1867 - 1868

Part 2

From Gazetteer and Business Directory of Wayne County, N.Y. 1867
published by Hamilton Child & Co., Syracuse, NY 1867

A small post village, containing several mills. Daily mail by stage from Lyons.

Alden, Ede, farmer 149
Allen, Mrs. Elizabeth, farmer 49
Allen, Lorenzo D., boots and shoes
Andrews, Joseph, sash and blind manufacturer and undertaker
Barclay, Mrs. Nancy, farmer 85
Barclay, Peter, farmer 65
Baxter, Geo., mason and farmer 25
Boyd, John A., farmer 136
Brant, John, farmer 126
Brant, Peter, farmer 150
Brayman, Norman, farmer 55
BRYNT, CYRUS, carpenter and farmer 67
Burgis, John, farmer 90
Cramer, Phillip, (Metz & Cramer)
Curtis, Alonson, shoemaker
DEKAY, MORRIS, farmer 50
Delano, Elbridge, blacksmith
Dodd, Chancy, farmer 48
Dodds, Almon, (with David) farmer 75
Dodds, David, (with Almon) farmer 75
Dodds, John, farmer 90
Dodds, Wm., farmer 48
Dunbar, Levi, farmer 41
Ford, Chauncey, farmer 90
Geither, Jacob, peppermint still, and farmer 75
Granger, Geo., fanning mill manuf.
Granger, Thos., lime kiln and farmer 230
Gulick, Wm., farmer 73
Gutick, Amos, farmer 162
Harris, Alfred, farmer 55
Hewit, Orison, farmer 4
Hopkins, A. A., farmer 41
Hopkins, Clark, farmer 62
Hopkins, Ezra H., farmer 75
Hopkins, Freeman, farmer 82
Hopkins, James, farmer 113
Hopkins, Thomas Jr., farmer 41
Johnson, Mark P., dentist
Kansier, Frederick, carriage maker
KANSIER, WM., blacksmith and carriage maker
Kellogg, Miss Elizabeth, farmer 2 1/2
Klumpp, Daniel, blacksmith
Knapp, Lenten A., general merchant
Ladu, Wm. F., groceries
LADUE, ELMON D., farmer 45
Leighton, Benj., farmer 72
Lemmon, Elijah, farmer 68
Mather, Elisha, grist mill, sal mill, carding machine, and farmer 109
Meringo, Wm., farmer 51
Messenger, Richard, farmer 180
Messenger, Wm., farmer 50
Metz & Cramer, (Frederick Metz and Phillip Cramer) furnace, machine shop, and cider mill
Metz, Frederick, (Metz & Cramer)
Mitchell, James, farmer 50
Myers, John, farmer 115
Neil, Edward, physician
Newkirk, Mrs. Lovina, farmer 96
O'Bryne, Squire, farmer 66
Peeler & Son, (John F. and Henry,) manufacturers of fork and broom handles, staves and headings, and farmer 18
Perkins, Rev. Albert, Baptist
Pitcher, Henry, (with Lawson) farmer 20
PITCHER, JACOB, farmer 52
Pitcher, Jonas, farmer 80
Pitcher, Lawson, (with Henry) farmer 20
Polhamus, Albert, carpenter
Powell, Archibald, farmer 150
Proseus, John D., farmer 100
Proseus, John F., farmer 150
Reed, Van Ransselaer, proprietor of Sodus Center Hotel
Reynolds, Chas., farmer 75
Reynolds, Crandall, farmer 40
Reynolds, Lewis, saw and grist mill, carding machine and farmer 135
REYNOLDS, NEHEMIAL, (Lyons) farmer 20- (note: spot on paper)
REYNOLDS, NEHEMIAH, JR., (Lyons) farmer 50
Riggs, Miss Lucy, farmer 30
Riggs, Prime, farmer 73
Sager, Aaron, farmer 34 1/4
Seaman, Harry, physician
Shaw, Gilbert Jr., farmer 90
Shaw, Gilbert Sr., farmer 80
Shepardson, Robert, carpenter and farmer 40
Storme, Samuel W., blacksmith
TAYLOR, ABSALOM, general merchant, and farmer 20
Taylor, Wm., farmer 150
TAYLOR, WM., farmer 78
Thoms, Wm., harness maker
Vanderbilt, Wm., tanner
Van Dusen, Hiram, farmer 56
Yackel, Henry, cooper
Yockel, Frederick, farmer 122

A post village and port of entry in the Oswego District--is situated on the Lake, west of the entrance to the Bay. About a year ago $50,000 were appropriated by Congress--and again last winter an additional appropriation of $83,000 was made for building the piers and making other improvements in the harbor. The work is now being executed. Daily mail by stage from Lyons.

