth. They at once liberated him but he was unconscious and remained so for some time. He was removed to Lewis Kellogg's home and cared for. That evening he was taken to his own home and now he is able to be about again, but he shows the effects of his unpleasant experience.

Notice to Creditors

The Clyde Creamery Company being about to finally close its business, hereby gives notice to all persons having claims against said Company, to present the same to the undersigned, at the office of De L. Stow, Clyde, N.Y., on or before the 20th day of December, 1917.

Dated, November 19, 1917.

FOR SALE- My residence on Caroline street. Possession can be given at any time.
Ernest E. Finch.

FOR SALE - White rice pop corn, $2.00 per bushel.

NEW 6/9/10   From the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, October 19, 1895

Charles Wadley, of Long Island City, formerly of Clyde, and Miss Lizzie L. Bostwick, of Philadelphia, Pa., formerly of Clyde, will be united in marriage at the residence of Mrs. A. Long in Philadelphia, Wednesday evening, October 30th.

After a career more or less successful, the Women's Christian Temperance Union at Lyons has disbanded. After paying all obligations the remaining cash was turned over to the Independent Order of Good Templars and Royal Templars of Temperance in Lyons.

Wednesday afternoon next, at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Ethan Sampson, in Alton, will occur the marriage of their daughter, Miss Ethel Sampson, to Clayton H. Flanigan, of Chicago, Ill., formerly of Alton. The ceremony will be performed by Rev. Mr. Brion, of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Miss Nellie Sampson, sister of the bride, and Miss Vida Flanigan, sister of the groom, will be the bridesmaids.

NEW 6/9/10   From the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, August 8, 1890

Howland C. Merrill, of Johnstown, and Miss Josie Burrud are to be married next Wednesday at the home of Mrs. J. B. Burrud in Marion.

George Conant, the eight-year-old son of Chief of Police Conant, of Palmyra, had the misfortune to fall from a tree and break his right wrist in two places, besides bruising himself badly. He, in company with some other young boys, were trying to see who could climb the highest in the tree.

The Electric Light Company of Clyde are pushing matters along lively. A car load of posts has arrived and the work of placing them in position will be commenced at once.

At Marion Wednesday afternoon the Potter family held their annual reunion. It took place on H. S. Potter's grounds, where a huge tent had been erected. Seventy-nine members of the family and relatives enjoyed the spread. All kinds of games were introduced, and the day was happily spent. The officers chosen for the ensuing year are: President, H. S. Potter, Marion; vice-presidents, Antone Seeley, Palmyra, and William Lawrence, Walworth; secretary, C. C. Potter, Marion. In giving the history of the family for the past year H. S. Potter mentioned the three deaths which had occurred. They were those of Alden Potter, Stella Conklin and W. C. Freeman.

NEW 6/9/10   From the Clyde Herald, July 9, 1908, page 5

The annual reunion of the decendants of the late David Waldorf was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Graham on July 4th. The occasion was a very enjoyable and pleasant one and one of the chief features was the serving of a splendid dinner at 1:30. The following were present from out of town: Mr. and Mrs. David O. Waldorf, Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Farnam, and Miss Vera Farnam, of Manlius; Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Waldorf and son, Harold, of Syracuse; Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Waldorf, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Farnam, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Richards and son, Clarence, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Waldorf and children, of Wolcott; Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Dillingham, of Alloway; Mr. and Mrs. John Carman, of Junius; Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Barrick, of Utica; and Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Delano, of Sodus Centre.

During the heavy thunder storm of last Saturday afternoon, lightning struck the corner of the residence of Jeffrey Cullen, south of this village, shattered the corner of a bedstead, passed through the house in a zigzag course and into the kitchen. Here it struck Mr. Cullen's cane in one corner of the room and finally passed through the floor into the cellar. Besides slivering the cane and bedstead and some of the woodwork, no harm was done. Mr. Cullen sat in one door of the kitchen and his wife in another at the time the electric fluid entered the room. It seemed to them that the floor was covered with balls of fire for a time, but neither experienced any ill effects. Mr. Cullen was in town Monday showing his splintered cane as an evidence of his close call.

Devoe Meade arrived home from State College, Pa., to pass the usual summer vacation.

James Noon has returned to his home in this village after completing a year of glass blowing abroad.

L. Palmer Hunt was home from Buffalo to pass Saturday and Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Hunt.

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Childs, of Auburn, spent Saturday and Sunday with Miss Kittie Childs in this village.

Charles H. Lauster, of Rochester, was a visitor of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. N.A. Lauster, Saturday and Sunday.

Mrs. Sophia Johnson is passing some time with Clyde relatives, after a successful year of teaching at Parrish.

Fred Collins, manager of the Rochester Glass Factory and a former resident of Clyde, was a visitor here the greater part of last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Lundy and child have removed from Newark to Galen where they expect to try farm life for an indefinite length of time.

Misses Mary and Helen Cleary have successfully completed their school work in New York City and returned to their home here for the summer vacation.

News has been received here that a little daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Walsh at White Sulphur Springs, Montana. Mrs. Walsh was formerly Miss Mary Costello.

On Wednesday of last week, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Pultz were happy by the birth of a seven-pound daughter, on which they are receiving the congratulations of their friends.

Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Welch and daughters, Irene and Gladys, left Monday for Memphis, Tenn., where they will make a visit of two months with P. J. Welch who has been there for the past two years.

Miss Maude K. Murphy has returned to her home here for the summer, after a year of successful school work in Rochester.

Misses Evelyn and Matie Kopelowich, of Rochester, have been guests of their uncle, M. Kopelowich, for a week of more past.

Misses Helen and Lucy Dower have completed their school work in Rochester and are at their home here for their summer vacation.

NEW 6/9/10   From the Clyde Herald, December 26, 1906

Messrs. Arthur and Harold Hinman, Merton Roy, Leon Waldorf, Burton Jeffers, Roy Vandermeulen, Russel Allen and Arthur Hannett, of Syracuse University, are passing the holidays at their respective homes in this vicinity.

George Rodwell, Jr., is home from Washington, D.C., where he is pursuing a course in electrical engineering, for a two week's vacation.

Miss Bessie Crawford has severed her connection with the Angell's Corners school and has accepted a better position near Lyons.

Howard V. Yergin is home from Yale University to pass the holiday vacation with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. V. N. Yergin.

Miss Mabel M. Bliss after a brief visit with her parents here, has returned to duties at the Ithaca Conservatory of Music.

Mrs. J. W. Pocock and daughter, Kathleen, of Toronto, Can., are visiting Mrs. Pocock's parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Kiggins.

Miss Alice Madden is home from her school duties at Port Byron for a two week's vacation.

Curtis Barnes is home from Orchard Lake (Mich.) Military Academy to pass the holidays.

Mrs. Gard Foster, of Auburn, has been passing several days with her mother, Mrs. DeZeng.

John Turner, of Geneva, was the guest of relatives in town for a few days this week.

Miss Olive M. Hunt is home from Syracuse University for the holiday vacation.

Herbert Douglass is home from Cornell University for the holidays.

NEW 6/9/10   From the Clyde Herald, April 5, 1911

Frank N. Darling, formerly of this village, musicial director of the "Follies of 1910," which played at Syracuse week before last and at Rochester last week, was a recent guest of friends in this vicinity last week.

Fred Compitello left yesterday for California in which State he expects to make his future home.

NEW 6/9/10   From the Arcadian Weekly Gazette, unknown date June 1896


The Baccalauriate sermon before the graduating class of '96 Leavenworth Institute, was delivered in the Presbyterian church, Sunday evening, by the Rev. H. B. Stevenson. Text, Eccl., 0:10. "Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might." The discourse was a practical exhortation along the lines of intellectual development, and individual responsibility and patriotic duty. The following names comprise the class of '96: Bessie Tifft Paddock, Selah Lamyru Cornwell, Jennie Matilda Dobbin, Nettie Martha Fosmire, Carl Edward Sours, Frank Edward Fox, Albert Fitzhugh Lawrence, Charles Reynolds Boynton, Otis Malcom Lawrence, Charles W. Reynolds, and Wynona C. Fee. The commencement exercises will occour Thursday evening the 25th, in the assembly room of the new school building.

Miss Nellie R. Thacker returns from Canastota to-day having taught in the Union school of that village for the past two years. The present week will witness the return of many students and teachers for the summer vacation.

Mrs. Margaretta Post has secured a position as teacher in the Union school at Rockville, Queen (sic) county, N.Y.

The marriage of Clarence Richards of North Wolcott to Miss Gisella Waldroph (sic?), a teacher in the Wolcott Union school, will occur Tuesday, the 23 inst.

NEW 4/19/10   from The Syracuse Journal, Thursday, September 12, 1901


Peirson Family Gathering Attended by 100 People.

NEWARK, Sept. 12- The first family reunion in the history of the Peirson family was held on the lawn of the home of William H. Hyde of Hydesville, a hamlet about one mile north of this village. One of the features of the reunion was a family tree, drawn by Ernest V. Peirson of this village. Hon. S.S. Peirson, the eldest, gave the history of his branch of the family, who are descendants of Cyrus and Mary Peirson who came to Long Island in 1640.

