These profiles of former Wayne County residents come from a series of volumes called: "American Ancestry: Giving the Name and Descent in the Male Line of Americans Whose Ancestors Settled in the United States Previous to the Declaration of Independence A. D. 1776". These volumes were published yearly by Joel Munsell's Sons, Publisher, and profiled residents from all over the United States.

The men whose short bios appear below may or may not be your ancestors, but it's worth scanning through them to check out migration patterns into Wayne County for clues as to where your own families came from.


American Ancestry, Vol. III, 1888

CLARK, Lewis H. of Macedon Centre, N.Y., b. Sodus, N.Y., Sept. 11, 1827, author "Military Hist. Wayne Co., N.Y." (m. July 18, 1852, Ellen, b. at Blue Hill, Me., Jan. 30, 1832, d. at Macedon Centre Oct. 26, 1886, dau. of Rev. Hosea and Nancy [Fisher] Kittredge, she dau. of Rev. Jonathan Fisher); son of Eli of Sodus, N.Y., b. at Westhampton, Mass., Sept. 22, 1790, d. at Sodus Dec. 4, 1871, an early abolitionist, a man of puritanic habits and thought (m. Nov. 14, 1826, Asenath, a first cousin, b. Aug. 28, 1795, d. in Oct., 1863, dau. of David Clark); son of Matthew of Westhampton, Mass., b. at Northampton in Jan. 1761, d. at Westhampton Jan. 25, 1837 (m. Jan. 27, 1785, Irene Strong, b. Dec. 30, 1762, d. Dec. 28, 1836, desc. of Elder John Strong); son of David of Northampton, Mass., b. there Sept. 24, 1729, d. at Westhampton Nov. 13, 1810 (m. about 1752 Eunice Bartlett, b. Sept. 21, 1727, d. Oct. 22, 1798, a near relative of Phebe Bartlett, about whose conversion a tract was issued, m. 2d, widow Mary Wood, b. in 1735, d. at Easthampton Apr. 3, 1821); son of John of Northampton, Mass. (m. 2st, July 12, 1677, Rebecca Cooper, and had a dau., m. 2d, Mar. 16, 1679, Mary Strong, and had eleven children); son of William, b. about 1600, d. July 18, 1690, who came from England in the ship "Mary and John" Mar. 30, 1630, settled at Dorchester, Mass., moved to Northampton about 1659, selectman 1660, moved to Conn., he left two sons, John and William, and perhaps two more, Nathaniel and Samuel.

American Ancestry, Vol. IV, 1889

FOSTER, DAVID of Palmyra, N.Y., b. at North Sea, L.I. 1785, d. at Sodus, Nov. 22, 1845, elder in Palmyra Presb. Ch. for many years (m. Eunice, dau. of Dea. Silas Reeves); son of David Haines Foster of Palmyra, N.Y., b. on Long Island, N.Y., Apr. 10, 1747, d. at Palmyra Nov. 26, 1813, pioneer in Palmyra 1794, church elder, minute-man in Rev. army (m. Mary Howell); son of Daniel of Quiogue, L.I., b. at Southampton, L.I., Mar. 22, 1722, d. at Quiogue Jan. 16, 1791, large land-owner (m. Lydia Haines); son of Daniel of Southampton, L.I., b. there 1676, d. there Nov. 5, 1744 (m. Lydia Wood of Huntingon, L.I.); son of Joseph b. at Lynn, Mass, 1638, d. Jan. 30, 1708 (m. Abigail); son of Christopher, b. in England 1603, came in ship "Abigail" in 1635, moved from Lynn, Mass. to Southampton, L.I. 1651, d. 1687.

CRONISE, ADELBERT of Rochester, N.Y., b. at Arcadia, N.Y., Aug. 24, 1852, moved to Rochester 1873, grad. A. B. Univ. of Rochester 1877, adm. to bar 1879, degree A. M. 1880, president Rochester Acad. of Science 1885-7; brother Charles T. of Pensacola, Fla; sons of Simon of Rochester, N.Y., b. at Arcadia Jan. 5, 1818, studied at Genesee Wesleyan Sem. 1835-7, lived in Arcadia upon part of the original Cronise purchase until 1886, when he removed to Rochester (m. Oct. 22, 1840, Catharine Maria, dau. Martin Fredenburgh, who settled in Arcadia 1826, from Ghent, N.Y., desc. of Wilhelm van Vradenburgh, who came from Holland in ship "Gilded Beaver" in May 1653); son of Henry of Arcadia, N.Y., b. at Frederick, Md., July 20, 1789, d. Newark, N.Y., June 16, 1870, one of the early settlers of Arcadia in 1809, bringing slaves whom he soon freed and afterward employed (m. Feb. 14, 1813, Mary Soverhill, b. Nov. 7, 1793, dau. Samuel who m. Sarah, dau. Samuel Clark); son of John of Frederick, Md., b. there Nov. 25, 1748, d. there Sep. 29, 1803, and purchased of Sir Wm. Pulteney two tracts of land for two of his children, part of which is still in the family, he returned to Maryland the same year (m. 1773, Mary Fey, b. in Scotland 1753, d. at Newark, N.Y., DEc. 19, 1823); son of John of Frederick, Md., b. near Strasburg, Germany, d. at Frederick 1750, was brought from Germany when two years old, was the eldest of two sons; son of John of Frederick, Md., b. near Strasburg, Germany, d. at sea, came from Germany early in the 18th century with two sons and settled at Frederick, Md., afterward went back to Germany and on his return voyage was lost at sea.

