1880 - 1881

Listings extracted from: Western New York Gazetteer and Business Directory, Nineteen Counties, 1880-81. Cincinnati & Buffalo: A. N. Marquis & Co., 1880.


In the northern part of Wayne co., on the Lake Ontario Shore Division of the R, W. & O. R. R. Population, 350.

Bradshaw, E. D., produce
Burnes, G., saw-mill
Emery, George, general store
Espenscheid, A., harness maker
Gimps, C., hotel
Harris, James, grocer
Palmer Bros., general store
Philo, G. E. & Morris, blacksmiths
Snyder, E. N., hotel
Welch, John, grocer


On the Erie Canal, Lake Ontario Southern R. R., and N.Y.C. & H.R. R. R., in the southern part of Wayne co., 6 miles from Lyons, the county seat. American Express. W. U. Telegraph. Population, 625. Daily mail. John Dillenbeck, post-master.

Allen, H. C., livery
Baker, H. T., blacksmith
Cookingham, W. & Bro., wagonmaker
Cross & Wheeler, tanners
Dillinbeck, A. M., grocer
Dillinbeck, John, dry goods and groceries
Hooper, T. S., hotel
HOrton, C. C., carpenter and builder
Horton, T. F., drugs
Lameraux & Hyde, flour, feed, etc.
Lusk, Mrs. H., grocer
Lyke, Mrs. L., milliner
Lynch, Alexander, saloon
Parsons, Dr. ___ (name omitted)
Price, Geo. H., grocer
Price & Hopkins, dry goods, etc.
Rockwood, Dr. ___ (name omitted)
Whitbeck, L. L., blacksmith
Williams, S. K. & B. C., attorneys
Wynkoop, J. H., grocer
Youngs, Dr. A. A.


Seven and one-half miles from Savannah station, on the N.Y.C. & H.R. R. R., in the eastern part of Wayne co., 18 miles from Lyons, the county seat, and 4 miles from Wolcott, its nearest shipping station on the R. W. & O. R. R. Population, 175. Tri-weekly mail. A. C. Wing, post-master.

Bullick, Levi, saw-mill
Douglas, L. carpenter and builder
Hubbard, C., cheese factory
Wing, A. C., general store
Wing, Wm. J., carriage mfr. and blacksmith


In Wyoming co. (sic), 7 miles east of Lyons, the county seat, on the N.Y.C. & H.R. R. R. and the Erie Canal. Population 3,350. Telegraph. American Express. Daily mail. Edward B. Wells, postmaster.

Adams, A. E., grocer
Allen, Peter B., carriage mfr.
Arnold, J. N., physician
Baker, Geo., attorney and insurance agt.
Barnes, R. R., hats and caps
Briggs & Palmer (Samuel H. Briggs, Lewis H. Palmer), bankers
Brown, Geo. A., harnessmaker
Burghduff, J. M., restaurant
Campbell, Phebe, confectionery
Canning, Mark, grocer
Case, Harvey, livery stable
Castoloe, Mat., tailor
Childs & Cady, druggists
Childs, G. C., physician
Childs, Sylvester J., jeweler
Clyde Gas Works
Clyde Times, Irwin A. Forte, publisher
Cockshaw, John, painter
Colvin, Dr. D.
Converse, Ira, butcher
Cook, Dr. Addison C.
Cooper, C. S., photographer
Costillo, C., merchant tailor
Cowles, Geo. W., attorney
Croul, F. C., dentist
Davis, A., livery
Davis, John H., restaurant
De Laney, Amos, broker
Deming, Frank, broom mfr.
Denison, A. J., sewing-machines and musical instruments
Denison, P. G., dry goods
Dezeng, P. M., coal
Dickie, James, millinery
Dussler, Geo., restaurant
Elenwood, Henry, undertaker and furniture
Ely, Henry L., carriage mfr.
Ely, Reed & Co., glass mfrs.
Field, A. S. & Son, furniture
Fisher & Son, boots and shoes
Fish, Chas., organs, etc.
Fisk, Jabez, grocer
Forbes, Adam V., printer
Forte, Irwin A., publisher Clyde Times
Garlic, Wm. H., blacksmith
Graham, Alex., meat market
Green, J., drugs and crockery
Griswold, Aaron, banker
Groesbeck, C. S., grain, etc.
Groesbeck, W. H., flour, feed and grain
Hamilton, Charles, grocer
Hand, W. L., restaurant
Harrison, C., clothing
Hartman, M., flour-mill
Hemingway, H. C. & Co., fruit and vegetable packers
Higgins, Thos. C., grocer
Hinman, J. W., insurance agent
Holmes, A. O., dry goods
Howe, C. A., merchant tailor and cloth'g.
Howe, Francis M., millinery
Ives, W. C., jeweler and clothing
Jackson, Warner & Co., grain and produce
Jones, Clara, variety store
Jones, J. C., confectionery
Knight, Abram, carriage mfr.
Knight, Henry, blacksmith
Lake & Murphy, hardware and stoves
Lee, John, painter
Lee, T. J., blacksmith
Leik, J. M., carpenter
Livingston, Geo., dentist
Louster, H. & Co., meat market
Lux, B., prop. Lux Hotel
Lux, E., cooper
Mack, James, blacksmith
Meyer, Ida, prop. Meyer House, and saloon
Morley & Smith, hardware
Munn, Frank, grocer
Muth, J. R., photographer
Nevlove, Chas., saloon
Nichols, James M., malt house
Nichols, W. C., confectioner
Orr, Thos., restaurant
Pardee, A., dry goods
Parker, Dr. Jason
Perkins, R., dry goods
Ranger, H. R., music dealer
Redfield, Alfred F., malt house
Robinson, Geo. W., attorney
Robinson, Thos., livery stable
Roe, Geo. G., carriage mfr.
Roe, M. S., coal
Roffee, E. M., dentist
Rogers, R. J. & Co., lumber and planing-mill
Rose, Ida E., millinery
Saxton, Daniel, harnessmaker
Scutt & Austin, blacksmiths
Shaver, ___, carpenter
Shear, Peter, stock dealer
Sherman, B. F., prop. Clyde House
Sherman, E. W., grocer
Simmons, D. L. & Co., marble works
Simmons, S. M., millinery
Smith, Chas. F., attorney, and insurance agent
Smith, Thos., malt house
Smith, J., physician and druggist
Snedaker, Helen, millinery
Stemp, Thos. L., cigars and tobacco
Stillman, Frances A., millinery
Stoetzel, Geo. F., bakery
Straughan, C. & A. R., yeast mfrs.
Strauss, Jacob, clothing
Streeter, S. D. & J. M., malt house
Stow, De L., attorney, and insurance agt.
Swift, S. P., grocer
Syron, J. L., boots and shoes
Taylor, E. P. & L. S., tanners
Taylor & Guy, blacksmiths
Terry, Miss C. & Co., hair-work
Terry, F. H., druggist
Thorn, Joel, flour-mill
Thorn, Thos. P. & Mary, malt-house
Tibbitts, Mrs. H. E. & Son, millinery
Tillotson, W. C., grocer
Tobin, Michael, saloon
Tremper, J. E., grocer
Vanderberg & Saxton, attorneys
Van Valkenberg, D. A., prop. Delavan House, and saloon
Wells, E. B., marble works
Welsh, John, restaurant
Welsh, Mary, saloon
Wetherby, Wm. H. S., jeweler
White, Chas. A., grocer
Willoughby, Samuel, variety store
Wood & Co., foundry
Wright, John, hotel and saloon
Yeomans, J. E., boots and shoes
Zeluff, Chas. E., meat market
Zeluff, Benj., butcher


On the N.Y.C. & H.R. R. R., in the southern part of Wayne co., in close proximity to Palmyra.

No listings.


In the north-western part of Wayne co., on the Lake Ontario Shore Division of the R., W. & O. R. R., 18 miles from Lyons, the county seat, and 2 miles from Williamson, its nearest shipping station. Population 125. Daily mail.

