Part 3

Macedon, Palmyra, South Shore (Ontario) & Williamson


Macedon Grange No. 326 was organized April 16, 1876 by Mr. Bradley Riggs of Palmyra. The first meeting place was in the district school, north of the village. Hiram C. Durfee was elected first Master. Rooms were next rented in the Academy and were shared by the order of "Good Templars." On April 1, 1905, the present Grange Hall was purchased from the Society of Orthodox Friends. A celebration of the burning of the final notes on the hall was held February 28, 1914. Macedon Grange in the early years maintained a Patron's Store. The 60th Anniversary of Macedon Grange was celebrated April 16, 1935, with appropriate ceremonies. The Grange now has 112 members on the roll, nine of which are past masters.


Hiram C. Durfee, 1 yr.; Albert Briggs, 2 yrs.; I. Falman, 1 yr.; Burton S. Durfee, 5 yrs.; John Wilson, 1yr.; Cyrus Packard, 2 yrs.; Wm. Greene, 10 yrs.; G. H. Hadden, 2 yrs.; Chas. Huendeen, 2 yrs.; Wm. Billngs, 1 yr.; Thomas Bridges, 7 yrs.; D. E. Barker, 2 yrs.; Philander Packard, 2 yrs.; O. B. Furman, 1 yr.; John Wilkinson, 2 yrs.; Duane Wiedrick, 2 yrs.; Durfee Hoag, 3 yrs.; Frank Deibold, 2 yrs.; George Bradley, 5 yrs.; Carl Blaker, 1 yr.; Ernest Deibold, 1 yr.; Howard Bradley, 2yrs.; Victor Smith, 2 yrs.; Arthur Bradley, 2 yrs.; Parker Allen, 1 yr.


Master, Hiram C. Durfee; Overseer, Burton S. Durfee; Lecturer, Albert Briggs; Steward, I. S. Chase; Assistant Steward, John Wilson; Chaplain, Tracy S. Clark; Treasurer, Cyrus Packard; Secretary, Libbie J. Durfee; Gatekeeper, J. W. Colburn; Ceres, Mrs. E. J. Blaker; Pomona, Mrs. E. R. Chase; Flora, Miss C. Puloir; Lady Assistant Steward, Mrs. L. Wilson.


Master, Parks C. Allen; Overseer, I. R. Bryant; Lecturer, Miss Helen Kemp; Steward, Arthur G. Bradley; Assistant Steward, George Packard; Chaplain, Mrs. F. H. Bryant; Treasurer, Victor R. Smith; Secretary, Howard E. Bradley; Gatekeeper, Frank A. Deibold; Ceres, Miss Clara Miller; Pomona, Miss Esther Spafford; Flora, Miss Celia Hoag; Lady Assistant Steward, Mrs. George Packard; Financial Secretary, Philander Packard.


S. D. Anderson
Willard Allen
Mary Allen
Edith Allen
Parke C. Allen
Mae Allen
Bertha B. Aldridge
William J. Barker
Clara Barker
Clarence Blaker
Ethel Blaker
Jeannette Blaker
Carl Blaker
Maude Blaker
S. H. Barnsdale
Elizabeth Barnsdale
George Bradley
Beulah Bradley
Arthur Bradley
Margaret Bradley
Howard Bradley
Charlotte Bradley
T. R. Bryant
Matilda Bryant
Arthur Briggs
Emma Briggs
Harold Bills
Clayton Brydges
Lois Bowerman
Charles Clark
Matura Clark
Hattie Chapman
Ward Conklin
E. Belle Conklin
Adrian Contant
Frank B. Chittenden
Frank Diebold
Emma Diebold
Charles Diebold
Armond DeClerck
Walter Eldredge
Anna Eldredge
Raymond Fritts
Estella Fritts
Nora Goodsell
J. B. Geary
Bessie Geary
Margaret Geary
Martha Hoag
Celia Hoag
Charles Hack
George Hack
Minnie Hack
Theron Hack
James E. Harbou
Lucius Hall

Mattie Hurlbut
Lovett Jordan
Laura Jordan
Abe Johnson
Lillian Jones
Charles Kemp
Minnie Kemp
Helen Kemp
Byron Lapham
Edna Lapham
Robert Lewis
Jeania Lewis
William Miller
Alice Miller
Clara Miller
Harriet McGuedwin
Ray McLeod
Verna McLeod
James O'Neil
Philander Packard
Gertrude Packard
Elizabeth Packard
George Packard
Beatrice Packard
William Packard
Helen Packard
Cyrus Packard
Clara Packard
S. A. Reed
Alfred Rice
Mabel Rice
Raymond Risden
Lela Mae Risden
Doris Rayburn
Fred Spafford
Grace Spafford
Esther Spafford
Victor Smith
Lena Smith
John Sweet
Gertrude Sweet
Irving Talman
Florence Talman
Irving Thompson
Florence Thompson
Leighten Thomas
Lena Thomas
Duane Wiedrich
Flora Weidrich
Leon Wiedrich
John Wilkinson
George Wier
Charles Wilcox
Sara Wilson
Pearl Wilson


