1867 -1868

Wayne County, NY

The Hamilton Child Company of Syracuse, New York produced directories of New York counties in the late 1860s. These directories are useful in conjunction with the 1870 US census, and are available at many New York State libraries and historical societies either in print or on microfilm. In producing these directories, a few residents may have been missed. Absence of a family or person does not always mean that they didn't live there.

How to use the Wayne County Directory: Persons in the Wayne County Directory generally were listed under the post office where they received their mail. These directory listings were first organized by township. Within the townships the compilers made further list divisions - the official post offices located within the township. The c ompilers of this directory were not always consistent, from township to township, in whether a place in parentheses was the official residence or post office where mail was received.

We hope you spot your ancestor in the directory listings but... ***we have no information on individuals or families listed.***

From Gazetteer and Business Directory of Wayne County, N.Y. 1867
published by Hamilton Child & Co., Syracuse, NY 1867

The post office address of the residents of the town of Williamson are as follows: Pulteneyville and Williamson in the town, and Ontario and Sodus in adjoining towns.

A post village and port of entry in the Genesee District. Daily mail by stage from Palmyra.

Aistrop, Geo., farmer 62
Allcock, Nicholas, farmer 50
Allen, Thos., farmer 2
Auchampaugh, Harvey, harness maker
Baker, Jonathan, farmer 60
Beardsley, David S., allop. physician
Benton, Henry P. (Fish & Benton)
Benton, Wm., farmer 60
Boss, John, farmer, leases 105
Bourke, James, saw mill and flax machine
Bourke, James, farmer 12
Brewer, Aaron, blacksmith
Brewer, Cornelius, farmer 33
Brewer, Peter, farmer 120
Brockheuzen, Hermaans, farmer 100
Brookhuizen, Hermaans, saw mill
Brownell, John N., farmer 73
Bruni, Michael, farmer 25
Bull, Rev. John M., M. E., clergyman
Burnell, Mrs. Sarah Ann, dress maker
Burtis, John W., cupola furnace
Burtis, John W. , farmer 5
Cady, Elias, saloon
Carl, John F., farmer 12
Carpenter, Frank (with Orrin), saw mill
Carpenter, Orrin (with Frank), saw mill
Carpenter, Thos. C., blacksmith
Carpenter, Thos. C., farmer 3
Case, Wm., farmer 4
Case, Wm., millright
Church, Joseph, farmer 52
Coaleman, Jacob, farmer 50
Cole, Mrs. Geo., farmer 54
Cole, Jacob, farmer 30
Cole, Michael, farmer 33
Cole, Orin, farmer 66
Collier, Cornelius, farmer 8
Coon, Abraham, farmer 34
Cooper, Rebecker E., farmer 43
Copeyon, Edwin, farmer, leases 80
Cornwall, Ansel, farmer 16
Cornwall, Ansel A., merchant tailor
Cornwell, Evalin, farmer 88
Cottrel, John, farmer 60
Cottrel, David, farmer 70
Cottrell, Geo., farmer 18
Cottrell, Joseph, farmer 25
Coulyou, Peter, farmer 14
Craggs, James B., farmer 90
Craggs, James B., grist mill
Craggs, Richard, farmer 329
Craggs, Thos., farmer 12
Curtis, Andrew J., farmer 62
Curtis, Chester, cupola furnace
Curtis, Isaac Henry, farmer 55
Cuyler, Ledyard, farmer 76
Cuyler, Samuel C., deputy collector of customs
Cuyler, Samuel C., farmer 130
Deede, Peter, farmer 28
Deright, Jesse, farmer 62
Deryder, Peter, farmer 9 1/2
Dewinne, Jacob, farmer 3
Deyoe, Allen, farmer 50
Deyoe, Allen, house painter
Dogelleke, John, farmer 50
Dunning, Arnold, farmer 7
Eaton, Wm., miller
Fairbanks, Rufus P., farmer 28
Farwell, Mary (Griffen, Lacy & Co.)
Fish & Benton (Lorenzo Fish and Henry P. Benton), general merchants
Fish, Chancey, inspector of customs
Fish, Chancey A., farmer 83
Fish, Lorenzo (Fish & Benton), postmaster