Burman, Jas. & L., saw-mill and cooper shop
Cliquennoi, M., grocer
Howell, Samuel, grocer and postmaster
Johnson, Abram, grocer
Plaatsheart & Bro., blacksmith


In the central part of Wayne co., 7 miles from Lyons, the county seat, and 1 3/4 miles from Fairville station on the L.O.S. R. R. Population, 150. Daily mail.

Burnett, James, tannery
Fritz, Charles, saw-mill and mint-still
Lidinger, V., wagon mfr.
Shear, Jacob, saw-mill
Van Inwager, Levi, grocer, postmaster


In the north-western part of Wayne co., on the Lake Ontario Shore Division of the R. W. & O. R. R., 30 miles from Lyons, the county seat. The station is known as Ontario, and is 1 3/4 miles distant. Communication by stage. W. U. Telegraph. Daily mail.

Bundy, L. J., general store and coal, notary public, and postmaster
Eaton, Jacob, blacksmith
Millett, John, nursery
Teats & Fries, general store


In Wayne co., in the north-eastern part, 16 miles from Lyons, the county seat, and 3 miles from either Wolcott or Rose, on the R., W. & O. R. R. Population, 350. Daily mail. Sarah E., Andrus, postmistress.

Beauerman, John, saw-mill, stave mfr. and cooper
Drury, A., saw-mill
Rice, S. D. & Co., grist-mill
Upson, W. U., saw-mill and turner


Near the center of Wayne co., 11 miles from Lyons, and 5 miles from Sodus, its nearest shipping point, on the R., W. & O. R. R. Population, 100. Tri-weekly mail.

Collins, James, wagon mfr.
Forster, T., cooper
Greenhultz, C., cooper
Green, B. B., saw-mill
Greene, S. G., distiller of mint
Kingsley, A., broommaker and justice of the peace
Muhl, P., cooper
Pulver, R. W., cooper
Russell, R., cooper
Sickles, John, cooper
Silver, H. O., grocer
Van Zandt & Poray, blacksmiths
Wells, C., shoemaker
White, M. D., cooper


In the north-western part of Wayne co., 30 miles from Lyons, the county seat, near Lake Ontario. Union HIll, on the R., W. & O. R. R., is the nearest passenger station, and Lakeside, 1 1/2 miles from the village, is the nearest freight station. Population, 225. Daily mail.

Bass & Smith, general store
Denise, Wm., saw-mill
Grover & Hall, grain and produce
Hill, F. A., flour and saw-mill
Jennings, Walter, coal and lumber
Palmer, Frank, saw-mill
Rood, E., carriagemaker
Sands, Alex., fruit, grocer and wool dealer
Warren, James, blacksmith
Willetts, J., Jr., carriage mfr.
Wiley, J. B., plow and shovel mfr.


A small post-office, in the western part of Wayne co.

Deright, C., blacksmith
Russell, E. & Co., grocers
Wager, J. L. & Bro., general store


In the south-eastern part of Wayne co., on the Erie Canal and N.Y.C. & H.R. R. R., 3 1/2 miles from Lyons. American Express. W. U. Telegraph. Population, 200. Daily mail.

Cookingham, J. G., groceries
Gilbert, W. H., carriage mfr.
Jenison, D., live-stock
Streeter, B., groceries
Street, Geo. A., grocer


A little village of 50 inhabitants, in the northern part of Wayne co. 15 miles from Lyons, and 4 miles from Wolcott, a station on the R., W. & O. R. R. Daily mail. O. L. Legg, postmaster.

Cady, Geo., carriage mfr.
Waldron, C. W., saw-mill
Newell, R. H., live-stock
Thomas, W. H., saw and cider-mill


This incorporated village of 6,000 inhabitants is the county seat of Wayne co., located on the N.Y.C. & H.R. R. R. and the Erie Canal, 150 miles east of Buffalo, 36 miles east of Rochester, and 46 miles west of Syracuse. Is also the northern terminus of the S., G. & C. and the Lyons and Geneva Branch of the L. V. R. R. The town is lighted with gas, and has tastefully laid-out streets and fine public buildings. Two weekly newspapers are published here - the Lyons Republican and the Wayne Democratic Press. It also contains two national and two private banks, one graded school, seven churches, and a number of hotels. American Express. W. U. and American Union Telegraph. M. A. Huff, postmaster.