A group of enterprising farmers met on February 25, 1874, and organized the Palmyra Grange, No. 123, Patrons of Husbandry. George Sprague of Lockport, Secretary of the New York State Grange, was present and was assisted by William Strong, of Clyde, N. Y. There were 30 charter members, one of whom is now living, Mrs. Anna Robinson. During the earlier years meetings were often held in the homes of members. The Grange membership has had a steady growth until there are now 320 members. There are about 70 members or more who have had the Seventh Degree and about the same number with the Sixth Degree. Nearly one-third of the members are enrolled in the Pomona Grange. There are 45 Silver Certificate members and two living Golden Sheaf members, Mrs. P. S. Aldrich and Mrs. Anna Robinson.


D. S. Aldrich, J. O. Clark, A. S. Durfee, A. T. Goldsmith, A. W. Marshall, Nelson Reeves, E. H. Robinson, Mrs. A. S. Durfee, Mrs. M. B. Riggs, Miss Frances Foster, N. S. Backus, C. P. Clark, J. R. Foster, W. H. Kent, J. R. Nottingham, M. B. Riggs, Mrs. Cordelia Chapman, Mrs. Emma Gillet, Mrs. Louisa Robinson, Thaddeus Phillips, T. H. Chapman, James Davis, J. P. Gillet, Norman Lapham, Hendee Parshall, C. R. Robinson, Mrs. Anna Clark, Mrs. Emma Reeves, Mrs. Anna Robinson, Mrs. Maria Clark.


M. B. Riggs, J. O. Clark, H. M. Clark, A. S. Durfee, J. R. Foster, L. W. Feller, Thaddeus Phillips, W. H. Kent, G. H. Reeves, E. H. Clark, M. B. Riggs, J. O. Clark, N. S. Backus, Edmund Reynolds, P. S. Aldrich, W. W. Edgerton, R. N. Backus, E. H. Clark, C. H. Rogers, P. S. Aldrich, R. N. Backus, J. H. Walton, P. S. Aldrich, Alonzo Chase, C. H. Johnson, John Newman, Mrs. Wm. E. Hosey, P. S. Aldrich, Mrs. Edward P. Oaks, James Ingles, C. H. Johnson, Mrs. P. S. Aldrich, C. H. Johnson, George R. Harrison, J. H. Walton, W. H. Dixon, Alvin LaRue, Henry Reynolds, Merritt S. Mumby, Earl M. Smith.


Master, George T. Coveney; Overseer, Philip M. Trautman; Lecturer, Prudence M. Warner; Steward, Daniel Shaw; Assistant Steward, Arnold Smith; Chaplain, Mrs. Philip M. Trautman; Treasurer, Mrs. William Pierce; Secretary, Mrs. Coral J. Poyzer; Gatekeeper, Ralph Cramer; Ceres, Mrs. Alice McClelland; Pomona, Hazel Gordon; Flora, Hazel Cramer; Lady Assistant Steward, Gertrude Wright; Color Bearer, Warren Jordan,; Executive Committee, George L. Chapman, William Alderman, Henry M. Reynolds.


