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These original rare real photo postcards of Wayne County railroad depots and environs were graciously loaned to us by A. Bruce Tracy. Click on initials "BW" for a black and white view of each postcard that will appear in a separate window.

RWO Station Sodus NY

R.W. & Station, Sodus, N.Y.

Postmarked 1908 from Sodus. The sign below the side roof peak says "American Express Co." The horse team and stagecoach were the equivalent of our taxicabs today. [BW]

RWO Station Sodus NY

R.W. & O. Station, Sodus, N.Y.

Postmarked July 11, 1910 from Sodus. This photo was taken by "The Stacy Studios, Sodus and Sodus Point, N.Y." This view shows the side of the depot facing the track. Three uniformed railroad employees watch the photographer, and two small children are peeking out the window. Note the shape of the stagecoach. [BW]

Sodus NY Train Wreck

Sodus, N.Y. Collision R.W. & O.
Postmarked Jan. 12, 1907

A mystery train wreck, on the Rome, Watertown & Ogdensburg RR at Sodus, N.Y. If you have any information, please contact either one of the site coordinators. Number on car at left is "1730." [BW]

Alton NY RR Depot

Depot, Alton, N.Y.

The sign above entryway says "American Express Co." On the top porch a woman sits beside a window box filled with flowers. At left, on ground, are slatted packing crates and wood barrels. [BW]

1903 RWO RR Map

Route of R. W. & O. Division of the N.Y.C. & H.R.R.R. in 1903, between Hilton NY and just east of the Oswego shops. This is just below Lake Ontario, with stations shown running between Monroe, Wayne, Cayuga and Oswego Counties. Stations shown are Hilton, Greece, Charlotte, Windsor Beach, Sea Breeze amusement park, Forest Lawn, Webster, Union Hill, Lakeside (Fruitland), Ontario, Williamson, Sodus, Wallington, Alton, Rose, Wolcott, Red Creek, Sterling, Old Y, Crocketts, Hannibal, Wheelers, Furniss, Shops Oswego E. First Paul.

Wallington NY RR Station

Railroad station at Wallington, New York

Wallington was the first station south of Sodus Point on the Pennsylvania RR line, and the station between Sodus and Alton on the R.W. & O. Wallington is in the Town of Sodus, north of Sodus Centre, and very open country today. [BW]

1914 Penn. RR Map

April 1, 1914 timetable map for the Pennsylvania Railroad, Northern Division, showing the Northern Central Ry. route between Sodus Point and Lake Shore and on south just past Watkins (now Watkins Glen) NY in Schuyler County. Stations shown are Lake Shore, Sodus Point, Wallington, Sodus Centre, Zurich, Fairville, Newark, Phelps Junction, Orleans, Seneca Castle, Flint, Stanley, Hall, Bellona, Benton, Penn Yan, Milo, Himrods, Starkey, Lakemont, Glenora, Rock Stream, Watkins, Montour Falls, Millport, and Pine Valley NY. This train continued on to Horseheads, Elmira, Williamsport PA and points in between.

North Rose NY RR Station

North Rose, N.Y.

An aerial view, showing locomotive and car at left, a man and horse in the intersection, and men sitting on what appears to be a warehouse loading dock at right. The freight car at upper right is marked "Michigan Central." [BW]

North Rose NY RR Depot

Depot at North Rose, N.Y.

Handwritten on back side - "August 30, 1906. North Rose. Eva, Edd., Lillie. New York Central Depot." [BW]

IMPORTANT! The site coordinators have no information about these local stations or any railroad lines. We thank you in advance for directing ALL inquiries about these local stations to the Office of the County Historian, or suggest that you conduct your own search by using one of many available online search engines. Railroad history is a popular topic and there are many informative sites on line about historical U.S. railroad lines.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE MORE HISTORICAL RAILROAD PHOTOS LIKE THESE? Do you have early "real photo" postcards, or other original older photos, of Wayne County NY railroad stations or employees, or more recent photos identifying old railroad beds/ trestles/ surviving depots, in your collection? If you'd like to scan your photos to share with online viewers on this site, please contact either one of the site coordinators to let us know what you have (addresses on front page of this site). We'll let you know our scanning needs and how to go about getting your pictures to us. Due to U.S. copyright law, we can't use photographs scanned from books more recent than 1929, or pictures lifted from other sites, auction sites or databases elsewhere on line. Photos must be originals from your personal collection, or from a friend or relative who will give us permission to post on line.

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