Nearly one hundred were in attendance, among which were the following: Mr. and Mrs. George H. Peirson and family, Hon. and Mrs. S. S. Peirson and family, Mr. and Mrs. E. V. Person, Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Peirson, Mrs. Ruth Hyde, Mr. and Mrs. Byron Peirson and family, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Quinlan, Miss Nettie Bailey, Miss Harriet Bailey, Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Peirson, Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Peirson, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Peirson, Miss Mae Peirson, Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Wheat, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Hyde, Mrs. Rose Hyde, George Sleight, Majorie (sic) Sleight, Mr. and Mrs. D. Parker and family, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Allerton and family, Mr. and Mrs. George Price and family of Newark, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Peirson, Mr. and Mrs. Ernhout and family of Ellenville, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson of Penfield, Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Peirson of Castile, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Peirson of East Palmyra, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Curtis of Marion, Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Howell and family of Spring Brook, Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Quinby and family of Sandusky, Ohio, Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Jessup and family of Brockport, Mr. and Mrs. George Jessup and family of Lima, Mr. and Mrs. Van Sickle and family of Buffalo, H. Day Peirson of Rochester, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Peirson of Le Roy, the Rev. Mr. and Mrs. J. Peirson of Palmyra, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Rogers of Palmyra.

NEW 4/19/10  Selections from the Wayne County Review, (Lyons NY) Thursday, December 18, 1902


A baby girl is reported at the home of Robert Carrie.

Officers Stevenson and Spoor found the third slot machine Saturday in the hay barn of George Lockwood. It was all boxed and ready for shipment but they took charge of it and placed it in the village lockup alongside of those that were seized last week, awaiting instructions from the proper officials. The case has come to a standstill by the non-appearance of the complainant.

George Drable, a son of Abram Drable, who has been staying at the Hunter's Home during the fall, met with a very serious accident last week which necessitated the amputation of his fingers and a portion of his arm. He was out shooting ducks and the accident occurred by the accidental discharge of the gun. Drs. Sweeting and Pierce were called and cared for the lad as best they could and he is at present considered out of danger. He was removed to his home in Port Byron.

Mrs. Brezee of Jefferson county has been the guest of her daughter Mrs. Lenius Ure for the past three weeks and left Monday to visit relatives in Spring Lake.

The fire company have elected the following officers for the ensuing year: President, S. Secor; vice-president, Michael Mead; secretary, O. C. Silver; treasurer, L. C. Sherman; chief engineer, A. P. Smith; engine foreman, John Metcalf; assistant, C. F. Schlosser; foreman hose cart, E. M. Harvie; assistant, F. A. Greenfield; trustees, L. C. Sherman, A. J. Conroe, D. B. Reamer.

Edson Wright and family of Rochester are spending a few days in town with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Erastus Wright.

A. W. Whitbeck left Tuesday for Croswell, Michigan, to assist his brother in the apple business.


School commenced again last Thursday in the Jackson school district. Miss Converse, whose home is north of Weedsport, is the new teacher.

Reuben Hopple is spending two weeks' vacation with his brother in Pennsylvania.

Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Hazen will spend Christmas with Mrs. Hazen's people in Portland.


Mrs. Herman Wright spent the last of last week at her parents' home north of Clyde.

The sad news of the death of Lewis, the 8-months-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Claude Barton of Grand Lodge, Mich. was received Monday. They have the sympathy of friends and relatives in their sad bereavement.


Orin Skutt, proprietor of the general hardware, had a narrow escape from death Friday last. Mr. Skutt was illustrating the non-explosive qualities of gasolene after several experiments which had been successful. He attempted the fire eating trick which is familiar to all jugglers, taking a swallow of gasolene and expectorating it upon a lighted match held in close proximity to his lips. The result was far different than expected, for in the space of a second his face was enveloped in flames, and but for the aid of the spectators would have resulted in his death. Mr. Skutt is now in the hands of his physician, thoroughly convinced of the explosive qualities of gasolene.

Earl Seager is the guest of his sister, Mrs. A. R. Truyn, of Cayuga.


Our community was shocked to learn of the sudden death of Charles Sebring which occured Friday night of heart failure. The funeral took place from the house Monday at 11 a.m., Rev. Mr. Hull of Lyons conducting the services. He was 78 years of age. Besides a widow, one sister, Mrs. Mary Mitchell of Lyons, and a brother William of Michigan survive him.

Mrs. C. J. Catlin and son are spending a few days with her sister, Mrs. Everett McClelland at North Lyons.

The large evaporator owned by John Messenger about three miles north of this place was burned to the ground Friday night. It contained about six tons of dried apples which were ready for market. How the fire started is not known.


There is living in the town of Wolcott probably the oldest veteran soldier in the county. Stephen V. Hutchinson now nearly ninety years of age, served in the Florida war in 1838 under Colonel Zachery Taylor (afterwards president) and was wounded in the hip and has drawn a pension of eight dollars a month for almost sixty-four years. He is the father of eight children, four boys and four girls, all living and all past middle age. He is hale and hearty and his friends hope to see him reach the century mark.

Our leading blacksmith, Walter Conway, has been very ill for some time, caused by a large carbunkle on the back of his neck. He has made a hard fight for his life and at the present writing Walter seems to be getting the best of it. Everybody will rejoice if he recovers.

NEW 1/10/10   Wayne County residents listed as candidates for degrees and certificates for 1927, from the Eastman School of Music Catalogue, 1926-27:

Name    Course of Study    Home    Residence in Rochester

Louise De Matties, P.S.M., Clyde N.Y., 128 Fairview Ave. [P.S.M. = Public School Music]
Alita R. Lawrence, piano, Palmyra, N.Y., 430 University Ave.
Clara Milem, piano, Lyons, N.Y., 430 University Ave.
Edward H. Waters, piano, Palmyra, N.Y.

NEW 1/15/10   from the Minutes of the annual conferences of the Methodist Episcopal Church, published by T. Mason and G. Lane for the Methodist Episcopal Church, 1858, page 206:

Methodist Episcopal ministers of the "Rochester District" of the East Genesee Conference serving in Wayne County in 1858:

Geneva District
Lyons, S. Van Benschoten
Newark, Andrew Sutherland
Clyde, J. T. Arnold
Fairville, Henry Van Benschoten
Sodus, D. Leisenring
Sodus Center, J.K. Tinkham
South Sodus, J. Ashworth
East Palmyra, Wesley Cochran

Rochester District
Palmyra, A. S. Baker
Walworth and Marion, O. Trowbridge
Macedon and Perrinton, Henry T. Giles
Pultneyville, George J. Dubois

Canandaigua District
Port Gibson, J.W. Wilson

NEW 1/10/10   from the Minutes of the annual conferences of the Methodist Episcopal Church, published by T. Mason and G. Lane for the Methodist Episcopal Church, 1856, page 101:

Methodist Episcopal ministers of the "Rochester District" of the East Genesee Conference serving in Wayne County in 1856:

Pultneyville, L. Northway
Sodus, J.W. Wilson
South Sodus, J. Hutchins, J. Robinson, sup.
Fairville, Ebenezer Colson
Lyons, John Rains, Jr.
Newark, John Dennis
Port Gibson, Delos Hutchins
East Palmyra and Marion, to be supplied
Palmyra, T. Toucy
Walworth, C.L. Bown

NEW 9/19/09   from the Wayne County Alliance, (Sodus NY) Wednesday, January 23, 1884.

Arrived After a Time.

Miss Minnie Caywood, only daughter of Mr. Abram Caywood, of South Butler, was under contract to change her name Wednesday, evening, Jan. 9th, and was willing to perform the contract, too. The viands were accordingly prepared; guests assembled, and the dominie, (Rev. W. H. Bentley, of Spring Lake,) appeared, but behold, the bridegroom tarried. Between Sterling, (his residence,) and South Butler there was a "great gulph" (or a great snow storm) "fixed;" he came not. The Dominie returned, and the guests dispersed. The heart-sickening disappointment is easier imagined than described. On Friday evening - two days after the affair - the young man put in an appearance. Of course he had an ample excuse; no apology was required.- Cor. in Wolcott News.

Local and Miscellaneous.

- A telephone is in working order between Marion and Palmyra.

- The annual encampment of the Grand Army of the Republic of the State of New York, will be held next week Wednesday and Thursday, Jan. 30th and 31st, in the arsenal in Rochester.

- The Military History of Wayne Co. is now ready for distribution. Subscribers can obtain their books by calling at C.D. Gaylord's bank, Sodus, N.Y.

- Two pairs of oxen for sale on reasonable terms. Enquire of or address W.Z. Fish, Williamson, N.Y.

- The N.Y. Central passenger-depot, at Newark, burned to the ground, Sunday afternoon. The fire was caused by the bursting of the stove.

NEW 9/19/09   From the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, Saturday, January 23, 1892, page 7

Cards are out announcing the marriage of Edward C. Fisk, associate editor and foreman of the Newark Union, to Miss Mary F. Fisk, niece of H.H. Fisk, proprietor of that paper.

Cards are out announcing the approaching wedding of Miss Libbie Sawyer, youngest daughter of D. B. Sawyer, to Charles Elliott, Jr., at the residence of Mr. Sawyer in Walworth, February 3d.

From the Palmyra Democrat, Wednesday, January 27, 1892

Edward C. Fisk, foreman in the Newark Union office, is about to be made happy by a nuptial knot. Cards are out announcing his approaching marriage with Miss Mary F. Fisk, niece of Editor H.H. Fisk.

NEW 6/20/09  Thank you to Darwina, coordinator of Ontario Co. NYGenWeb, for her latest contribution of marriage notices and other short articles from old Ontario County newspapers!

From the Ontario County Journal, 28 September 1894

MARRIED - At Phelps, September 19, 1894, Jacob Smith of Newark and Miss Eliza Snedeker of Palmyra.

From the Geneva Gazette, 28 January 1853

Married, in Lyons, on the 27th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Hills, Mr. George Y. Ross to Miss Sarah A. Thomas, both of Lyons. We were favored with a visit to the sanctum by the wedding party, who improved the fine sleighing and the occasion for a ride to Geneva; and had the pleasure of an introduction to the groom and a k___ from the bride. Though it will not all times answer to have two "Bosses"in a household, yet we trust nought but "peace and harmony" will prevail with the wedding pair, even should the number of "Bosses" be increased to a dozen. "The more the merrier."