Mrs. Ray Alderman
William Alderman
Mrs. W. Alderman
Lucille Alderman
Arthur Alderman
Mrs. Fred Allen
Clifford Adams
Mrs. Vernon Adams
John Almekinder
Mrs. Lillian Aldrich
Elizabeth Beal
John Blankenburg
Frank Boutall
Edwin Brown
Jessie Braman
Marenus Bedett, Sr.
Marenus Bedett, Jr.
Clark W. Bly
Henry Bedett
Mrs. H. Bedett
James Blankenburg
Mrs. J. Blankenburg
Elmer Bird
Mrs. William Bush
Frederick Beaucage
John H. Cook
Mrs. Elizabeth Cook
Isaac Cook
Jacob Crookston
Mrs. Jacob Crookston
Elizabeth A. Crookston
John Cunningham
Mrs. Geo. Cunningham
Mrs. Flor. Chapman
George L. Chapman
Mrs. G. L. Chapman
James W. Chapman
Mrs. J. W. Chapman
Vernon Cator
Edward Cook
Mrs. E. Cook
Leon Cator
Mrs. L. Cator
John Coveney
Mrs. J. Coveney
F. E. Converse
W. R. Converse
Mrs. Charles Cramer
Hazel Cramer
Ralph Cramer
Mrs. Anna K. Cooper
Harry Coulter
Milo Coulter
Mae Carroll
William Cady
Mrs. Elizabeth Clayton
George Coveney
Mrs. Geo. Coveney
Mrs. Jennie Cyphers
Daniel A. Chapman
Jacob DeVuyst
Myron L. DeWitt
Mrs. Mary Durfee
Frank DeVey
Mrs. F. DeVey
Claire DeMay
Henry DeJager
Mrs. Louise Dixon
Reginald Dunk
Mrs. R. Dunk
Peter DeVuyst
Anna Deys
Ernest Dillenbach
Wesley Ebert
Mrs. W. Ebert
Dr. R. G. Eveland
Evilene Ebert
Mrs. Ethel Fairburn
Ezra M. Fish
Wiliam Forderkonz
J. B. Fries
Mrs. H. B. Fries
Mrs. Augusta Fisher
Floyd Freer
Edward D. Farrell
Mrs. George Goldsmith
James Greening
Mrs. J. W. Gurney
Mrs. Fred Guile
Hazel Gordon
Mrs. Jacob Haak
Mrs. George Hack
Ethel Hack
John Jammelink
Mrs. Chas. Haskins
William Hoosey (sic)
Mrs. W. Hosey
Charles Harrison
Mrs. C. Harrison
Jacob Haak
Raph Hutchins
Mrs. R. Hutchins
Oliver Hammond
Mrs. O. Hammond
Byron Harding
Mrs. B. Harding
Patrick Hickey
Mrs. Lydia Herman
Miss Millie Hornsby
Maurice Hickey
Mrs. M. Hickey
Mrs. Marie Harrington
Rev. Higinbotham
Mrs. R. Higinbotham
Harold Jacobs
Charles B. Joyce
Mrs. C. B. Joyce
Thomas Jeffery
David Jeffery
Edward Jeffery, Jr.
Sadie Judevine
Mary A. Jones
Gottlieb Kommer
Mrs. G. Kommer
Jacob Kommer
Lydia Kommer
Martin Kommer
Edwin Luppold
Mrs. E. Luppold
Julius Lonnevile
Alvin LaRue
Mrs. A. LaRue
Charles Lebrecht
David Levis
Mrs. C. A. McClelland
George McKnutt
Thomas McGuire

Mrs. Henry Mink
Mrs. A. A. Mitchell
George Mertz
Mrs. G. Mertz
Clara L. Mertz
Martha A. Mertz
Mrs. Charles Mertz
Louise Moore
Mrs. L. Moore
Charles Mertz
Philip Miller
William Merrick
Mrs. Albert Miller
Mrs. Araminta Miller
John Newman
Morey Nichols
John O'Meal
Mrs. J. O'Meal
Leon O'Meal
Mrs. L. O'Meal
George Olsen
Mrs. G. Olsen
Dorothy Olsen
Mrs. Heneretta Olsen
Caroline Olsen
Blanche Palmer
Mrs. Mary Parker
Harry C. Pickering
Mrs. H. C. Pickering
Kenneth Pickerin (sic)
Mrs. William Pierce
Mrs. Coral J. Poyzer
Mrs. R. Newell
Henry Reynolds
Ria J. Reynolds
Mary Reynolds
Mrs. Mary Robbins
John Rolland
Mrs. John Rolland
William Rolland
John Rushmore, Sr.
Mabel Reeves
Mrs. Catherine Ryan
Edwin C. Reeves
Ralph Rainbow
Mrs. R. Rainbow
William Rose
Mrs. Anna Robinson
Clarence Sampson
Mrs. C. Sampson
James Sampson
William T. Sampson
Daniel Shaw
Mrs. D. Shaw
Leonard Short
Mrs. Hannah Smith
John Smith
Walter Smith
Mrs. W. Smith
Marvin Soule
Mrs. M. Soule
Robert Spanganburg
Mrs. R. Spanganburg
Mrs. Fred B. Smith
Laura Smith
Mrs. Estelle Storms
Arnold Smith
Earl Smith
Mrs. William Spier
John Stehler
Arthur Storms
Mrs. F. W. Skeels
Claude B. Shove
Emma Swart
Daisy Swart
Mrs. Bernadine Storms
Mary E. Storms
Mrs. Margaret Strong
Burton Smith
Leon A. Sherman
Orie Tack
Mrs. Sarah Taber
Harvey Thompson
Mrs. H. Thompson
Erline Dibble Thorn
Philip Trautman
Mrs. P. Trautman
Mrs. Albert Trautman
Mrs. George Townsend
John Tucker
Mrs. J. Tucker
Mrs. William Tilden
Frances Thompson
Herbert VanDusen
Mrs. H. VanDusen
Mrs. Helen VanMarter
Mrs. B. W. Verbridge
Mrs. Carrie VanBurtel
Gladys VanBurtel
Peter VanWaes
Charles Wallace
Mrs. C. Wallace
L. D. Warner
Mrs. L. D. Warner
Prudence Warner
Mrs. L. May Walton
Clarence Wissick
Harry Williamson
Glenn Williamson
Mrs. G. Williamson
Alfaretta Williamson
LeRoy Whipple
Charles Wright
Mrs. Chas. Woodworth
Harold Wright
Mrs. H. Wright
Lyle Warren
Mrs. L. Warren
William Wells
Albert West
Adella Walker
Arthur Wilson
Mrs. A. Wilson
Merton Wilson
Elmer Webster
Esther Webster
Caroline Woodworth
Wilma Williamson
Wayne Williamson
Percy Yorton
Mrs. P. Yorton
Harvey Young
Mrs. H. Young
Harry Young
Sanford M. Young
Arthur L. Young
George Young


