1867 - 1868

The Hamilton Child Company of Syracuse, New York produced directories of New York counties in the late 1860s. These directories are useful in conjunction with the 1870 US census, and are available at many New York State libraries and historical societies either in print or on microfilm. In producing these directories, a few residents may have been missed. Absence of a family or person does not always mean that they didn't live there.

How to use the Wayne County Directory: Persons in the Wayne County Directory generally were listed under the post office where they received their mail. These directory listings were first organized by township. Within the townships the compilers made further list divisions - the official post offices located within the township. The compilers of this directory were not always consistent, from township to township, in whether a place in parentheses was the official residence or post office where mail was received.

We hope you spot your ancestor in the directory listings but... we have no further information on individuals or families listed. The societies in our research resources section will give you further assistance.

From Gazetteer and Business Directory of Wayne County, N.Y. 1867
published by Hamilton Child & Co., Syracuse, NY 1867

The post office addresses of the inhabitants of the town of Wolcott are as follows: Wolcott and Red Creek in the town, and Fair Haven and Westbury in Cayuga County (the latteron the line of Butler).

A post village on the east border; is the seat of Red Creek Academy. Daily mail by stage from Clyde and Oswego.

Acre, Conrad (P.O. Address, Fair Haven, Cayuga Co.), farmer 69
Andrews, Benjamin, farmer 103
Andrews, Geo. C., A. M., teacher of mathematics, Red Creek Union Seminary
Babcock, Tracy, carriage maker
Backer, John, blacksmith
Baker, Geo. W., carpenter
Balla, Wm. H. (P.O. Address, Fair Haven, Cayuga Co.), farmer 50
Barber & Bro. (Geo. D. and William), carriage makers
Beck, Wm., teacher of penmanship, Red Creek Union Seminary
Becker, David D., (Patrick & Becker), postmaster
Becker, David H., farmer 60
Becker, Harmon, deputy sheriff
Becker, Harmon V., shingle mill
Beebe, Barney (P.O. Address, Fair Haven, Cayuga Co.), farmer 4
Bell, Samuel D. (Butler), farmer 130
Bennett, James N., farmer 70
Benwick, James (P.O. Address, Fair Haven, Cayuga Co.), farmer 20
Bever, Edwin, farmer 78
Blanchard, Geo. W., carpenter, and (with Chas. W.), farmer 84
Boland, A. J., proprietor stage route from Red Creek to Clyde, daily, leaving at 6 a.m.; and from Red Creek to Sterling tri-weekly, leaving at 8 a.m.
Bowen, Arthur, carriage maker
Brewster, Wm. J., carpenter and farmer 12
Brink, Valentine, farmer 1
Brinkerhoff, Miss Phoebe (P.O. Address, Fair Haven, Cayuga Co.), farmer 40
Brown, Wm. G., surveyor
Brownell, Mrs. W.A., preceptress, Red Creek Union Seminary
Brownell, Walter A., A.M., principal Red Creek Union Seminary
Brugliff, Joseph, farmer 70
Brunkerhuff, Peter I., farmer 100
Burgess, Daniel N., farmer 50
Burghduf, Jacob, farmer 37
Burghdurf, Jacob J., farmer 38
Burglar, Joseph, farmer, leases 16
Burrell, Jason, farmer 200
Burt, C.M. Mrs., milliner
Campbell, George, millwright
Campbell, Geo., farmer 6
Campbell, G. & J. S. (George and James S.), woolen mills
Campbell, James S., machinist and millwright
Campbell, James S., farmer 5
Carter, Jabez, farmer 1
Cary, Morris H., farmer 2
Caster, Leonard, farmer 60
Caywood, John, farmer 76
Chapman, A. B., farmer 58 1/2
Chapman, Harlow, farmer 120
Chapman, Horace B., farmer 82
Chappel, Samuel, farmer 15
Cheesbrow & Milliman (Samuel Cheesbrow and Wm. H. Milliman), carpenters
Cheesbrow, Samuel (Cheesbrow & Milliman)
Clapper, John, veterinary surgeon
Clark, Edward D., farmer 97
Clifton, Wm., boots and shoes
Cole, David, farmer, leases from Rev. J. G. Moore, 26
Coner, M. P. (with B. F. Fowler), steam saw and shingle mill
Cooper, Henry, proprietor Cooper House
Cooper, Simeon, farmer 80
Covert, J. D., general merchant
Covert & Jenkins (Jacob and Le Roy), groceries and provisions
Coplin, Geo. M., harness and trunks
Cortright, Anthony V., grist mill
Cortright & Medan (Anthony V. and Elijah M.), saw mill
Creore, D. W. (S. S. Quivey & Co.)
