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The 1849 Vital Records Project and other of our features have been extremely helpful and we're hearing details from you about spotting your ancestors on lists and articles. Your information is the best thank you the Wayne County Historian's Office, who sent us these great resources, could receive. Send in your ancestors from the lists or articles and we'll post it on this page! We love hearing from you all.

IMPORTANT: Some of the 2001 and 2002 success stories, and most sent in since, have been placed directly on the vital records pages.

From: James Blodgett>:
Date: October 8, 2010

As requested on the website for recognizable names on the Wayne County, NY Marriages 1847-1850.

William M. Allen -- Dorothy Brown June 13, 1848 Lyons Marriage 1848

Samuel Brewster -- Sarah Ann Allen Aug 24, 1848 Rose Marriages 1848

Nelson McDougall -- Ann Maria Allen Apr 14, 1847 Galen Marriages 1847

James Blodgett

From: J. Johnson-Bump:
Date: February 15, 2004

I was fairly excited today to look over your Sodus Farm 1914 and another page to find references and wives names(!) for some relations.

First on this page:
1924wolcotthigh.html Nitta and Harold Cheetham were an uncle and Aunt of mine. Here:
Cheetham, Charles W. (Anna) laborer 1 ch rd4 Sodus H8

Cheetham, Richard M. farmer bds W. J. Cheetham rd2 Sodus H58
Cheetham, William J. (Mary L.) 1 ch farmer O 174a rd2 Sodus H58

Are in order an Uncle a Great Grandfather and G-Great Grandfather. I am including my so far incomplete web page with:

Richard Major Cheetham

William Cheetham (and the now identified Mary who until I found your page was an unknown figure)

And Charles Cheetham with the now identified Anna:

Thank you so much it was a little step in many ways but such a big step to find those missing women. To identify John Cheatam listed here
and to confirm his war record and that of the son or brother he also enlisted with is my next step.

As for the CW records, here are my references:
Co E 97th Reg NYS Vol

Military record

Seen in:
Eleventh Census of the United States, June 1890
Surviving Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Widows
William J., Sod., Line 11, #217, page 1

Can be seen on pages:
Cheetham, John 181,214; Wm. 181;Cherry, P.S. 202

This is for John and William. John did also spell his name Cheatham. This can be seen in an 1867 record IIRC. It is my understanding both William and John enlisted as bounty soldiers and recieved $300 for services rendered. Because Cheethams to this day seem to have a mercenary streak (see my notes for Harold at: http://www.swapking.com/hats/gene/99.htm) this doesn't surprise or place any doubt it my mind. It is also understood the John or William carried my wounded ancestor Guy Holcomb on his back after the war to Sodus. Guy's daughter Lola Belle eventually married Richard Major and they had children one of which Richard Edward was my grandfather.

John's wife Mary was the one who I felt thrilled to find. Then in a flash I realized her maiden name must have been Lee. I deduced this because after Mary L came in the family Lee was a featured middle name for men. Richard and also the name Major are also clues when looking through these records because they also repeat fairly often. Much has been pure guess work. Soon a trip to Sodus is a must to photo these sites and to visit the Cheetham family farm on Cheetham Road. I also know that the family owned a bank. Cheetham and Turnsue(?).

Again Thanks!!

J. Johnson-Bump

From: Jim McKeown :
Date: Tue 20 January 2004

I was searching for Ellen Fuller's older sister, Josephine dob ca.1847. Their father John S. Fuller was remarried, and living in Sandusky, OH during 1860-80.

Jim McKeown

From: Dale Rohrback:
Date: Fri 5 December 2003

You've done a great job and its really appreciated by this researcher. But I have a question. My grandparents were Slacks, and Theodore was my GG grandfathers brother. In the Butler marriages you have listed, you show Theodore Slack marrying Alvira Armstrong age 24, on November 15, 1849. In the Wolcott marriages you show Theodore marrying Sebina Armstrong age 18, on the same day. The Alvira marriage is correct, and both Theodore and Alvira were buried at Wellsville Kansas. Theodore died 12/13/1895, and Alvira died 2/18/1896.

Keep up the good work.
Dale Rohrback

[Note: these records reported to the town are 155 years old. It sounds like there might have been a double wedding and Sebina's groom's name should have been someone else!]

From: Claire Betar :
Date: Fri 28 August 2002

I found great-aunt Elizabeth Van Valkenburgh on the Wayne County New York Deaths - 1849, Part 3. I wish I could find her mother's death. I think she died ca. 1847. It is a great mystery to me why the family moved there. They lived in Kinderhook, New York, except for a period of time when they were in Washington, D. C. where my great-grandfather John P. Van Valkenburgh was born 1 June 1832. They moved back to Kinderhook because another child was christened there in 1836 but by 1 June 1838 daughter Elsie died and was buried in Fairville Cemetery.