The first Grange in the Ontario community was stated February 16, 1874, at Ontario Center, but in as much as most of its membership was comprised of Lincoln people, the charter was transferred to that town and a Grange started there. Fourteen years later, March 28, 1888, W. H. Kent of Palmyra, the Deputy at that time, started the present Grange at the home of Mr. Emmet Teats in Ontario where the Phillip Wickies farm is now located. There were nineteen charter members with two others detained by storms, and the name "South Shore Grange" was adopted.

In April of the same year the Grange moved to the village in the G. A. R. Building, later across the street, and still later moving to the Mepham Block on Mill Street where it was held for a good many years while plans were being carried through for a separate building. January, 1932, saw the culmination of all the Grange's hopes with the building of the new concrete hall on West Main Street where modern conveniences and valuable opportunities are available to Grange members and to the community.

The Grange with a present membership of 294 and an active Juvenile Grange looks forward to the high goal which the past masters set before them.


Master, L. Jennings; Overseer, J. C. Howk; Lecturer, Mrs. L. Jennings; Steward, Clancy Norton; Assistant Steward, Wm. Thayer; Chaplain, Wm. Fries; Treasurer, Emmet Teats; Secretary, C. T. Sherburne; Gatekeeper; B. J. Hopkins; Pomona, Mrs. Wm. Thayer; Flora, Mrs. J. C. Howk; Ceres, Mrs. Emmet Teats; Lady Assistant Steward, Mrs. Wm. Fries.


Loren Jennings, J. C. Howk, Burton Hopkins, Albert Middleton, Frank Stanford, G. P. Norton, Dr. J. S. Brandt, John Fewster, Frank Brown, C. C. Norton, Floyd Gates, Wilbur Palmer, George Chapman, Floyd Mepham, Merrit Adams, Wm. Quance, Mrs. B. Pratt and Monroe Cass.


Master, Lorenzo Palmer; Overseer, Walter Cone; Lecturer, Mrs. Chas. Hurley; Chaplain, Mrs. Fillmore; Steward, Osmond Hamlin; Assistant Steward, Adelbert Murphy; Gatekeeper, Ed. Mason; Treasurer, Mrs. R. Stevens; Secretary, Avis Place; Flora, Mary E. Hichey; Ceres, Rosemary McGuire; Pomona, Lucille Porray; Lady Assistant Steward, Mrs. Lois Cass.


