The Olde Scrapbook, Part 5

Note to site visitors - the presence of persons listed as interred in these Newark cemeteries doesn't mean that there is now or ever was a tombstone for them.

Dates are dates of interment, not date of death.

The Dead of 1887

Following is a list of the interments in Newark Cemetery during the year just closed, with the time of burial and place of residence.
1887Name Residence Age
Jan 6 Norman Brisie Arcadia 55 yr
Jan 10 Chas. V. Lunn Newark 22 yr
Jan 14 Mrs. H. G. Randall Rochester 24 yr
Jan 29 Son of Robert and Sarah Van Duser Newark
Jan 31 Mrs. A.M. Rahklaw Arcadia 69 yr
Feb. 3 Infant of E.W. and L.E. Fisk Newark
Feb. 3 Mrs. Elizabeth Reed Newark 61 yr
Feb. 4 Ida Crane Sodus 32 yr
Mch 9 Michael McCarthy Newark 23 yr
Mch 9 John McDuff Utica 22 yr
Mch 10 Mary E. Evertts Arcadia 51 yr
Mch 10 Peter Maloy Newark 56 yr
Mch 14 Freeman Rowe Newark 59 yr
Mch 14 Mrs. H.A. Rowe Newark 54 yr
Mch 23 Mrs. Soverhill Clinton, Wis 65 yr
Apr 15 Anna M. Vosburgh Newark 88 yr
Apr 15 Cornelus Pelis Newark 74 yr
May 2 Maria L. Hutchinson Rochester 61 yr
May 8 Carrie Geer Newark 26 yr
May 18 Henry H. Prescott Newark
June 2 Claudus D. Cline Newark 71 yr
June 8 Jacob Hocker Lyons 76 yr
June 14 Nathan W. Taylor Newark 59 yr
June 16 Jane A. Wood Junius 53 yr
July 1 Susan Lambright Clifton Spr 73 yr
July 2 Anna DeVelder Lyons
July 8 Delis Norton Elmira 28yr
July 20 Benjamin A. Gulick Palmyra 12 yr
July 22 Lizzie J. Doane Newark 23 yr
July 23 Infant of Joseph and Margaret Goodfriend Newark
July 23 Mrs. Conrad Weh Phelps 38 yr
July 28 Infant son of David and Mary Smilladge Newark
Aug 7 Mrs. M. Wakeman Newark 78 yr
Aug 9 John Willis Arcadia 75 yr
Aug 18 Infant son of P.I. and Alice Bugbee Newark
Aug 24 Frank E., son of F.E. and Florence Conine Newark
Aug 27 Wm., son of J. and M. Muir Orleans
Aug 29 John E., son of J. and C. Yager Arcadia 1
Sept 24 Mrs. Ira Greenwood Newark 68 yr
Oct 1 Mrs. James Marble Arcadia 69 yr
Oct 6 William H. Hodgson Arcadia 57 yr
Oct 21 Mrs. Albert Parks Arcadia 69 yr
Nov 3 Frankie M., son of W. and J.M. Butler Fairport
Nov 8 Mrs. Henry Mundy Woodsport (sic) 78 yr
Nov 14 John Norton Syracuse 33 yr
Nov 19 Mrs. Jonothan Ayers Arcadia 83 yr
Nov 27 Mrs. Josiah Crosby West Park 72 yr
Dec 1 Mrs. Daniel Kenyon Odell, Ill. 85 yr
Dec 17 Charles G. Crosby Newark 70 yr
Dec 17 John Severson Arcadia 39 yr
Dec 20 Mrs. Edwin Hope Newark 69 yr
Dec 22 Levi Sherman Newark 69 yr
Dec 30 John Griffin Alms House 73 yr
Dec 30 Sarah A. Hall Newark 45 yr