CRANDALL, three brothers, AROVESTUS PARDEE of Palmyra, N.Y., b. at Berlin, N.Y., Sep. 8, 1808, supervisor Wayne co. several years, pres. and treas. of gas-light co., author of "Genealogy of a Branch of the Crandall Family" (m. Anna Phinney, relative of H. & E. Phinney, publishers at Cooperstown, N.Y., an English family first settled in Conn.); EDWIN ALPHONSO of Springville, Ala., b. at Springfield, N.Y., Oct. 20, 1818, railroad contractor for thirty years, built several of the earliest railroads in Georgia, Tennessee and Mississippi, colonel in civil war in ordnance dept., C. S.A., served in battle of Chickamauga, now connected with land dept. of Ala. Great Southern R.R. Co. (m. 1st, in Sept., 1860, Henrietta Weener, m. 2d, Oct. 7, 1869, Anna W. Walker of Calhoun co., Ala.); WASHINGTON IRVING of Chattanooga, Tenn., b. at Frankfort N.Y., Feb. 4, 1829, educated at Canandaigua, Lima and Cazenovia, N.Y., editor and publisher of Chattanooga Advertiser several years, was in post-office dept. at Washington, D.C., 1857-62, regular correspondent for several leading journals, built and supt. line of lake steamers connected with Chicago and N.W.R.R. 1863-71, printer and publisher at Chattanooga since (m. 1st, Sept. 1854, Julia B. Spencer, desc. of Spencers of Hartford, Conn., m. 2d, Oct. 28, 1857, Delia M. Spencer of same family, m. 3d, Sept. 19, 1882, Bertha M. Bardshar of early Pennsylvania ancestry); sons of Daniel of Berlin, Springfield, Frankfort and Palmyra, N.Y., b. at Westerly, R.I., Dec. 23, 1786, d. at Palmyra Nov. 14, 1836, liberally educated, teacher, writer, author of the "Columbia Spelling Book", 1820, recognized as a great improvement on all others and largely used in central New York (m. Aug. 31, 1807, Olivia Kendall, b. at Berlin, N.Y., d. at Palmyra Nov. 4, 1865, relative of Amos Kendall of early Connecticut ancestry); son of Peter of Westerly, R.I., and Berlina and Amity 1818, farmer, soldier in Rev. army when a boy (m. Feb. , 1785, Nancy Bliven, b. in Rhode Island June 29,1765, d. Amity, Aug. 15, 1824, was of English parentage); (Note: the lines continues back to John who came from Wales to Boston 1634-5, Baptist minister, persecuted and fled to Rhode Island 1637, settled at Prov., was first elder at Westerly, d. at Newport 1676 (m. 1st __, who d. Aug. 1, 1670, m. 2d, Hannah, who d. 1678).

TURNER, Noah of Macedon, N.Y., b. Apr. 13, 1766 (m. Mar. 10, 1787, Martha Bisbee, and had dau. Laura, b. June 1793 [m. Jan. 13, 1813, Lorenzo Clarke of Naples, N.Y.]); son of David, b. at Weymouth, Mass., June 24, 1741 (m. 1762, Abigail White of Weymouth); son of Micah of Weymouth, Mass., b. there July 8, 1710 (m. Bethiah Allen); son of Jacob of Weymouth, Mass., b. Mar. 16, 1667, d. Nov. 29, 1723 (m. Jane Vining); son of John, d. at Scituate, Mass., 1687 (m. 1649, Anne James); son of Humphrey of Scituate, Mass., b. in England 1593, d. 1673, came to America about 1628, tanner (m. in England Lydia Garner).

