1867 - 1868

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The Hamilton Child Company of Syracuse, New York produced directories of New York counties in the late 1860s. These directories are useful in conjunction with the 1870 US census, and are available at many New York State libraries and historical societies either in print or on microfilm. In producing these directories, a few residents may have been missed. Absence of a family or person does not always mean that they didn't live there.

How to use the Wayne County Directory: Persons in the Wayne County Directory generally were listed under the post office where they received their mail. These directory listings were first organized by township. Within the townships the compilers made further list divisions - the official post offices located within the township. The compilers of this directory were not always consistent, from township to township, in whether a place in parentheses was the official residence or post office where mail was received.

We hope you spot your ancestor in the directory listings but... we have no further information on individuals or families listed. The societies in our research resources section will give you further assistance.

From Gazetteer and Business Directory of Wayne County, N.Y. 1867
published by Hamilton Child & Co., Syracuse, NY 1867

The post office addresses of the residents of this town are as follows; Lincoln, Walworth and West Walworth, in the town; Ontario in town of Ontario, and Webster (Monroe Co.).

A newly erected post office in the north-west part.

Alborn, Edward, farmer 35
Allen, Lemuel (P.O. address, Webster, Monroe Co.), farmer 57
Andrews, James, farmer, leases 52
Arney, Samuel, farmer 17
Barron, Geo. farmer 14
Barron, Geo., tailor
Bowman, Henry, blacksmith
Brant, Geo., farmer 100
Brant, Hamilton, farmer 60
Brant, Hamilton (Ontario), farmer 110
Brown, Chas., farmer 20
Brown, Ira W., farmer 10
Bullen, Joseph, farmer 55
Bullin, Elijah, farmer 65
Bullin, Elijah, farmer, leases 25
Cambrew, Joseph, farmer 135
Carman, Geo. W., farmer 54
Carr, Casey, farmer 53
Church, Henry (Ontario), farmer 50
Church, Joseph R., farmer 71
Church, Nathaniel, farmer 60
Clum, Edward R., carpenter
Clum, Ferdinand, farmer 74
Coney, Michael, farmer 61
Conrow, Andrew, farmer 10
Conrow, Israel, farmer 60
Cosgrove, Andrew, farmer 10
Durkin, Patrick, farmer 54
Elmer, Reuben, cooper and farmer 31
Elmore, Reuben, farmer 31
Everett, John, farmer 110
Felts, Nelson A., carpenter
Fosdick, Chas., farmer 5
Fosdick, Morgan, farmer 35
Foster, Russell, shoemaker
Fox, John, farmer leases 20
Gould, Israael, farmer 300
Gould, Israel (Ontario), farmer 300
Gragor, James, farmer 25
Hall, John, farmer 28
Hamm, Jacob, farmer 71
Hicks, Willis B., farmer 61
Hiltbod, Samuel, shoemaker
Hooker, Stephen, farmer 25
Hulbert, Chas., farmer 10
Hulbert, Chas., basket maker
Hunt, Wm., farmer 16
Lingert, Frederick, farmer 16
Ingert, John, farmer 3
Isler, Benj., harness maker
Karnar, John, farmer 16
Kennedy, James, farmer 25
Kennedy, Wm., farmer 10
Little, Philip, general merchant
Lockwood, Seth, farmer 89
Lubs, John, farmer 20
McGruel, Martin, farmer 92
McGuire, Martin, farmer 40
Miller, Adam (P.O. address, Webster, Monroe Co.), farmer 43
Miller, Chas. E., farmer 65
Newbury, Alex M., farmer 54
Newbury, Walter, farmer 80
O'Neill, John (Ontario), farmer 47
Ott, John, farmer 36
Peacock, James, farmer 90
Peacock, Joseph, vice president Lincoln Cheese Factory, and farmer 124
Plant, Peter, farmer 10
Ranos, James, farmer 30
Rhinewalt, Geo. (P. O. address, Webster, Monroe Co.), farmer 44
Russell, Daniel, farmer 65
Russell, Franklin, farmer 40
Russell, James, farmer 61
Sanford, Geo. W. (Ontario), farmer 35
Smith, Daniel M. , president Lincoln Cheese Factory, and farmer 170
Soul, Henry, farmer 45
Stilwell, Geo. J., farmer 64
Strickland, Joseph, farmer 65
Strickland, Joseph Jr., farmer 49
Strickland, Nelson, saw mill
Strickland, Nelson F., postmaster
Swadling, Stephen (Ontario), farmer 48
Tiffany, Hiram, farmer 132
Tiffany, Reuben, farmer 170
Tripp, Isaac, farmer 155
Ward, Philip, farmer 10
Warren, Harrington, farmer 74
Warren, Stephen, farmer 6
Waterman, Daniel, farmer 47
Watterman, Almon T., carpenter
Whitney, Sidney (Ontario), farmer 126
Whitney, Wm., farmer 5
Wisen, Marcus L., farmer 7
Wooster, Dennison S., farmer 72
Wooster, Hiram, farmer 30
Wooster, Hiram, farmer, leases 103
Wyatt, John, farmer 10

A post village near the south-east corner, is the seat of the Walworth Academy. Daily mail, north and south.

