These clippings were contributed by Dorathy and Alan Hardie. As Dorathy sorts through her large collection to find items for the Coleman Clippings online scrapbook she'll be organizing them for future use - "This project has really spurred me on to get things done. The newspaper clippings, etc. are so old & fragile that it is time this was done & the papers preserved. " In doing so, Dorathy will be sharing with us the types of items we wish had been passed down to us.

This month's set of Coleman Clippings consists of abstracts of legal and official documents pertaining to the Coleman Family of Sodus Centre. These are excellent examples of the type of information that can be gleaned from leases, bonds, business agreements, Letters of Administration and other legal documents. Early deeds and mortagages generally cite the names of surrounding property owners. If anyone is interested in a copy or full transcript of the following documents you may contact: Dorathy & Alan Coleman Hardie at

Updated 12/20/98: society and other notes from an early 20th century newspaper.

Newspaper unknown, date unknown (probably early 1900's)

Among those who have returned to their respective schools and colleges after an Easter visit in Marion are: ?rl C. Radder, vice principal of Mohawk High School; Miss Mira Crane, preceptress of Macedon High School; Miss Susan Lookup, of Palmyra High School Training Class; Dewey Mason, Rochester University; Wade Mal__m of Palmer Institute; and Bur___nk Engert, of Fishkill High School; Mrs. M. H. Adams, of Rochester, has been spending several days with relatives in Marion.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry McMullen entertained Mr. and Mrs. Daniel McMullen, Mr. and Mrs. John McMullen, of Rochester, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Snyder, of Newark were the guest of Mrs.Snyder's mother, Mrs. Martha Lape, the last week. Mr. and Mrs. James Lown, of Sodus, were callers in town Sunday. Olen Lape spent Friday in Rochester.

Mr. and Mrs. Almond Curtis and son spent Saturday until Tuesday with friends in Newark.

George Nevelesse, of Newark, spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Miller. Miss Enid Butts returned to Sodus Monday after spending a week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Butts.

Mrs. Floyd Allen, who has been confined to the house for several weeks, is improving slowly.

Mrs. William Keckinson and Mrs. Vincent Dorn were visitors in Newark recently.

Miss May Stevens and Floyd Allen called at the home of Miss Steven's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Stevens, ___ North Lyons, Sunday. Mrs. Martha Lape entertained Mr. And Mrs. George Boughton of Sodus Wednesday.

North Minsteed.
___r, Ada Brown and son, Charles ____t Tuesday with Mr. and Mrs. ___ DeBuffer. Miss Carrie Burcroff commenced school Monday after enjoying a two weeks' vacation. Raymond Culver spent Saturday and Sunday with Earl Horn. ____r and Fred Johnson spent Sunday in Sodus. Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Horn spent ___y in Marion. ___am Cunningham, of Newark, is ___ing staves at his mill in Sodus.

North Rose.
The funeral of Mrs. Carolyn Niles, wife of William Niles, of Rose, took place from the house this afternoon. Her death was caused by diabetes. She is survived by her husband, a son, William Niles, of California, and a daughter, Mrs. Florence Wilson, of South Butler. She was a daughter of the late Jonathan Briggs, one of the early settlers of this village.

Rev. Fero, of Alton, will preach at the York Settlement school house Sunday.

Cornelius Verbridge, a well known Hollander whose home is in Williamson, died suddenly at the home of his son-in-law, William E. Cady, in Palmyra, early Tuesday morning of heart disease. His age was seventy-six.

The Purdy fruit farm, one of the best known and most valuable farms in Palmyra, has been purchased by Auburn parties.

Rose L. Wood, who lives on a farm near Savannah, reported the first of the week that she had been robbed of $440. She suspected her hired man as both man and money were missing the same day.

Rev. Donald Frazer has _____ the pastorate of the University church and accepted a call ____church at Madison.

Mrs. Sarah D. Shrouds is critically ill with little hope of recovery.

Frederick Turk and _____ Ferris were married M__ __noon. Mrs. Allen Canning _____ heart trouble aged sixt_____.

Lease for the firm of Coleman & Munn consisting of flour and grist mill, saw mill & house situated in the Village of Sodus Centre, Wayne Co., NY dated 1 March 1912, signed by Harriet A. Coleman of Sodus Centre, NY; Anna C. Roe of Rochester, NY; Albert S. Coleman of Newark, NY; William H. Munn of Lyons, NY; and Gardner A. Munn of Sodus Centre, NY.

In the Matter of the Judicial Settlement of the Accounts of Charles Myers as Administrator of, &c., of John C. Myers late of Sodus in the County of Wayne, deceased.