Ackerman, James, Hotel
Agett, W. W., carpenter
Althen, D., confectionery
Atkinson & Brown, attorneys
Aul, Henry, mfr. fanning-mills
Bailey, Chas., furniture
Baltzel, Henry, boots and shoes
Barnum, O., wines and liquors
Bartlett, Clark, grocer
Bashford, James, mfr. cider anf vinegar, staves and headings, apple and flour barrels, and peppermint oil
Bastian, W. H., horseshoer
Beachman, R., watchmaker and jeweler
Bennett, L. R., livery stable
Berns, Henry, saloon
Boeckle, W. H., watchmaker and jeweler
Boehmler, F., Jr., furniture
Bohem, Fred. W. & Son, furniture
Bottum, E. W., physician
Bourne, H. J. (agent), hardware
Brock, Geo. & Co., brewers
Brownson & Goldsmith, maltsters
Buell, Samuel, insurance agent
Burroughs, Mrs. D. L., physician
Burnett, A. E., groceries and wall paper
Camp & Dunwell (J. H. Camp, J. M. Dunwell, attorneys
Carman, Mrs. M. E., millinery
Chamberlain, D. S., attorney
Claasson, Schlee & Bro. (G. A. Claasson, Theo. Schlee, Aug. Schlee), machine shop and foundry
Cole, J. L., banker
Collins, Thaddeus, attorney
Congress Hall (hotel), N. A. Langdon, prop.
Cosart, John H., boots and shoes
Cosart, Mrs. E. C., milliner
Covell, H., mfr. and dealer in worsted and fancy goods, millinery goods, etc., 14 Broad
Cramer, G. W., coal dealer
Cramer, G. W. & Son, insurance agents
Crane, Thos., hotel
Curtis, D. F., physician
Czerny, G., gun and locksmith
Darling, N. P., music store
Deuchler, Louis, prop. National Hotel
Deuchlet, Philip, carriage mfr.
Dickerson, E. B., hats and caps
Dillenbeck, M. H., drugs and groceries
Dillingham, D., cider-mill (2 miles south)
Dillngham, E. W., churn peddler
Dove, N. J., barber
Driscoll, Nellie, millinery
Ehrhardt, Geo. & Son, agricultural implements
Eitelman, Chr., saloon
Empire State Wagon Works, C. K. Robinson, manager; John McGonigal, treas.; V. Mead, Sec.
Engel, D., boots and shoes
Ennis, Geo. saw-mill (2 miles south)
Ewald, P., barber
Exchange, Hotel, A. Walrath, prop.
Failing, M. L., watchmaker and jeweler
Fehr, Annie M., meat market
Filer, H. O. & Co., mfr. People's Horse and Cattle Powders
Finch, James, harnessmaker
Fisher, J., Agt. mfr. of stoneware (Established 1828)
Forgham, R. H., mfr. root beer
Forsyth & Jones, millinery
Freeman, F. N., fruits, confectionery, etc.
Fries, A. & Son, grocers
Gavitt, S. B., banker
Genthner, C. F., prop. Washington Hall Hotel
Getman, G. W., drugs and groceries
Gilbert, E. F., undertaker and cabinet-maker
Gillette, A. W., grocer
Graff, Henry, marble and granite works
Gray, Jno., coal, lumber, handles, monuments, etc.
Grim, H., tailor
Hahn, Albert H., variety store
Hahn, Geo., confectionery, toys, etc.
Hale, Alfred S., essential oils
Hartnagel, Geo., dry goods and groceries
Hattler, G. M., general store
Haynes, James B., blacksmith
Heitz, C., soal and candles
Holmes & Moore, contractors
Hood, W. H., sewing-machines
Hotchkiss, H. G. Sons, mfrs. of and wholesale dealers in oils of peppermint, spearmint, wintergreen, etc.
Hovey Bros. (F. S. and A. J. Hovey), hats, caps and furs
Hubbard, R. A., dry goods
Huff, M. A., drugs, groceries, wall paper, etc.
Hughson, C. W., plow agent
Jackman, W. W., boots and shoes
Jameson H., dentist
Jensen, A. C., blacksmith
Kirk, James E., attorney
Knapp, C. W., hotel
Knittel, Victor, meat marker
Knobloch, John, harnessmaker
Knowles, G. W., forwarding
Kreutzer, Wm., hardware
Laaso, ___ (name omitted), blacksmith (2 miles south)
Langdon, N. A., prop. Congress Hall
Lauster, Chas., meat market
Leach, H. J., malt house
Leonard, E. G., general store
Lyons Gas Co., S. B. Gavitt, prest.
Lyons National Bank, DeWitt Parshall, prest.; D. S. Chamberlain, cashr.
Lyons Republican, W. T. Tinsley, publisher
Mapes & Vosteen (George Mapes, H. Vosteen), mfrs. of fine cigars
Marshall S. & Son, coal and lumber
Mason, Davis & Mason, attorneys
Matthews, Miss E., millinery
McCall, Jos., brick and tile
McGonigal, John, wagons
McPherson, J. C., physician
Medbury, A. M., groceries
Messmer, Mrs. D., saloon
Meyers, Henry, jeweler
Meyers, J. C., saloon
Miller, E. D., harnessmaker
Miller, G. F., bakery
Mirick, Ira, maltster
Moran, D., merchant tailor and clothing
National Hotel, Louis Deuchler, prop.
Nellis & Reals (N. Nellis, S. Reals), wines and liquors
Newell, Mrs. M. B., millinery
Nusbrickle, F. & Co., hardware, stoves, tinware
Paine, Wm., general store and hotel (2 miles south)
Parshall, D. W., lumber
Patten, J. J., dry goods
Patterson Bros. (E. S. and J. T.), variety store
Pell, James H., clothing
Pickert, J. M., carpenter and builder
Pickett, John, boots and shoes
Pistner, Joseph, cooper
Powell, P. J. & Son, grocers, lime cement
Price, G. P., saloon
Puls, John, grocer
Putnam, J. W., physician
Putney, H. W., mfr. fanning-mills
Ravell, C. H., photographer
Redgrave, S. C., hardware dealer
Repp, Peter, saloon
Roboinson, ____ (name omitted), physician (2 miles south)
Robinson, Wm. C., fanning-mills
Rodenbach & Gucker (Jacob Rodenback, C. H. Gucker), dry goods
Rooker, W. H., groceries and saloon
Rowley, M. V. B., pumps
Roys, C. H., attorney
Roy, Isaac, flour-mill (2 miles south)
Rudd, James H., bookstore
Ryan, C. B., grocer
Sager, John, saw-mill
Sanford, W. W. & Co., grocers
Schattner, Adam, fanning-mills
Schaut, Jacob, baker
Scheetz & Classen (C. Scheetz, E. Classen), bending and handle works
Schneider, J. P., general store
Schuler Bros., flour-mill
Schuyler, Ira B. & C., dry goods
Scott & Whitlock, produce, etc.
Sherman, S. S., physician
Sheldon, A. P., physician and county treasurer
Smith, Robert, hotel
Stephen, Philip J., boots and shoes
Stolz & Straus, clothing
Stone, Mrs. E. A., millinery
Stratton, John C., harnessmaker
Swan, Mrs. ___ (name omitted), millinery
Tabor, H. R., attorney
Taylor, Wm., tannery
Theise, Mrs. C., boots and shoes
Thomas, F., blacksmith (2 miles south)
Tinsley, W. T., publisher, Lyons Republican
Tomney, M. C., hay presser
Tower, A. H., livery stable
Tower, H. C., dentist
Tucker & Mirick, druggists
Van Auken, J., boots and shoes
Van Camp, Wm., publisher Wayne Democratic Press
Van Devort & Bartholomew, druggists
Van Etten, John W., attorney
Van Marter, Wm., pension agent
Van Wickle, S. D., fanning-mills
Vanderbilt, N. T., agricultural implements
Vaughn, Mrs. D. A., millinery
Vosburgh, H. D., physician
Vosburgh, Wm. R., attorney
Walrath, A., prop. Exchange Hotel
Watrous, H. H., dentist
Wayne Democratic Press, Wm. Van Camp, publisher
Weideman, T., boot and shoemaker
Werner, Frederick Jr., attorney
Weslay, John, blacksmith
Westfall, D. B., agricultural implements
Wickson, G. G., meat market
Wiggins, M., physician
Williams, E. H., carpenter
Willing & Herrick, attorneys
Zimmerman, August, harnessmaker
Zwilling, Wm., harnessmaker


On the N.Y.. & H.R. R. R., in the south-western part of Wayne co., 18 miles from Lyons. American Express. W. U. Telegraph. A port of considerable importance on the Erie Canal. Population, 1,200. Daily mail. C. B. Herendeen, postmaster.

Acker, John J., merchant tailor
Ausman, Wm., agricultural implements
Ausman & Ripley, coal, phosphate, etc.
Bickford & Hoffman, agricultural implements
Beddlecom & Hoar, flour-mill
Bills, S. L. & Co., meat market
Bird, John, hotel
Bird & Rochen, meat market
Brown, Ezra, meat market
Brundage, D. C., carpenter
Chase, Dr. H.
Cramer, L. L., grocer
Dean, Martin, insurance agent
Deane, Wm., shoemaker
Eddy, M. A., general store
Everson, Charles, hardware, etc.
Fairchild, M. S., flour-mill
Fritts, Joseph, nurseryman
Halsey, Jesse, produce
Herendeen, C. B., grocer and farmer
Herendeen, W. D., coal, lumber, etc.
Hurlburt, C. P., attorney
Kelly, A. S., grocer
Lacy, Dr. C. S.
Little, H. M., drugs
McCormick, John, blacksmith
Noxon, Geo., books and stationery
Packard, N. B. & Co., hardware
Purdy, N. H., general store
Rathburn, J., harnessmaker
Roberts, A., harnessmaker
Servoss, Mrs. J. C., millinery
Shourds, D. S., nurseryman
Smith, Wellington, blacksmith
Van Wicklen, Wm., grocer
Wilson, M. N., nurseryman


A village of 200 inhabitants, in the western part of Wayne co. Macedon, on the N.Y.C. & H.R. R. R., 1 1/2 miles distant, is its nearest shipping station.

Brownell, J. M., general store
Mansfield, T., blacksmith
Moore, F., live-stock
Mumford, F., produce


In the south-eastern part of Wayne co., 5 miles south of Clyde, on the N.Y.C. & H.R. R. R. Population, 125.

Barrett, G. J., general store
Chase, C. C., blacksmith
Servens, P., blacksmith
Stevens, J., saw-mill
Sutherland, Dr. L. W.


Near the center of Wayne co., 19 miles from Lyons, and 5 miles from Palmyra. Seat of the Marion Collegiate Institute. Stage to Palmyra. Population, 1,300. Daily mail. H. M. Winslow, postmaster.