Merritt Adams
Chas. Alborn
Mrs. Chas. Alborn
Theda Alborn
Edd. Alborn
Mrs. Edd. Alborn
Edd. Albright
Mrs. Edd. Albright
Jacob Albright
J. S. Albright
James Albright
George Baker
Mrs. Ros. Brunswick
J. C. Bailey
Howard Bailey
Mary Barnhart
Homer Barnhart
Mrs. H. Barnhart
Bert Barnhart
Mrs. B. Barnhart
Mrs. Fred Blythe
Albert Blythe
Mrs. A. Blythe
Edson Blythe
Mrs. E. Blythe
Mrs. Frank Brown
James Bushart
Frank Beneway
Frank Bockout
Hattie Brandt
Edd. Bilzer
Mrs. E. Bilzer
Roy Bilzer
Mrs. R. Bilzer
Wm. Bilzer, Sr.
Wm. Bilzer
Mrs. W. Bilzer
Joseph Beh
May Bowerman
John Bel
Peter Bolden
Herbert Bush
John Baart
Mrs. John Baart
Andrek (sic) Beinscroth
Andrew Beinscroth, Jr.
Martha Burden
Chas. Bushwood
Virginia Bushwood
Walter Cone
Mrs. W. Cone
Wallie Cook
Mrs. W. Cook
George Carr
Thelma Carr
Lewis Carr
Mrs. L. Carr
George Chapman
Mrs. G. Chapman
Richard Chapman
Carrie Colier
Galen Craven
Mrs. G. Craven
John Cass
Mrs. J. Cass
Frank Cass
Joseph Cass
Monroe Cass
Mrs. M. Cass
Ruth Cass
Scott Cass
Mrs. S. Cass
Kenneth Cass
Dr. Camp
Glen Coney
Mrs. G. Coney
Howard Clow
Mrs. H. Clow
Garth Clow
Sena Clark
Walter Clawson
Mrs. W. Clawson
Frank Clayton
Isaac DeLass
Mrs. I. DeLass
John DeSmith
Walter Dudley
Mrs. W. Dudley
Thomas Doyle
Frank DeRight
Mrs. F. DeRight
Chester Davis
Mrs. C. Davis
Richard Davis
Lena Damewood
Flora Damewood
Ray Eaton
Clinton Eaton
Mrs. C. Eaton
Harland Eaton
James Eaton
Doris Eaton
Joe Engleson
Monroe Engelson
Mrs. M. Engelson
Norton Engelson
Chas. Fewster (Est.)
John Fisher
Mervin Fisher
Merritt Fisher
Glenna Fisher
Luther Fillmore
Mrs. L. Fillmore
Ernest Fuller
Mrs. E. Fuller
Peter Foly
Mrs. P. Foly
Lewis French
Emory Faulks
Floyd Gates
Mrs. F. Gates
Glenn Gates
Ross Gates
Mrs. R. Gates
Helen Gates
Harley Gage
Mr. H. Gage
Joe Hulbert
Mrs. J. Hulbert
Margaret Hulbert
Howard Hurley
Ethel Hurley
Fred Hadges
James Harris
Lee Hampshire
Edd. Helficker
Lillian Heckman
Raymond Hill
Osmond Hamlin
Fred Henderson
Abram Hollebrand
Mrs. A. Hollebrand
John Hurst
Mary Hickey
Ray Johnson
Mrs. R. Johnson
Wilbur Johnson
Betty Johns
Joseph Kearns

Roman Karndofski
Edd Keymel
Mrs. E. Keymel
Roger Keymel
George Klink
Mrs. G. Klink
John Keeley
Verna La Garce
Clarence Largner
Myrna Leenhouts
Caroline Leyassee
Wilbur Leyassee
John Ladiue
Edd. Mason
Mrs. E. Mason
Floyd Mephane
Mrs. F. Mephane
Theodore Mephane
Mrs. T. Mephane
Arthur Middleton
Peter Moll
Abram Moll
Herbert Mickelson
Mrs. H. Mickelson
Newman Meaker
Will Monktelaw
Mrs. W. Monktelaw
Patrick Maguire
Mrs. P. Maguire
Rose Mary Maguire
Bernard Murphy
Mrs. B. Murphy
Adelbert Murphy
Mabel McGavern
Allen Niles
Mrs. A. Niles
Mrs. Harry Norton
Daniel Nobel
Walter Priestley
Chas. Pratt
Mrs. C. Pratt
Gladys Pratt
Wilbur Palmer
Mrs. Wibur Palmer
Lorenzo Palmer
Mrs. L. Palmer
Julia Palmer
Dr. Byron Palmer
Lucy Page
John Parrey
Mrs. J. Parrey
Lucille Parrey
David Parrey
Wesley Parrey
Mrs. Thomas Payne
Avis Place
George Perrin
Mrs. G. Perrin
Oliver Palen
Mrs. O. Palen
Louise Pembroke
Raymond Peer
Mrs. R. Peer
Manley Risley
Glen Rugg
Mrs. G. Rugg
John Riker
Mrs. J. Riker
T. P. Raymor
Alfred Rueger
Lorraine Ryan
Mrs. Mason Stevens
Arthur Stevens
Mrs. A. Stevens
Raymond Stevens
Mrs. R. Stevens
Lawerence Stevens
Mrs. L. Stevens
Edd. Scharett
Mrs. E. Scharett
Fred Suwuten
Thomas Sheahen
Mrs. T. Sheahen
John Sheahen
Mrs. J. Sheahen
Ferdinand Shernur
Mrs. Edd. Scharles
Linda Schermirhorn
Wm. Snow
Lianard Suter
Mrs. L. Suter
Robert Sutherland
Mrs. R. Sutherland
Frank Schapp
Warren Sassaman
Mrs. W. Sassaman
Newell Thompson
Mrs. N. Thompson
Ruth Thompson
Roy Thompson
Mrs. R. Thompson
Bruce Thompson
Wm. Tellier
Mrs. Wm. Tellier
Glen Trimble
Mrs. G. Trimble
Mrs. Ward Trimbel
Dewey Trimble
Mrs. D. Trimble
Clarence Todd
Arthur Trese
Leighton Thomas
Darwin Tummardo
Luella Tack
Albert Underwood
J. J. Verdine
Peter Verdine
Mrs. P. Verdine
Chas. VanEnwyeh
Chas. VanNorway
Peter Verhogen
Ivan VanHauter
Mrs. I. VanHauter
Merton VandeWalle
Mrs. M. VandeWalle
Howard Verdaw
Mrs. H. Verdaw
Gwendolyn Verdaw
Garth Verdaw
Theron VanHee
Mrs. T. VanHee
Frank Vandermill
Bert Williams
Mrs. B. Williams
Thomas Woodhams
Stanley Woodhams
Will Wooster
Mrs. W. Wooster
Abe Wenies
John Wenies
Philip Wichs
Robert Wichs
Leonard Willits
Mrs. L. Willits
Anna Warren
Maggie Whittleton
Ralph Wegner
Neil Waringa
Ernest Weidrick