I think Annaatie/Hannah Van Valkenburgh (my great-great grandmother) died between 1842 and 1847 in Wayne County. After she died, the family scattered every where. I think they moved there in the first place because there were Van Valkenburgh and Rose relatives, but my information is sketchy. This is the family though:

Jacob S. Van Valkenburgh born ca. 1770-1790 in New York, married Annaatie Rose, born 20 May 1791, Kinderhook, Columbia, New York. They were married in Kinderhook 31 December 1814. Their first child, Elsha, who is the Elsie buried in Wayne County, was christened in Schodack, New York 8 October 1815, born 24 August 1815. Next child, Margaret, christened 30 November 1817, born 3 October 1817 in Kinderhook, New York. Married Ira Goodrich and died in Delavan, Wisconsin 16 November 1879. Next child, Elizabeth, christened 25 December 1819, born 23 November 1819, died 3 July 1849, Arcadia, New York. Next child Tunis Van Valkenburgh born 24 October 1821 in Kinderhook, married Rachel and lived in Ontario County New York (no children). Next child, Catherine born 10 August 1826. Married Milo Terbush. One child, Byron was born in Lyons May 28, 1949 but there is a child named Byron Terbush right next to Elsie VV in the Fairville Cemetery died July 3, 1842, 1 month 25 days. They are in the 1850 census in Lyons with a child Stanley age 1 (may have named this child after dead Byron but called him Stanley), and Frances, 1 month. I lose track of them until I find husband Milo in a St. Louis Directory in 1890. Next is Henry Van Valkenburgh born 3 March 1829 in Kinderhook. Married Amelia Brown (no children) died between 1900 and 1910 in Wilmington, California. Next is William VV born ca. 1834/1835. I haven't found his christening. Married Emma Evans and died 9 April 1872 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Last was Jacob VV born 30 July 1836 in Kinderhook, died 17 June 1916, Salt Lake City, Utah. Married 1) Emily Tyler 1 October 1860, Geneva, Wisconsin, married 2) Laura Tyler 11 October 1865 in Geneva, Wisconsin. I'd love to hook up with someone who knows something about any of these people.

From: Debbie Baker :
Date: Sat 20 January 2001

You asked in the introduction to be notified if we recognized anyone on the Wayne CO. Marriage (1849-pt2) listing. I am a descendent of Alpheus H. Crosby & Mariah F. Mickle both of Lyons, married April 5, 1849. Alpheus remarried Nov 4, 1963 (after Mary's death). His marriage was also listed on your webpage in Port Gibson as A.A.S. Crosby and Louisa Belding. I suspect that the Catherine Mickle who married George W. Alford on Sept 20, 1849 may be a sibling of Mariah.

From: Laura Harrison :
Date: Fri 26 January 2001

I saw baby boy Bennett, born to John and Jane Bennett on 10/25/1845. I believe this John and Jane were my 4th great grandparents. John was born in 1814, I'm trying to find out where, but lived in Lyons for most of his life. He died in 1860, drowned in the Erie Canal. His wife was Jane (last name unknown), b. 1813, d. 1893. They lived on Queen street in Lyons. Their children were Charles (moved to Boston), James (moved to Rochester), Laurin R. (my ancestor, married Mary, in Town of Lyons Directory for 1867) and Jane (died at the age of 12 or 13).

From: Scott Tipling :
Date: Sat 2 September 2000

Just dropping a line to let you know I found family in your listings. http://wayne.nygenweb.net/vitals/bir1849a.html Tiplin (male) Sept. 5 John & Charlotte Tiplin - Lyons births should be spelled TIPLING (census takers misspelled the name, too).This son was John Milton. The father John was the brother to Thomas. Also Edward Tipling June 13 Thomas & Matilda Tipling= Galen births
Scott TIPLING also silvrwolf7@yahoo.com.

From: Cathy Bauman :
Date: Thurs 3 August 2000

What a lovely list. We found one of our ancestors on it: Nelson McDougall married Anna Marie Allen Aril 14 1847 in Galen. From what I gather I guess its next to impossible to get any further info. from this event since it was so long ago, but we appreciate the work involved in transcribing it. What was the original list? Part of a newspaper or something? Thanks again. Cathy Bauman, Fergus, Ontario

Cathy, in the late 1840s the State of NY had towns across the state keep track of birth, marriages and deaths. This didn't last very long and stopped in 1850. Many of the records haven't survived but we're fortunate that most of Wayne County's did. Official birth registration in NY State wasn't tried again until 1880, deaths until shortly after 1900, and as for marriages, well.. um, we don't know.