Cross, J., farmer 40
Cuddeback, Solomon, farmer 2
Cuyler, Abram, farmer 78
Cuyler, John H., farmer 75
Cuyler, Wm. H. (White & Cuyler)
Daw, J. E., tree dealer and farmer 1 1/2
Decker, H. V. (with Wm. D. Johnson), shingle, stave and heading machine
Decker, Jacob B., lawyer and insurance agent
Devoe, Stephen, farmer 68
Dewitt, Cornelius, carriage maker
Doolittle Mrs., farmer 16
Dudley, Ira, Rev., Baptist
Duncen, James, blacksmith and farmer 20
Duning, Horace H. (P.O. Address, Fair Haven, Cayuga Co.), farmer 6 1/2
Dunn, James, farmer 75
Dutcher Daniel W., farmer 109
Dutcher, John, farmer 100
Dutcher, Silas (P.O. Address, Fair Haven, Cayuga Co.), farmer 14 1/2
Dykman, Areralius, farmer 105
Dykeman, James, farmer 115
Easterbrooks, Daniel, saw mill and cider mill, carpenter and turner of wood
Easton, Chas. A. (Easton & Harvey)
Easton & Harvey (Chas. A. Easton and Trueman S. Harvey), cabinet makers and undertakers
Easton, Malon, farmer 50
Eddy, Chas., flax mill
Eddy, Chas.. W., flax mill, saw mill and farmer 275
Ellembuf, Abram, farmer 7
Elmer, John (P.O. Address, Fair Haven, Cayuga Co.), farmer, leases 45
Elordorph, Abraham (P.O. Address, Fair Haven, Cayuga Co.), farmer 7
Ferris, Harvey J., farmer 90
Fields, Martin (Miller & Fields)
Finant, James, farmer 2
Finch, John, farmer 47
Finch, Mary F. Miss, farmer 80
Flint, Daniel, farmer 60
Ford, John, farmer 162
Forman, Ralph, farmer 50
Forman, Robert, carriage maker and farmer 5
Foster, Chas., veterinary surgeon
Foster, Edwin J., harness and trunks
Foster, Ephraim H., farmer 36
Foster, Ephraim H., blacksmith
Fowler, B. F. (with M. P. Coner), steam saw and shingle mill
Fowler, Joseph, farmer 45
Fowler, Merritt (Butler), farmer 100
Frost, Alanson, farmer 95
Frost, Edward (with Oscar), farmer 100
Frost, Martin, mason
Gage, Barton P., carriage maker and leader brass band
Gage, John C., farmer 13
Gage, Manlius W., auctioneer
Gage, Manlius W., lawyer
Gage, Miss Mary, dress maker
Gardner, Mary, Mrs., farmer 50
Gates, Henry, farmer 46
Germar, Alfred (P.O. Address, Fair Haven, Cayuga Co.), farmer 42
Gillon, John, blacksmith
Grant, James, farmer 56
Graves, Wm., Rev., Presbyterian
Green, Chas. M., live stock dealer
Green, Philander H., Rev., Christian
Griffin, Stephen V., farmer 142
Hall, James H., farmer 160
Hancock, John (P.O. Address, Fair Haven, Cayuga Co.), farmer 3 1/4
Harvey, Trueman S. (Easton & Harvey)
Harvey, Wm., boots and shoes
Hasham, Rachel, farmer 25
Hasham, Robert H., farmer 25
Hawley, Wm., farmer 200
Hedges, Emily, 25
Hendrick, Levi, farmer 50
Hoff, Richard C., boots and shoes
Holenbeck, Jacob (P.O. Address, Fair Haven, Cayuga Co.), farmer 10
Hoxey, Collins, tailor
Hubbard & Son (Jabez and Wilbur T.), groceries and provisions
Isham, Timothy, farmer 87 1/2
Jenkins, J. M., farmer 90
Jenkins, Le Roy (Covert & Jenkins)
Jewell, Alanson, farmer 18
Johnson, Wm. D. (with H. V. Decker), shingle, stave and heading machine
Judson, Thos. W., jewelry and watches
Keegan, Patrick H., blacksmith
Keesler, John, mason
Kennedy, Frank, house and sign painter