Williamson Grange was organized July 12, 1875 with 43 charter members. Meetings were first held in Stark's Hall. In 1915 plans were formed and the present Grange home was built, the cornerstone being laid June 22, 1915 with appropriate ceremonies. Dedication of the new building took place January 15, 1916. Celebration of the Golden Anniversary of this Grange occurred July 11, 1925. Past State and Past National Master Sherman J. Lowell gave an address. A Juvenile Grange was organized in 1925 with 15 charter members. It is noteworthy that Williamson Grange has always taken a vital interest in governmental affairs. During its 61 years of existence there are records of discussions and resolutions on railroad legislation, schools, gambling, parcel post, woman suffrage, daylight saving, etc. Many farm problems are also discussed. This Grange has contributed to Community projects, State Grange Revolving Scholarship fund, Children's Home at Randolph, Boy Scout Fund, Christmas cheer baskets, Red Cross Relief Work. It nobly strives to uphold the principles laid down by the founders of the order. Regular meetings are held the second and fourth Saturdays of each month. This Grange united by the strong and faithful tie of Agriculture resolves to labor for the good of our order, our country, and mankind.


John P. Bennett, Charles Bennett, W. D. Russell, A. G. Austin, W. E. Brown, D. C. Hance, D. F. Russell, D. R. Milhan, B. P. Peer, John Yeomans, Charles Adams, W. P. Rogers, A. B. Nash, B. J. Woodhull, F. F. Field, S. D. Milhan, W. J. Gates, J. D. Ameele, Clyde Mason, BH. H. Kussie, Henry Lawrence, W. C. Hoagland, B. H. Kussie, F. G. Peters, E. A. Nash, H. R. Cruttenden.


Master, Ernest Hagood; Overseer, Charles DeMarree; Lecturer, L. B. Foreman; Steward, Ernest Selby; Assistant Steward, Ellis Elliot; Chaplain, A. J. Contant; Treasurer, A. B. Nash; Secretary, Mrs. E. A. Nash; Gatekeeper, Stanley Bushart; Ceres, Mrs. Miller Meaker; Pomona, Mrs. John Vandeviver; Flora, Miss Ilene Benton; L. A. Steward, Mrs. Lloyd Tellier; Trustees, B. H. Kussie, C. P. Fairbanks, F. C. Peters.