Allen, Chas. E., principal Marion Collegiate Institute
Babcock, Dr. H. E.
Burrud, N. J., grocer
Chapman, R. D., hotel
Clark, T. M., hardware
Curtis, J. S. & B. T., carriage mfrs.
Curtis, Wm., foundry and mfr. of fanning mills
Davis, Rev. O. D.
Davis & Henison, blacksmiths
Eaton, Rev. Horace
Eisenhager, Wm., carriagemaker
Garlock, Abram, produce
Garlock, E. J., livery
Gillett & Hathaway, coopers
Henion, Miss N. M., milliner
Heslor, A., grocer
Heslor, J. & Co., butter and eggs
Holmes, J. S., dry goods and groceries
Howel,, Wm., produce
Leonardson, Rev. H.
Leete & Dean, saw-mill
Luce, B. E., druggist
Lusk, N. J., grocer and dry goods
Manley, E., tinsmith
Nicholoy, Best, livery
Parks, Wm., blacksmith
Peckham, H., harnessmaker
Pepper, A. B., boots and shoes
Pepper & Miller, milliners
Potter, A. & L. R., meat market
Potter, C. C., dry goods and groceries
Radder, C. F., boots and shoes
Randall & Barham, grist-mill
Rice, Mrs. M., dressmaker
Richard, Dr. D.
Russell, Dr. A. S.
Sandford & Dickinson, nursery
Sandford & Moon, blacksmiths
Sayers, Dr. A.
Short, A. B., banker
Short, H. N. & A. B., hardware and clothing
Smith, Geo., barber
Smith, Lewis, foundry
Smith, S., blacksmith
Smith & Green, undertakers
Starkweather, Rev. G. A.
Tabor, H. R., attorney
Topping, H., ladder mfr.
Tremain & Austin, undertakers
West, A. A., tinsmith
Wilcox, T. A., jeweler
Williams & Adams, general store
Winslow, H. M., drugs and groceries
Wolf, John, carriage mfr.
Young, T. K., nursery
Young, Wm. E., meat market


This incorporated village of 3,500 inhabitants, is located in Wayne co., 5 miles west of Lyons, the county seat, on the N.Y.C. & H. R. R. R., the O. S. R. R., and the Erie Canal, 50 miles west of Syracuse, 31 east of Rochester, and 100 east of Buffalo. Eleven churches are located here, representing as many denominations. The educational advantages are good. Two newspapers are published, and a large mercantile business is transacted. American Express. Telegraph office. Stage to railroad station 1 mile distant.

Allen, Geo., sewing-machines
Anderson, John, bakery
Bartle & Eames (A. C. Bartle, S. S. Eames), planing-mill, lumber yard, blinds, doors, mouldings, etc.
Bartel, Warren S., machinist
Blackmar, E. & Son (E. and Arthur Blackmar), dry goods and groceries
Blackmar & Allerton (O. Blackmar, F. M. Allerton), grain and produce
Blakely, J. G. & Son (J. G. and F. E. Blakely), hardware and stoves
Briggs, J. E., attorney
Briggs, ___ (name omitted), physician
Brooks, A. F., photographer
Burnham, E. K., attorney
Burnham, W. G., attorney and insurance agent
Burrows, W. A., sewing machine attachments
Carll, L. H., prop. Newark Hotel
Castner, D., boots and shoes
Coffin, L., boots and shoes
Cooper, Geo. J., carpenter
Cornell Wm. & Son, millers
Coventry, J., physician
Crandall, G. B., miller and farmer
Cronise, J. S. & Co. (J. S. Cronies, Frank Garlock), hardware, stoves and house furnishing goods
Drake, N. D., dentist
Eagle Furnace, Philip Snyder, prop. mfr. grain drills, plows, field drillers, harrows, etc. Canal, cor. Charles
Edgett, E. A., packer of fruits and vegetables
Elliott, E. B., merchant tailor
Ellis, Geo. shoemaker
Evans, E., boot and shoemaker
Filkins, H., lime, cement and plaster
Filkins, James, boot and shoemaker
Filkins, Marvin, coal dealer
Finley, Luther, stage line
First National Bank of Newark, Fletcher Williams, prest.
Ford, D. L., prop. Washington Hall
Freeman, C. J., restaurant
Frey, Frederick, hotel
Frey, L., blacksmith
Gardenier, Z. B., prop. National Hotel
Gaslin, G. B., marble works
Gilson, James B., livery stable
George & Haight (E. George, C. M. Haight), harnessmakers
Grant, C. E., meat market
Greenwood, M. I., attorney
Groat, R. P., deputy collector internal revenue
Hankenson, J. W. & Son) J. W. & E. L. Handenson), clothing, hats, caps and furnishing goods
Hendrick, Thos. Jr., barber
Hinton, John, harnessmaker
Hitchcock, W. P. & Co. (W. P. and J. B. Hitchcock), coal dealers
Hockenberger, Wm., blacksmith
Hooper, T. S., hotel
Hodson, Wm., barber
Hubbard & Randall, carriages
Jenkins, Thomas J., meat market
Jones, James, prop. Newark Union, and printer
Keener, S. N., carpenter
Kelly, C. H., physician
Kenyon, M. M., drugs, stationery, books, etc.
Knapp, W. F., restaurant and saloon, Newark station, opp. Newark Hotel
Krum, Sylvanus, bakery, groceries, etc.
Landon, Newell, physician
Landon & Miller (E. B. S. Landon, V. F. Miller), harnessmakers
Langdon House, Thomas Langdon prop., Newark Station
Leach, H. J., maltster
Lewis, G. L., hotel, Newark station
Lusk, C. C., meat market
Lynch, A., saloon
Matteson, Mrs. J. S., malt house
McCall, Miss H. M., millinery
Mesick, Jerry, livery and boarding stable
Miller, E. D., attorney and justice of the peace
Miller, V. F., harness
Miller House, M. Miller, prop.
Morse, H. H., clothing
Morse, R. E., gent's furnishing goods
National Hotel, Z. B. Gardenier, prop.
Nellis, P. E., prop. Wavely House
Newark Hotel, L. H. Carll, prop.
Newark Courier, J. Wilson & Son, props.
Newark Union, James Jones, publisher
Nichols, H. J., gloves & mittens
Nicholoy & Van Duser (W. H. Nicholoy, S. B. Van Duser), dry goods
Nutten, D. F., physician
Ogden, Le Grand, agricultural implements
Padget, B. M., dentist
Patrick, R. Farmers' Hotel, Newark station
Peirson, Henry J., groceries
Peirson & Perkins (S. S. Peirson, C. H. Perkins), bankers and insurance agents
Perkins, C. H. & Co. (C. H. Perkins, S. S. Peirson), grain and wheat
Pitts, J. G., boots and shoes
Pomeroy, C. G., physician
Prescott, Joel H. & Son (Joel H. and T. D. Prescott), insurance and real estate agents
Pulver, A. & Son (A. and J. E. Pulver), dry goods
Pulver, Mrs. M., millinery
Pulver & Robinson, c arriages
Pyatt & Burnham (S. A. Pyatt, M. E. Burnham), groceries
Randall, C. W., blacksmith
Reeves, J. D. & Co., millers
Rhodes, Miss C., millinery
Robinson, J. N., horseshoeing
Runyon, L., tailor
Seigrist, Alois, physician
Sherman, D. A. & Co. (D. A. and C. W. Sherman),, coal and groceries
Simpson, J. E., tailor
Smith, A. D., drugs
Smith, Rufus, grain
Snyder, Philip, mfr. agricultural implements, Canal, cor. Charles
Soverhill, A. D., attorney
Stuart, John E., jewelry
Stuart, C. W. & Bro., nurserymen
Stuerwald, J., furniture mfr. and undertaker, Willow av.
Swallow, Mrs. M., millinery and fancy goods
Teal, Isaac, cooper
Tesre, Wm., tanner
Vanderbilt, A. H., agricultural implements
Van Deusen, H. P., physician
Van Deusen, J. P., fruit evaporator
Weh & Mills, blacksmiths
Welcher, C. A. & Co. (C. A. Welcher, J. D. Reeves), groceries
Wheeler, N., shoemaker
White, C. S. & Son (C. S. and Fred. C. White), groceries
Whitney, Wm. H., druggist
Wilber, J. C. & Co. (J. C. Wilber, P. Gray, J. Garlock), mfrs. plows, cultivators, field rollers, etc.
Willett & McDonald (W. L. Willett, N. L. McDonald), dentists, over postoffice
Williams, A. Eugene, groceries
Williams, S. K. & B. C. (Stephen K. and Byron C. Williams), attorneys
Williams, Wm. B., dry goods and notions
Wilson, J. & Son (J. and J. Wilson, Jr.), props. Newark Courier, and book and job printers, flour sacks, druggists' labels, etc.