Kimble, S. F., farmer 112
King, David (P.O. Address, Fair Haven, Cayuga Co.), farmer 45
King, Thos. D. (P.O. Address, Fair Haven, Cayuga Co.), farmer 100
Le Favor, Robert, cooper
Lensley, D. E., farmer 123
Livingston, Adam, farmer 100
Livingston, Jacob, farmer 120
Lovejoy, Miss Edwina, teacher of primary department, Red Creek Union Seminary
Lumbard, Henry, farmer 50
Lyon & St. John (Jeremiah and Van Rensselaer), general merchants
Mack, Isaac T. (Butler), farmer 227
Mack, James, farmer 95
Madan, Elijah, farmer 190
Magu, Thos., farmer 34
Marshall, William (Butler), farmer 77
McArthur, John (P.O. Address, Fair Haven, Cayuga Co.), farmer 85
McClure, Miss Esther, music teacher, Red Creek Union Seminary
McIntosh, E., carpenter
McMullen, Daniel, farmer 80
Medan, Elijah, ashery
Medan, Elijah M. (Cortright & Medan)
Miller & Fields (Oscar F. and Martin), carpenters and builders
Miller H. Geo., teacher
Miller, John Wison, carpenter and builder
Milliman, Amasa, constable
Milliman, Ashley, farmer 80
Milliman, Wm. H. (Cheesbrow & Milliman)
Mitchell, John, carpenter and builder
Mitchell, John, farmer 13
Mitchell, Thos. J., farmer 50
Moffit, Wm., farmer 4
Moore, Wm., farmer 17
Morey & Co., proprietor stage route from Red Creek to Port Byron, daily, leaving at 5 a.m.
Mosher, Geo. A., farmer 110
Mosher, Geo. A., Rev., Protestant Methodist
Mosher & Washburn (Isaac F. and Daniel C.), hardware dealers and tinsmiths
Neal, Chas., farmer 80
Nichal, Philip, farmer 4
Odell, Wm. A., farmer 40
Palmer, Geo. A., blacksmith
Parker, Chas. (P.O. Address, Fair Haven, Cayuga Co.), farmer 3
Pasce, F. M., physician
Pasce, T. M. insurance agent
Patrick & Becker (Wm. R. Patrick and David D. Becker), druggists and grocers
Patrick, Riley, carpenter and builder
Patterson, Daniel, farmer 174
Phelps, James, blacksmith
Phelps, Joseph, mason
Plumb, Hiram S., physician
Quivey, S. S. & Co. (S. S. & A. Quivey, and D. W. Creore), general merchants
Raynor, Ezra, farmer 52
Redhed, R. Richard, Rev., Methodist Episcopal
Robertson, John, farmer 84
Robinson, Nathan, shingle maker
Scott, Irving (with Lewis), farmer 50
Scott, Lewis (with Irving), farmer 50
Scott, Lewis, farmer 90
Silliman, David D., farmer 28
Silliman, John, farmer 54
Slee, John, Rev., Methodist Episcopal (superannuated)
Smith, Merrit, farmer 10
Smith, Walter H., farmer 100
Snyder, Ezekiel L., farmer 60
Snyder, James W., surveyor
Snyder, Phlip, farmer 100
Snyder, Thos., farmer 150
Sprague, Cyrus (Butler), farmer 38
Spurr, John, farmer 104
Stinard, A. A., boots and shoes
St. John, Van Rensselaer (Lyon & St. John)
Sutton, Ashley, farmer 40
Swart, Willard, livery stable
Sweet, Martin, carpenter and builder
Teachout, Ezekiel, groceries and provisions
Teachout, Ezekiel K., town clerk
Teachout, Wm. H., farmer 6
Thompson, George (P.O. Address, Fair Haven, Cayuga Co.), farmer 24
Tones, John (P.O. Address, Fair Haven, Cayuga Co.), farmer 80
Turner, Mrs. Bruce, milliner
Turner, James, carpenter and builder
Turner, John, farmer 72
Vanalstine, Abraham, farmer 36