American Ancestry, Vol. VII, 1892

KINNEY, WORTHY HANKS of Lyons, N.Y., b. in Belfast, N.Y., Apr. 27, 1856, educated in Rochester Univ., grad. 1880, A.M. 1883, teacher, principal of schools in Victor and Cuba, N.Y., is now principal of Lyons Union sch. (m. June 22, 1882, Annie M. McAfee, of Scotch ancestry, and had two children: Price Witter Kinney and Edith Kinney); son of David of Belfast, N.Y., b. in Union, Ct., Jan. 15, 1813, farmer (m. Jan. 5, 1847, Esther Ann Hanks, dau. of Enoch Hanks, b. in Mansfield, Ct., Jan. 9, 1779, son of John, b. same place Oct. 5, 1730, son of Benjamin, son of Uriah and Urancy Hanks, who came form Birmingham, Eng., to Plymouth colony 1700); son of Alpheus of Union, Ct., b. July 29, 1781 (m. Mar. 16, 1802, Lucy, dau. of John and Lydia Eaton); son of Nathan.

HICKS, FRANKLIN B., of Macedon Centre, N.Y., b. in West Walworth, N.Y., June 23, 1859, merchant (m. Feb. 28, 1883, Julia N. Eldredge); son of Elias of Rochester, N.Y., b. in Pleasant Valley, N.Y., Feb. 20, 1825 (m. 1846, Eliz. Howland, a desc. of Henry Howland, brother of John, the Pilgrim); son of Samuel S. of Pleasant Valley, N.Y., b. there Dec. 3, 1795, d. there Mar. 31, 1869 (m. Sep. 4, 1816, Mary Peters); son of Samuel of Pleasant Valley, N.Y., d. in Clinton Corners, N.Y., Jan. 4, 1846 (m. Margaret Doty); son of Joseph of Pleasant Valley, N.Y., b. Aug. 12, 1714, d. Apr. 3, 1803 (m. Margaret Lester); son of Jacob, b. 1669, d. 1755, gr-father of Elias Hicks, the Quaker preacher (m. Hannah Carpenter); son of Thomas of Flushing, L.I. (m. Mary Washburn); son of John of Flushing, L.I., one of the original incorporators of Flushing, Oct. 10, 1645, member of the celebrated Hempsted convention that met in Hempsted Feb. 28, 1665 (m. Herodias Long of Eng.); was a son of Robert Hicks, who came in the shop "Fortune", Nov. 11, 1621, to Plymouth and settled in Scituate; he, Robert Hicks, was a gt-gr-son of Thomas Hicks of Trotworth, Eng., who inherited his estate from his father, John Hicks, a desc. of Sir Ellis Hicks, who was knighted by Edward, the Black Prince, 1356.

American Ancestry, Vol. VIII, 1893

IRWIN, Theodore S. of Oswego, N.Y., b. in Sodus, N.Y., May 25, 1827, miller, grain merchant of the firm of Irwin & Sloan, manf., banker, trustee various organizations, collector of rare books and engravings, vice-pres. Oswego Second Nat. Bank (m. Mar. 6, 1856, Louisa A., dau. of Dana A. Braman of Milbury, Mass., grad. Brown Univ.); son of William P. of Sodus, N.Y., b. in Newburgh, N.Y., Feb. 21, 1789, one of the early settlers of Sodus, farmer, justice (m. Mehitabel, dau. of Dea. Phineas Hayward of Windsor, Mass.); son of James, b. in Orange co., N.Y., Aug. 12, 1760, ancestors emigrated from Scotland to North of Ireland abt. 1650, whence two brothers came to America abt. 1740, one settling in Dutchess co., N.Y., and the toher near Baltimore, Md. (m. Margaret Patten).

BECKWITH, George of Palmyra, N.Y., b. in East Haddam, Ct., Oct. 16, 1789, d. in Palmyra, N.Y., Dec. 20, 1868, was a successful teacher in New England, traveled on horseback to western N.Y. when 24 yrs. old, commenced mercantile business in Palmyra 1813, where his education, his force of character and his upright life soon won the respect and confidence of the early settlers. Just, generous, loyal and true in all the relations of life, his influence was ever for good (m. Aug. 1, 1814, Ruth Matson Clark, b. in Old Lyme, Ct., Feb. 2, 1793 [dau. of Gurdon Clark, a large land-holder, and a desc. of William Hyde of Norwich, Richard Ely of Lyme, Thomas Lord of Hartford, Ct., b. in Eng. 1583, Isaac Sheldon of Chichester, Mass., 1634, Roland Stebbing, b. in Eng. 1544, William Peck, b. in Eng. 1601, Thomas Matson of Boston 1634, John Sill of Cambridge 1639 and Lieut. William Clark of Dorchester 1636], and had four children; Sophie, Catherine Matson, Ruth Amelia and George Whitfield; son of Samuel of East Haddam, Ct., b. in Lyme, Ct., 1750, d. in Palmyra, N.Y., Sept. 28, 1821, served in the Revolutionary war, was of a steadfast and upright character, moved to Palmyra 1820 (m. June 4, 1774, Anna, b. 1756, d. in Palmyra July 31, 1840 [dau. of Stephen Ransom, an officer in the Revolutionary war, where he received a wound from which he died also sister of Stephen Ransom, who was killed in the battle of Bunker Hill], and had twelve children: two d. in childhood and one at the age of 21 yrs, the others lived till maturity and six of them settled in or near Palmyra, N.Y.; son of Stephen of Lyme, Ct., b. there Mar. 6, 1721, d. there 1796 (m. 1st, Dec. 16, 1742, Jerusha Watrous, d. 1746, and had two children: Cyrus, b. Oct. 18, 1743, and Jerusha, b. May 16, 1746, m. 2d., May 29, 1749, Hannah Newton and had three children: Samuel (m. Anna Ransom), Hetty (m. Joseph Beckwith) and Jane (m. Ezekiel Beckwith and had a son Matthew). (Note: line continues back to Thomas of Malden, b. in Eng. abt. 1606, d. in Malden Dec. 19, 1667, came to America about 1635-6, was known on records as Thomas Green, senior, was selectman 1658, served on the grand jury many times (m. Elizabeth).