From: Jerald "Jerry" Chittenden :
Date: Sun 2 January 2000

I was pleasantly surprised when I found the record of the marriage of my gg-grandparents, James B Chittenden and Calista J Baker on April 14, 1848.

Alvan W. Talcott, A.M., M.D., Chittenden Family: William Chittenden of Guilford, Conn. and His Descendants, (Tuttle, Morehouse & Taylor, New Haven, Ct., 1882), p. 211, gives a marriage date of April 13, 1848, but no place.

Also, according to Calista's death certificate (12 Dec. 1892 - age 61 years, 5 mos, 8 days) from Kent County, Michigan, it gives her name as Calista J. BACON, not BAKER, and gives her parents names: John and Eliza Bacon.

From: Gloria McDonley Pogue :
Date: Sat 4 December 1999

My surname is unusual to say the least. And, it has been slow going for the last two years. I found the Henry McDonley listed in marriages on October 17, 1848 married to Caroline Merry. Just below is another similiar spelling married to the same woman, I presume. The first spelling is exactly correct. Could this be my great great grandfather, I am not exactly sure. If the two are the same, as listed below with the birth year 25, it could be close. I have him born in 1826. I presume Lyons is the county in New York. I am thankful for any McDonley's that I can find. Thanks for your hard work.

From: Ann Durfee :
Date: Sat 23 October 1999

I recognize the names 2 of the names for ONTARIO DEATHS 1848: prepared by Allyn Hess Perry of Lyons, NY. Those are Marrit (Merritt) H. DURFEE and Julia P. DURFEE that both died Dec. 24, 1848. They are the children of Elihu and Maria (Howland) DURFEE.

From: Teresa Whitbeck Johnson, who found her ancestors in the 1849 marriage listings:
Date: Tue 29 July 1999

I found my ggg grandparents on this listing. They are Andrew A. Whitbeck and Almira Melissa Willard. I am hoping to find more info on them. Thanks for your time and work.

From: Sue Carpenter :
Date: Tue 13 July 1999

Re: Marriage of Aaron Clark & Hannah C. Aldrich, Sept.26 1847- Ontario. Aaron & Hannah moved to Ionia County, Michigan where Aaron was a grocer. Hannah died in 1866. Aaron remarried to Amanda Sible, whose family also came from the Wayne Co. NY area. Amanda's mother's name was Anna. Aaron & Amanda married on Sept. 22, 1866 (after Hannah's death earlier in that year). The witnesses to the wedding were Solomom & Anna Sible (Libr B-2,pg.359 of Ionia Cc.records). Aaron is a brother to my great-great grandmother, Elizabeth. Aaron died in 1887.

Re: Birth-1849-Ontario - Amelia Aldrich, dau of Daniel P. Aldrich. Daniel P. Aldrich & wife Melissa migrated to Sec. 8, Berlin Twp., Ionia Co., Michigan. He was a farmer & justice of the peace. He and his wife are buried in the Saranac Village cemetery in Ionia Co. Michigan.

Re: 1849 Walworth birth - Solomon Sible Jr. to Solomon & Ann Sible. Solomon Sr. and wife, Ann[a] moved to sec. 8 of Berlin Twp., Ionia Co., Mich. near the Daniel P. Aldrich family. He is shown on the 1875 plat map of the (Berlin) township as owning 100 acres. By 1891, the plat map of Berlin twp. shows the land as being owned by Anna Sible.

From: Cheryl Tarsala of Arcadia, CA
Date: Tue 29 Jun 1999

Since you all are tracking emigration of western New Yorkers, here' s my info (with many thanks for putting this all on the website--I've learned more about my husband's ancestors today (between Rootsweb and an FHL excursion) than anyone has ever known).

MARRIAGE OF Jan 1, 1849 in Arcadia
Jas W PENNINGTON, age 43 and Caroline [sic] DRAKE, age 40

These are my husband's ancestors. Between the 1850 census and the 1860 census, the family migrated to Waukon (Allamakee Co.) Iowa. The wife's name is consistently Cornelia in every census--I suspect a transcription error in your typescript (also, see below). I would date the move as happening after the rr bridge over the Mississippi at Davenport was done in 1855 (and your co. histories say the rr came to Arcadia in 1854, so I imagine they got on a train and just left... )

On the births page for Arcadia,
Dec. 13, 1849, female to James W. and Cornelia Pennington: the name of the daughter is probably Libbie (aka Elizabeth aka Ann E)--the census ages and this birth record don't match properly to her or Sarah, but from reviewing my notes it looks like Sarah ( grew up and died in Waukon, Iowa) was *Catherine's* last child.