Vanalstine, Jacob, farmer 42
Vanalstine, John J., farmer 84
Vanarfvala, Garret, farmer 48
Vanauker, Jeremiah, farmer 80
Vanauker, John (P.O. address, Westbury), farmer 75
Van Fleet, John M., farmer 100
Van Fleet, Garret, farmer 57 1/2
Van Fleet, Peter, farmer 5
Vansickles, Mary Mrs., farmer 165
Velie, Stephen H., furniture and undertaker
Viele, Daniel H. (Butler), farmer 50
Vule, Peter N., farmer 53 1/2
Waldron, Cornelius, farmer 50
Warner & Bro. (John and Wood) saw mill
Warner, John, grist mill
Warner, Wadruff (with John Warner) saw and grist mill
Washburn, Daniel C. (Mosher & Washburn) insurance agent and justice of peace
Wells, Russell, farmer 83
Wetherby, Janette Miss, milliner
Wetherby, Sandford Mrs., milliner
Wethrel, Darius (Butler), farmer 100
White & Cuyler (Ransom & Wm. J.) general merchants
White, James S., laborer
Williams, Albert, butcher
Williams, Albert, wool puller
Williams, Albert, morocco factory
Williams, Thaddeus (Butler, farmer 62
Willington, Franklin B., farmer 20
Windover, Richard, farmer, leases 100
Wing, Abel, photographer
Wood, George (Butler) farmer 224
Wood, Henry M. (Butler), farmer 224
Wood, Henry M. (Butler), farmer 200
Wood & Son (Wm. O. and Myron I.), tannery
Wood, Wm. O., farmer 87
Wright, Thos. (P.O. address, Fair Haven, Cayuga Co.), farmer 50
Wright, Wm. (P.O. address, Fair Haven, Cayuga Co.), farmer 80

A post village in the south-east corner of the town. The seat of "Union Free School of Wolcott", and of quite an extensive merchantile and mechanical interest. Daily mail by stage, from Clyde to Red Creek.

Abels, Bradley, saw mill, carpenter and farmer 4
Aikins, Samuel, farmer 96
Allen & Baird (J. N. Allen and Thomas B. Baird) general merchants
Allen, J. N. (Allen & Baird)
Alport, Chauncy, cooper
Alport, Chauncy, livery stables
Amerman, Garrett J., farmer 105
Anderson, Wm., farmer 100
Angus, Elijah (Butler), farmer 5
Armerman, Richard, farmer 60
Armstrong, Allen (Butler), farmer 450
Armstrong, James, life insurance agent
Armstrong, James (Butler), insurance agent
Armstrong, Robert S. R. (Butler), farmer 230
Arne, Hamilton M., farmer 40
Arnett, Jacob N. (Huron), farmer 20
Arnett, John P. (Huron), farmer 140
Atkinson, John (Butler), farmer 25
Angur, John (Butler), farmer 40
Baird, Thos. B. (Allen & Baird)
Baker, Edwin (Butler), farmer 100
Baker, Geo. W., farmer 8
Baker, Geo. W., carpenter and builder
Baker, Wm. G., farmer 25
Barrell, David, farmer 87
Bartlett, Jonthan, farmer 37
Baylon, Hugh, farmer 90
Beere, Lewis, farmer 14
Bigelow, Chas. L., farmer 38
Bigelow, Nicholas, farmer 12
Bildin, Cornelius (Huron), farmer 1
Birchird, Nelson, farmer 89
Birdsley, Wm. C., Rev., Protestant Methodist
Blackmore, Henry F., farmer 26
Blanchard, John, farmer 8
Blasdell, Catharine, village lot
Blauvelt, Elisha (Huron), farmer 25
Blauvelt, James (Huron), farmer 40
Booth, Jedediah L. (Huron), grist mill
Borden, Hiram, blacksmith
Bowser, Louisa Miss, dress maker
Boylan, Kate Mrs., dress maker
Brewster, Upton G., miller for N. W. Moore and leader brass band