Citation to Attend Settlement for Sidney B. Coleman.
Citation to Attend Accounting of Executors and Administrators.
The People of the State of New York, By the Grace of God, Free and Independent:
To Augusta M. Myers, Ella Myers, John C. Myers, Gustavus L. Myers, Elisha B. Mather and Sidney B. Coleman all of the town of Sodus, County of Wayne, N. Y.

To all other creditors of and persons interested in the estate of John C. Myers late of Sodus in the county of Wayne, deceased, send greeting: And you, the said John C. Myers and Gustavus L. Myers are hereby notified that unless you then and there appear by your general guardian, the said Surrogate will at the time and place above named appoint a competent and responsible person to appear as special guardian for you herein: You and each of you are hereby cited and required personally to be and appear before our Surrogate of our County of Wayne, at his office in the village of Newark, in said County, on the 22nd day of March, 1897(4?) at ten o'clock in the forenoon of that day, to attend show cause if any why the said Charles Myers should not be allowed to resign, and if his resignation is accepted to the judicial settlement of the accounts of Charles Myers there to attend the settlement of his accounts as such advised as Administrator of the Person Estate of the said deceased.

Given under my hand and the seal of the Surrogate's Court of the said county of Wayne, at Newark, in said County, this 9th day of March A. D. 1897(4/), L. M. Norton, Surrogate.

Know all Men by these Presents, That we Lenora E. Raymer and F. W. Raymer of Sodus, Wayne County, New York are held and bound unto Sidney B. Coleman of the same place, dated 10th day of January, 1898, signed by Notary Public; George H. Case.

ARTICLES OF AGREEMENT, made the 21 day of December, in the year 1903, between SIDNEY B. COLEMAN, of the Town of Sodus, County of Wayne and State of New York, of the first part, and GARDNER A. MUNN, of the Town of Sodus, County of Wayne and state of New York, of the second part.

The said Sidney B. Coleman and Gardner A. Munn have agreed and do agree to become copartners together, under the firm name and style of Coleman and Munn, in the art or trade of general flour and grist milling, saw milling and lumber trading, in the Village of Sodus Centre, Wayne County, New York, at the same property and in the same buildings where the said Coleman has been in business for many years, _______ SEVENTH. - That it shall be lawful for each of them to take out of the cash of the joint capital the sum of twelve dollars ($12.00) weekly, to his own use, the same to be charged on account, and neither of them shall take any further sum for his own separate use, without the consent of the other in writing; and nay such further sum, taken with such consent, shall draw interest at the rate of six per cent., _____.

Mortgage. Interest and Insurance Clauses. Laws of N. Y., 1890.

Lenora E. Raymer to Sidney B. Coleman.
Wayne County, ss. Recorded on the 17 day of Jany A. D. 1898, at 4:20 o'clock P.M., in Liber 122 of Mortgages, at page 105 and examined. Signed L. S. C___fer, Clerk.

This Indenture, Made the 10th day of January in the year eighteen hundred and ninety eight, Between Lenora E. Raymer of Sodus, County of Wayne and state of New York party of the first part, and Sidney B. Coleman of the same place party of the second part. -------------- All that Tract or Parcel of Land, situate in the town of Sodus, County of Wayne and State of New York, being a strip of land twenty five feet wide and about one hundred feet long bounded as follows, on the north by land of M. M. Farrell, on the east by land of Alice A. Emory and Elizabeth Lepper on the south by Bay Street, on the west by lands of the said Alice A. Emory and all the buildings now standing on the said described premises. The above premises being the same conveyed to the first party by Alice A. Emery.-----------
Signed 15th January 1898 by Notary Public, George H. Case

In the Matter of the Personal Estate of Sidney B. Coleman, Deceased. Letters of Administration, County of Wayne, Surrogate's Office, ss. Recorded in Liber M page 498. Letters of Administration on the 12 day of Feb, 1912, and examined. Carrie E. Aus___, Clerk of Surrogate's Court.

LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION. The People of the State of New York, To Harriet A. Coleman of Sodus Centre, Wayne Co., New York and all persons interested in the estate of Sidney B. Coleman late of Sodus Centre in the county of Wayne, deceased, send greeting: WHEREAS, The said Sidney B. Coleman as is alleged, died on or about the 14th day of January 1912, intestate,------------

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, We have caused the seal of the Surrogate's Court of the County of Wayne to be hereunto affixed. WITNESS, Hon. Clyde W. Knapp, Surrogate of said county, at Lyons, in said county, this 12th day of February, 1912, C. W. Knapp, Surrogate

dated Sept 6, 1911

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