Fish, Thos., farmer 11
Fish, Thos., carpenter
Fisher, Adrian, farmer 118
Fisher, Mrs. Dina, farmer 12
Fleming, Wm., boarding house
Gasley, Joseph, hotel and billiard room
Gates, John (Sodus), farmer 161
Gloid, J. Henry, carriage maker
Goodluck, Peter, farmer, leases 55
Granden, Ann, farmer 31
Granger, Joshua, farmer 67
Graves, Mrs. Elizabeth, farmer 50
Griffin, Miss Henrietta B., music teacher
Griffen, Henry M. (Griffen, Lacy & Co.), coroner
Griffen, Lacy & Co. (Henry M. Griffen, David V. Lacy and Mary Farwell), dealers in books and stationery, paints and oils, hardware, tin and sheet iron manuf.
Hendricks, Lewis, farmer 14
Hiller, Jacob, farmer 20
Holland, John, farmer 67
Hollander, Lewis, farmer 12
Hollander, Martin, farmer 50
Holling, Andrew (Palmer & Holling), planing mill and farmer 58
Hoot, Philip (Sodus), farmer 140
Johnson, James, farmer 50
Johnson, James, farmer 3 1/2
Johnson, Michael, farmer 50
Knight, Richard W., farmer 10
Lacknar, Simon (Ontario), farmer 37
Lackney, Abraham, farmer 39
Lacy, David V. (Griffen Lacy & Co.)
Ledyard, T. Scott, inspector of customs and farmer 25
Lewis, Henry C., farmer 56
Liddle, Wm. R., farmer 10
Malcom, John (Sodus), farmer 24
Malcomb, John, farmer 45
Mallend, Wanton F., farmer 113
Maxfield, Jonathan J., farmer 50
Milham, John (Sodus), farmer 99
Millard, Wm., farmer 50
Miller, Philaster, farmer 145
Miller, Silas, farmer 31
Miller, Wm. H ., farmer 32
Milliman, Albert, farmer 80
Milliman, Chas. W., farmer 60
Mihl, Phillip (Sodus), cooper and farmer 30
Mink, Philip H., farmer 160
Morgan, Geo. C., farmer 80
Morgan, Thos., tanner
Moses, Mrs. Eliza Ann, milliner
Moses, Rufus A., carpenter
Muson, Asa, farmer 10
Nash, John, farmer 80
Niles, Nathan, farmer 10
Norton, Joel W., farmer 93
Obine, John, farmer 40
Orbeke, Jacob, farmer 30
Owen, Samuel, glass blower
Pallister, Albert A., boots and shoes
Palmer & Holling (John Palmer and Andrew Holling), lumber dealers
Palmer, John (Palmer & Holling)
Powers, Josiah W., farmer 106
Pratt, Aaron W., farmer 140
Pratt, Joel B. (Ontario), farmer 110
Pratt, Jonathan S. (Ontario), farmer 84
Pray, Peter, farmer 50
Reed, James (with John), farmer 32
Reed, John (with James), farmer 32
Resue, Josiah, farmer 27
Reynolds, John M., general merchant, tanner, editor of Commercial Press and steamboat agent
Reynolds, Randolph, insurance agent
Ridgway, Job, cooper
Robinson, Robert, farmer 82
Rogers, Wm. H., farmer 90
Royce, Philander B., saw mill and farmer 127
Roys, Gaius M., farmer 42
Roys, Philander B., farmer 195
Russell, Robert, cooper and farmer 40
Sayles, Atkinson, farmer 160
Sheffield, Edward, farmer 34
Sheldon, Andrew F., allop. physician, and farmer 130
Shipley, Asbury W., farmer 79
Shipley, Isaac E. (with John), farmer 265
Shipley, James, farmer 6 1/2
Shipley, John (with Isaac E.), farmer 265
Shipley, Thos, farmer 7
Shipley, Waters, farmer 150
Stoddard, Evi D., farmer 180
Stonechist, John, farmer 36
Sweezey, Chester F., farmer 187
Teats, John H., farmer 40
Thorp, John S., farmer 60
Thorp, M. Aaron, farmer 60
Todd, Asahel, allop. physician, and farmer 200
Tomkinson, Benj., tanner, and farmer 63
Tomkinson, John B., farmer 130
Tomkinson, Samuel D., farmer 8
Vanear, John, farmer 30
Vanhu, Cornelius, farmer 57
Vanwinkle, John, farmer 250
Verbrugge, Jannis, farmer 88
Verbrugge, Isaac, farmer 60
Verbrugge, Jacob, farmer
Vosburgh, Wm. S. (Sodus), farmer 240
Wammisfolder, Wm. C., farmer 54
Waters, Zimri, farmer 167
Weaver, John, saw mill, millwright and farmer 12
Wemsfelter, Philip, farmer 40
White, Levi, farmer 35
White, Oliver, carpenter
Wilson, Ralph, farmer 59
Wood, Josiah, farmer 20
Wordhall, E. R. retired farmer