A small post-office, in the north-western part of Wayne co., on Lake Ontario.

No listings.


On the Lake Ontario Division of the R., W. & O. R. R., in the northern part of Wayne co. Population, 200. Lyman Briggs, postmaster.

Briggs, Lewman, blacksmith
Briggs, Lyman, general store
Crandall & Dunham, blacksmiths
Dunham, S., blacksmith
Davis, Frank, shoemaker
Seeley, D. R., general store
York, John, Jr., general store


In the northern part of Wayne co., near Lake Ontario, 25 miles from Lyons, and 5 miles from Red Creek, on the R., W. & O. R. R. Population, 200. Tri-weekly mail. N. J. Field, postmaster.

Carter & Kyle, grocers
Casterline, J. B., saw and feed-mill
Champlin, Geo., saw-mill
Devoe, Isaac, saw-mill
Field, N. J., general store
Fowler & Co., saw and feed-mill
Mechell, Andrew, blacksmith
Snow, Samuel, cooper
Stansel, G. W., blacksmith
Yeoman, R. H., wagonmaker


On the Lake Ontario Shore Division of the R., W. & O. R. R., in the north-western part of Wayne co., 25 miles from Lyons. American Express. W. U. Telegraph. Population, 500. Daily mail.

Bastian, Evert, carpenter
Birdsall, Wm., general store
Booth, E. A., meat market
Clark, R. V., auctioneer
Clark, Wm. H., wool dealer
Curtiss, Henry, station agent
Grandien, C. R., grocer
Grandien, Mrs. & Co., milliners
Hill, H., saw-mill and speculator
Holt, Dr. A. C.
Hyde, John, hotel
Johnson, Russell, general store, undertaker, and justice of the peace
Kirk, Wm., meat market
Klack & Tripp, produce
Lovell, Mrs. D., ladies' goods
Owen, W., harnessmaker
Parnell, Geo. & Son, machinists
Peer, Dr. T. J.
Peer & Gates, general store
Richmond, N. C., wagonmaker
Risley, John, carpenter
Sanford, Harvey E., carpenter
Sanders, Wm. H., wagonmaker and painter
Sanderson, W. W., barber
Sturgis, W. H. & Co., marble dealers
Taylor, S. D., painter
Tummonds, G. W., printer and publisher
Turner & Son, general store
Van Derveer, H. E., drugs


In the north-western part of Wayne co., on the Lake Ontario Shore Division of the R., W. & O. R. R., 21 miles from Lyons, the county seat, and 1 mile from Ontario station. Population, 300. Daily mail. J. E. Northup, postmaster

Brown, Geo. H., shoemaker
Dulmadge, Wm., meat market
Fitts, N. A., carpenter
Freek, John, shoemaker
Hill, F. A., flour-mill
Nash, C. J., hardware, etc.
Risley, C. A., harnessmaker
Slocum, C. A., general store
Smith, J. P., hotel
Stark, A., drugs and groceries
Stuber, Seymour, blacksmith


In Wayne co., 14 miles west of Lyons, the county seat. On the N.Y.C. & H. R. R. and the Erie Canal. It contains three grist mills, two printing press manufactories, five churches and one school. A. U. and W. U. Telegraph. American Express. Population, 3,300. Daily mail. Wells Taylor, postmaster.

Adams, M. H., physician
Adams, Miss H., physician
Allen, Jos., machinist and scales
Alton, G. M., photographer
Arnold, F. B., fruit evaporator
Averill, E. S., printer and prop. Palmyra Courier
Barnhart, A. P., flour-mill
Barron & Morse, confectionery
Beal, J., woolen-mill (East Palmyra)
Bennett, Chas. W., grain
Beseley, Isaac, groceries
Besley, John, physician
Bismer, Jacob, shoemaker
Bortell, G. P., grocer
Brigham, Royce & Co., hardware
Bronson, Isaac G. & Co., lumber
Brown, F. C., dentist
Brown, Geo. & Son, grocers
Brown, W. D., physician
Bulmer, John, lumber
Burnett, J., boots and shoes
Bump, Wm. H., livery and sale stable
Chase, D. H., meat market
Chase Bros., laundry
Chase & Page, groceries
Clemons, Fred. W., publisher Wayne County Journal
Cowles, Caleb, sewing-machines
Crandell & Sansbury, furniture dealers
Cummings, E. W., clothier
Cumings, L. D., prop. Palmyra Hotel
Davis, B. H., druggist and grocer
Davis, Menzo, drugs
Deyo, Chas., harness
Dolan, Mary, grocer
Downing Bros. (D. and J.), maltsters
Drake, Mrs. A. P., ladies' goods
Durfee, H. R., attorney
Everson, G. F., saloon
Farnham, W. H., dry goods
Finley, M. C., attorney
First National Bank, Phiney T. Sexton, prest.; R. M. Smith, cashr.
Ford, R., meat market
Foster & Smith, boots and shoes
French, Geo., gasfitter
Galloway, James, malt-house
Gamble, D. P., general store (E. Palmyra)
Gardner Bros., drugs and groceries
Gilbert, Wm., blacksmith
Globe Mfg. Co. (A. P. Crandall, prest.; Geo. M. Bowman, sec.; W. H. Bowman, treas.), mfrs. printing presses
Goodenough, H. D., harness dealer
Graham, S., physician
Harkness, S. S., sewing-machine agent
Harmon, D. P. carpenter
Hersey, Mrs. C. A., millinery
Hislop, F., tailor
Hislop, J. G., saloon
Hopkins, A. C., photographist
Hopkins, M., attorney
Howland, G. P., tailor
Huxlely, F. T., telegraph operator
Huxley, Chas., physician
Ingraham, S., physician
Jackson, T. S., insurance agent
Jeffrey, John, blacksmith
Johnson, C. D., produce
Johnson, E. P., druggist and grocer
Johnson, H. M. & Co., boots and shoes
Jones, J. M., mfr. printing presses and paper cutters
Judd, O. D., blacksmith
Kelton, Chas., coal yard
Kingman, C. M., physician
Knowles, H. P. & Co., bankers
Langworthy, C. I., confectioner
Lapham, N., flour and feed
Lawrence, Go., attorney
Leach & Tuttle, hardware
Leland & Harmon, clothiers
Lipsky, M., clothing
Lord, Mrs. J., millinery
Lyon, D. W., painter
Lyon, Lyman, banker
Marsh, A. W., physician
McIntyre, S. B., attorney
McLouth, Chas., attorney
McKechnie, Andrew, wines and liquors
Merwin, S. C., cigar mfr.
Moore, D. T., barber
Moore, Richard, hotel
Moore, Wm. F., seeds and produce
Moore, Wm. E., carriage trimmer
Myrick, Wm. W., marble works
Newton & Evans, grocers
Niles, Albert, cooper
Noe, E. H., boots and sheos
Worth, H. M. & Son, dentists
Oliver, G., saloon
Olvitt, C. H. & Co., printers
Osborne, W. H. H., livery stable
Osborne & Clark, insurance agent
Page, W. C., agent A. U. Telegraph Co.
Palmyra Courier, E. S. Averill, prop.
Palmyra Gas Light Co., Frank Williams, prest.
Palmyra Hotel, L. D. Cumings, prop.
Phelps, Wm. S., grocer
Pitkins, J., physician
Powers, De Witt, meat market
Powers, W. W., meat market
Poyneer, Mrs. L., dressmaker
Prehn, John, prop. Exchange Hotel
Rannie, Geo., baker and confectioner
Ray, T. W., barber
Reed, James, Farmers' Hotel
Rice, Addison, jeweler
Rifenburg, John, grocer
Robinson, Seneca, livery stable
Rodgers & Pratt, meat market
Rogers, Wm. H., hats and caps
Root & Marshall, stoves and ranges
Rushmore, J. W., drugs and groceries
Sanders, John, news dealer
Sanford, A. C., dry goods
Sawyer, Samuel W., carpenter
Seeley, Calvin, iron and hardware
Seely, Mrs. A., dressmaker
Sexton, P. T., coal yard
Sherman, Albert, carriage painter
Sherman & Lewis, wagonmakers
Slocum, Miss L., dressmaker
Soper, Jarvis, blacksmith
Southwick, H. K., storage
Stevens, O. S., hats and caps
Stoddard, H. V., merchant tailor
Stoddard, P. A., dry goods
Story, Mosher, dry goods
Strain, John F., boots and shoes
Sylvester, Oakes, druggist
Tayler, J. W, cider and vinegar mfr.
Taylor, J. W., fruit evaporator
Throop, Wm. H., prop. Eagle Hotel
Thurber, Chas. E., produce
Tiller, H., wagonmaker
Tripp, Mrs. E. G., millinery
Trowbridge, L. D., physician
Tyler, Wells Jr. merchant tailor
Walton, Wm., butcher
Warren, A. D., hotel
Wayne County Journal, Fred. W. Clemons, prop.
White, J. J., jeweler
Wigglesworth, A. G., general store
Wilbur & Brick, blacksmiths
Williams, Franklin, jewelry, books, etc.
Williams, G. C., builder
Williamson, J. S., grocer
Williamson, & Braman, insurance agents
Williamson Bros., cigar mfrs.
Winston & Crandell, furniture and undertakers
Ziegler, Jacob, blacksmith