Brink, Arthur (with Tyler Hyndman), farmer 50
Brockway, Cyrus, farmer 17
Brockway, Wm. P. (Huron), farmer 65
Brown, Chas. C., carriage maker
Brown, Geo., farmer 65
Brown, Irving S. (Huron), farmer 46
Brown, John, farmer 38
Brundridg, Daniel, farmer 50
Brundridge, Robert, farmer 40
Bullock, Stephen (Sprague & Bullock)
Burch, Erastus, carpenter
Burch, Stephen B. (Huron), lumber dealer and farmer 300
Burghderf, Conrod, livery stable
Calkins, Ensign L. (Merrill & Calkins)
Car, John H., farmer 10
Carman, Catharine, farmer 4
Carman, John, furnace and farmer 19
Castor, Coyler, farmer 68
Castorlin, Joseph, mason
Chadderdon, James Y., farmer 13
Chapman, Cortlan, farmer 25
Chase, Abram, gunsmith
Chase, Chas., farmer 2
Chase, Nathan, farmer 2
Church, Adonijah (Huron), farmer 45
Church, Alanson (Huron), farmer 50
Church, H. & Son, groceries and liquors
Church Noah B. (Huron), farmer 100
Cleaveland, James B. (Butler), farmer 75
Colburn, George L. (Butler), farmer 100
Cole, Alex., cooper
Cole, Hiram (Butler) 100
Cole, Welcome (Butler), farmer 350
Collins, Columbus C. (Huron), farmer 101
Conger, Daniel, nurseryman
Conway, Martin, farmer 5
Cook, Hiram (Butler), farmer 119
Copeland, J. W. (Copeland & Farley)
Copeland & Farley (J. W. Copeland and ___ Farley), tannery
Cornwell & Johnson (M. E. Cornwell and F. S. Johnson), general merchants
Cornwell, M. E. (Cornwell & Johnson)
Cosad, James M. (Huron), farmer 453
Coventry, Wm. A., carpenter
Crafts, A. P., allop. physician
Crane, Aaron (Butler), farmer 50
Curry, James C., live stock dealer
Curtis, A. L., druggist and grocer
Curtis, G. B. (C. P. Smith & Curtis)
Davis, Caleb N. (Huron), farmer 26
Decker, John, mason
DeLamater, George W. (Butler), farmer 45
DeLamater, John (Butler), farmer 45
Depew, Thos., farmer 19
Depoy, Abraham, farmer 60
Dewit, Austin, farmer 20
Dewit, Hart, farmer 49
Dewitt, David W. (Butler), carpenter
Dewitt, Geo. W., merchant tailor
Dewitt, Hartson, livery stable
Dill, Geo. E., justice of the peace, and justice of sessions
Dilling, Daniel, farmer 75
Douglass, John R., farmer 5
Dowd, Stephen (Huron), farmer 55
Dowd, Watson (Huron), farmer 80
Draper, Rev. Amos, Baptist
Draper, E. H., allop. physician, and supervisor of town
Drill, Geo. E., auctioneer
Drury, Alvin (Huron), farmer 26
Drury, Anson, farmer 52
Drury, John (Huron), farmer 84
Dudley, A. Henry (Hendrick & Dudley), postmaster
Dudley, Horace S. (Huron), farmer 59
Dudley, H. S., land holder
Dutcher, Benjamin, farmer 17 1/4
Dutton, Chester, farmer 130
Dutton, Mrs. Lucy J. (Huron), farmer 168
Easton, Hezekiah, farmer 60
Easton, Wm., farmer 80
Eckerson, Thos. (Huron), farmer 30
Edwards, Eliza, farmer 30
Edwards, Jacob (Huron), butcher and farmer 6 1/2
Enney, George, house and sign painter
Erles, Daniel, farmer 2
Farley, ___ (Copeland & Farley)
Fenn, Wm. A., jewelry and watches
Fenn, Wm. A., Rev., Adventist
Fisher, Geo., farmer 49
Fitch, Allen H. Sr. (Butler), farmer 100
Fitch, Edward D. (Butler), farmer 110
Fitch, Mrs. Jane, farmer 50