Arnold, Peter, farmer 80
Asay, John (Macedon), farmer 40
Ashdown, Wm. (Marion), farmer 20
Atkinson, Hugh, farmer 12
Atwell, Joseph (Marion), farmer 27
Avery, Aaron R. (Marion), farmer leases 125
Bailey, Henry E. (Marion), farmer 40
Bailey, James C., farmer 154
Bailey, John, farmer 35
Baker, Leander M., farmer 123
Baker, John W., grocer
Bancroft, Cynthia, farmer 45
Barkite, Abraham J. (Macedon), farmer 23
Barton, David (Marion), farmer 26
Barton, Mrs. Isabel, farmer 16 1/2
Bassage, Amos, farmer 13
Bedford, John (Marion), farmer 11
Bennett, J. D., justice of the peace
Berry, Wm., farmer 23
Birdsall, Richard P., farmer 62
Braman, Elias (Marion), farmer 60
Braman, Isaac (Marion), farmer 40
Brown, Charles (Macedon), farmer 44
Brown, Chas. H., carpenter and farmer 30
Brown, Edward, farmer 15
Brown, Jesse, farmer 55
Brown, Wm. H., blacksmith
Buckley, Lotan, farmer 92
Buckley, Wm., farmer 150
Burke, Thomas (Macedon), farmer 44
Burr, Hollis J., farmer 31
Burr, Isaac, farmer 100
Burrus, Longelott, farmer 190
Buttolph, David, farmer 15
Buttolph, Sophia, farmer 50
Caldwell, Isaac, farmer 44
Cappon, John, farmer, leases 27
Christoph, Chas., farmer 37 1/2
Clark, Richard, farmer 78
Clark, Seymour (Marion), farmer 72
Clark, Wm. A., farmer 51
Cook, George (Macedon), carpenter and farmer 30
Cook, Gilbert (Macedon), farmer 13
Cook, Willis (Macedon), carpenter
Coomber, Geo. J. (Marion), farmer 33
Covell, Stephen A., Jr., farmer 58 1/2
Craggs, John (Macedon), grist and saw mill
Crane, Caleb, farmer 110
Crowley, Patrick, farmer 50
Dank, Frederick, farmer 54
David, Philip, farmer 200
Dean, Rev. R. Sanford, Baptist clergyman
Delong, Joshua (Macedon), farmer 135
Delong, Lewis (Macedon), farmer 40
Denise, Wm., farmer 52 1/2
Dewey, Adelbert, farmer 100
Dewey, Josiah D. (with Solomon A.), farmer 115
Dewey, Solomon A. (with Josiah D.), farmer 115
Deyo, Chas., harness maker
Dick, Philip H., farmer 208
Dickinson, Joseph T. (Macedon), mason
Dirkin, John, farmer 7
Downs, Michael, farmer 18
Drake, Chas. F., farmer 35
Durfee, Hiram, farmer 136
Durkey, Lackey, farmer 3
Ebert, Wm., farmer 24
Eddy, Nathan S., postmaster
Edgerton, Chas. (Macedon), farmer 76
Edgerton, Wm. W. , farmer 155
Ellison, Richard T., farmer 37
Ferguson, Wm., farmer 3
Fillmore, Kneeland (Marion), farmer 67
Findley, Jones, farmer 20
Finley, John, farmer 190
Finley, David (Macedon), farmer 108
Finley, Mark, farmer 50
Finley, Reuben, farmer 101
Finley, Reuben L, farmer 104
Finley, Theron J., farmer 80
Foley, Michael, farmer 32 1/2
Freeman, Lewis, farmer 117
Freeman, Lewis (Marion), farmer 50
Gardner, Aleman, farmer 92
Gardner, Wm. W., farmer 118
Gilfoy, John, farmer 20
Goodwin, Frederick A. (Marion), farmer 30
Graham, Henry, manuf. of hand rakes and farmer 33
Guylfoil, John, farmer 16
Hack, John, farmer 40
Hall, Franklin (Macedon), farmer 38
Hall, Joel, farmer 85
Hall, Joseph (Macedon), farmer 92
Hamm, Edward, farmer 3
Harrington, John W., farmer 104
Harris, James W. (Marion), farmer 88
Hemmens, Geo., farmer 40
Hill, Albertus C., farmer 50
Hoag, Humphrey, farmer 143
Hoag, Humphrey (Macedon), farmer 114 1/2
Hoff, Isaac (Marion)(P. O. address Palmyra and Walworth), farmer 51
Hogoboom, Robert (Marion), farmer 125
Howard, Russell S. (with Wm. W.) (Marion)(P. O. address Walworth and Palmyra), farmer 19