From the Ontario Repository & Messenger, 31 January 1877

A man by the name of Noah Wood, residing at Wolcott, was found in his cutter insensible, near Rose Valley, last week. The circumstances, as near as can be learned, were as follows: Mr. Wood had been to Lyons, and was on his return to Wolcott, when his horse stopped at the tollgate, a little out of Rose Valley. The keeper of the tollgate came out of his house to collect the toll, and found the man in the condition named above. He was taken into the tollkeeper's house, and a physician sent for, but before the arrival of the physician, he died.

From the Ontario County Times, 3 July 1878

Charles Parshall, aged fifteen years, son of Mr. Hendee Parshall of Palmyra, was drowned while bathing in the canal at that village on Wednesday last.

From the Ontario County Times, 26 February 1879

David Day of Clyde, was instantly killed recently by the falling of a tree. He, with others, were chopping in the woods near that place, and just as the tree which one of the men was at work upon was ready to fall, Mr. Day moved his position so that the descending body struck him, a branch or stub entering his brain causing instant death.

From the Ontario County Journal, 24 January 1896

Fred Knapp of Rose visited Clyde one evening last week, and next morning was found on the Central Hudson tracks three miles west of Clyde, nearly dead from cold. He was unable to explain how he had mistaken his way.

From the Ontario County Journal, 26 January 1896

George VanDyne, aged 80 years, of Palmyra, was seized with an attack of coughing in the Methodist church at that place, Sunday night, which caused bleeding at the lungs. He died in 30 minutes.

From the Ontario County Journal, 31 January 1896

Mrs. Sarah C. Alton, one of the most prominent ladies of Perry, Wayne county, committed suicide by chloroforming herself Tuesday night. She had just retired after witnessing a wedding which occurred in her home, and her strange action is shrouded in mystery. [Note: Perry NY is in Wyoming County.]

From the Lyons NY Wayne County Review, 24 September 1903

Mrs. Elijah Tulett became the mother of twins Tuesday and for several hours her condition was considered serious. Dr. Carmer now has her out of danger and the youngsters are doing well.

From the Ontario County Chronicle, 23 March 1904

Manchester, N. Y. - R. M. Van Vorst has in his possession an army canteen, a relic of the civil war, which is supposed to have been carried during most of the period of "war time" by Henry Culver, who enlisted in Wayne County and died in Andersonville prison in February, 1865. After Culver's death the old canteen became the property of an old colored man, who shortly after the close of the war came North, bringing the canteen with him as directed until it became the property of Culver's friends by whom it is highly prized.

From the Syracuse Post Standard, 13 February 1906

Lyons, Feb. 13 - Abraham Tulett, engineer on one of the New York Central yard engines, was badly scalded this morning. He was at work tightening a bolt when the fireman, not knowing Mr. Tulett was under the engine, turned on the injector, sending steam down where the man was working. He was completely enveloped in steam but managed to crawl out. His right leg was scalded from the knee down, the skin peeling off. Mr. Tulett was able to walk to his home but he is off duty.

From the Syracuse Post Standard, 25 July 1911

Some time ago Abraham Tulett, a Central Hudson locomotive engineer in the Lyons yard, accidentally injured his right knee. No particular attention was paid to it. Later the injury became painful and a doctor was called. Mr. Tulett kept at work until last week when blood poisoning developed and he was submitted to an operation.

From the Geneva Daily Times, 2 November 1909

Sodus, Nov. 2 - John C. Kelley, 6 years old, fell from a wagon in this village yesterday afternoon and was run over by one of the wheels. The wheel passed over the child's head, crushing it and killing him almost instantly. The boy was a son of Olin Kelley and leaves a younger brother. The accident was witnessed by a number of persons who were unable to render aid or prevent it.

From the Lyons Republican, August 8, 1913


William Beston, son of John Beston of Newark and Miss Frances Miller, daughter of Charles Miller of Layton street, were quietly married at the rectory of St. Michael's Church Saturday evening by the Rev. Father Gommenginger. Attending them were Miss Irene Martin and Henry Kilcourse. Mr. and Mrs. Beston will live at the Miller home. The groom is a New York Central employee in this village.

From the Lyons Republican, March 4, 1927


BURGHDURF-WOLFE- At Westbury, Saturday, February 26, Miss Gertrude Wolfe and Clifton Burghdurf.

AMEELE-BILLINGS - At Walworth, Wednesday, February 23, Miss Blanche Billings and Ivan J. Ameele.

CLARK-McCLELLAND - At Newark, Friday, February 25, Mrs. Marrette McClelland and Morris Clark.

NEW 6/20/09  The next group of articles comes from the Lyons Republican, October 4, 1912.

Mr. Earl Breisch of Duluth, Minnesota formerly of Lyons writes to his friends that he has been the father of a baby boy since Sept. 21 1912.

Miss Jennie Reals and Miss Viena Ritter entertained last Friday evening at the home of the former at a granite shower given in honor of Miss Florence Mestler whose marriage to Emmet Feiock will take place soon. The shower was given as a surprise.


Last evening at 8 o'clock at the parsonage of St. John's Lutheran church, Rev. E. R. Grabau officiating, occurred the marriage of Miss Florence Storms, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Storms, to Ernst Krusemark, son of the late Louis Krusemark. Both young people are of Lyons. They were attended by Miss Grace Storms, younger sister of the bride, and Albert Kreuger. Returning from a western wedding trip Mr. and Mrs. Krusemark will live in Lyons.

Miss Meda Bastian of Geneva was the guest of her sister, Mrs. Ora Burghdorf Wednesday afternoon.

Thomas Whiting, a Clyde boy with a wide acquaintance in this village, who for some time has been on Uncle Sam's pay roll in the Panama CAnal Zone, is home for his annual vacation.

Truant Officer Sylvanus Bailey entered upon his duties for the school year 912-13 this week. The lads who have ben negligent in attending school so far this term will have to be careful from now on. Mr. Bailey does not believe in being lenient with old offenders, and the chances are that several who caused him unlimited trouble last year and have already started in where they left off there, will be summoned into Judge Benjamin's court before another week passes.

Last week Wednesday at the home of the bride's parents in Bath occurred the marriage of Miss M. Evelyn Wood to Ole Hanson. Mr. Hanson is the draughtsman connected with the Crowell-Sherman-Stalter Co., barge canal contractors of this village. Mr. and Mrs. Hanson are now on a honeymoon trip through Massachusetts and New York and will be at home in the village after Nov. 1st.

The Western Argus, Lyons, N.Y., unknown date in 1842, after June 1


In Sodus, on the 24th ult., by Rev. Mr. Stouten, Mr. MILTON M. HALL of this village, to Miss SUSAN, daughter of Richard Messenger, Esq. of the former place.

ELOPEMENT.- Whereas my wife Amelia has left my bed and board without any cause or provocation, this is to forbid any person harboring or trusting her on my account, as I shall pay no debts of her contracting.
Lyons, 6th May, 1842

U.S. District Court - In Bankruptcy
NOTICE to show cause against the petition of Richard Wood of the town of Galen, Wayne County, for his discharge and certificate as a bankrupt at Auburn, N.Y. on Saturday the 30th day of July 1842 at 10 o'clock A.M. Dated May 7, 1842.
Wm. S. STOW, Att'y.

U.S. District Court - In Bankruptcy
NOTICE to show cause against the petition of Luther Redfield Jr., of the town of Galen, Wayne County, for his discharge and certificate as a Bankrupt at Auburn, N.Y. on Saturday the 30th day of July 1842 a t 10 o'clock A.M. Dated May 7, 1842.
Wm. S. STOW, Att'y.

U.S. District Court - In Bankruptcy
NOTICE to show cause against the petition of Joseph Everhardt, of the town of Rose, Wayne County N.Y., for his discharge and certificate as a Bankrupt at Auburn, N.Y. on Saturday the 6th day of August 1842 a t 10 o'clock A.M. Dated May 6, 1842.
Wm. S. STOW, Att'y.

U.S. District Court - In Bankruptcy
NOTICE to show cause against the petition of Frederick Van Tassel, of the town of Arcadia, Wayne County N.Y., for his discharge and certificate as a Bankrupt at Auburn, N.Y. on Monday the 1st day of August next at 10 o'clock A.M. Dated May 6, 1842.

U.S. District Court - In Bankruptcy
NOTICE to show cause against the petition of Philip Bostwick, of the town of Arcadia, in the county of Wayne, for his discharge and certificate as a Bankrupt at Auburn, N.Y. on Monday the 1st day of August next a t 10 o'clock A.M. Dated May 6, 1842.

The Western Argus, Lyons, N.Y., unknown date in 1846

NOTICE.- Whereas my wife Sarah has left my bed and board without my consent, or just provocation; I therefore forbid all persons harboring or trusting her on my account as I shall not pay any debts of her contracting after this date. Butler, March 14, 1846.

The Lyons Argus, Lyons, N.Y., January 25, 1839

WHEREAS my wife Cloe, ____ having viciously inclined to destroy my property, this is to forbid all persons harboring or trusting her on my account, as I will pay no debts of her contracting after this date.
____ (?), December 11, ____

The Palmyra Sentinel, unknown date in May (?), 1828

MARRIED - In the town of Manchester, Ontario county, on the evening of the 25th ult. Mr. Joseph Adams to Miss Amanda Streeter.

The Anniversary Festival of St. John, will be celebrated by Rising-virtue Lodge, at Ontario-ville, on the 24th instant. Brethern of the neighboring Lodges, are respectfully requested to attend. An appropriate address will be delivered on the occasion.

ELIAS KNAP } Committee of Ar-
RUSSELL WHIPPLE } rangements.