Elmer Adams
J. D. Ameele
Mrs. J. D. Ameele
Josiah Ameele
Mrs. J. Ameele
J. P. Anderson
Mrs. J. P. Anderson
Elwyn Anderson
Lula C. Austin
Howard Ameele
John Bush
Viola Baker
Clarence Baker
Mrs. C. Baker
John Beach
Mrs. Carrie Beach
James Bertou
Mrs. J. Bertou
F. G. Benton
Mrs. F. G. Benton
J. M. Benton
Mrs. J. M. Benton
H. J. Boss
Mrs. H. J. Boss
Mrs. Jennie Boss
Paul Boss
John L. Brown
Mrs. Marenus Brasser
K. J. Broers
Mrs. K. J. Broers
R. W. Brownell
J. C. Buckler
Mrs. J. C. Buckler
Peter Bliek
Jacob Bliek
Mrs. J. Bliek
John Bliek
Mrs. John Bliek
Isaac Bushart
Mrs. Peter Bushart
Joseph Bushart
Mrs. J. Bushart
Stanley Bushart
I. C. Boise
Wm. Bridgeman
Mrs. W. Bridgeman
H. E. Bradley
Mrs. H. E. Bradley
Edward Buerman
Isaac Boise
Mrs. M. Blankenburg
Louisa Benton
John J. Boekhout
Mrs. J. J. Boekhout
Ralph Buerman
Mrs. R. Buerman
Isaac Bushart Jr.
Mrs. I. Bushart Jr.
Abram Bushart
Mrs. A. Bushart
Howard Bushart
Ilene Benton
Mrs. Olive Bobine
Peter Clarisse
Mrs. P. Clarisse
Mrs. C. M. Collier
Roland Collier
Mrs. R. Collier
Floyd Collier
Mrs. F. Collier
Harold Collier
A. J. Contant
Mrs. A. J. Contant
J. P. Contant
J. A. Collward
Isaac Collward
Mrs. Ida Cruttenden
H. R. Cruttenden
Mrs. H. R. Cruttenden
F. W. Cornwall
Mrs. F. W. Cornwall
Peter Courteville
Elmer W. Courteville
Abram Cuvelier
C. Corteville
Mrs. C. Corteville
M. W. Campbell
Mrs. M. W. Campbell
Mrs. Elvie E. Cooney
Edward Crowley
C. E. Colwell
Jacob Clarisse
Orville Cook
Mrs. James Cole
Hilda Coliler
Mrs. Harriett Crowley
Earl Collier
Mrs. Earl Colier
Elmer Cole
Mrs. E. Cole
Charles Demarree
Adrian DeFisher
Leon DeFisher
Mrs. L. DeFisher
Isaac DeFisher
Edwin Dailey
Mrs. E. Dailey
Stanley DeBack
Mrs. S. DeBack
Isaac DeBack
Mrs. I. DeBack
Peter DuBurke
Wm. DuBurke
Mrs. W. DuBurke
W. C. Dekkers
Mrs. W. C. Dekkers
Richard Dunning
Jacob Dietz
John DeNagle
E. D. DeRight
W. DeFisher
Raymond DeNagel
Mrs. E. D. DeRight
Ray DeRight
Mrs. R. DeRight
P. DeLyser
Mrs. P. DeLyser
I. DeLyser
Mrs. I. DeLyser
Abram DeMay
Jacob DeRue
M. E. DeRue
Alfred DeRue
Mrs. A. DeRue
Mrs. A. E. Dickerson
Abram DeNeef
Jacob DeDee
John Dietz
Mrs. J. Dietz
Mrs. J. H. Dingman
Jacob DeLuser
Barlow DeRue
Mrs. B. DeRue
Mabel Dunning
Leon Eaton
Harrison C. Eaton
J. C. Eddy
Mrs. J. C. Eddy
Mrs. Elsie Eddy
Leo Engelsen
Mrs. L. Engelsen
David Elliott
Ellis Elliott
Mrs. E. Elliott
Mrs. Loretta Engelsen
Amos Elliott
Mrs. A. Elliott
L. P. Engelsen
C. P. Fairbanks
Mrs. C. P. Fairbanks
Eleanor Fairbanks
Howard Fairbanks
Michael Faas
James Fox
Mrs. W. B. Freer
W. B. Freer
Mrs. M. A. Fisher
M. A. Fisher
Lester Fisher
Mrs. L. Fisher
A. J. Fisher
Fred Fisher
Abram Fox
Harry Ferguson
L. B. Foreman
Mrs. L. B. Foreman
Elmer Fisher
Charles L. Fisher
Roy Franks