Howard, Wm. W. (with Russell S.)(P. O. address Walworth and Palmyra), farmer 19
Hoxie, Cornelius (Macedon), farmer 25
Hoyt, Daniel, farmer 64
Ingraham, S., physician
Jacop, Paul, farmer 21
Jennings, David, farmer 24
Jones, Joseph R., farmer 68
Josse, Peter, farmer 59
Kent, James (Macedon), farmer 400
Knapp, Chas., farmer 158
Knapp, Lorenzo (Marion) (P. O. address Marion or Walworth), farmer 120
Knapp, Miles, farmer 62 1/2
Lamb, Aenaes (Macedon), farmer 22
Larsen, Carl P., farmer 20
Lasher, Jeremiah, farmer 65
Lavin, Michael, farmer 17
Lawrence, Edmund, farmer 112
Lawrence, Philip, commissioner U. S. loans and farmer 54
Lawrence, Wm. C. (Macedon), farmer 101
Loomis, Oscar, farmer 42
Love, Geo., farmer 6
Love, John, farmer 47
Lusk, Nathan J., farmer 72
Lyon, Philo (Macedon), carpenter and farmer 13
Mack, Samuel, carriage maker
Maloy, John, farmer, leases 31
Mason, Andrew J. (Marion), farmer 70
Mason, Chas. S. (Marion), farmer 104
Mason, Horace G., carraige maker and farmer 25
Mathewson, Cynthia, farmer 45
Mathewson, Perry G., farmer 2
McCall, John, farmer 16
McLouth, John, farmer 28
Messmore, Daniel, grocer
Milleman, Uriah (Macedon), farmer 11
Miller, Henry, farmer 34
Miller, Justis, farmer 30
Mitchell, Thos., farmer 165
Monfort, Daniel (Macedon), shoemaker
Moore, Fred'k W., farmer 17
Moore, Fred'k W., farmer 156
Morse, Amos, farmer 166
Morse, Richard (Macedon), farmer 45
Mumford, Ralph (Macedon), farmer 81
Murdoff, Daniel (Marion), carpenter and farmer, leases 25
Nelson, Absalom, farmer 130
Nelson, James, farmer 100
Newell, Joseph, farmer 120
Padley, Miss Katine, farmer 60
Padley, Miss Sarah, farmer 80
Parker, John, farmer 112
Parker, John, farmer 178
Parker, John J., farmer 55
Parker, Wm., farmer 235
Perlee, Henry, farmer 60
Phelp, Wm. B., farmer leases 2 1/2
Randolph, Geo., farmer 158
Reddy, John, farmer 7 1/2
Rice, Geo. W. (with Veniah W.)(Marion), farmer 142
Rice, Veniah W. (with Geo. W.)(Marion), farmer 142
Robinson, Frederick H., farmer 97
Robinson, John H. (Macedon), carpenter
Robinson, Wm., farmer 60
Rose, H. G., physician
Sanford, Franklin M., farmer 113
Sawyer, Densmore B. (Macedon), farmer 40
Sawyer, Jackson M. (Macedon), farmer 78
Shaw, Frederick (Marion), farmer 100
Sherborn, Harvey, farmer 60
Sherman, Wallace (Macedon), farmer 16
Smith, Ammi, farmer 6
Smith, James, farmer 4
Smith, Jesse (Marion), farmer 25
Smith, Philip, carriage maker and farmer 50
Stebbins, Epaphroditus, farmer 31
Stiggins, John H., farmer 22
Stoddard, Alonzo, farmer 50
Stoddard, John M., farmer 100
Strickland, Samuel, farmer 140
Stump, Henry, farmer 105 1/2
Tabor, Abraham, farmer 110
Tripp, Wm., farmer 84
Truax, Burous (Marion), blacksmith
Trumble, Geo., hotel proprietor
Turner, James (Marion), farmer 30
Tuttle, Loyal D., farmer 68
Underhill, Wm., farmer 39
Vantassel, Barnabas (Macedon), farmer 30
Vosburgh, Mrs. Mary (Macedon), farmer 127
Warren, Geo. N., farmer 2
Wells, Amos J. (with Mrs. Mary Ann), farmer 107
Wells, Mrs. Mary Ann (with Amos J.) farmer 107
Whitlock, David, farmer 93
Whittleton, James, farmer 68
Whittleton, James, harness maker
Whittleton, James Jr., farmer 54 1/2
Winston, Geo., farmer 91
Withingle, Isaac, farmer 3
Yeomans, Elia B., nurseryman, fruit grower, and farmer 185
Yeomans, Theron P., nurseryman and farmer 295