The Palmyra Wayne County Sentinel, unknown date in early 1827, possibly February

MARRIED- In Penfield, on the 9th inst. Mr. Moses C. Baker, of Macedon, to Miss Mariah Hare, of the former place.

The Palmyra Sentinel, unknown date in late June 1824

MARRIED- In Dayton, Ohio, Mr. Conrad Reed to Miss Catharine Weaver.

Nothing more fit indeed,
Since we all do know;
A weaver must have a reed,
Before the loom can go.


The Palmyra Horse Artillery are requested to meet at A. R. Galloway's inn, in Williamson, on Saturday the 26th inst. at 10 o'clock A.M. for exercise and improvement.
D. HENDEE, Captain.
June 8th, 1824.

Village Lots,
SITUATED on Main-street, and adjoining the Canal. For further particulars, inquire of the subscriber.
Palmyra, Nov. 5, 1823.


The personal property of Job Fish deceased will be exposed for sale, at public vendue, on the 3d day of July next, at the dwelling house of the late deceased at 9 o'clock in the morning.

Terms made known the day of the sale.
RACHAEL FISH, Administratrix.
ELIAS H. FISH, Administrator.
Macedon, June 22, 1824.

The Palmyra Sentinel, unknown date in early 1827

MARRIED- In this town, by the Rev. Mr. Wright, Mr. ____ Bidwell, of Orleans county, to Miss Ann Barnkart (sic), of this town. [Note: "____" is exactly as printed. "Barnkart" should be Barnhart.]

The Wayne Sentinel, Palmyra N.Y., unknown date in late January 1824

DIED- In Auburn, on the 25th, Thompson Pease, son of James Pease, of this village.


SUBSCRIBERS to the Wayne Sentinel, who have contracted to pay their subscriptions in wood, are respectfully requested to send in a few loads "now or never."
Sentinel Office, Jan. 21, 1824.

Farm for Sale.

The subscriber offers for sale his FARM, situated one mile west of Palmyra village, (through which the Erie Canal passes,) containing one hundred and thirty-four acres of land, seventy of which are under good improvement. It is well watered, having on it a convenient framed dwelling-house, and an excellent orchard. It will be sold cheap. For further particulars, apply to the owner, on the premises.
Macedon, Dec. 8, 1823

Medical Notice.

The semi-annual meeting of the Wayne Medical Society, will be held on the first Tuesday in February next, at the house of Doct. Hiram Mann in Sodus, at ten o'clock A. M. A general attendance is requested.
January 19th, 1824.

The Palmyra Sentinel, unknown date in 1824, appears to be between June 1 and June 16.

MARRIED- In this village, on the 27th ult., by the Rev. Mr. Stockton, Mr. Robert W. Smith to Miss Miranda Jessup.

At Rome on the 24th, Mr. George N.(?) Williams of this village, to Miss Mary Olmsted, of the former place.

The Palmyra Sentinel, unknown date in 1825

MARRIED, in Pompey, Onondaga co. on the 15th ult., John FLEMING, Jun. Esq. attorney at law, of Manlius, and late of this village, to Miss LOUISA H. WHEATON, daughter of Augustus W. Esq. of the former place.


A TWO story DWELLING HOUSE, with a good Garden, stable, and other conveniences, now occupied by L. Wescott. Also, the HOUSE, which the subscriber now lives in. Possession given the first of April.

Also for sale, a good pair of Carriage HORSES, two sets of HARNESS, and two Pleasure WAGGONS.

March 2, 1825.

The Palmyra Sentinel, August 11, 1826

MARRIED- In Ontario, on the 3d inst. Mr. James T. Tafft, of Wayne co. Michigan, to Miss Almina Blanchard, of the former place.

On the 2d inst., Mr. Chester Williams, to Miss Margaret Teachout, both of Manchester.

In Canandaigua, by the Rev. Mr. Hickox, on the 10th, Mr. Henry S. Bancker, to Miss Maria Sibley.

In Batavia, on the 2d inst. by the Rev. Mr. Smith, Mr. Frederick Follett, Editor of the "Times," to Miss Sarah Sutherland, daughter of Major Isaac Sutherland.

DIED- in this village on the 9th inst. Mr. John Kenede (sic), late, we believe, from Rochester. He was a stranger in the place.

In Johnstown, Montgomery county, on the evening of the 25th ult., Henry Cunningham, Esq. in the 36th year of his age.

The Palmyra Sentinel, unknown date in September 1827

DIED- In this village, on Tuesday evening last, Maria Smith, aged 13 months, daughter of Frederick Smith, Esq.

In Farmington, Ontario co. on Monday, the 3d inst., Mrs. Mary Gardner, aged about 21, wife of Sunderland P. Gardner.

In Hopewell, Mr. John S. Whitney, aged 28(?).

In Manchester, Ont. co. on the 28th ult. Mr. Wm. Cogswell, aged about 19, son of Daniel Cogswell, formerly of Hopewell. At the time of his death he lived with Harvey Harmon, in the town of Manchester. At this time the residence of his parents or relations is unknown. Editors of Papers are requested to give this an insertion, that this relatives may be thereby informed of his death.

The Palmyra Sentinel, unknown date in 1824, after April 28

MARRIED- In At Oak Orchard, on the 21st inst. by the Rev. David Pratt, Mr. James Tisdale of this town, to Miss Sophia Brown, of the former place.

The Palmyra Sentinel, February 22, 1828

MARRIED- In this town, on the 14th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Wright, Mr. DAVID SWEZEY to Miss JOANNA UPTON.

DIED- In this village, on Wednesday the 20th inst., Joel Elmendorf, aged about 3 years.

The Palmyra Sentinel, unknown date in late November 1824

MARRIED.- In Williamson, on the 25th ult. Mr. Sheldon Beach, to Miss Mary Ann Beam.

In Lyons, on the 18th ult. by the Rev. Oliver True, Mr. John A. Davenport, to Miss Almira Simmons.

DIED- In this town, on the 26th inst. Mr. Gideon Sherman, aged 31.

The Palmyra Sentinel, May 26, 1826

MARRIED.- In this town, on the 24th instant, by the Rev. Mr. House, Mr. Joshua DRISCOLL to Mrs. Maria VAN DUZER.

In Williamson, by the Rev. Mr. Blakesley, on the 21st inst., Mr. Benjamin Hill jr. of Macedon, to MIss Nancy Skinner, of the former place.

In Macedon, by the same, and on the same day, Mr. James Mellen to Widow M'Knight.


A general meeting of the inhabitants of Palmyra, is requested at the Eagle Hotel, on Saturday the 3d day of June at 4 o'clock P. M. to take into consideration the subject of celebrating in a suitable manner, the ensuing Anniversary of AMERICAN INDEPENDENCE. As the 4th of July next will complete Half a Century since the declaration of that glorious event, it is contemplated to impart to the Celebration an unusual degree of Joy and Splendor. May 26th.

FIRE.- On Tuesday night last, the dwelling-house and barn of Mr. ISAAC EDDY, in Macedon, were totally destroyed by fire, together with all their contents excepting some of Mr. E.'s most valuable papers and money. we have not heard the particulars, but understand it was with much difficulty that several members of the family were rescued from the devouring element. The house was a valuable one, having but recently been finished, and the barn was well stored with the fruits of the husbandman; Mr. Eddy's loss must therefore be very great.

An alarm of fire was heard in this village night before last, proceeding from the Eagle Hotel; but fortunately, before material damage was sustained, the fire was extinguished. It is supposed that the fire originated from a stove pipe in the kitchen part of the house.

Ontario Female Seminary.- The School in this institution will commence on the first day of next month, agreeably to the notice of the Trustees; and from the number of applications already made for the admission of pupils, and the disposition manifested to encourage it, the happiest results may be expected to the important cause of female education, which justly excites so much interest in the community.- Ontario Repos.


ALL ye good people who have any demands whatever (whether by account or note,) against the estate of ZEBULON WILLIAMS, deceased, and immediate arrangements will be made for the payment of the same. At the same time, let it be understood, that all those indebted to the said estate, MUST CALL & SETTLE their accounts, notes, &c. without delay.

Administrators, &c. of Zebulon
, dec'd.

N.B. Platt Williams and Ch. S. Williams attend to the settlement of business, &c. at their residence.
Palmyra, March _(?), 1826

The Palmyra Wayne County Sentinel, April 6, 1827

MARRIED- In this town, on Sunday last, Mr. Paul S. Brown, to Miss Rebecca Lobdell.


Remaining in the Post Office at Palmyra, April 1st, 1827.