H. E. Farnsworth
Vernon Frye
A. N. Garlock
W. J. Gates
Mrs. W. J. Gates
D. W. Giebel
Isaac Ghyzels
Jacob Ghyzels
Mrs. J. Ghyzels
Mr., Mrs. B. Hoff
Frank Hagood
Ernest Hagood
Mrs. E. Hagood
John Hartsen
Mrs. C. B. Hoagland
W. C. Hoagland
Mrs. W. C. Hoagland
Mr., Mrs. A. Hoste
G. Hempel
Mrs. G. Hempel
Mrs. Mary Hartsen
Jennie Hartsen
Katherine Hartsen
Isaac Johnson
Mrs. Mary J. Johnson
Marion I. Johnson
Mr., Mrs. A. J. Kussie
W. H. Kusse
B. H. Kussie
Mrs. B. H. Kussie
John Kelsey
Anthony Lagoner
Mrs. J. Leenhouts
John A. Lergnr
Isaac Lergner
Peter Lewis
G. A. Liddle
James Lucieer, Sr.
Samuel LaCook
Jacob Leurgans
Raymond C. Lacknor
John Lieves
Clifford G. Liddle
Adrian Mayou
Frank Malone
C. J. Mason
Mrs. C. J. Mason
Ellsworth Mason
Clyde F. Mason
Mrs. Clyde F. Mason
Miller Meaker
Mrs. M. Meaker
Mrs. Mae Milham
W. C. Morse
Mrs. W. C. Morse
George A. Morse
Arthur Moorman
I. G. Miller
L. J. Manning
Jesse G. Mullie
F. C. Napier
Mrs. F. C. Napier
Mr., Mrs. A. B. Nash
Mr., Mrs. E. A. Nash
O. T. Niles
Mrs. O. T. Niles
Wm. Ocque
John A. Orbaker
Mrs J. A. Orbaker
A. A. Orbaker
A. K. Orbaker
A. M. Orbaker
Jacob P. Orbaker
Mr., Mrs. L. Osborn
Levi Okay
Mrs. L. Okay
E. B. Olmsted
Mrs. E. B. Olmsted
John Osterling
F. C. Peters
Mrs. F. C. Peters
Elinor J. Peters
M. A. Plassche
Julian Plyter
Henry Plyter
Mrs. H. Plyter
Josiah I. Plyter
Mrs. J. I. Plyter
Fremont Plyter
Mrs. F. Plyter
Mr., Mrs. E. Tanghe
Peter Provost
Peter Perduyn
Ray Pulver
Charles Pickett
Frank Peterham
Walter Plummer
John M. Peters
Maynard Poray
Rhoderick Poray
John Peters, Jr.
Chester Peters
Mr., Mrs. P. Poray
W. P. Rogers
Mrs. W. P. Rogers
Mrs. Dora Russell
Charles P. Russell
E. V. Sante
W. E. Shipley
Mrs. W. E. Shipley
John Schyve
John Sonneville
Thomas Shepherd
Mrs. G. Stevenson
Mrs. Jacob Schaap
John Steurrys
Ernest Selby
Mrs. E. Selby
Dr. Emma Steyner
Fred Schwartz
Mrs. Fred Schwartz
Helen Selby
Harold Schaap
Lloyd Tellier
Mrs. L. Tellier
C. W. Tellier
Mrs. Flora Teats
Mrs. Ava Teats
John Vandeviver
Mrs. J. Vandeviver
Dick VanPetty
Mrs. D. VanPetty
John Veltman
Seth Valore
Mrs. VanCruyningham
John Vandebough
Jacob Vandezelle
Lewis VanEnwyck
John VanHee
Myron Verdow
Mrs. K. VanLare
Mrs. Mary Vanlare
Floyd VanLare
John VandeWalle
Cornelius VanHall
Mr., Mrs. I. VanHall
James VerHow
S. C. VerHow
Mrs. S. C. VerHow
Mr., Mrs. J. Valore
A. VanKouwenberg
D. VanWyckhouse
Samuel Vermeulen
Mrs. S. Vermeulen
Mrs. Jos. VanLare
Wayne Vandeviver
Mr., Mrs. P. Vinkey
C. VanKouwenberg
A. VanKouwenberg
Fred Watson
Mrs. Henry Wahl
Claude Wilson
Jacob Wagemaker
Howare Wagemaker
Clarence Wagemaker
Harry Wagemaker
Mrs. H. Wagemaker
R. W. Watson
Wm. Wemesfelder
L. A. Wilson
Marinus Wisse
John Wisse
Joseph T. Wood
Cornelius Wisse
Abram Zonneville
Mrs. M. Wagemaker
Mr., Mrs. N. Youngman
Marin Zonneville
J. A. Zonneville

SOURCE: information abstracted from Official Directory and History of Wayne County Granges, Patrons of Husbandry, 1936, compiled by Earl E. Smith, Sodus, N.Y., publisher and printer not stated.

The site coordinators have no information about individuals listed or about the specific granges. We realize that some of the spellings look incorrect, may be incorrect, and probably are incorrect. But as you recognize your relatives, typing this up was worthwhile. The lists have been proofread against the original book, and to maintain the historical integrity of this resource, the spellings of your relatives' names will remain as in the original. We thank you in advance for not emailing us with questions but directing ALL inquiries to the Office of the County Historian.

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