A small post-office, in the northern part of Wayne co., on Lake Ontario.

No listings.


A village of 500 inhabitants, in the north-western part of Wayne co., 24 miles from Lyons, the county seat. On Lake Ontario. Ship to Williamson, on the Lake Ontario Shore Division of the R., W. & O. R. R., 4 miles distant

Auchampaugh, H., harnessmaker
Brewer, Aaron, blacksmith
Burke, James, saw-mill
Burtis, J. W., foundry
Cady, E., saloon
Case, J. S., foundry
Cornwall, Dr. W., drugs
Craggs, J. B., flour-mill
Craton, John, wagonmaker
Erasmus, A., meat market
Fish, L., general store
Fisher, J. H., shoemaker
Griffin, H. M., hardware
Holling & Stoddard, planing-mill
Polister, A. A., shoemaker
Polister, M. & A., vessel owners
Reynolds, M. P., drugs, etc.
Ridgeway, J., cooper
Sherman, C., grocer
Smith, Mrs. Mary, hotel
Stoddard & Shove, tanners
Throop, H. N., saw-mill
Todd, A., cider and vinegar mfr.


In the north-eastern part of Wayne co. on the Lake Ontario Shore Division of the R., W. & O. R. R., 24 miles from Lyons. American Express. W. U. Telegraph. Population, 800. Daily mail. J. S. Covert, postmaster.

Annis & Ogilsbie, saw and planing-mill
Baker, L. W., A.M., principal Red Creek Seminary
Barber, Geo., carriage mfr.
Barber, Wm., carriage mfr.
Beck, Campbell & Hall, general store
Benedict, B. H., drugs and groceries
Burt, Mrs. C. M., milliner
Campbell, J. S., machinist
Campbell & Bros., flour and carding-mills
Cheesbro, S. M., builder
Clark, Wm. J., cooper
Clifton, Wm., shoemaker
Coplin, Geo., harnessmaker
Cuyler, W. J., general store
Decker, J. B., attorney
De Witt, Geo., photographer
Douglass, M. H., insurance agent
Foster, E. J., hardware
Foster, John, attorney
Foster, S. B., blacksmith
Green, A. M., grain
Hamlin, S. H., builder
Harris, A., cabinetmaker
Hoff, Hubbard, builder
Hoff, Ives P., jeweler
Horton, Dr. D. B.
Jenkins, Benjamin, builder
Jones, J. P., millwright
Kegan, Patrick, blacksmith
Lansing, Geo., shoemaker
Littlefield, W. S., flour-mill
Lowell, La Fayett, machinist
Mead, Nathan, harnessmaker
Millman, Wm., builder
Pasco, Dr. F. M.
Patrick & Cooper, produce
Patrick & Maloney, hardware
Peck, Aaron, meat market
Phelps, James, blacksmith
Quivey & Front, general store
Sheffer, James, tailor
Taylor, Mrs. E., hotel
Van Voorhes, James, saw, stave and heading-mill
Wells, Mrs. J., milliner
White & Turner, general store
Williams, Joseph, barber
Willams, Seward, jeweler
Wood & Kessler, flour-mill
Wood, Myron, tannery
Wood, W. G., banker


In the north-eastern part of Wayne co., 10 miles from Lyons, the county seat, and 2 1/2 miles from Rose station, on the Lake Ontario Shore Division of the R., W. & O. R. R. Stage to Clyde. Population, 600. Daily mail. G. W. Ellingwood, postmaster.

Bailess, Dr. R. C.
Bradshaw, Dr. J. E.
Church & Coats, hardware
Coffee, James, blacksmith
Collier, J. & G., general store
Coon, Dr. Lewis
Conroe, Jacob, hotel
Crisler, J., stove mfr.
Dougan, A. J., leader Rose's brass band
Ellingwood, E. M., guns, pistols, etc.
Ellingwood, G. W., justice of the peace and postmaster
Fredenhall, H. S. & Co., grist-mill
Garlick, Judson L., cabinetmaker
Gragor, David, barber
Griswold, W. H., nursery
Harmon, Peter, carpenter
Howard, Henry P., blacksmith
Mix, Wm. A., saw-mill
Pimm, E T., hotel
Readey, W. N., general store
Ritter, John W., cheese mfr.
Shear, Peter, live-stock dealer
Soull, Ira T., painter
Thomas & Collier, carriagemakers
Tillson, Chas., carpenter
Valentine, H., cooper
Valentine, Jackson, general store
Vanderoef, Wm., carpenter
Wait, S. M., painter
Wilson, J., shoemaker
Winchel, John & Son, meat market
Wright, C. S., general store


On the N.Y.C. & H.R. R. R., in the south-eastern part of Wayne co., 13 miles east of Lyons, the county seast. Population, 400. Daily mail.

Bell, W. C., hardware
Burritt, W. H., sewing-machines
Casey, A. E., saloon
Farnham, A. S., harnessmaker
Fenner & Wilson, druggists
Gregg, A., general store
Hoag, H., grocer
Hull, A. S., painter
James, H., pump mfr.
Kent, N., blacksmith
Leonard & Smith, general store
Lewis, J. H., grocer
Munson, J. A., produce
Newton & Jepson, billiard saloon
Phillip, W., hotel
Quackenbush, ___ (name omitted), meat market
Reamer, L. D., blacksmith
Stack, J., boots and shoes
Wise, F., harnessmaker
Wood, C., produce


Near Lake Ontario, on the Lake Ontario Shore Division of the R., W. & O. R. R., in the northern part of Wayne co., 14 miles from Lyons, the county seat. American Express. American Union Telegraph. Population, 900. Daily mail. S. P. Hulett, postmaster.