American Ancestry, Vol. IX, 1894

SHERMAN, Chester Tyler of Rose, N.Y., b. there, Dec. 24, 1863, on Rose View Farm, and at present one of its proprietors, edu. in Rose Union sch., Auburn acaad., High sch., and Rochester Business univ., grad. at latter, 1885, teacher there, 1886-8, excise commissioner at Rose, 1889, assessor same, 1890, clerk in U. S. pension bureau at Washington since 1890 (m. Aug., 31, 1892, Harriett Curtiss Kimberly [dau. of Leroy H., see Kimberly lineage], and has dau. Marion C. Sherman, b. in Washington, D.C., Oct. 25, 1893); has 8 brothers and sisters, viz; Benjamin F. of Clyde, N.Y., b. at Rose, N.Y., Aug. 1, 1831 (m. Eveline Moore of Butler, N.Y., and had Charles A. and Harriet); E. Willard, b. at Rose, N.Y., May 23, 1833, d. at Clyde, N.Y., Feb. 23, 1889 (m. Pamelia Kellogg of Butler, N.Y., and had dau. Ada); George W., b. at Rose, N.Y., May 6, 1835, d. there, May 24, 1889 (m. Silbyl Wilson, and had George A. and Irene); Charles, b. at Rose, Apr. 20, 1839, d. at Clyde, June 19, 1884, enlisted in co. B, 27th reg. N.Y. vols. as private, promoted to 2d lieut. (m. Marion Gotier of Rome, N.Y.); Lucina, b. at Rose, July 28, 1841 (m. Putnam Sampson of Butler, N.Y., now of Clyde, and had Mary, Minnie and Belle); Ezra A., b. at Rose, July 12, 1845, d. at Richmond, Va., Mar. 27, 1864, enlisted in co. C., 111th reg., N.Y. vols., died a prisoner; Ezra A., b. at Rose, Jan. 27, 1866, a successful horse trainer, one of the proprietors of Rose View Farm, at Rose, N.Y., town clerk there, 1891; Harriet E., b. at Rose, June 18, 1871 (m. Nov. 29, 1893, Manley G. Fowler of Rochester, N.Y.); son of Charles B. Sherman of Rose, N.Y., b. in Phelps, N.Y., Dec. 21, 1804, d. in rose, Feb. 9, 1883, assisted in surveying the town of Rose, one of the builders of the Erie canal, and Chesapeake and Ohio canal, commissioner of highways of Rose, 1834-42, town assessor, 1854, commissioner of excise several years, overseer of poor, 1850-69, farmer (m. 1st, Sep. 17, 1829, Lucina Allen, b. June 20, 1809, d. Feb. 19, 1858 [dau. of Ezra of Butler, N.Y., and sister of Chas. Allen of Rose, and Sophronia Allen, who m. Chester Ellinwood of Rose]; m. 2d., Oct. 20, 1859, Charlotte J. Tyler, b. in Lowell, N.Y., Nov. 1, 1828, dau. of Chester, b. in Bridgeport, Ct., Nov. 16, 1801, moved to Oneida co., N.Y., d. there, Aug. 20, 1831, m. Harriet Strong, b. Dec. 10, 1807, dau. of Peter B. Strong and Joanna Bailey, who moved from Conn. to N.Y. abt. 1740); son of John Sherman of Rose, N.Y., b. in Shrewsbury, Mass., Mar. 27, 1864, d. in Rose, Nov. 28, 1833, Rev. soldier, enlisted from Conway, Mass., to Phelps, N.Y., 1793, to Rose, 1811, pioneer there (m. Nov. 13, 190, Chloe Dickinson, b. in Conway, Nov. 21, 1768, d. in Rose, Nov. 5, 1860, dau. of Elias Dickinson, b. in Conway, 1724, d. in Phelps, 1806, moved there, abt. 17930; son of John Sherman of Shrewsbury and Conway, Mass, b. in Shrewsbury, Apr. 8, 1737, d. in Conway, Rev. soldier, 1776 (m. 1761, Chloe Thayer of Bellingham, Mass., d. May 26, 1766, aged 25, and had, beside John, a son Caleb of Conway, b. in Shrewsbury, May 14, 1762, drover, made over 500 trips to Boston with cattle, Rev. soldier, 1779-81 [m. Miss Bacon of Conway, and had: Joseph, John, Orra, William and Chloe], and dau. Chloe b. in Shrewsbury, Aug. 4, 1765); son of Joseph Sherman of Marlboro and Shrewsbury, Mass., b. in Marlboro, 1703 (m. Dec. 25, 1728, Sarah Perrum or Perham of Sutton, Mass., b. 1693, d. Mar. 2, 1772, had 5 children, viz.: Joseph, b. Feb. 8, 1736, John, above, Sarah, b. June 27, 1739 [m. 1759, Thomas Grover], Joseph, bp. Aug. 15, 1742, Lydia, bp. Aug. 29, 1744 [m. Nov. 22, 1764, Israel Rice of Grafton]; son of John of Marlboro, Mass., b. Jan. 11, 1674 (m. Mary, and had: Joseph, above, Ephraim, b. 1710, John, b. 1713, and Samuel, b. 1718]; son of Joseph of Watertown, Mass., b. there, Mar. 14, 1650, d. 1731, representative, assessor, etc. (m. Nov. 18, 1673, Elizabeth Winship, and had: John, above, Joseph, b. Feb. 8, 1679, and William, b. June 28, 1692, father of Roger Sherman the signer); son of John of Watertown, Mass., b. in Dedham, Eng., 1613, d. in Watertown, Mass., Jan. 25, 1690, came to Conn., 1634, settled at Watertown, Mass., capt. in colonial wars, representative, town clerk (m. Martha Palmer, d. 1700).