A post village near the south-west corner. Daily Mail.

Allen, Daniel, tinsmith and goldsmith
Baker, Leander, farmer 123
Barnesdale, Wm., farmer, leases 22
Beach, Lucius P., house and carriage painter
Beacher, Patrick, farmer 120
Bears, Edward, farmer 14
Bills, Richard, farmer 29
Bills, Wm., farmer 39
Boynton, Mrs. Caroline S., farmer 68
Bull, Johnson C., farmer 40
Cameron, Isaac, farmer 57
Carman, Miss Susan, milliner
Carman, Truman, farmer 29
Carman, Wm., harness maker and farmer 13
Carman, Wm. H., farmer 100
Chapman, Rolph, farmer, leases 60
Clague, Wm., farmer 46
Clapp, Mrs. Caroline, dress maker
Clark, Horace, farmer 8
Clark, Robert, farmer 26
Clemans, Mrs. Orpha, farmer 52
Clemans, Putney, farmer 16
Cole, Jacob S., farmer 78
Crocker, Philander, farmer 25
Crosgo, James, farmer 16
Davis, Isaac, farmer 94
Denise, Tunise H., farmer 112
Dorr, Henry B., farmer 77
Downing, E. W., farmer 3 1/2
Downing, Henry, farmer 16
Dresser, Dexter, farmer 56
Durkin, Wm., farmer 5
Eisentragar, Gustavus, farmer 41
Fenigan, Patrick, farmer 10
Flynn, John L., farmer 35
Forman, Wm., carpenter and farmer 20
Foskell, Hiram, farmer 150
Foster, Russell, farmer 13
Freer, Isaac, farmer 40
Fuller, Christopher M., eclectic physician
Fuller, Wells B., farmer 100
Gilbert, Daniel, farmer 64
Gould, Amos, farmer 81
Gould, Joseph, farmer 115
Gould, Sanford B, farmer 50
Gould, Wm. J., farmer 98
Guinan, James, farmer 40
Hoag, Francis J., farmer 109
Higgins, Wm., farmer 10
Honesy, Thos., farmer 67
Hoster, Russell, mason
Howe, Freeman, farmer 60
Howe, Henry, farmer 25
Howland, Henry H., farmer 53
Johnson, Wm., farmer 240
Kimble, Urias, carriage maker
Klippel, Fred'k, farmer 77
Laird, James, farmer 118
Lotze, John, carriage maker
Maclewen, James, farmer 7
Maguire, Patrick, farmer 60
Main, Avery, farmer 20
Main, Rev. Erastus F., Baptist clergyman and farmer 9
Mains, Marquis, farmer 84
Mason, Osgood O., farmer 130
McCatan, John, farmer 50
McGowen, John, farmer 36
McGuire, Anthony, farmer 14
McGuire, Patrick, farmer 22
Merrifield, Thos. G., farmer 8
Merrill, Tappan, farmer 130
Miller, Harvey, farmer 95
Miller, Philetus, farmer 101
Miller, Sanford W., farmer 16
Miller, Sylvester L., postmaster, general merchant and farmer 21
Neafle, Richard (Wooster & Neafle)
Newhall, James, farmer 39
Nivison, Elisha, proprietor stage route from West Walworth to Macedon; daily stage
Owens, Alvin, farmer 10
Palmer, Chas. L., farmer 112
Palmer, James L., farmer 112
Palmer, Nathaniel, farmer 133
Phillips, Luther E., farmer 68
Pound, Jediah S., farmer 60
Powell, David, farmer 110
Ramsdale, Wm., farmer 25
Reed, Nathan R., general merchant
Reed, Robert T., farmer 71
Reynolds, Ira, farmer 67
Rosenbaner, John, farmer 49
Sabin, John, farmer 54
Skinner, Cornelius, farmer 6
Skinner, Cornelius, mason
Smith, Sandford, farmer 100
Spencer, Alfred s., farmer 83
Stebbins, Henry D., farmer 3
Stebbins, John P., farmer 95
Stump, Henry, farmer 9
Sweet, Harvey, carpenter
Sweet, Loren, carpenter
Thacher, Reuben, farmer 62
Thayer, Alfred, farmer 60
Turman, Hiram (with Isaac), farmer 75
Turman, Isaac (with Hiram), farmer 75
Walker, Chas., farmer 37
White, John T., farmer 103
White, Paul, farmer 70
Whitlock, Henry, farmer, leases 160
Whitmore, Henry, farmer 14
Wilber, Halsey, farmer 50
Wilbur, Thos. F., farmer 109
Williams, Thos., blacksmith
Wolf, Christopher, farmer, leases 50
Wooster & Neafle (Oscar Wooster and Richard Neafle), blacksmiths
Wylie, Wm. D., farmer 70
Wyman, Able, farmer 5

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