ALLEN, Henry S.
ALDRICH, Hannah G.
ADAMS, Fanny
ADAMS, William
BENTLY, Leonard
BEERS, David R.
BROWN, Alrey / Alroy (?) M.
BANES (?), Phineas
BAKER, Emanuel
BAKER, Joshua
BAKER, Joseph
BOYD, Hugh
BILLIAGE (?), William
COOK, David
CAMERON, William
CLARK, Maltby
CARNS, Thomas 3
CADY, Chandler
CRANDALL, Cyrus B. / R.(?)
CHASE, Edward
CAR, David
COWAN, Susan C.
COX, Micajah 2
DENISE, Denise 2
DEWERS, William
ELLSWORTH, Catherine
FLAGG, Sabrinia
FALL, John
FARSE, William
FIELDS, Ephraim
FERRIS, Alanson
GREEN, Caleb
GLOVER, Thomas
GARDNER, Stephen C.
GOODELL, Nathaniel
GRISWOLD, Jedediah
HORSON, Samuel T.
HILER, David
HUNTINGTON G. or W. [as printed in the paper]
HARRIS, Preserved
HALLINGS (?), Samuel
HAVENS, Samuel
HARRIS, Harriet
HICKS, Gardner
HINMAN, Volney
HEWIT, Reuben
HIBBARD, Benjamin
HUDSON, George A.
HALL, Amasa
JONES, William
JUDSON, Samuel
KELLOGG, Erastus
KESTER, Richard
KEYES (?), Charlotte
KELLEY, Phillips
LESTER, Beeder / Reeder (?)
LAMB, James
Le ROY, Benjamin
LAPHAM, Thomas
MARSH, Hollister F.
MATHER, Russel
M'LELLAND, William
MOORE, Clarissa
MILLET, Robert
M'ARTHUR, Duncan
M'INTYRE, Alexander
MOTT, Millard
M'COLLUM, Esther
NEAR (?), Jacob
PELTON, Alfred
PARISH, Thankful T.
PALMER, Fenner
REED, Martha W.
RILEY, Patarick
RANDALL, Samuel B.
REEVES, Abi---
ROBERTS, Guerdon
SHEPARD, Elizabeth
SHEAM, Arther (sic) W.
SMITH, William
SHERMAN, Merrit 2
SMALLY, Daniel 2
SHAFER, Philip
SLOAN, Alexander
SHELP, Henry
St. JOHN, H.
TAYLOR, Samuel
TABOM, Benjamin
TABER, Miss P.
TERRY, Sally
T----, Richard
WINTERS, Abraham
WILSON, Madrid
WOOD, Stephen
WHITE, David
WILDER, Luther 2
WOODWARD (?), Arthur F.(?)
WHITE, Richard
WHITE Phebe 2


From the Auburn Weekly Democrat, June 17, 1886

Drowned in Cayuga.

Fatal Results of a Fishing Excursion - The Body Recovered.

Cayuga, June 14.- Two strangers hired a boat here Thursday and went fishing. They were seen at Bull's Grove, later in the day, one of them remaining at the Grove. The other went out alone. Nothing has been seen of him since. Friday morning, Captain Hamilton, of the tug Cummings, making an early trip up the lake, picked up a boat which was upside down, containing fishing tackle, oars and a bag of fish attached to the boat. The bag was marked, "Ben Haynes." The missing man is supposed to be Ben Haynes of Alloway, a small place about four miles west of Lyons. A party came here Sunday are are looking for the body, but up to the present writing I have not heard the result of the search.

The Body Found.

Cayuga, June 16.- Early this morning Luther Durr watchman at the drawbridge discovered a body floating near the bridge. He secured the same by tying the shore. The body was recognized as that of Ben Haynes of Alloway N.Y., by a person who was acquainted with him. Body is now waiting coroner's inquest.

From the Clyde Times, Thursday, Nov. 21, 1907, page 4


Announcement was made the latter part of last wee that Adelbert Blood, of Rochester, and Miss Gladys Groescup, of North Galen, were married on Sunday night November 10, at the Methodist Episcopal parsonage in Lyons, by the pastor of that church. They have taken up their residence in Rochester where Mr. Blood went last fall to accept a position in the glass works. They are wellknown and popular young people who have ___ all their lives in this vicinity and have many friends here, who extend their hearty congratulations.


Mrs. Frank Lane and son, of Magee, spent Sunday with Mrs. Geo. Bicknell.

Jesse Mastin, of Geneva, spent Sunday at home.

Mrs. Julius Sedore was home from Alloway Sunday.

Misses Florence Gross and Maude Godfrey were home from Lyons over Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wood, of Clyde, were guests at Wm. Desmond's from Friday until Monday.

Wm. Richards spent Saturday at Lyons and Newark.

Irving Harrington and family, and Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Story visited Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Feek at Clifton Saturday and Sunday.

Mrs. Levi Devoll and daughter, Hazel, left Thursday to visit her son, Sanford, at Rocky River, O., and her sister in Iowa.

Mrs. G. B. Story, Mrs. E. Moran and Mrs. Childs, of Junius, spent Wednesday at Rochester.

Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Petteys, of Junius, were guests of Mrs. Catherine Petteys Sunday.

Mrs. Geo. Haugh is seriously ill. Dr. Ostrander, of Junius, is attending her.

Mrs. Henry Heisler will entertain the Union Workers in two weeks, Nov. 30th. Text word "End."

The Loyal Soldiers Class will be entertained by Earl Sharpe and sister, Gertrude, this week Friday evening, Nov. 22nd.

Master William Desmond was pleasantly surprised by his school friends Friday evening. It being his tenth birthday. The evening was spent most enjoyably and William was recipient of many gifts.


Mrs. N.(?) A. Mestler is on the sick list.

Mrs. M. Bishop, of Newark, and Mrs. L. N. Gilbert, of Lyons, were guests of Mrs. George Roose over Sunday.

Eugene Richmond is rapidly recovering from an attack of walking typhoid fever.

Mrs. D. E. Jenison and daughter, Dorothy, from Clyde, passed Sunday with friends in Lock Berlin.

Miss Mabel Odell spent Saturday in Syracuse and witnessed the football game between Lafayette and Syracuse.

Miss Edna Richmond was the guests of Miss Gertrude Foote, in Clyde, Sunday.

John Closs is ill at the home of his sister, Mrs. Mary Foote, with a severe attack of neuralgia.

It is rumored that a number of young men in this village have rented one of Mrs. Bronson's tenant houses with the intention of fitting it up into a club house.

The choir will meet at the home of Mrs. John Stewart Saturday evening for practice. A week from Sunday there will be special Thanksgiving services with select music, under the direction of our pastor, Rev. Mr. Halleck.

William Wilkes, of Newark, was the guest of George R. Burkill, ___day.

From the Lake Shore News, April 10, 1913 (Wolcott N.Y.)


Seward A. Wells, son of George Wells, of Butler, and Janie Walker, of Holley, N.Y. were married on Monday, March 31, at St. Luke's Episcopal church, Brockport, N.Y., by Rev. William H. G. Lewis. The bride is an English girl who came to this country two years ago from Bingley, Yorkshire. The young couple will make their home in Butler.

From the Arcadian Weekly Gazette, Newark, N.Y., unknown date in March 1890

Mrs. Loomis and daughter, of Grand Rapids, Mich., are guests at Rev. J. E. Goodhue's. Mrs. Loomis is a sister of Mr. Goodhue.

At a reunion of Cornell graduates residing in California, held recently, Henry G. Tinsley, formerly of Lyons, now editor of the Pomona Progress, presided.

A very pleasant wedding took place Thursday at the residence of Noah Enels(), when his daughter, Nellie, was married to Mr. Kuger, a palace car conductor of Chicago. The couple left immediately for Chicago.

From the Arcadian Weekly Gazette, September 26, 1898, page 7

County items

Mrs. O. Mason, of Wallington, was stricken with paralysis Tuesday.

Miss Eunice Mitchell and Jesse Briggs of North Rose were married Thursday.

East Palmyra

Married, on the 21st of September, by Rev. J. A. Black, Mr. Chas. S. Hummeston, to Miss Minnie M. Severson, both of Newark, N.Y.

Henry and Dennis Gress of Buffalo are spending their vacation with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Gress.

South Lyons

Miss Viola Tyler and Mr. Bert Goodman were married last Tuesday evening.

From the Clyde Herald, unknown date in November 1922 (news for 1897)

Events of 25 Years Ago.

Cards are out announcing the approaching marriage of Miss Alice J. Baker and Heman D. Traver, of Buffalo, at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. O. Baker, on Water street, on Wednesday evening, Dec. 1st.

Invitations are out for the marriage of Miss Evangeline Dunham to Andrew S. Mead, at the bride's home in Tyre on Wednesday evening, Nov. 24th.

Cards are out for the wedding of Miss Carmela, daughter of Mrs. Antonia Nincoletta (sic), to George Giustino, at St. John's Catholic Church, Saturday morning next, at 9 o'clock. [surname is Nicoletta]

Stephen Parker, of Waterford, came to Clyde this week Tuesday and returned home on Wednesday, accompanied by his sister, Mrs. Mary Colgrove, of this village, who will spend the winter in Waterford.

From the Clyde Times, December 24, 1908, page 5

John Wallace has arrived home from the North West Territory, Canada, where he has been passing the summer months on his ranch. He is looking well and prosperous.


At a regular meeting of Gridley Camp, S.O.V., held on Wednesday evening, December 9th, the following officers were elected:
Captain - R. Emmet Flynn
First Lieutenant - C. E. Hutchings
Second Lieutenant- Alfred Hecox
First Sergeant - E. D. Farrell
Second Sergeant - J. C. Gillette
Chaplain - Lloyd Stevens
Sergeant of Guard - L. C. McDougall
Color Sergeant - John Harrison
Picket Guard - Emory Vincent

The Camp will install its officers Wednesday evening, January 6th, 1909, and will serve refreshments.

Rowland Meade, of Lanham, Md., arrived in town the latter part of last week to pass a vacation of about three weeks with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Meade. He displays a fine color which has been gained in his travels through the south.

The following students are home from Syracuse University for the Xmas vacation: Misses Grace E. Gatchell, Olive M. Hunt, Kathleen Joyce, Ethel Shepard, Edith Lockwood, Mary Bishop, and Blanch McEligott, and Messrs. A. F. Hinman, Russell Allen, Roy Vandermeulen, and Leon Waldorf.

MIss Marjorie Vrooman from Loretta Convent, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, is home to pass the holiday vacation.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Guilfus, of LYons former residents of Clyde, were made happy by the birth of a little daughter last Friday.

Arthur Arzberger, who went to Kansas early in the year, returned to his home here Tuesday night, to pass several weeks.

Miss Margaret Stevens is home from Genesee Wesleyan Seminary to pass the holiday vacation with her parents.

John R. Pepperdine is at his home here, summoned because of the illness and death of his mother.

Guy E. Shipler, of New York City, is a visitor at his home in this village for a few days.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fischette were made happy by the birth of twin daughters Tuesday night.