SHERMAN, John of Rose, N.Y., b. Mar. 27, 1764, see accompanying lineage, had 7 children, viz.: Claramond, b. in Conway, Mass., Oct. 7, 1791, d. in Ypsilanti, Mich., Dec. 18, 1869 (m. Aug. 20, 1810, Charles Woodward of Phelps, N.Y., d. in Ypsilanti, Aug. 15, 1870, and had Charles S., b. in Rose, Oct. 22, 1821, surveyor in Ypsilanti, and Eliza, b. Dec., 31, 1811, d. in Iowa, Mar. 6, 1885); Elias D., b. in Phelps, 1794 (m. 1st, Wealthy Griswold of Rose, b. Aug. 2, 1802, d. May 28, 1846, m. 2d, Roxy Neal, d. at Galesburg, Mich., Oct. 28, 1871, and had William, b. in Rose, Apr. , 1822, d. in Butler, N.Y., Feb. 27, 1862, Joseph, b. in Rose, Sep. 27, 1823, d. in Belmont, Mich., Jan. 15, 1889, Orra, b. in Rose, Nov. 4, 1825. now resides in Watkins, N.Y., Eliza, b. in Rose in 1827 and d. in 1884, Levi, b. in Rose, Apr. 24, 1834, enlisted in co. C., 21st reg. N.Y. cav., and is now a photographer in Rochester, N.Y., Franklin N., b. in Rose, 1836, lived in Three Rivers, Mich., Elias D., b. in Rose, 1839, lives in Watkins, N.Y., Wealthy, b. in Rose, Apr. 25, 1846, d. Sept. 6, 1854, and by 2nd m., John of Comstock, Mich.); Wealthy, b. in Phelps, 1796, d. Jan. 30, 1861 (m. Hollace Joy of Lyndonville, N.Y., d. Sep. 7, 1879, and had Matilda, b. 1821, d. Feb. 3, 1894 [m. James Stroyan], Susan S. [m. Mathias Warner of Lyndonville, N.Y.], Lewis L. of Rochester, and Charles of Carleton, N.Y.); Paulexany, b. in Phelps, 1800, d. 1844 (m. Luther Chapman of Phelps, and had Edna, d. 1891 [m. 1st, Mr. Green, m. 2d, Mr. Shoulters], and Sarah, who m. and lived in Rochester); Sarah, b. in Phelps, 1802 (m. Erastus Truesdale of Barre, N.Y., and had son Wm.); Charles B., b. in Phelps, Dec. 21, 1804 (see accompanying lineage); and John, b. in Phelps, 1806, d. in Joppa, Mich., Mar. 23, 1881 (m. July 15, 1828, Olive Crydenwise of Rose, and had Cordelia [m. Wesley Cartor], Caleb, whom. Cornelia and d. at Fortress Monroe during the war, Charles [m. Nancy Reyes], Harrison [m. Mary Copeland], Harriet [m. Ephraim Allen of Joppa, Mich.] and Emily.