Following is a complete list of the names of the dead of 1896, as interred in the Willow Avenue cemetery of this place, with the date, age and residence of each:
1896Name Age Residence
January 2 Frances B. Burley 29 years Mt. Vernon
January 22 Mary E. Greeno 40 years Newark
January 25 Anna M. Beley 4 mos. Newark
February 1 Malissa Craver 60 years Quincy, Michigan
February 6 Betsey Bryant 91 years Newark
February 6 William H. Sturgess 67 years Ontario, N.Y.
February 8 Phoebe J. Parks 88 years Palmyra
February 17 Elizabeth Fox 71 years Arcadia
February 25 Brewster Bellamy 2 days Newton, Mass.
March 1 Thomas Beader 33 years Newark
March 8 Ellsworth Kelley 22 years Newark
March 8 Frances Peer 46 years Newark
March 14 Juliana Myers 86 years Newark
March 15Henry Poorter29 yearsNewark
March 15 Henry Van Vorst 70 years Phelps
March 24 Maria See 82 years Phelps
March 27 Louisa A. Hitchcock 80 years Jersey City, N.J.
March 30 Alice H. Pyatt 53 years Rochester
March 30 Infant, Hattie and William Utter
March 30 Rev. Latham Coffin 82 yearsNewark
March 31 Joseph L. Runyon 73 yearsLodi
April 2 Orrin Grove 59 years Newark
April 3 B.F. Bennett 65 years Newark
April 7 James Bridger 70 years Newark
April 11 Willis Hinman 89 years Phelps
April 19 Sarah M. Curtis 52 years Newark
April 30 Mary S. Griswold 71 years Fairville
May 6 Susannah H. Sherman 74 years Newark
May 8 Hattie A. Soverhill 81 years Newark
May 8 Sarah O. VanInwagen 53 years Sodus
May 19 Catherine Hosmer 72 years Phelps
May 20 Unknown, supposed to be Jerry Ryan about 60 Unknown
May 24 Deloss Hoose 17 years Newark
May 26 Infant, of Peter and Felicitia Donk
May 26 William H. Pulver 73 years Newark
May 26 Hannah M. DeVinny 65 years Stockton, Calif.
June 23 Daisy B. Raynor 19 years Newark
June 24 Maria Krum 49 years Sodus
July 2 Emily B. Descamps 2 mos. Newark
July 3 Catherina M. Blackmar 61 years Newark
July 27 Ephraim Steele 58 years Arcadia
July 29 Emma Develder 3 years Phelps
August 2 Sarah G. Church 82 years Newark
August 5Phebe Bailey 77 years Newark
August 6 Sarah A. Drake 24 years Port Gibson
August 8 John Willis 84 years Newark
August 10 Philip Schoenthaler 5 years Lyons
August 22 Mary DeVelder 17 years Phelps
August 23 Jacob DeVelder 19 years Phelps
August 26 Mary Hickey 66 years Phelps
September 8 Elizabeth Garlock 68 years Phelps
September 11 Carrie Camp 5 mos. Sodus
September 11 Reuben Reed 56 years Newark
September 13 Infant of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Randall
September 14 Mary Camp 5 mos. Arcadia
September 15 Mary Groat 62 yearsPalmyra
October 1 Amy Camp 7 mos. Sodus
October 2 Sarah Middleton 80 years Emmettsburg, Ia.
October 21 Edith Smith77 years Rochester
October 21 Alois Siegrist 73 years Newark
October 24 Eldridge G. Austin 54 years Newark
November 2 Myron E. Clark 52 years Newark
November 7 Cyrus N. Taylor 77 years Buffalo
November 10 Stephen Thorne 65 years Newark
November 17 Mary F. Jarvis 71 years Newark
December 1 Anna A. Price 11 years Newark
December 13 Julia Shultz 76 years Lyons
December 18 Infant of Henry and Sarah Collier
December 29 Nancy L. Rowe 79 years Fairville

1896Name Age Residence
January 16 Deborah VanAuken 76 years Fairville
January 28 Mary A. VanDeusen 59 years Newark
March 1 Louise Brown 25 years Newark
April 7 Rosa King 44 years Arcadia
April 17 Chester Van Valkenburg 22 years Newark
April 21 Andrew J. Phillips 64 years Newark
April 27 Sarah M. Roberts 58 years Newark
May 3 William Kaupp 25 years Arcadia
July 14 Isaac Teal 81 years Newark
July 28 Henry C. Lamoreaux 20 years Arcadia
July 30 Margaret L. Hergett 76 years Newark
August 4 Anna V. Hornbeck 31 years Phelps
August 21 Edna L. Covert 5 mos. Arcadia
August 29 Catherine A. Ketcham 64 years Crystal Springs
August 31 Margaret Van Valkenburg 62 years Newark
September 21 John Kemper 62 years Arcadia
September 29 Jaob Schanz 16 years Arcadia
September 30 Doris Robinson 2 mos. Syracuse
October 13 Katie Schanz 18 years Arcadia
October 15 Christiana Grim 79 years Albany
October 15 Rosa Belle Provo 2 mos. Newark
November 2 Carolina Clute 80 years Arcadia
November 3 John Cook 35 years Newark
November 19 Emily Sherman 74 years Phelps
November 24 Frank A. Contant 13 years Arcadia



