This photograph of the 1926 Feiock Family Reunion at Marbletown was contributed by Neal Smith. Ethel Neal Case is seated on the ground to the left in the dark dress.

Feiock Reunion Photo

Back row L. to R.: Jennie Curtiss Feiock, Russell Wardwell, Henry Feiock Jr., Henry Gores, Claude Porter, Ella Miller, Charles Miller, George Garland, Clark Ayers, Karl Miller, Kenneth Miller, Charles King, William Van Inwagen

Middle row L. to R.: Nellie Feiock, Louise Bundschuh Feiock, Mrs Horn, Lucinda Feiock Schroeder, Stella Horn Feiock, Lewis Feiock, William Case, Adelia Feiock Case, Alfred King, Sadie King, Charles Feiock, Sarah Parcell, Anna Houser, unknown

Front row L. to R.: Earl Van Inwagen, Mrs Curtiss, Gretta Feiock Wardwellwith son Richard, Lillian Miller, Fred Feiock, Bertha Feiock Gores, Bertha Garland, Clarence Feiock, Walter Feiock, Herbert Van Inwagen, Margaret Feiock Garland, Julia Feiock Miller, Molly King, Leona Ayers with baby Irene, Emma King Ayers

Seated on ground L. to R.: Ethel Neal Case, Bernice Schroeder with baby Stanley Feiock, Carrie Ayers, Waneta Feiock with child Leslie Feiock

Ethel Neal Case was adopted by William and Adelia Case after her mother Maude Conklin Neal died in 1912.

A photo of the 1905 Feiocks Family Reunion

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