Alling, E. D., dentist
Austin, Melvin, meat market
Baker, Wm. H., builder
Becker, Wm., builder
Boseus, J. D., lumber, coal, salt, etc.
Brown, F. M., shoemaker
Canfield & Yeoman, coal
Flint & Kausier (?), blacksmiths
French, E. C., carriage mfr.
Gaylord, C. D., hardware
Gaylord, Dr. L. M.
Gaylord, W. T., general store
Gibbs, A. V., builder
Gibbs, D. W., builder
Granger, Geo., fanning-mill mfr.
Granger, Golding & Co., saw-mill and lumber
Green, E. A., drugs
Gurnee, E. W., printer and publisher of Sodus Alliance
Gurnee, E. W. & Co., bankers
Harper, T., confectionery
Hopkins, B. H., flour-mill
Hopp, Geo., carriagemaker
Hugunin, Estelle, millinery
Kelly, E. W., boots and shoes
Lamont, Dr. J. C.
Landon, E. H., general store
Lee, W. S., dentist
Martin, Sarah, millinery
McPherson, Dr. D.
Mills, C. & Co., carriage and wagon makers
Morse, Dr. H. R.
Myers, John W., marble works
Parsons, F. S. & Co., drugs and medicines
Poucher, Frank, meat market
Richardson, W. H., clothing
Rogers & Hulett, general store
Rogers & Smith, hardware, etc.
Snyder & Colburn, blacksmiths
Sodus Alliance, E. W. Gurnee, publisher
Strong, B. G., builder
Thirkell, W. G., physician
Tinklepaugh, A. M., meat market
Tuttle, C. M., photographer
Vantassell, J., hotel
Weaver, H. C., flour-mill
Whitney, L., hotel
Williams, A. B., general store
Wylie, J. H. & Son, furniture
Zetsche, J. H., jeweler


Near the central part of Wayne co., on the O. S. R. R., 10 miles from Lyons, the county seat. American Express. W. U. Telegraph. Population 350. Daily mail. A. W. Brower, postmaster.

Andrews, Joseph, sash and blinds, and undertaker
Borradaile, H., grocer
Borradaile, R. S., insurance agent
Brower, A. W., railroad agent, telegraph operator, and merchant
Dewitt, J. B., hotel
Featherly, G. C., axe-helve mfr.
Harris, Robert, hotel
Harris, Spencer, shoemaker
Hendricks, Geo. F., carriage mfr.
Kansier, Wm., carriage mfr. and blacksmith
Kumpp, Daniel, blacksmith
Mather, E. B., saw-mill
Merchant, R. S., saw-mill and grist-mill
Mepsinger, Chas., wool carder
Metz, Fred., agricultural implements and foundry
Peeler, Geo. W., cooper
Peeler, H. H., staves and heading
Pitcher, L. L., carpenter and builder
Pulver, Jacob, carpenter and builder
Pulver & Seeley, saw-mill
Rose, Henry, shoemaker
Seeley, Milton, carpenter and joiner
Simmons, Jacob, carpenter and joiner
Sturges, M. E., saloon
Wallace, B., grist-mill


On Lake Ontario, in the northern part of Wayne co., on the Lake Ontario Shore Division of the R., W. & O. R. R., 14 miles from Lyons, the county seat. American Express. W. U. Telegraph. Population, 300. Daily mail. F. C. Wickham, postmaster.

Bates, L., vessel owner
Case, G. H., hotel
Clark, J. O., meat market
Derby, M. C., hotel
Macy, S. J. &Co., bankers
McNett, De Forest, boat builder
Preston, J. W., grist-mill
Rogers, D., boat builder
Scott, A., meat market
Seaman, B. B., attorney
Sentell, E. H., produce
Shaw, J. P., general store
Stuart, S. B. & Co., coal, lumber, saw-mill, etc.
Walsh, F. W., grocer,
White, Mrs. E., millinery
Wickham, T. & Son, general store
Wood, J. H., carpenter and builder


An incorporated village, in the eastern part of Wayne co., 18 miles from Lyons, the county seat, and 5 miles from Savannah, its nearest shipping station, on the N.Y.C. & H.R. R. R. Daily mail via stage to Savannah. Population, 500. J. E. Hough, postmaster.

Albright, James, carpenter
Barber, L. J., carriage mfr.
Bradway & Crofoot, flour, saw-mill, and barrel factory
Campbell, Frank, carriage mfr.
Conroe, A. J., grocer
Cunningham, John, blacksmith
Davis, C. H., marble-shop
Dratt, John, hotel
Finch, A. J., blacksmith
Fry, Frank, blacksmith
Gardner, Stephen, shoemaker
Hale, Justice, meat market
Hibbard, Jerome, basket and tub-factory
Hibbard, Ezra, shoemaker
Hough, J. E., general store
Law, T. S., bluing mfr.
McGuire, Frank, blacksmith
Phillips, Henry, meat market
Pomeroy & Ellis, general store
Pomeroy, Samuel, carpenter
Roe, Charles M., clerk
Taylor, C. & Co., grocer
Taylor, Alphonso, carpenter
Wadsworth, D. L., druggist and hardware


In Wayne co., 7 miles north of Lyons, the county seat, and 2 1/2 miles south of Alton, its nearest shipping point, on the R., W. & O. R. R. Population, 300. Daily mail. A. P. Warren, postmaster.

Brower, John, blacksmith
Brundage, C. O., veterinary surgeon
Chittenden, M., merchant
Fouda/Fonda(?), Giles, machinist
Garlick, S. W., blacksmith
Jewell, H. C., painter
Lampson, Theo., carpenter
Martin, Fred, carpenter
Messinger, Jacob, hotel
Negu/Negus, Dr. M. T. W.
Warren, A. P., general merchandise


On Lake Ontario, in the northern part of Wayne co., on the Lake Ontario Shore Division of the R., W. & O. R. R. 10 miles from Lyons, the county seat. American Express. W. U. Telegraph. Population, 200. Daily mail.

Boyd, J. A., produce and farmer
Clark, A. D., nurseryman (2 miles distant)
Clark, D. W., nurseryman (2 miles distant)
Coon, A., boots and shoes
Edwards, J., blacksmith
Lent, C. D., general store and hotel
Messenger, E., saw-mill
Myers, L., wagonmaker


In the north-western part of Wayne co. Nearest railroad station, Macedon, on the N.Y.C. & H.R. R. R., 4 1/2 miles distant. Stage to Palmyra. Population, 600. Daily mail.

Baker, John W., general store
Benton, J. W., hardware, etc.
Braman, Miss M. A., millinery
Brown, Wm. H., blacksmith
Buckley, B. F., blacksmith
Burr, Dr. H. N.
Chase, G., cooper
Cook, Willis, carpenter
Craggs, John, flour-mill
Elliott, C., jewelry repairer
Foskett, D. W., carpenter
Foskett, H. J., carpenter
Lyon, Philo, carpenter
Macks, Samuel, wagonmaker
Matoon, H. C., harnessmaker
Pease, Thomas, blacksmith
Rabe, Fred., boots and shoes
Seely, Dr. W. W.
Shults, Luther, general store
Slade, D. C., blacksmith
Smith, James, cheese mfr.
Spooner, W. H., cheese mfr.
Tabor, Stephen A., harnessmaker
Wentworth, A. E., hotel
Yeoumans, T. G. & Sons, nurserymen


In the central part of Wayne co., 6 1/2 miles from Lyons, the county seat. Population, 100.

Green, G., cooper
Putnam, J. H., saw-mill
Soper, E. P., cooper


In the eastern part of Wayne co., 15 miles from Lyons, the county seat, and 2 1/2 from Wolcott, its nearest shipping station, on the R., W. & O. R. R. Population, 125. Tri-weekly mail. Harlow Peck, postmaster.

Hickey, Charles, cooper
Leonard, Bartlett, blacksmith
Moore, A. P., grafter
Moore, Orrin, wagon mfr. and mason
Peck, Harlow, shoemaker
Post, Alonzo W., lime mfr.
Rosenbery, Andrew, carpenter
Van Antwerp, Daniel, cigar mfr., grocer and blacksmith


A small village in the extreme western part of Wayne co., 24 miles from Lyons, the county seat, and 3 1/2 miles from Macedon station, on the N.Y.C. & H.R. R. R. Daily mail.

Briggs, J. W., farmer and news-agent
Briggs, A. H., justice of the peace
Farrell, B., grocer
Hare, Noah J., commission merchant
Taber, Oscar, carpenter and joiner


In the western part of Wayne co., 26 miles from Lyons, the county seat, and 7 miles from Macedon, its nearest shipping station, on the N.Y.C. & H.R. R. R. Population, 200. Daily mail via stage to Macedon.