Also, FYI, the website conveniently has an E. Newark cemetery record for JW's first wife, Catherine, d. 10 Sept 1848, etc etc.

Many thanks again for your informative website.

From: Carol Stephens
Date: Fri 7 May 1999

I found my husband's gr gr gr gr grandfather on the list for Lyons. His name is Elija (Elijah) Whiting. He died on May 22, 1848. I have a feeling that there might be an obituary somewhere. Thank You!!

From: Marcia Benson
Date: Thur 14 Apr 1999

Marcia's success story didn't really happen on our page but she brings up something that's worth it's weight in gold to us. The County Historian's office has a guestbook for researchers to sign in and write who they're looking for! Marcia's also researching Winchells and Harpers in Galen.

"I have another "success story" from the Wayne Co Web Site. I was looking through the guest book of the Wayne Co's Historian's Office page, and found a Furman (my g gm's maiden name), emailed him, he's a college student, couldn't answer my question about my Furman's, but gave me his dad's email, and our 3rd g gf's were brothers! He sent me a huge history of Furman's! I was nowhere with this family up until then!

From: Sandy
Date: Fri 26 Mar 1999

Thanks for all of your hard work on this web site. You asked for feedback if we spotted an ancestor so here tis:

Caleb TIBBITS is listed in the article on Arcadia as an early settler. He descends from the Tibbits line of RI. He moved from RI to a Quaker settlement near Adams, Mass where he is last listed in 1796/7. He moved to Wayne County and eventually his will was probated in Lyons Mar 3, 1828. He is the son of William and Judith (PIERCE) Tibbits. She was the daughter of Micheal and Persis (EAMES) Pierce. He married Elizabeth POWER ca 1767-69. She was the daughter of John and Elizabeth (WESTCOTT) Power. His will mentions the following children: Caleb; Rebecca; Rosannah (who married Henry HYDE who I think lived in Hydesville); Joseph; John (who married Phoebe SMITH); Lydia; Amy; Oliver; and William. John and possibly Joseph and Caleb removed to MI by 1829 where they were among the first settlers in Plymouth (Wayne Co.). I am anxious to find further specific info about the children but hope this adds to your info. Sandy

Thank you very much, Sandy! We appreciate hearing the details and hope you connect with all the surnames you mentioned.

From: David R. Demming
Date: Sun 21 Mar 1999

I have recently started researching my family hisory and much of it is rooted in Wayne County. I found 2 on your Arcadia list from my distant past - both from the CRONISE family. My great great grandmother was Sarah Cronise DEMMING (b.1816, d. 1907). She had 4 brothers (my great great uncles, I guess!)- and 2 of them had children in 1849. They were: Simon/Catherine Cronise had a son Esbon; also, Henry (jr) Cronise and wife Jane had a girl, Estella. It is fun putting this puzzle together!

As a side note, Sarah Cronise Demming, her husband, David B. Demming and their 3 children were part of the Michagan migration, in around 1840. They settled Washtenaw County, in the town of Dexter. Tragically, David B. Demming died in 1850, and Sarah returned to Arcadia with the children. I would appreciate any information about this migration -why did Wayne County families go, how many, etc. Were there any books written about this?

Note: I told David that we don't know of any books or articles specifically about Wayne County. Regular visitors to the site have also noticed that on our queries board. It seems as if half the county left at that time, doesn't it? We're going to be exploring the migration this year and will be encouraging visitor input to try to help give us all answers. Although the migration affected other Finger Lakes counties, and has been discussed at length and often on the FingerLakes-L mailing list, we suspect that Wayne County families were particularly affected by it. Stay tuned for surprise new features coming up in April.

From: Diane G. Jonas
Date: Mon 15 Feb 1999

I recognize 2 births on the Ontario Twp. Births for 1849. Sidney BUCK b. Sept.7 to Sylvester & Harmony (WILLIAMS) Buck (Sylvester & Harmony are my gr.gr.grandparents) and Hellen Williams b. Mar. 20 to Benjamin & Catharine Williams (Benjamin is Harmony Williams Bucks' brother). The Sylvester & Harmony Buck family along with the Benjamin & Catharine Williams family came to Michigan about 1856, first to Oakland County and then to Eaton County, where they bought land. Thanks for listing these.

From: Sharon Palm
Date: Mon 15 Feb 1999

I was just looking at the births of Wayne County, 1849 Part 3 and I saw the birth of Martha RAYMOR, daughter of Spencer and Emilene Raymor. Spencer is the son of John and Alzina Raymor.