He Was One of the Oldest, Best Known and Most Highly Esteemed Citizens of Newark

- Other Mortuary

The death of Mr. Orrin Blackmar occurred on Saturday at the private hospital of Dr. Whitbeck, in Rochester. His demise was very unexpected, word having reached here the same morning that he was improving nicely, consequently it was a great shock and surprise to the citizens and intimate friends of Mr. Blackmar. About two months ago he was taken to Rochester to undergo an operation for abscess of the liver, a very serious undertaking for a man of Mr. Blackmar's age; but it was very successful and his complete and speedy recovery was looked forward to. About a month ago he had a chill and sinking spell, followed by others at intervals of a week or more, the last one occurring on Saturday and from which he did not recover but peacefully passed away. None of the family was present at the time, as his recovery, instead of demise, was looked for. His niece, Mrs. Dickinson, who resides in Rochester, reached his bedside a few minutes after he had expired. His son Abel, who was on his way from New York to Rochester, received a telegram at Albany that his father was dead. Bright's disease was the cause of Mr. Blackmar's death.

Orrin Blackmar was born at Freehold, Greene county, N.Y. on July 30, 1819. Abel Blackmar, his father, was a former resident of Connecticut. Deceased removed to Newark in 1835, and married Harriet Hurd, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Orville Hurd of this town, on November 2, 1847, the wedding ceremony being solemnized in the present residenc of Mrs. Cozzens, Willow avenue. Mrs. Blackmar died August 25th, 1854. There were four children: Roxana, who died young, and the surviving sons, Abel E. and Orville Hurd, of New York, and daughter, Miss Anna, who resides here. Mr. Blackmar is also survived by a brother and sister, Edwin and Mrs. Lavina Allerton, of this place.

After removing to Newark, Mr. Blackmar attended school in Palmyra for a time and then entered the employ of his brothers, Ranson and Esbon, who conducted a general merchandise business in the store now occupied by A.E. Williams. He afterwards formed a partnership with Horace Blackmar, under the firm name of H. & O. Blackmar. Thomas Barnes then became interested and the name was changed to Blackmar & Barnes.

When Mr. Barnes and Horace Blackmar retired in 1855, Orrin Blackmar formed a partnership with his nephew, Dighton H. Winans, the firm name being Blackmar & Winans. In 1862 Mr. Winans retired to enter the army and Mr. Blackmar carried on the business alone until 1864 when he joined with Rufus Reed and W.T. Barney. On account of ill health Mr. Blackmar withdrew in 1866, and for some years devoted his time to his family and friends, in educating his children, who were very dear to him, and in reading, travel, and field sports. He again entered active business in 1878, associating himself with F.M. Alllerton, in the produce business.

Mr. Blackmar was a man of broad charity, a consistent member of the Presbyterian church, and for thirty years an elder. For a number of years he was superintendent of the Sabbath school and was always an earnest worker in both school and church. He carried his religion into his home and business. He had the utmost faith in the goodness of human nature and exercised a great and beneficent influence over the young, who loved him for a good and true man, and as an example to which they could look up to and follow. None knew nor appreciated his worth more than those who were intimately associated with him in business. His uprightness, integrity, manliness and magnanimity were of such a high and pure quality that he commanded, to the day of his death, the esteem, confidence and best wishes of all who were associated with him. Our whole community mourn his loss and sympathize with the bereaved family in their affliction.

The funeral services were held at the house on Tuesday afternoon and the attendance of relatives, friends and acquaintances was very large. The services were conducted by Rev. A.P. Burgess, of the Presbyterian church, of which Mr. Blackmar had been a member so long. At the close of the pastor's remarks, Rev. F.F. Ellenwood, of New York, made a few well-chosen remarks. There was a great profusion of flowers, the offerings of near friends and relatives. During the continuance of the ceremonies all business places were closed in respect to the deceased.

Among those present at the funeral from out of town were: Rev. F.F. Ellenwood, brother-in-law of deceased, New York; E. Hurd, brother-in-law, New York, Dighton H. Winans, nephew, Chicago; Mrs. P.A. Dickinson, niece, Rochester; F.W. Dickinson, nephew, Rochester; H.D. Winans, nephew, New York; C.F. Sternberg and wife, nephew and niece, Buffalo; Mrs. John P. Vail, cousin, Geneva.

[no date; not listed in the historian's office cemetery list]



A Veteran of the Late War Who Had an Unusual Record - Funeral Services Held Wednesday - Other Mortuary.

The death of Thomas J. Jenkins, which occurred Sunday night, was not a surprise to his many friends, for his illness dated many weeks back, and his ill health had been known for a long time. But the sad intelligence of his death was received with regret, those who knew him only in a business way realizing that the community had lost a man of many sterling qualities and one with whom it was always a pleasure to deal, while his friends and associates have sustained the loss of a genial, charitable and patient friend, who was ever ready to relieve suffering and trouble. From all, friends and patrons alike, the bereaved family are the recipients of the kindliest sympathy.