Fitch & Son (E. D. & George), brick makers
Fleming, Ebenezer, carpenter
Foote, David A., photograph artist
Foster, Samuel H., grocer, druggist, and insurance agent
Fowler, John P., justice of peace, carpenter and farmer 50
Galloway, Russell (Butler), farmer 147
Gibbs, Abram (Butler), farmer 83
Gibson, Alex., overseer of furnace, and farmer 3
Gillett, Alphonzo, farmer 12
Gillett, German, proprietor stage route between Red Creek, Wolcott, Rose and Clyde
Graham, Abraham (Huron), farmer 75
Graham, Alfred L. (Rose), farmer 56
Grandy, Wm. C., carpenter
Grant, Wm., farmer 50
Griggs, John, farmer 33
Hagerman, John (Huron), farmer, leases 75
Hague, Joseph, farmer 5
Harman, Wria, dentist
Hart, Marvin D. (Rose), farmer 90
Hateman, Robert, farmer 85
Henderson, Eustace (Rose), farmer 78
Henderson, Francis J. (Butler), farmer 73
Henderson, Gideon (Rose), farmer 50
Henderson, Grove (Butler), farmer 136
Henderson, Morgan (Butler), farmer 54
Hendrick & Dudley (Horace W. Hendrick and A. Henry Dudley), ready made clothing, and sewing machine dealers
Hendrick, Horace W. (Hendrick & Dudley)
Henry, Wm. (Huron), farmer 211
Hovey, Edward M. (Huron), farmer 49 1/2
Huntley, Malcomb (Huron), farmer 40
Huntley, Timothy B. (Huron), farmer 70
Hyde, Harlow, deputy sheriff, and insurance agent
Hyndman, Tyler (with Arthur Brink), farmer 50
Ingraham, Julia (with John Whiting), farmer 15
Johnson, Calvin, farmer 70
Johnson, Edward, coal dealer
Johnson, F. S. (Cornwell & Johnson)
Johnson, George, farmer 107
Johnson, Thomas W. (with Wm. H. Phacker), farmer 176
Joiner, Dorus, farmer 80
Jones, Edward C., farmer 102
Jones, John E. (Butler), farmer 100
Jones, Joseph A. (Huron), farmer 102
Jones, Judson G. (Huron), farmer 40
Jones, Luther (Huron), farmer 60
Jones, Samuel F., farmer 70
Keeslar, Adam (Huron), farmer 98
Kellogg, A. D. , allop. physician
Knapp, A. C., farmer 28
Knapp, Frank, carpenter
Knap, G. M., blacksmith
Knapp, Melvin, blacksmith
Ladue, Oliver T., boots and shoes and crockery
Lamb, Wm. (Huron), farmer 66
Landers, C. P., lawyer
Langley, Myron H. (Huron), farmer 152
Lee, Benjamin (Huron), farmer, leases 6
Lewis, Philander T. (Rose), farmer 40, and leases 75
Lovejoy, Nelson, farmer 80
Lovejoy, Norman (Rose), farmer 48
Loveless, Josiah (Butler), farmer 73
Loveless, Solomon, farmer 95
Luffman, Abram (Huron), farmer 75
Lyman, Samuel, farmer 48
Mack, Harrison, farmer 95
Mallory, Harrison W., farmer 4
Marble, Geo. W. (Huron), farmer, leases 130
Mathews, Lawson (Huron), farmer 141
Mathews, Royal (Butler), farmer 116
McBride, Geo. W., house and sign painter
McBride, Wm. T., blacksmith
McConley, John (Huron), farmer 6
McEntyre, Henry F., carpenter
McIntyre, M. C., carpenter
McKeown, James & Son (James and John), masons
McQueen, Hiram (Huron), farmer 43 1/2
Mead, Erwin (Mead & Sillimon)
Merill, Harlow C., farmer 50
Merrill, B. A., boots and shoes
Merrill & Calkins (N. W. Merrill and Ensign L. Calkins), groceries
Merrill, N. W. (Merrill & Calkins)
Miles, Milton Rev., Second Advent, and farmer 57
Miles, Willard, farmer 37