A post village, a little south of the center of the town. Daily mail, by stage, from Palmyra.

Adams, Collin B., farmer 100
Adams, Corodon M., saw mill and farmer 78
Adams, James R., farmer 75
Adams, John, farmer 138
Adams, Orlando, farmer 97
Adams, Rev. Sylvester, Wesleyan clergyman
Alger, James E., farmer 23
Alger, Jonathan W., farmer 35
Allen, Ethal M., school commissioner and farmer 45
Allen, Peters, farmer 125
Atwater, Mrs. Mary, farmer 47
Atwater, Theron, farmer 30
Austin, Alex. G., homeop. physician
Austin, James P., dentist
Austin, Pasqua, farmer 100
Baker, Edwin J., farmer 65
Baker, Mrs. Lucinda, farmer 25
Bartholomew, Lois S., farmer 20
Beach, Augustus, farmer 276
Beach, Mrs. Florence J., farmer 108
Bedford, Joseph, farmer 40
Benedict, Joseph R. (Marion), farmer 55
Bennett, Chas., farmer 94
Bennett, John P., farmer 7
Bennett, John T. (Thompson & Bennett)
Bennett, Myron H., farmer 100
Billings, Miss Martha, milliner
Borden, Stephen, cooper and farmer 5
Bradley, Wm., farmer 14
Brightman, Abel, blacksmith and farmer 15
Brill, John, farmer 19
Britton, John, farmer 84
Britton, Joseph, farmer 65
Brown, James, farmer 40 1/2
Brown, Samuel E., farmer 90
Brumelcamp, John, carpenter and farmer 5
Bruno, Isaac, grocery
Bruno, Josiah, farmer 61
Buckley, Jacob, farmer 31
Buerman & Buerman (James and Livenus), saw mill and farmer 53
Buerman, James (Buerman & Buerman)
Buerman, John (with Peter), farmer 50
Buerman, Peter (with John), farmer 50
Burden, Thomas, farmer 5 1/2
Burle, Abram (Marion), farmer 4
Cady, Ira, farmer 155
Calhoun, Mrs. Catharine, M., farmer 45
Calhoun, Samuel, farmer 56 1/2
Campbell, Sylvester, farmer 4
Carey, Elliot A., farmer 25
Cartville, Abraham (with John and Jacob), farmer 86
Cartville, Jacob (with Abraham and John), farmer 86
Cartville, John (with Abraham and Jacob), farmer 86
Case, Wm., hotel keeper
Cattieu, Levi, farmer, leases 75
Cattu, Peter (Marion), farmer, leases 125
Clark, Rodney, farmer 70
Clicquennoi, Adriaen, farmer, leases 71
Cogswell, Giles, farmer 100
Cogswell, Hiram, saw mill and farmer 82
Congdon, Caleb E., farmer 95
Cooper, Ezekiel L., photograph artist
Creighton, John H., carriage maker
Cronk, Hiram L., cooper and farmer 4
Culver, Gilbert, farmer 29
Cunningham, Henry (Marion), farmer 29
Danforth, Emily B., farmer 23
Danforth, Mrs. Fanny, farmer 35 1/2
Deback, Isaac, farmer 17
Delelys, Daniel, farmer 25
Delelys, Peter, farmer 77
Deright, Cornelius, farmer 13
Dewright, Adrian, farmer 73
Dewright, Cornelius, farmer 13
Douglas, Ursula, farmer 50
Dumelt, Benj., farmer 172
Eddy, Cyrenus (Marion), farmer 100
Eddy, Helen M., farmer 12
Eddy, Norman S., farmer 160
Eddy, Syrenus, farmer 264
Elton, Noah, farmer 161
Faas, Adrian, farmer 90
Farnsworth, Samuel, farmer 78
Fish, Harry S., farmer 175