Deceased was born in New York City, fifty-six years ago, and removed with his parents to Sodus when a young boy, the father, who was an invalid, having purchased the "Phil" Weaver farm. His education was received at a school for boys at White Plains, N.Y., and in the public schools of New York City. After the father's death, Mr. Jenkins came to Newark, intending to learn the trade of a machinist, working with Mr. Daggett. After this he was employed at White's nursery, and later, worked for Mr. Filkins in a meat-market. Then he went into business for himself, and had been the proprietor of the "Central Market," at the corner of Union and Main streets, for the past seventeen years.

In 1858, or about that time, he married Miss Anna Taylor, whose parents resided in Lock Berlin. Five children were born to them, two of whom survive, the daughter, Mrs. Charles Frey, and son, William; and the adopted son, Thomas. All reside in Newark. William has been engaged with his father in the meatmarket, and will continue the business.

Of his family, aside from the widow and children, Mr. Jenkins is survived by two brothers, Isaac G., secretary of the railroad department of the Y.M.C.A., at Detroit, Mich., and William W., of Marion, Kans., who formerly lived in Newark, and a sister, Mrs. W.A. Remer, of Saratoga Springs. Isaac Jenkins attended the funeral, Wednesday.

Mr. Jenkins was a veteran of the late war, and his experiences at that time were thrilling and varied. From the "Landmarks of Wayne County" we borrow the following facts concerning his life in the army: He enlisted July 6, 1862, in Company E, Eleventh New York Volunteers, serving in the Quartermaster's department until 1863, when he entered active service in the company, participating in all its engagements until he was taken prisoner in August, 1864, at the battle of Reames Station, and sent to Libby prison. His term of imprisonment included Belle Isle and Salisbury prisons, and during the nine months of his life in these army dungeons, he saw drop out of the ranks of prisoners thirty Newark and Arcadia comrades. He was intrusted with their last messages to home friends, and many widows are indebted to him for assistance in their distress after the war. He was honorably discharged in August, 1865, when he returned to Newark.

The funeral was attended by Wm. H. Vosburgh Post, No. 99, G.A.R., the Woman' Relief Corps, E.K. Burnham Camp, S.O.V., Newark Lodge, No. 83, F. & A.M., and the Newark Fire Department, of whih Mr. Jenkins was chief until his health obliged him to withdraw. He was a member of the first fire company organized in Newark. The services were conducted by Rev. Dr. Tomlinson, assisted by Rev. Alfred Brittain, at the Presbyterian church, it being the most commodious of the churches. The procession which followed the remains to Willow avenue cemetery was a long and impressive one, the dignified uniforms lending somberness to the scene.


Some of the surnames are from the Manchester/Farmington/Shortsville area of Ontario County.

Austin, I.G.
Abrams, Hi---
Youngs, Wm. H. (early Farmington surname)
Seamans, E.
___ Boughton of Victor (early Victory, Ontario Co. surname)
1856 G.G. Braman
1856 E.W. Cole
Myron Rice
Julian ___ Granger
__ G. Woodruff
Addison Howland
Edward White
1861 Mrs. Harriet ___
1861 Moses Herald (Herald, Moses M. 148th NY Inf. Co. K, res. Manchester, enl. 31 Aug 1862
1861 John Gavin
1861 James R.(?) Dillon
1861 Mary J. Williams
1861 ___ Semunyon
1861 Hiram Bloodgood (bur. Chapel Cemetery, S. Farmington, Ontario Co., NY)
1861 ___as Hornsby
1861 ___ Thatcher
1861 Alanson Arnold/ A.D. Arnold (res. Manchester, Ontario Co, NY?)
1861 D. Southwick (Galen, Wayne Co. and Junius, Seneca Co. surname)
1861 J.N. Hill "Rochester"
1861 A.J. Mathewson (Farmington surname)
1861 James R. Gillett (surname of early settlers of Manchester and Hopewell, Ontario Co., NY)
1861 James Hurley
1861 James Sherman
1861 ___ Osgood
1861 Bernard Scand___
1861 Miss Mary Robinson
1861 Frederic McLouth (surname found in Shortsville & Farmington, Ontario Co. and Galen, Wayne Co.)
1861 Levi Smith (early settler Levi Smith res. in Farmington)
1861 N.R.(?) Owen
1861 ___al Allen
1870 Cornelius Salisbury
1870 Gideon Howell
1870 J. (I?) Benedict

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