Miller, Abraham, farmer 2
Miller, Henry E., farmer 94
Miller, Samuel (Butler), farmer 205
Miller, Samuel, farmer, leases 49
Miller, Samuel D., farmer 8
Millington, Jerome W., tailor
Millington, Lanson, carpenter
Mills, Jesse O. (Huron), farmer 216
Miner, Isaac (Butler), farmer 66
Moore, N. W., grist mill
Morris, Levi, farmer 76
Nash, Morgan, farmer 68
Nichols, Geo. (Huron), farmer 42
Norris, Aaron, hotel proprietor, and farmer 100
O'Brian, Wm. (Huron), farmer 86
O'Connor, Anthony (with Patrick), farmer 9 1/2
O'Connor, Patrick (with Anthony), farmer 9 1/2
Olmsted, Geo. (Huron), farmer 47
Olmsted, Wellington, saloon keeper
Otis, Daniel, farmer 47 1/2
Paddock, Henry R. (Smith, Phillips ≈ Co.)
Paddock, Merrit, farmer 58
Paddock, Wm. W., hardware
Paddock, Wm. M., farmer 157
Page, W. L. Rev., Presbyterian
Park, Mrs. Sarah, farmer 150
Partridge, Josiah (Huron), farmer 56
Peck, B. F., auctioneer
Phacker, Wm. H. (with Thos. W. Johnson), farmer 176
Philip, John, saloon and restaurant
Philip, John N. (Butler), manufacturer of woolen goods
Phillips, Isaac, farmer 108
Phillips, James A. (Smith, Phillips & Co.)
Phillips, John L., planing mill and sash, door and blind manufacturer
Pierce, John (Huron), farmer 100
Pimm, Chas. T. (Huron), farmer 72
Pimm, Catharine (Huron), farmer 8
Pitcher, John, farmer 60
Plank, E. N., lawyer, insurance agent, and farmer 130
Pool, William (Butler), farmer 60
Porter, John F. (Butler), farmer 101
Porter, Orson, farmer 70
Quackenbush, Cornelius (Huron), farmer 30
Quackenbush, Eugene, butcher
Quinlan, Lawrence (Butler), farmer 23
Raynor, Matthew N. (Butler), farmer 75
Raynor, George, carpenter, and farmer 42
Raynor, Sylvester (Butler), farmer 70
Reels, Sarah (Huron), farmer 20
Reynolds, Edwin, farmer 6
Reynolds, James (Butler), farmer 75
Reynolds, Hanaziah A., farmer 124
Reynolds, Wm. A., farmer 85
Rice, Isaac, farmer 19
Rice, S. D., miller for L. Rumsey
Richardson, Henry H. (Huron), farmer 51
Richardson, Isaac, farmer 74
Riggs, Lorenzo, farmer, leases 50
Robinson, Thos. (Huron), farmer 95
Robinson, Wm. (Huron), mason, and farmer, leases 52
Roe, Daniel, farmer 100
Roe, Joseph L. H. (Butler), farmer, leases 170
Roe, Willis W. (Butler), farmer 170
Roe, Wm., lawyer
Rogers, Daniel (Butler), farmer 142
Rogers, Wm., blacksmith
Rumsey, Lacy, grist mill
Russell, Geo. H. (Huron), farmer 116
Robinson, Wm., mason
Sabins, Mrs. Eliza, proprietor of Lake House, and farmer 28
Salmer, Jacob, farmer 2 1/2
Sawyer, Joseph (Huron), farmer, leases 83
Seavey, Alvah H. (Huron), saw mill
Shaft, Henry B., farmer 10
Sharp, Chas., farmer 6
Sheldon, Henry S., harness maker
Shepherd, Willard (Huron), farmer 19
Sherman, Mrs. Ann, farmer 2
Sherman, Wm. (Huron), farmer 18
Sillimon, Hiram (Mead & Sillimon)
Sillimon, Daniel (Butler), farmer 65
Smith, Chas. P., general merchant, and (with G. B. Curtis), iron founder and machinist
Smith, C. P. & Curtis (Chas. P. Smith and G. B. Curtis), iron founders and machinists
Smith, Jacob D., blacksmith
Smith, John F. (Smith, Phillips & Co.)