Fish, Mrs. Mary, farmer 90
Flowers, Isaac, farmer 4
French, Lewis, blacksmith
Fuller, Eastus, harness maker
Gardner, Chas. B., farmer 50
Gardner, John, farmer 50
Gordon, James, farmer 5
Gordon, John H., carriage maker
Gordon, David T., mason and farmer 15
Green, Alvin, farmer 33
Griffin, Mrs. Matilda (Marion), farmer 26
Hamelink, Leonard, farmer 45
Hance, Benj. J., farmer 133
Hance, Samuel, farmer 75
Hardcastle, Thos., farmer 55
Hasden, Hiram, farmer 126
Hingleson, Peter (Marion), farmer 6
Hinolf, James M. (Hinolf & Roe)
Hinolf & Roe (James M. Hinolf and Jerome W. Roe) general merchants
Hise, Walter, farmer 49
Hoagland, Wm., farmer 108
Howell, Geo., farmer 38
Hurst, Henry (Marion), farmer 56
Ingalls, Adrian, farmer 13
Johnson, John, farmer 47
Johnson, Mrs. Martha A., farmer 15
Kinyon, Remington, farmer 100
Lackner, Anthony, farmer 68
Lake, Henry W. , blacksmith
Leinarr, Jacob, farmer 10
Leroy, Edward P., farmer 60
Macagg, Jacob, farmer 65
Macagg, Joseph, farmer 54
Macgilson, Peter (Marion), farmer 18
Macy, Matthew B., farmer 4
Macy, Reuben B., farmer, leases 40
Maines, Chas., farmer 9
Maines, Geo. B. (Todd & Maines)
Manchester, Chas. F., farmer 40
Mason, Chas., farmer 112
May, Philip, farmer 18
McIntyre, Hugh, farmer 38
McMichael, Mary, farmer 3
Merson, John M., house and carriage painter
Milhan, Aaron D. (Marion), farmer, leases 96
Milhan, David R., farmer 83
Milhan, Martin (Marion), farmer 80
Miller, Amasa O., farmer 12
Miller, Geo. W., farmer 40
Milliman, Lyman (Marion), farmer 76
Moody, Cephas, farmer
Moose, Cornelius, grocery
Mullie, Isaac, farmer 123
Nash, Adam, farmer 111
Nash, Horace B., farmer 122 Nash, Reuben, farmer 110
Near, Geo. M., farmer 41
Negus, John, farmer 10
Nichols, Benj., farmer 40
Nichols, Myron, farmer 100
Norton, Joel W., cider mill
Nufgles, John, farmer 56
Nye, Benna, cooper
Pallister, Edward, farmer 78
Pallister, John P., farmer 48
Pallister, Richard, farmer 86
Pallister, Wm., farmer 56
Parkhill, Eugene, farmer, leases 71
Patrick, Samuel C., farmer 40
Pearce, Wm., farmer 25
Pearsall, Jacob D., assistant assessor internal revenue and (with sisters) farmer 90
Pease, Andrew, farmer 50
Pease, John S., farmer 50
Peer, John H., farmer 57
Peer, Thos. J., farmer 100
Prentiss, Mentin, farmer 27
Platschart, John, blacksmith and farmer 3
Plete, Wm., farmer 77
Pleyte, Isaac, farmer 100
Poppino, Samuel S., farmer 40
Porslow, James, farmer 7
Potter, Amos, farmer 3 1/2
Potter, Austin, farmer 20
Potter, Sylvester, farmer 10
Pratt, James A., farmer 100
Pratt, John B., farmer 149
Pratt, Solomon R., farmer 7
Pratt, Wesson, farmer 121
Pratt, Wm. S., farmer 70
Pugsley, Wm., butcher
Rasse, Mrs. Jane, grocery
Reeves, John N., farmer 62
Reeves, Lyman A., allop. physician and farmer 5
Reeves, Stephen, farmer 60
Rice, Malinda, farmer 2
