Post Offices and Postmasters

Wayne County, NY

As of January 1, 1899

Source: The New York Red Book, 1899. By Edgar L. Murlin. Albany: James B. Lyon, Publisher. 1899.

The following Wayne County locations were official U.S. post offices in 1899. Several of them were in hamlets or "four corners", and closed many years ago. All spellings are exactly as written in the book. For further information about locations and postmasters listed, please contact the Office of the County Historian (see our links page).


Alloway, Nelson G. Yury
Alton, Chas. Emery
Arcadia, John Dillenbeck
Butler Center, Abel C. Wing
Clyde, George G. Roe
East Palmyra, Adam Zeigler
East Williamson, M. Cliquennot, Jr.
Fairville, Harry Brier
Fruitland, Ira H. Middleton
Furnaceville, Arthur L. Fries
Huron, Mrs. S.E. Andrus
Joy, Asa F. Andrews
Lake Bluff, Erastus P. Fuller
Lake Side, Emma Willard
Lincoln, John W. Kennedy
Lock Berlin, Jennie Proseus
Lummisville, Wilson Lamb
Lyons, Daniel V. Teller
Macedon, Charles H. Parker
Macedon Center, Frank B. Hicks
Marengo, David H. Perry
Marion, Thomas Geer
Minsteed, Peter Vancrouse
Newark, Richard P. Groar
North Huron, Joshua R. McKee
North Rose, John Hill
North Wolcott, Nathaniel J. Field
Ontario, Harvey M. Shelleck
Ontario Center, Charles J. Nash
Palmyra, F.W. Clemons
Percyville, Frances C. Haney
Pultneyville, Ellen Tufts
Red Creek, Orson F. Jones
Resort, Wesley M. Featherley
Rose, Herbert B. Klinck
Savannah, Theodore C. Wethey
Sodus, Prine Riggs
Sodus Center, Charles J. Andrews
Sodus Point, Ida C. Emery
South Butler, Charles N. Wheeler
South Sodus, Maurice E. Chittenden
Wallington, Edward T. Boyd
Walworth, Copeland A. Morse
Wayne Center, J.W. Trimble
Wayneport, Roderick A. McLeod
West Walworth, John Latze
Williamson, Isaac Decker
Wolcott, Adelbert C. Brink
Zurich, John McNamara

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