Bills, Wm., cooper
Bills, W. J., general store
Carman, Susan, millinery
Foster, E., shoemaker
Gill, Dr. John
Gould, L. B., harnessmaker
Johnson, Saml. J., tinware and hardware
Lotz, John, wagonmaker
Morris, Dr. Robert
Nivison, E., shoemaker
Reed, N. R., general store
Williams, M. E., blacksmith
Wooster & Druxhel, blacksmith


Near Lake Ontario, on the Lake Ontario Shore Division of the R., W. & O. R. R., in the north-western part of Wayne co., 20 miles from Lyons, the county seat. American Express. W. U. Telegraph. Population, 300. Daily mail. H. H. Pond, postmaster.

Anthony, Joseph, cider-mill
Bedford, Joseph, meat market
Beter, H., tailor
Briggs, J. D., physician and drugs
Bush, B. S., dentist
Clark, L. D., jeweler
Cooper, E. L., photographer
Crystal Mills Mfg. Co., spices, cream tartar, etc.
Dezetter & Gordon, general store
Eaton & Ridgway, grist-mill
Eivey/Elvey, D., carriage mfr.
French, L., blacksmith
Giberson, E., harnessmaker
Godfrey, Dr. W. B.
Gordon, J. H., carriage mfr.
Harden, J. B., peppermint still
Harden & Sweeting, fruit evaporators
Mason, D., cooper
Milier, G. W., undertaker and furniture
Ouderkick,___, hotel
Parkhill, Miss M., miller
Pearsall & Bennett, produce
Peer, B. P., dentist
Pond, H. H. & Co., general store and produce
Rogers & Clark, general store
Sadden, A. A., shoemaker
Sinsabaugh, Mrs. Wm., milliner
Sinsabaugh, Wm., harnessmaker
Smith, J., cooper
Sprague, Dr. L. S.
Sprague, Dr. J. A.
Sweeting & Tassell, general store
Vaughan, C. B., peppermint still
Wakley, A., hardware
White, A., cooper
Wilder, F. S. & Co., hardware
Wormser, Dr. ___ (name omitted)


In the north-eastern part of Wayne co., on the Lake Ontario Branch of the R., W. & O. R. R. American Express. W. U. Telegraph. Population, 1,400. Daily mail. M. C. Paddock, postmaster.

Allen & Whitbeck, grocers
Beachwood, King & Co., carriage mfrs.
Booth & Merrill, clothing
Brewster, L. E., harnessmaker
Brewster, U. G., grocer
Brown, C. E., carriagemaker
Brownstin, J. H., general store
Bullock, L., harnessmaker
Campbell, A., clothing
Campbell, W. D., jeweler
Cole, P. T., hotel
Conklin, Cyrus, publisher Wolcott Independent
Conklin, Frank, attorney
Conklin, M., attorney
Cooper, G. W., harnessmaker
Cornwell, M. E., druggist and grain buyer
Crafts, A. P., physician
Curry, James G., veterinary surgeon
Curtis & Knapp, foundry
Dill, Geo. E., justice
Draper, E. H., physician
Drury, M. L., confectionery
Finch, D. S., dry goods
Fish, T. S., physician
Fitch & Young, perfume mfrs.
Foot, D., photographer
Gerris, F., baker
Graves & Tucker, dry goods
Hall & Bros., stave mfrs.
Hamilton, H. M., general store
Hoag, J. W., attorney
Hovey & Barnett, hats, caps and trunks
Hyde, Miss J. M., jeweler
Isaacs, W. H., stationer
Johnson, F. S., general store
Johnson, James, cooper
Johnson, W. E., dry goods
Kellogg, A. D., physician
Kellogg, Ed., attorney
Lawrence, J. E., marble works
Mann, D. H., lumber
Mather, J. W., hotel
McBride & Knapp, wagonmaker
Mead, Mrs. S. A., grocer
Merrill, B. A., boots and shoes
Merrill, N. W., hardware
Merrill & Wood, general store
Milne, John, bakery
Miner, D. M., produce
Moore, Calvin, boots and shoes
Moore, N. W., flour-mill
Moore & Campbell, drugs, etc.
Munn & Newbury, furriers
Nicket, James, boots and shoes
Northrup, G. H., lumber
Olmstead, W. & J. W., hotel
Peck, J. E., drugs
Perry, S. C., hotel
Pickins & Worden, wagonmakers
Reed & Cornwell, produce
Robertson, Jason, physician
Roe, W., flour-mill
Roe, Wm., attorney
Rogers, W., blacksmith
Rowe, Ellis & Pomeroy, bankers
Rumsey, L. & Son, flour-mill
Sebring, J., wagonmaker
Sheldon, H. S., harnessmaker
Sherman, John, hotel
Slee, M. H., books, etc.
Smedley, C. A., saloon
Smith, C. P., general store
Smith, Wm., attorney
Spahn, Martin, baker
Strait & Cornwall, lumber
Styles, J. E., billiards
Sutfin, L., grocer
Taylor, Mrs. H. R., general store
Thatcher Bros., general store
Thompson, Wm., carriage painter
Titus, Ira J., flour-mill
Upson, H., attorney
Vandenburgh, H. L., lumber
Waldorf, M. V. B., agricultural implements
Walker, E. M., attorney and police justice
Welden, Oliver, chief of police
Wells, Julia E., millinery
Westfall, James V. D., banker
Whitford & Campbell, clothing
Whiting, Julius, hotel
Wilson, Benj., physician
Wilson, E. J., millinery
Wilson, James M., physician
Wolcott Independent, Cyrus Conklin, publisher
Wood, A. S., attorney
Wood, B. S., agricultural implements
Wood, Wm. C., physician
Wright, Wardwell & Co., saw-mill


A village of 100 inhabitants, in the central part of Wayne co., on the Ontario Southern R. R., 4 miles from Lyons, the county seat, and 9 miles north of Newark.

Catlin, C., lumber, produce, etc.
McNamara, John, general store
Sebring, James, blacksmith




A small settlement in the northern part of Seneca co., 6 miles from Lyons, on the N.Y.C. & H.R. R. R., its nearest shipping point, and 8 miles from Waterloo, the northern county seat. Population, 100.

Beal, E. M., general store
Jack, Wm., cider-mill and peppermint distiller
Titus, O. D., thresher
Trickler, Phillip, blacksmith
Trickler, Henry, wagonmaker
Tryor, Geo. shoemaker
Van Vleet, A., tanner
Wright, John, blacksmith
Yakel Bros., poultry dealers


In the north-western part of Seneca co., 6 miles from Seneca Falls, and 9 1/2 miles from Waterloo. Population, 125.

Caldwell, A. A., flour mill
Carver, J. B., blacksmith
Hartruff, P., blacksmith
Nearpass, W., grocer



On the Erie Canal, 4 miles from Newark station, on the N.Y.C. & H.R. R. R. In the northern part of Ontario co., 12 miles from Canandaigua, the county seat. Population, 300. Tri-weekly mail. J. W. Parker, postmaster.

Bronson & Goldsmith, malt-house
Brown, G. J., boots and shoes
Huntson, Charles, general store
Knickerbocker, R., wagonmaker
Lines, J. L., boots and shoes
Mills & Towner, blacksmiths
Parker, J. W., general store
Randall, Wm., blacksmith
Russell, Isaac L., forwarding and grain
Saulpaugh, A. R., harnessmaker
Snyder & Blossom, barrel mfrs.
Strong, Geo. B., laborer
Terry, C. C. & F. F., wagon-shop, corn and feed-mill



In the north-western part of Cayuga co., 5 miles north of Port Byron, its nearest shipping station, on the N.Y. C. & H.R. R. R. and Erie Canal. Population, 150.

Borden, H., blacksmith
Curran, H., pump mfr.
Garrety, F., tinsmith
Reynoles, Miss A., millinery
Stocking, Dr. C. G.
Thomas, Dr. Wm.
White, D. E., general store
White, Jacob, blacksmith
Woodford, Charles, harnessmaker
Woodford, Mrs. C., millinery
Worden, G. K., hotel

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