From the Clyde Democratic Herald, Jan. 4, 1911

The following officers of the Clyde lodge of the Knights of Maccabees wre elected Tuesday evening of this week for the ensuing year: Commander, Geo. J. Lauster; lieut. com., Wm. Padget; record keeper, James Welch; sergeant at arms, Wm. Bramer; chaplain, E. Harper; sergeant, J. Meade; Picket, Clarence Lamb; first and second guards, A. Barrows and W. Fisher; sentinel, W. A. Lawrence.

From the Arcadian Weekly Gazette, Newark, N.Y., unknown date 1888

The sick: Mrs. Norman Reynolds was taken early last week with a serious disturbance of the brain, resulting in another paralytic shock. Other troubles and complications set in, and she rapidly declined, with no hope of recovery. Mr. Roller's symptoms are deemed slightly better than last week. Mrs. Billings, who takes almost no nourishment, is to all appearances at the point of death. David Lovejoy on East Miller street is very poorly, and rapidly failing. Later: Mrs. Reynolds died last night. Buried Friday, half past two.

From the Clyde Democratic Herald, Wednesday, April 5, 1911

Miss Anna Mack has been appointed to teach at Angells Corners to succeed Miss Stella Barrows who resigned to prepare for her coming marriage.

Miss Helen Stack who has been dangerously ill at her home two and one-half miles southeast of Clyde, is now recovering under the treatment of Dr. T. H. Hallett.

Note: the Maple Grove cemetery list has the following Helen Stack:
STACK Lewis P. 1847-1926
STACK Helen E. 1864-1940

From the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, Wednesday, August 5, 1896

Miss Georgiana L. Morrill, the American lady who earned the Ph.D. degree at Heidelberg, being the first of her sex and nationality to be honored by a German university, has arrived at Wolcott and is spending a well-earned vacation with her parents, Rev. and Mrs. Abner Morrill. Miss Morrill was in Europe over three years, during which time she studied almost night and day, as a result of which she is greatly prostrated. Before returning to America she visited Edinburgh, Scotland, where the thesis that earned her degree is being published. It was the translation of a middle-English ode into modern German, and will appear with a modern English annotation.

It took the Republican electors of the town of Arcadia just seven minutes to hold their caucus at Newark yesterday afternoon. Hon. M. L. Greenwood was elected chairman and Messrs. Frank Burgess and Ray Randall were chosen as secretaries. The following were elected as delegates to the several conventions: District, R. P. Groat, Henry Brier, W. H. Nash, W. H. H. Stebbins, George Cook; county, T. D. Prescott, J. D. Reeves, W. T. Peirson, Charles Horn, F. M. Allerton; assembly, M. I. Greenwood, John Dillenbeck, Byron Thomas, R. F. Randall, William C. Call; school commissioner, Richard Van Dusen, W. C. Burgess, C. M. Catlin, E. W. Fisk, William L. Cunningham.

A very serious accident occurred at the home of Thomas Jeffery about three miles north of Marion yesterday morning. His son Walter, a boy of about 15 years, was sitting on the front of a threshing machine which had just been started up to put it in running order. The feed board was not in position and as the boy was dangling his feet in front of the cylinder the teeth caught his pantaloons and his left leg was drawn into the machine. William Croucher, an experienced engineer was running the engine, and hearing a scream he pulled the lever to stop the engine, reversing the motion of the cylinder as he did so, which allowed the boy's foot to be released. The leg was badly lacerated and the heel terribly torn. Drs. Halsted and Richards were speedily summoned and it was thought the leg could be saved. Mr. Croucher felt very badly though not at all to blame, and said that in his many ears of threshing he had never had so serious an accident occur about a machine.

At the Republican caucus held in Macedon yesterday afternoon, the following delegates were chosen to attend the several conventions: District, J. F. Baker, A. H. Briggs, W. E. Bush, W. H. Chapman, C. B. Herendeen; county, Isaac Dean, Theron Ripley, David Barker, Frank Packard, Ira Allyn; assembly, C. H. Parker, Ed. Sampson, George Mansfield, Charles R. Curfee, John Foskett; school commissioner, William Hickox, Beal Smith, Frank Allyn, H. H. Taber, Byron Kennett.

There has been quite a revolution in the barber business in Clyde during the past week. John Flanigan has closed his shop and formed a co-partnership with M. T. Guy. W. W. Westfall has disposed of his busines to Lee R. Groesbeck of Waterlooo, and Messrs. Borden & Pickett, of Port Byran(sic), have leased the rooms recently occupied by Westfall.

From the Arcadian Weekly Gazette, Newark NY, unknown date in 1889


Mrs. Matilda Green, of Oswego Falls, is visiting her daughter, Mrs. A. P. Burgess.

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Miller, of Portland, Oregon, are the possessors of a two or three weeks old boy.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Williams, of West Walworth, have been visiting at Abram Peake's. They will celebrate their fiftieth marriage anniversary July 3.

Rev. Warren Landon, formerly pastor of the Palmyra Presbyterian church is on his way east from Portland, Oregon, for a visit, and will preach next Sunday in Palmyra.

Justice Miller is right into the matrimonial business - for other people. Three marriages so far this month has he performed, the last being Isaac B. Varien, of Geneva, and Mary Foster, of Lyons, who were married on the 13th.

NOTICE TO CREDITORS TO PRODUCE CLAIMS- Pursuant to an order of G. W. Cowles, Surrogate of Wayne County, notice is hereby given to all persons having claims against Betsey Ridley, late of Arcadia, deceased, that they are required to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to Lyman Crothers, the executor of the will of the said deceased, at the residence of said executor in Newark, on or before the 14th day of September, A. D. 1889.- Dated March 11th, 1889.

Notice to Creditors.- Pursuant to an order made by the Wayne County Court, on the 9th day of February, 1889, notice is hereby given to all the creditors and persons having claims against Edwin Blackmar, lately doing business at Newark, N.Y., that they are required to present their said claims, with the vouchers therefor duly verified, to the subscriber, his assignee, at the office of Blackmar & Allerton, in Newark, N.Y., on or before the 4th day of May, 1889.
Dated Newark, February 11, 1889.
E. E. BURLEIGH, Assignee.

From The Record, Sodus, N.Y. September 27, 1907

North Rose and Vicinity

A daughter has been born to Mr. and Mrs. N. T. Barnes.

From the Lake Shore News, unknown date 1908

West Port Bay Street.

After an absence of four years, Charles Gage appeared among his old friends one day last week. Everyone knew him. He had not changed much, only that he looked a little older and was very much fleshier than he used to be. He is now a motorman on a street car in Chester, Pa., and is spending his winter vacation with his brother Henry, near Clyde.

Found by the late Darwina Michael, Coordinator, Ontario County NYGenWeb!

From the Geneva Gazette, 5 January 1894 (Geneva NY)

The Repository Messenger recalls an interesting romance, albeit one out of the ordinary run. Half a century ago Amelia Folsom, said to be a cousin of Oscar Folsom, was one of the belles of Palmyra. She was handsome and accomplished, and a young farm hand named Young ardently courted her. He was repulsed by her father, and it was not till after the latter's death years afterward and when Young had become the celebrated head of the Mormon church and already had a dozen wives, that he stopped at his early home and married his first choice. She became his favorite wife and lived in Salt Lake City at the house known as "Amelia's palace." Since Brigham's death his thirteenth widow has lived quietly, and, it is said, still retains traces of her former beauty.

NEW 12/15/03: Dr. Andrew F. Sheldon's biographical sketch was donated by Lisa Slaski, Coordinator, Hamilton County NYGenWeb.

ANDREW F. SHELDON was born in Huron, Wayne county, N.Y., October 27, 1830. His early life was spent on a farm with his parents, Ralph and Minerva Sheldon, attending district school. At the age of fourteen he entered the Red Creek Seminary, where he graduated. He commenced the study of medicine with Dr. E.W. Bottum, of Lyons, N.Y., remaining in his office during his medical course. He graduated at the age of twenty-two from the medical department of the University of New York, in the year 1852. Soon after this he entered into partnership with his preceptor at Huron, remaining there four years. He removed from Huron to Williamson, Wayne county, N.Y., and practiced his profession several years. From Williamson he went to Junius, Seneca county, where he remained two years, when he entered the United States service. August, 1861, he was commissioned as assistant surgeon 7th New York Cavalry. April, 1862, he was commissioned as assistant surgeon 78th New York Volunteers. On the fourth of October, 1862, he was commissioned by President Lincoln assistant surgeon United States volunteers, and in April, 1863, he was commissioned by President Lincoln surgeon United States volunteers, and again in 1865 was brevetted lieutenant-colonel by Andrew Johnson. He was on duty as executive officer in the medical director's office in Washington from May, 1862, to August, 1863, and had charge of Campbell U.S. hospital in the same place for nearly two years before the close of the war; being mustered out of service at the closing of the hospital.

After the close of the war he located at Pultneyville, Wayne county, N.Y., where he followed his profession fourteen years.

In 1879 he was elected by the Republican party to the office of treasurer of Wayne county, and re-elected in 1885.

He married Lucetta Salsbury, May 22, 1857, and is the father of six children, three of whom are living. He is a member of the State and Wayne county medical societies.

"An Historical Sketch of the Seneca County Medical Society with Some Account of its Living and of its Pioneer Members." Printed by Resolution of the Society. 1887. Page 68.

NEW 12/15/03: Foist H. Everhart's biographical sketch was donated by Lisa Slaski, Coordinator, Hamilton County NYGenWeb.