American Ancestry, Vol. X, 1895

WILDER, Louis De Valois of New York city, b. in Wolcott, N.Y., Aug. 6, 1817, physician since 1842, homeopathic since 1846, prof. of homeopathy in U. S. Med. coll. in N.Y., several years (m. Feb. 24, 1848, Margaretta Sherwood of Dutchess co., N.Y., and had Louise S., Marshall Pinckney and Jennie C. Wilder); son of Jedediah of Wolcott, N.Y., b. in Bristol, N.Y., Oct. 13, 1792, d. in Wolcott, Aug. 8, 1867, a very intelligent farmer and business man, held the most important offices in his town and county, but declined to represent the county in the Legislature (m. Oct. 3, 1816, Prudence Wells, b. Apr. 1, 1792, in Sodus, N.Y.); son of Elijah of Seneca, N.Y., b. in East Haddam, Ct., Sep. 19, 1752, d. in Seneca, July 9, 1836, lived at Barkhamstead till 1790, Bristol, N.Y., 1791-2, Seneca, N.Y., 1793-1836, drove an ox team before a cart all the way from Conn., into the wilderness to Bristol (m. 1st, Nov. 26, 1778, Hannah Spencer, m. 2d., Jan. 6, 1791, Catherine Doolittle, m. 3d., Feb. 14, 1799, Esther Mighles, m. 4th, Jan. 17, 1833, Lucy Judd); son of Joseph of Barkhamstead, Ct., b. in Lancaster, Mass., Jan. 14, 1725, d. in Barkhamstead, Jan. 3, 1816, lived in East Haddam, Ct., until 1763, magistrate there many years, and at Barkhamstead, where he was a leader in town, county and church affairs (m. Hannah Banning); son of Jonas of Lyme, Ct., 1733-60, then of Hartland Ct., b. in Lancaster, Mass., 1699, d. in Hartland, 1797 (m. 1st, 1724, Eunice Beaman, m. 2d., 1733, another Eunice Beaman, he lived with his 2d wife over 60 years, had 13 children and a posterity of 235 when he died); son of John of Lancaster, Mass., bp. July 12, 1673, d. in Hartland (m. 1695, Hannah). [ Following this profile in the original book is extensive information on the history of the Wilders in America.].

American Ancestry, Vol. XI, 1898

EDDY, Alfred, b. in Marion, N.Y., d. Niles, Mich., Mar. 3, 1883, a D. D. and a Presbyterian clergyman (m. Sep. 17, ___, Katharine Wilcox, had dau. Katharine Louise Eddy of Chicago, Ill., b. in Bellona, N.Y. Jan. 10, 1849 [m. Apr. 20, 1871, Lucius George Fisher, had 4 ch., viz: Lucius George, Alice Eddy, Ethel Field and Katharine Eddy Fisher]; son of David of Marion, N.Y., b. there Mar. 3, 1774 (Note: this birth location can't be correct), d. there June 9, 1840, was a lawyer and a judge of Wayne co., N.Y. (m. May 25, 1806 Deborah Shaw); son of Samuel Eddy, b. in Plymouth, Mas, Jan. 12, 1743, d. in Williamson N.Y., Mar. 3, 1832, an orderly sergeant in the continental army and a learned and religious man (m. Sally Paddock); son of Samuel, b. 1710, d. 1748 (m. Lydia, dau. of John and Hannah [White] Alden, and a desc. of John and Priscilla Alden); son of Samuel, b. 1675, d. 1753 (m. Meltiah Pratt, desc. of Phineas Pratt, the pilgrim); son of Obadiah, b. Samuel, b. in Cranbrook Eng., 1608, d. in Swansea, Mass., 1688, he and his bro. John sailed from London Aug. 10, 1630 and arrived at Plymouth, Mass. Oct. 29, 1630.