From: Jean Clark Naylor
Date: Thurs 20 Nov 1998

I recognize two of the couples in the marriage records of Noah Barrell.

Both in Arcadia
2/8/1838 Alonso CROSBY and Sophia Jane CLARK: Sophia was the daughter of Newton and Sophia Clark of Arcadia.

7/3/1839 Andrew SEE (not Lee) and Orinda Ann Clark: Orinda was also a daughter of Newton Clark.

Found two more of Newton's children's marriages on other pages as well as Newton's death record and his burial in Fairville Cemetery. Thanks so much for your great site!

From: Kathy (Sparr) Mott
Date: Thu 5 Nov 1998

All of the individuals in the Roe Cemetery listing posted on the Wayne County, New York GenWeb site on 11/3 belong to our Roe family. We did not have dates on some of them. Thank you for the transcription and posting.

From: Sandy Burdick
Date: Fri 21 Aug 1998

Hello, Thanks for posting birth records. Found the first child of Samuel and Mary PARKER listed. Born in Arcadia. Her name was Abigail L. R. Thanks so much for posting these. Sandy

Sandy's having a good day!

Hello Martha, Silas W. and Susan R. BURDICK are my family. You have their deaths recorded for Arcadia (which is accurate). Thanks so much for recording these so I could have exact dates of death. Sandy Burdick

Good question here. We'd love to post the affiliation of the ministers. If anyone knows the affiliation of Rev. Hogoboom or other ministers on the list please let me know so I can start a list for them.

Martha, I noted Harmonious Hogoboom marrying several in Arcadia and was also the Minister for my family. Do you have any idea what church he is affiliated with? He married some of my family too. Sandy Burdick SandyA4746@aol.com

More from Sandy: Looking for Silas R. BURDICK married to Laura H. COOK living in Arcadia, Wayne Co. from about 1831-1854. Silas bought some land from a Soverhill and lived there having 9 children; William Wells, Harriet, Annis Jane, Mary Ann, Silas Warren, George Washington, Clinton S. Cornelia and Mertie.

Mary Ann married Samuel Parker in Arcadia in 1849 and had one child prior to moving to Michigan; Abigail.

William Wells Burdick married Harriet Janet McUmber in Seneca Falls in March of 1853.

I believe that this family was Methodist and Silas worked as a carpenter. Any information on this family would be so much appreciated.

From: Susan Gates Davis
Date: Sat 15 Aug 1998

I just have been visiting your vital records section from Wayne County, New York. I was told to drop you a line if I recognized anyone in my ancestry. Under your 1849 Marion Births I recognized Jacob DeCANN b. May 18 John & Gertrude DeCann and under the 1849 Williamson Births I recognized Penelopy DEVUYST Mar 22 Maranus & Penelopy Devuyst. This last name I have always seen spelled DeVoist, and she married Phillip DeKan/DeCan on 11 Mar 1869 in Polkton Twp, Ottawa Co, Michigan. Both families as well as other DeCans who married Berzine/Burzzijn families came to Ottawa Co, Michigan some time between 1850 and 1860. Some stayed behind in New York. My great grandmother was Suzanna DeCan, daughter of Abraham and Suzanna (BERZINE) DeKan. She married a GATES (who emigrated from St. Lawrence Co. to Michigan). My maiden name is Gates. THANK YOU for all your hard work in making this information available to us on the internet. Regards, Susan Gates Davis

From: Dorathy Hardie
Date: Sat 15 Aug 1998

The listing under Arcadia Births 1849 of S. LANGDON Jan. 10----S. & Sylvia Langdon I believe is connected to my husband's mother Mary Coleman HARDIE, daughter of Sidney BELLINGER & Frances Adams COLEMAN. Frances Adams Coleman was the daughter of Louise E. LANDON & Thomas ADAMS. Louise Landon was the daughter of S. (Egbert Benson Smith) Landon & Sylvia TAYLOR. We have found two spellings Landon/Langdon. My husband was in Newark yesterday (8/14/98) doing research & found the graves of Egbert B. S. Landon b. Dec. 27, 1823 d. Mar. 9, 1886, his two wifes, three of his sons, & his parents-James Landon b. June 23, 1788 d. Nov. 7, 1837 mar. Nancy GRIFFIN b. Oct 24, 1795 d. Aug. 24, 1872. He isn't back from NY yet, so I don't know the name of the cemetery that he got this info from. Thank you, Dorathy & Alan Coleman Hardie, adhardie@sprynet.com   Thousand Oaks, CA

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