FOIST H. EVERHART.- Was born in the town of Butler, Wayne county, N.Y., June 15, 1860; was educated at the Clyde High School, Clyde, N.Y.; studied law in the office of Camp & Dunwell, at Lyons, N.Y., from April, 1880, to April, 1883, and was admitted to practice at Rochester, N.Y., April, 1883; practiced at Lyons and Sodus, Wayne county, N.Y., from April, 1883, to January 1, 1886, and at Syracuse, N.Y., from October 1, 1886, to the present time.

"Memorial History of Syracuse, N.Y. From its Settlement to the Present Time," edited by Dwight H. Bruce. Syracuse, N.Y.: H.P. Smth & Co., Publishers, 1891. Page 443.

NEW 10/17/03: The following Finger Lakes Region music students contributed by co-coordinator Martha. Wayne County students in bold.

From: "Bulletin of The University of Rochester, Series XIX, No. 5, June, 1924. Eastman School of Music Annual Catalogue 1924-1925":

Candidates for Degrees and Certificates

Name, Course, Residence, Address in City of Rochester While Studying

DEADY, Ruth, Voice, Lyons, N.Y. 47 Prince St.
DeMATTIES, Louise, Voice, Clyde, N.Y., 196 Randolph St.
HOSTE, Howard, Voice, Williamson, N.Y.
LEHR, Marjorie, Voice, Clifton Springs, N.Y., 84 Ackerman St.
MILEM, Clara, Organ, Lyons, N.Y., 30 Prince St.
ORR, Pearl, Piano, Geneva, N.Y., 1 Field St.
PASHLEY, Newton, Ovid, N.Y., 32 1/2 Alexander St.
STORY, Jean, Voice, Naples, N.Y., 47 Linden St.
WATERS, Edward, Piano, Palmyra, N.Y.
WOOLSTON, Alice, Victor, N.Y. 47 Prince St.

New 10/10/03  Spotted by co-coordinator Martha in "Fifty-Second Annual Report of the New York State Agricultural Society for the Year 1892," Albany: James B. Lyon, State Printer. 1893.

Life Members of the New York State Agricultural Society

Pangborn, Wm., Clyde
Rice, Albert J., Sodus

Awards Given at the 52nd Annual Cattle Show and Fair of the New York State Agricultural Society, held at Syracuse, September 8-15, 1892.

Sergeant, J.A., Sodus, received 2nd prize for 1891 foal running 1 mile dash

Johnson, Mrs. I.A., South Butler, received 2nd prize for Brown Leghorn male chicken; first prize for Brown Leghorn pullet

Lincoln, O.M., Newark, 3rd prize for best collection of ten varieties of pears; 2nd prize for best collection of 5 varieties of plums; 2nd prize for best 12 specimens of Roxbury Russet apples at the fair

Weed, O., North Rose, exhibited a special Rose Sweet apple at the 38th Annual Meeting of The Western New York Horticultural Society, Held Jan. 26-26, 1893, Rochester, N.Y.

Members of the Western New York Horticultural Society From Wayne County

Albright, J.H., Ontario
Case, B.J., Sodus
Catchpole, George, Rose
Catchpole, E.W., North Rose
Clark, C.E., Newark
Devereaux, W.L., Clyde
Hooker, Wm., Ontario Center
Horne, Oliver, Lyons
Kelley, W.H., Newark
Lincoln, O.M., Newark
Norris, E.B., Sodus
Paylor, John, Lyons
Perkins, C.H., Newark
Purdy, A.M., Palmyra
Reeves, F.L., Palmyra
Rice, A.J., Sodus
Stuart, C.H., Newark
Stuart, C.W., Newark
Talcott, B.A., Wolcott
Turner, J.B., Ontario
Weed, Benjamin, Clyde
Wed, Oscar, North Rose
Yeomans, T.G., Walworth
Young, T.K., Marion

Society Committeemen from Wayne County

Byron J. Case, Sodus; C.W. Stuart, Newark; L. Yeomans, Walworth; C.H. Perkins, Newark.

New 10/10/03  Here's a nice long bio contributed by Lisa Slaski, Hamilton County NYGenWeb coordinator, from the book "Rochester and Monroe County, New York: Pictorial and Biographical," New York: The Pioneer Publishing Co. 1908. Several of our site visitors are Roe family descendants.


Joseph B. Roe is now living retired on the Roeside farm in the town of Penfield, Monroe County, after many years of active and successful connection with business interests. He was born upon the farm where he now resides June 27, 1842. His father, Joseph Brewster Roe, Sr., was born in Long Island, New York, and in Butler, Wayne county, this state, was married to Charlotte Wisner, a daughter of Moses Wisner, who was one of the early settlers and pioneer farmers of Wayne county. Unto Mr. and Mrs. Roe were born seven children but the subject of this review is the only one now living. The father followed farming in Wayne county until 1835, when he removed with his wife and two oldest children to Monroe county, purchasing the farm Roeside upon which his son and namesake is now living. In 1845 he removed to the village of Penfield, where he engaged in the milling business for some years. He then removed to Rochester, where he remained for three years, after which he returned to the old farm, where he died in March, 1858, at the age of forty-eight years. His widow long survived him and died at the home of our subject in Detroit, Michigan, in 1891, at the age of seventy-eight years.

In the common schools of Penfield township, Joseph B. Roe, of this review, acquired his early education, which was supplemented by study in the Penfield Academy. For five years following the time when he became twelve years of age he spent the summer months in taking cream to a confectioner in Rochester and in carrying other market products to that city. At the age of sixteen he was left fatherless and the management of the home farm devolved upon him and his older brother Jerome. When eighteen years of age he was obliged to abandon farm work on account of ill health and went to Brantford, Ontario, where he entered the employment of an uncle, being engaged in the selling of fanning mills to the farmers. After a few months, however, he returned to Monroe county, and secured employment in Moulson's provision store in Rochester, but, after a brief period, he identified himself with the nursery business, with which he was connected for three years, delivering and selling nursery stock. For the succeeding three years Mr. Roe conducted the old farm, as his brother had married and left the place.

On the 4th of June, 1867, occurred the marriage of our subject to Miss Maria Allen, of Williamson, Wayne county, New York. For a few years after their marriage Mr. and Mrs. Roe resided on the home farm and then went to Michigan, where Mr. Roe became a member of the firm of F.W. Beers & Company in the publication of county atlases. In 1874 he removed to Portland, Michigan, where for fourteen years he was one of the firm of Maynard, Allen & Company, bankers of that city. He also engaged in general grain and produce business for six years as a member of the firm of Maynard & Roe, and on the expiration of that period he purchased his partner's interest and continued in the grain business alone for eight years, carrying on a more extensive trade in grain and produce than any other dealer in that portion of the state. He would buy any thing which the farmer raised and could sell him anything he wanted to buy. In 1875 he became a member of the Detroit Board of Trade, but in 1887 he had to abandon the grain business on account of ill health. He never expected to be again able to enter commercial circles, but after recuperating in northern Michigan for a year he sold out his banking interests and removed to Detroit, where he be came engaged in the grain and commission business, becoming one of the best known representatives in the state; in fact, the name of J.B. Roe was known throughout Michigan and he met with excellent success in his undertakings, but in June, 1900, he retired from business, owing to ill health, and returned to the farm. He leases his land, but still makes his home at the old place, in the enjoyment of a well earned rest. In politics Mr. Roe is a Democrat, and socially he is connected with the Masonic fraternity, belonging to both the blue lodge and chapter.

Unto Mr. and Mrs. Roe have been born two children: Helen Orrena, who died in 1880, at the age of five years; and J. Etheleen, who is the wife of Herbert F. Caswell, of Portland Michigan. Mr. Caswell is one of Portland's successful business men, being manager and treasurer of the Verity Caswell table manufactory of Portland. Mrs. Caswell is of a literary turn of mind, being prominent in all church work and president of the literary organization of the place. They have two children, Orrena Frances and Mildred Roe.

Mrs. Roe was born August 6, 1845, in Williamson, Wayne county, New York. Her father was Peters Allen, a prosperous farmer of that place, having removed there in his early manhood from Dutchess county, New York. He died at the age of fifty-five. Mrs. Roe's mother bore the maiden name of N. Jane Maynard and was a native of Williamson, New York. She gave her hand in marriage to Mr. Allen in 1840 and survived him many years, passing away in 1906, at Roeside, the home of Mr. and Mrs. Roe, at the advanced age of eighty-five. They had but two children, their son being Captain E.M. Allen, a banker living in Portland. Mrs. Roe received her early education in the common schools of the township, passing there to Marion Collegiate Institute, Wayne county, New York, and then to Brockport Collegiate Institute, Monroe county, New York, graduating from the latter in 1864 as valedictorian of her class. Upon moving to Portland, Michigan, she became one of the charter members organizing the Ladies' Literary Club of the place and was its first president. Her influence was widely felt in the Methodist Episcopal church to which she and Mr. Roe belonged, she being president of the Woman's Foreign Missionary Society and organizer of the Mission Store under the management of the Ladies' Aid Society of said church. Upon moving to Detroit she still continued her church work, having a bible class of young married people, numbering seventy-two, and also for many years was corresponding secretary of the Woman's Foreign Missionary Society of Detroit district. Voluntarily she took up hospital visitation and for three years hardly missed her weekly visits to the patients, carrying flowers and reading to them. For many years Mr. and Mrs. Roe had a summer home at Bay View in northern Michigan, the Chautauque of the west, and had been identified with the literary and educational work there. In 1897 Mrs. Roe accepted the position of field secretary of the Bay View Reading Circle and was instrumental in organizing a large number of literary circles in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana. Upon retiring to the old homestead, Roeside, she was made secretary of New York state and many circles in the state look to her as their organizer. Mrs. Roe is at this writing an invalid, but, by her pen, still continued to some extent in her literary work.

Found by co-coordinator Martha, in the newspaper "The Post Express, Monday, August 28, 1905," a Rochester NY (Monroe County) paper.