PURDY, Hiram J. of Seneca Falls N.Y., b. in West Butler N.Y. Jan. 18, 1847, physician and surgeon in Seneca Falls (m. Dec. 19, 1867 Emma Roberts, and had Alice Amanda Purdy b. in Seneca Falls, N.Y. July 11, 1872); son of Merritt of West Butler N.Y., b. in Pittstown N.Y. Dec. 23, 1808, d. in West Butler 1873, justice of peace, judge, lawyer (m. Dec. 25, 1836 Amanda Sears [desc. of Richard Sears of Yarmouth Mass., Deacon Paul Peck of Hartford, Ct., Samuel Boardman of Wethersfield Ct., John Lee of Agawam Mass., Henry Woodis Woodhouse, Deacon John Moore, Michael Griswold, Dea. Richard Butler and John Bissell of Windsor Ct.], she had 3 ch. besides Hiram above, viz.: Charles E., b. Dec. 31, 1837 [m. Feb. 24, 1863 Mary Chatfield], Maria B. [m. W. F Peck, see Peck lineage] and Caroline, b. Apr. 17, 1872, d. May 18, 1873); son of Jonathan Purdy of Pittstown, N.Y., b. in White Plains N.Y. Nov. 18, 1774, d. in Pittstown N.Y. Nov. 1, 1848, large landholder, soldier in war of 1812, served to the close of the war (m. Sep. 15, 1803 Hannah, dau. of Peter and Phoebe [Carpenter] Purdy, and had 5 ch., viz.: Martha Maria, b. 1807, d. Sep. 10, 1867, Phoebe, b. 1806 [m. Mr. Ingraham], Merritt as above, Catherine, b. 1811, d. Sep. 8, 1870 [m. Mr. Wier], and Harriet, b. 1814 [m. Mr. Horton]; son of Francis Purdy of White Plains, N.Y., b. there 1746, d. in Schuylerville N.Y. 1827, royalist (m. 1768 Martha Hyatt, and had 13 ch., viz.: Anna [m. Mr. Abrams], Catherine [m. Mr. Ferris], Hyatt, Jonathan as above, Jerediah, Abijah, Francis, Sally [m. a Williams], James, John, Gilbert, Elijah and Nathaniel Purdy); son of Still John Purdy.

PECK, Robertson Irish of Davenport Iowa, b. there July 6, 1871, grad. in medicine and surgery at the state univ. of Iowa, 1892, finished his education in Vienna, and is now a practicing physician and surgeon (m. Dec. 29, 1892 Maude Leighton Ritchie of colonial desc.); son of Washington Freeman Peck of Davenport, Iowa, b. Galen, N.Y. Jan. 22, 1840, d. in Davenport Dec. 12, 1891, grad. Bellevue med. coll., house surgeon in Bellvue hospital 2 years, government surgeon at Washington D. C. in civil war, moved to Davenport, surgeon there, prof. of surgery and dan of faculty in Iowa 1869-91, member many medical societies, medical writer, etc. (m. Sep. 18, 1865, Maria Bissell Purdy [dau. of Merritt Purdy, see Purdy lineage] and had Jessie Allen [m. Henry Vollmer, see Vollmer lineage], Mary Alida and Robertson I. above); son of William Peck of Clyde N.Y., born on S ep. 1, 1819 , d. in Wolcott, N.Y. Oct. 12, 1886 (m. in Mar. 1839 Alida Hawes, b. in Kinderhook N.Y. Aug. 16, 1824, of Dutch desc., dau of Simon Hawes, m. Kate Clapper Oct. 2, 1813 and gr.-dau. of Zachariah Howes [and Sally Race], who came from Holland and settled in Kinderhook N.Y.); son of Aschel Peck of Butler N.Y., b. in Greenwich Ct. Dec. 15, 1772, d. in Butler Oct. 12, 1852, large land owner (m. July 16m, 1795 Mary Lull, d. Oct. 5, 1864); son of Nathan of Mt. Washington Urbana N.Y., b. in Greenwich, Ct. Nov. 17, 1744, d. in Mt. Washington after 1810, soldier in Capt. Noble Benedict's co. of Danbury Ct. 1775 (m. Sep. 16, 1769 Sarah Tinney, b. Mar. 22, 1746, of Scotch desc.); son of John of Greenwich Ct., b. there 1718, d. there 1771 (m. 1741 Sarah Adams); (Note: the line goes back to William Peck of New Haven, Ct., b. in London Eng. 1601, d. in New Haven Oct. 4, 1694, who came to Boston Mass. with Gov. Eaton, Rev. John Davenport and others. Refer to original volume, p. 112, for further info.