Smith, John W. (Huron), farmer 83
Smith, Phillips & Co. (John F. Smith, James A. Phillips and Henry R. Paddock), furniture dealers
Smith, Solomon (Huron), farmer 26
Snyder, John F., farmer 25
Sprague, A. J. (Sprague & Bullock)
Sprague & Bullock (Stephen Bullock and A. J. Sprague), carriage makers
Sprague, David (Butler), farmer 200
Sprague, John (Butler), farmer 111
Springstead, George (Butler), boatman, and farmer 3
Stage, Nathan P., farmer 75
Steward, Andrew, boots and shoes
Stewart, Geo., blacksmith
Stinard, A. L., boots and shoes and groceries
Stout, Phillemon, barber
Sweet, Chauncy P., tree dealer, and farmer 12
Sweet, David B., hotel proprietor
Switzer, E. D., jewelry and watches
Taintor, Mrs. Rosanna (Butler), farmer 30
Talcott, Joseph (Huron), farmer 90
Taylor, Chas. (Huron), farmer 68
Taylor, Dexter, constable
Taylor, Gilbert (Huron), farmer 55 1/2
Taylor, Tunis, farmer 46
Thacker, Albert B., farmer 180
Thomas, Wm. H., job printing office
Thorn, Hugh J., farmer 50
Thorn, Webster, farmer 200
Titus, Rev. Wm. S., Methodist Episcopal
Thompkins, Nathaniel W. (Butler), farmer 245
Treat, Clinton A. (Huron), farmer 103
Tucker, Daniel (rose), farmer 75
Turbush, Henry (Huron), farmer 16
Turbush, Jackson, house and sign painter
Underhill, Jason (Butler), farmer 50
Union Free School of Wolcott (Prof. A. J. Hutton principal; Misses Sarah E. Dowd, Asenath Van Auken, Frank dow, S. Dow, Frances Park, assistant teachers)
Vandevort, Andrew, distiller of cider brandy
Vandevort, Thos., farmer 82
Van Patten, Peter H. (Huron), farmer 55
Van Valkenberg, John (Butler)
Van Vleek, Lawrence (Butler), farmer 250
Vernoy, Almond, farmer 82
Vincent, John, carpenter and builder
Vincent, John, farmer 6
Vought, Isaac C., farmer 50
Wadsworth, Henry, farmer 112
Waldron, Cornelius, farmer 50
Waldruff, Peter, farmer 6
Waldruph, Edward, farmer 100
Waldurff, Jacob (Huron), farmer 90
Waldurs, Martin D. B., farmer 105
Walker, Eranville D. (Butler), farmer 150
Walker, Thomas (Butler), farmer 112
Walker, William H. (Butler), farmer leases 425
Ward, Joseph R. (Butler), farmer 55
Ward, Reuben (Butler), farmer 20
Waterman, Henry, farmer 12 1/2
Waters, Merril D., farmer 44 1/2
Watson, Mrs. Elizabeth (Butler), farmer 75
Weeks, Chas. B. (Huron), farmer, leases 4
Weet, Newton S., farmer 12 1/2
Weller, Mathines, carpenter
Wells, George (Butler), farmer 46
Wells, Samuel S. (Huron), farmer 75
Wheeler, Wm. W., farmer 32
Whitbeck, Andrus (Huron), farmer 25
White, James S., laborer
Whiting, John (with Julia Ingraham), farmer 15
Williams, Cassius J., carpenter
Wilson, Miss Ellen, milliner
Wilson, Benjamin (James M. Wilson & Son), allop. physician
Wilson, James M. & Son (Benjamin), allop. physician
Woodruff, Hiram (Huron) farmer 85
Woodruff, James M., farmer 100
Woodruff, Meritt, farmer 59
Wright, Gilbert, general merchant
Young, Eason (Rose), butcher, and farmer 30

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