Mrs. Daniel V. Teller.
Special to The Post Express

Lyons, Aug. 28 - Mrs. Daniel V. Teller died last night of cerebral embolism, aged 71 years. She had lived here since 1849, and was a daughter of the late Daniel Morey. Surviving are a husband, Daniel V. Teller, and a son, Deputy-Postmaster Dexter M. Teller.

Found by co-coordinator Martha, in the newspaper "The Post Express, Tuesday Evening, August 29, 1905," a Rochester NY (Monroe County) paper.

Sudden Death Near Sodus Center.

Special to The Post Express.

Sodus, Aug. 29.- Arthur VanSicklen, a farmer, aged 30 years, died suddenly last night, at his home near Sodus Center. He was born in this town and always lived here. The survivors are a wife, one son, Lawrence, and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Abner VanSicklen, of Sodus Center.

Electric Lights in Sodus.

Sodus, Aug. 29.- Forty-two business places in this village were lighted last night with electricity by the Sodus Gas and Electric Light company. The plant has started for a continual run. The lighting process was watched with considerable interest by the townspeople. Since the company was first organized last spring, the work has been pushed to completion as rapidly as possible. Eighty contracts have already been signed for lights.

Ontario Center Personals.

Ontario Center, Aug. 29.- Mr. and Mrs. Edward Alborn and Miss Williams, of Rochester, have returned from the Thousand Islands. - Mrs. Davis, of Leslie, Mich., is at the home of her sister, Mrs. James Downs.

- Charles Allen has gone to Caintown, Ont., for a few days visit.

- Mr. and Mrs. Frank Donivan have issued invitations for the fifth anniversary of their marriage, to take place tomorrow evening.

- Mrs. Murray Hoag is entertaining her sister, Mrs. Franklin, of Hornellsville.

- Mrs. Clark and family, who spent the summer in town, have returned to their home in Canada.

- Jesse Brown and family are moving into the home of the late Thomas Lolley.

Little Child Seriously Burned While Playing With Matches.

Special to the Post Express

Sodus, Aug. 28 - Claude Hermans, son of Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Hermans, living four miles northwest of this village, was probably fatally burned this morning. As the child was in the upper part of the house, playing with matches, his clothing ignited.

The child's screams attracted the father, who was in the barn. Before the father could extinguish the flames the child was horribly burned, with only a slight chance of recovery.

Will inspect Palmyra Paving.

Lyons Aug. 29 - A delegation of member sof the village board of trustees will visit Palmyra this week and inspect the manner in which the Rochester, Syracuse and Eastern Railroad company is paving the streets between the tracks. Work upon the streets here will be commenced shortly and part of the distance, the railroad company will pave between the rails.


CLYDE. - The Galen Republican caucus will be held in the town hall Clyde, Wednesday afternoon September 6th. LYONS. - The Wayne County Agricultural Society has secured the A.M. Graham cornet band of Clyde to play during the Wayne count fair this year.

LYONS. - The agriculturalists of the Lyons Beet Sugar Refining company report that John Jennings' field of twelve acres, in South Lyons, is the best piece of that size in the territory of the company, which embraces a number of counties.

The New York Central's last excursion of the season to Sodus Point will be run next Sunday at the rate of 50c round trip. Special train will leave from State street station 8:45 a.m. and two minutes later from Brinker place.



Favored by Breeze Her Lark Finishes Within the Time.

Sodus Pont, Aug. 29 - Miss Rose Williams and her Lark No. 3 crossed the finish line eight minutes before the expiration of the time limit, and so won her race. She was lucky enough to get away from the south shore in a good breeze while her rivals were crawling out of the lee.

The Larks started at 1:10. Miss Williams finished at 2:46:35; second, No. 13, owned by Foote and Williams, 3:02:50; third, No. 15, owned by Rogers and Whitehead, 3:04:55; fourth, Smith and Crothers 3:05:35; fifth, No. 9 owned by Bloomer Brothers, 3:06:20; sixth, No. 14, owned by Henry Kemper, 3:06:35; seventh, No. 7, owned by Frederick Stuerwald, 3:07:20.

The twenty-five foot class had three entries, the Merry Maid, owned by Frederick J.B. LeFebvre; the Henrietta, owned by C.M. Dean, and the Phantom, owned by Captain John Sheffield. The Merry Maid did not find the weather rough enough to suit her, so dropped out, leaving the Henrietta and Phantom to fight the battle alone. The Henrietta won by only forty five seconds.

[Note: the above refers to the popular boat races at Sodus Point.]

Faatz Quits Lyons Team.

Lyons, Aug. 29 - Owing to the fact that local support of the Empire league ball team has not been of the best this summer and that the treasure of the club is somewhat depleted, Manager Faatz left the team yesterday to let them play out the balance of the season and take what money they get. The players will divide up the receipts and save the expense of a manager.

Transfers in Seneca County.

Waterloo, Aug. 29. - Recent sales of real estate reported from the county clerk's office are: Abram D. Peterson to Loren Peterson, property in Cover, consideration $1; Lars Peter Jansen to Julia Sacket, Waterloo, $1; Julia Sacket to Lars Peter Jansen, Waterloo, $1; Spencer Hatcher to Charles W. Graham, Waterloo, $150; Emma Burgess to Minnie Burgess, Waterloo, $2,120; Daniel McGrain to Cora M.K. Krause, Varick, $35; Anna Blair and others to Fred Hammer, Seneca Falls, $1,300; Elizabeth Delaney and others to John Wightman, Covert, $365; George Jolley and others, by referee, to William H. Dempsey, Fayette, $240; Patrick Downs to Bridget Downs, Waterloo, $1; Addie A. Allen to Mary L. Bishop, $1,250.

Names of Wayne County and other Finger Lakes residents abstracted by co-coordinator Martha from "Thirty-third Annual Circular and Catalogue of the Williams & Rogers Rochester Business Institute, Rochester, N.Y. 1897-8." Rochester, New York. Published by the Press of Democrat and Chronicle. 1897. Bolded = Wayne County Resident.

Mulcahy, Agnes, Phelps, N.Y.
Nellis, E. Viola, Newark, N.Y.
Preston, Minnie E., Palmyra, N.Y.
Ryan, Genevieve A., Phelps, N.Y.
Wells, Sadie L., Clifton Springs, N.Y.
Andrews, Wallace, Waterloo, N.Y.
Beeman, Seth T., Canandaigua, N.Y.
Case, James G., Sodus, N.Y.
Cooke, Ralph W., East Palmyra, NY.
Dalton, John B., Clifton Springs, N.Y.
Devereaux, Richard, Clifton Springs, N.Y.
Green, Charles P., Marion, N.Y.
Gress, Dennis, Lyons, N.Y.
Hill, Theron, Seneca Falls, N.Y.
Hulbert, G. Murray, Waterloo, N.Y.
Legg, Charles H., Clyde, N.Y.
Otis, Rutherford M., Trumansburg, N.Y.
Raines, George R., Canandaigua, N.Y.
Seidel, Charles E., Penn Yan, N.Y.
Sloan, Walter A., Clyde, N.Y.
Snyder, George J., Victor, N.Y.
Springstead, William E., Naples, N.Y.
Stoddard, Howard W., Pultneyville, N.Y.
Sullivan, Cornelius, Clifton Springs, N.Y.
Teetor, David F., Sodus, N.Y.
White, Willliam M., Auburn, N.Y.

Names abstracted from The Register of Cornell University. 1899-1900, Ithaca, New York. Published by the University. December, 1899. Listings include Seneca and Cayuga County residents, with names of Wayne County students bolded. Numbers signify year in school, e.g. 1 = freshman.

Graduate Students not in Residence for 1899-1900
Powell, Benjamin, A.B., 1896, A.M., 1896, Seneca Falls
Greek, Latin, Archaeology. Ph.D.

Allen, Louis Edward, Auburn, Jr. Law
Andrews, Benjamin Richard, Seneca Falls, 3, Arts
Bodell, Frederic, Auburn, Sr. Law
Chapman, Carlton Thorp, Palmyra, 4, Civil Eng.
Cole, Thomas Folwell, Ovid, 1, Medical
Cosad, Kate Anar, Waterloo, 3, Arts
Costello, Margaret Clara, Seneca Falls, 4, Philosophy
Feehan, Anna, Ovid, 1, Arts
Fries, George Townley, Lyons, 1, Law
Gay, John Sedgwick, Seneca Falls, 3, Arts
Gilbert, John Parke, Willard, 1, Mech. Eng.
Gould, James Henry, Seneca Falls, 4, Arts
Hawley, Charles Crane, Ph.B., Seneca Falls, 1, Law
Johnston, Harry Isaac, Ovid, 2, Medical
Kinne, James Blaine, Ovid, 1, Law
Martin, Isabel, Auburn, 1, Arts
Mirick, Alfred Stowe, Lyons, 3, Civil Eng.
Mosher, Edgar Seeber, Auburn, 4, Arts
Palmer, Robert Wayne, Seneca Falls, 1, Arts
Parker, Jason Samuel, Lyons, 2, Medical
Roberts, Edward Coleridge, Port Byron, 3, Arts
Roe, Herbert Spencer, Wolcott, 3, Agriculture
Roe, Willis Warren, Wolcott, 1, Arts
Smith, Le Roy Burns, Seneca Falls, 3, Arts
Spier, Daniel Richard, Palmyra, 2, Mech. Eng.
Taber, Silas, Auburn, 1, Elect. Eng.
Toohill, Edward David, Auburn, 1, Arts
Wanke, Paul Gustav, Auburn, 1, Arts
Wilcox, Dudley Kirkpatrick, Auburn, 1, Law
Zimmer, Ludo Little, Weedsport, Sp. Agriculture

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