GREGG, William Henry of St. Louis Mo. b. in Palmyra, N.Y. Mar. 24, 1831, settled in St. Louis 1846, merchant and manufacturer, now retired (m. Nov. 21, 1855 Orian Thompson, dau. of James Jennings Thompson who moved to St. Louis from Lunenburg co. Va., her mother was a Lawrence, desc. of the Lawrences of Watertown and Groton Mass., she Orian had 5 ch., viz.: Norris B., Clara J., William H., Julia, Orie L. Gregg); son of John Gregg of Greenfield N.H., Rochester, Palmyra, Lyyons and Perry N.Y. and St. Louis Mo., b. in Greenfield N.H. Aug. 5, 1802, d. in Perry N.Y. May 28, 1846, inventor, was in the foundry and machine business at Rochester, Palmyra, Lyons and Perry, N.Y. (m. Apr. 15, 1824 Anne Wilcox of Palmyra, dau. of William Wilcox who emigrated from Tiverton R. I. her mother Ruth Durfee emigrated from Tiverton with her father Gideon Durfee to Palmyra 1791); son of Hugh Gregg of Greenfield N.H. and Peterboro N.H., b. in latter Nov. 22, 1765, d. in Perry N.Y. 1838, farmer (m. Sarah Holmes, b. Aug. 12, 1765, of the Holmes family of Londondrry N.H. and Peterboro N.H.); son of Samuel Gregg of Peterboro N.H., b. in Londonderry 1738, d. in Peterboro Dec. 10, 1808, soldier in the British army, serg., was in Cape Breton expedition, took part in the capture of Louisburg, during rev. war, maj. of 23d N.H. reg. (m. Agnes. dau. of John Smiley of Haverhill Mass.); son of John of Londonderry N.H., b. in co. of Derry Parish Mnaskee Ireland 1702, d. in Londonderry Feb. 28, 1789, lieut. in the Ranger service of the colony of N.H. during the trouble with the Indians (m. Agnes, dau. of Hugh Rankin of Londonderry Ireland, was in Londonderry during the celebrated seige by the Stewarts, came to this country with his dau. Agnes from co. Antrim Ireland 1722); son of James Gregg of Londonderry N.H., b. in Ayrshire Scotland, d. in Londonderry N.H. Mar. 10, 1758, emigrant from Ayrshire Scotland, d. in Londonderry N.H. Mar. 10, 1758, emigrant from Ayrshire Scotland to Mnaskee Parish Ireland 1690, came to America 1718, was one of the 16 families who founded Londonderry N.H., capt. 1st milita co., raised in the town for defense against the Indians (m. Janet Cargill, b. in Illa Scotland).

MANDEVILLE, William Howard of Olean, N.Y., b. in Milport N.Y. Aug. 15, 1841 (m. Aug. 22, 1872 Helen L. Eastman [dau. of Wm. W.] and had Wm. Harry Mandeville b. in Olean Oct. 25, 1875); son of John Drake Mandeville of Olean and Belmont N.Y., b. in Lyons N.Y. Jan. 26, 1814, d. in Olean Nov. 29, 1867 (m. July 25, 1837 Susan Pomeroy, b. in Savona N.Y. Aug. 18, 1818, had Wm. H., b. Aug. 15, 1841 above, J. Bradley, b. in Milport Aug. 2, 1846, d. Apr. 20, 1881, Anna Eliza, b. in Brooklyn Mary 3, 1849, Harriett Probasco, b. in Belmont N.Y. Jan. 29, 1852, d. Feb. 3, 1887, John Drake b. in Belmont Mar. 3, 1858); son of John of Lyons N.Y., b. in New York city Feb. 19, 1781, d. in Blissfield Mich. Dec. 23, 1839 (m. Feb. 8, 1809 Jane Mersole of Ovid N.Y., d. in Brooklyn Feb. 11, 1849, and had Joshua, b. in Ovid N.Y., Kathime, b. in Ovid Jan. 28, 1812, John D. above, Sarah B., b. in Ovid Mar. 13, 1816, d. in Adrian Mich. Mar. 7, 1886, Helen E., b. in Lyons, d. 1893, Samuel, b. in Lyons Oct. 26, 1826, and Charles, b. in Lyons Mar. 9, 1823, killed in battle 1864); son of John, b. in Peekskill N.Y. Oct. 11, 1753, d. Apr. 27, 1827, 1st lieut in Capt. Eben Boyd's co. in 3d N.Y. reg. (m. June 5, 1773 Sarah Drake, b. in Peekskill Mar. 4, 1755, d. in Ovid Nov. 17, 1838 [dau. of Col. Samuel Drake of 3d N.Y. reg.], and had Rebecca, b. Mar. 7, 1774, Cornelius, b. Oct. 11, 1775, John, b. Feb. 19, 1781 above, Joshua, b. Nov. 29, 1782, Betsey, b. Aug. 2, 1783, Polly b. Sep. 16, 1786, Sally Ann, b. July 26, 1788, Francis D., b. Mar. 27, 1790, and Elijah, b. May 1, 1799).

Volumes of the "American Ancestry" series are available at most large genealogical libraries, also appear in database format in some subscription-only online genealogy sites (do a net search on "American Ancestry"), and were reprinted in 1968 by the Genealogical Publishing Company of Baltimore, Maryland.

The pages with the Wayne County residents were donated to this site, so the coordinators don't own the original volumes or have further info about persons or surnames mentioned in the profiles above. Also, please refer to the original volumes to verify printed dates. The typing has been proof-read but errors may have slipped past the eyes of the typist.

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