Richardson, Mrs. Mary Ann, farmer 21
Richardson, Miss Nellie, milliner
Richardson, Mrs. Sarah, farmer 20
Ridgeway, Jacob, cooper
Roe, Jerome W. (Hinolf & Roe)
Rogers, Franklin P., saw mill and stave factory and farmer 195
Rogers, Mason L. (Marion), farmer 280
Russell, Nathaniel, farmer 130
Sanders, Eugene, farmer 35
Scott, Abigail, farmer 2
Scott, James M., carpenter
Scullen, Loren, farmer 50
See, Henry, stage driver
Seeley, Muson, farmer 21
Seely, Derostur, farmer 57
Seely, Erastus, farmer 100
Seely, Joseph, farmer 27
Seely, Thos., cider mill and farmer 92
Shalls, John, farmer 19
Shearman, Daniel J. (P. O. address, Ontario), farmer 4 1/2
Skinner, Cuyler D. (wit Loren Skinner)(Marion), farmer 122
Skinner, Loren (with Cuyler D.)(Marion), farmer 122
Smith, Isaac, cooper
Smith, Newell, farmer 67
Smith, Robert, farmer 100
Smith, Robert A., farmer 21
Soudam, Wm., farmer 11
Spencer, Rev. Armon, Presby. clergyman
Sprague, Lathrop S., allop. physician and farmer 60
Stevens, Edmond, farmer 40
Stewart, James, farmer 40
Stewart, Ezra P., farmer 80
Swancott, Philip S., farmer 30
Sweet, Winthrop, farmer 3
Swift, Elisha T., saw mill
Tack, Francis, farmer 49
Tassell, Chas. L., farmer 50
Tassell, Lewis, farmer 147
Thomas, Henry J. (with Hosea) (Marion), farmer 76
Thomas, Hosea (with Henry J.)(Marion), farmer 76
Thomas, Warren, farmer 40
Thompson & Bennett (Joseph S. Thompson and John P. Bennett), general merchants
Thompson, Joseph S. (Thompson & Bennett), postmaster
Tibbits, Chas. A., farmer 126
Todd & Maines (Wm. H. Todd and Geo. B. Maines), general merchants
Trimble, Chas., farmer 107
Tripp, Gilbert, cooper
Tripp, Gilbert, farmer 70
Truax, John, farmer 14
Truax, Joseph, farmer 10
Tucker, Morris, carpenter
Tuller, Chancy, farmer 80
Tuller, Samuel H., farmer 75
Tummonds, Geo., farmer 160
Tuttle, Lucas S., farmer 19
Van Borkle, Josias (Marion), farmer 57
Vancoloe, John, farmer 60
Vanderboegh, John (Marion) (P. O. address, Marion or Williamson), farmer 40
Vanderbough, Cornelius, farmer 61
Vaneenwick, Hendrick, farmer 60
Van Houte, Isaac, farmer 11
Vanhuizen, Albert B., farmer 25
Vanhuizen, Rev. Albert B., Reformed Dutch clergyman
Vaugh, Mrs. Lovisa A., farmer 20
Vaughn, Hiram, farmer 105
Vaughn, Samuel, farmer 143
Wagrar, Lewis, farmer 46
Wake, James M., farmer 96
Wake, Robert, farmer 84
Wake, Wm., farmer 47
White, Abijah, farmer 45
White, Abijah, cooper
White, Amos, farmer 32
White, E. Connor, farmer 10
White, James H., cider mill and farmer 44
White, James H., carpenter
White, Orson H., carpenter and farmer 12
Whiter, Maryan, farmer 18
Wilcox, Henry H. (Marion), farmer 140
Wilder, Brutus, farmer 91
Woodham, James, farmer 50
Wright, Sylvanus M., farmer 3
Youngs, Wm. E., farmer 10

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