Andrews, Isaac, farmer, leases 94
Andrews, Joseph, farmer 5
Anthony, Mrs. Jane, farmer 5
Bates, John, farmer 100
Bates, Lewis, supervisor and farmer 50
Bayles, Daniel Sr., farmer 35
Bayless, John P., fisherman
BAYLLESS, DANIEL Jr., farmer 5
BILLINGS, JOHN K., sailor and farmer 1
Blackmar, Horace, nurseryman and farmer 241
Buys, William, ship carpenter
Case, George H., proprietor Johnson House
Case, Harvey, mail contractor
Clark, Daniel W., nurseryman and farmer 34
CLARK, ISAAC, sailor and village lot
CLARK, JOHN B., laborer
CLARK, JOHN J., butcher
CLARK, JOHN S., stone mason and farmer 2
Cleveland, Horace, fisherman
CLEVELAND, JAMES B., village lot and fisherman
Cummings, Wm., tailor
Cook, Elias R., surveyor
Coon, Samuel W., farmer 1
Doviel, Andrew J., (with Francis) farmer 80
Doviel, Francis, (with Andrew J.) farmer 80
EDWARDS, CHARLES G., deputy collector of customs
Etherington, John, farmer, leases 56
Featherley, Abraham, sailor
Feely, Thos. F., farmer 60
Field, Clisson, sailor and farmer 14
GARLOCK, GEO., sailor
Garlock, Jacob G., sailor and farmer 10
Garlock, Wm. W., sailor and farmer 1
Gibson, George, farmer 28
Henry, Wm., J., farmer 3
HEWSON, JOHN, farmer 75
Hill, Charles H., carpenter
Hill, Edward, carpenter
Hill, John, carpenter and builder
HILL, JOHN J., ship builder
HILL, JOHN S., laborer
Irvington, Wm., farmer 56
Irwin, Wm. P., farmer 150
Johnson, Sylvester P., farmer 12
KITCHEN, BENJAMIN, (with Matthew) farmer 130
Kitchen, Matthew, (with Benjamin) farmer 130
Kitchen, William, farmer 80
Lloyd, Aaron, proprietor New York House
Lloyd, Wm. S., barber and farmer 16
LUMMIS, BENJAMIN R., retired merchant and farmer about 300
Lyman, Philander, sailor and farmer 4
MANES, JAMES., laborer and village lot
May, Nathan, ship carpenter
McNett, Deforest, ship builder
Mecus, Michael, shoemaker
MILLER, HARMON, farmer 50 and manages 271 for Horace Blackmar
Morley, Wm. B., shipping merchant, capt. and part owner sch'r Mediteranean
MULL, DANIEL, farmer 5
Newport, Titus, farmer 5
Newport, Wm. H., farmer 2
Phelps, John, farmer 2
Phillips, Neamiah, farmer 5
Pitcher, Miss Betsy, farmer 120
Pollak, Miss Sibah, farmer 135
Porter, Henry, farmer 5
Proseus, Geo. L., farmer 10
Rogers, David, ship builder
Sadlar, Chas. H., ship rigger and farmer 10
Salt, Rev. M., Episcopal clergyman
Scott, Robert, sailor
Seaman, Benjamin B., lawyer and farmer 100
Sergent, Ashley, farmer 43
Sill, Wm. E., farmer 225
SMITH, JOHN, sailor
Stearns, Madison, fish dealer and farmer 10 1/2
Stone, Emanuel, farmer 42
Terry, Austin, farmer, leases 90
Tinklepaugh, Stephen, butcher
WALSH, Frank, ship carpenter
White, Stephen, mechanic
Wickham, Thomas, grocery and farmer 40
Wood, John H., ship carpenter

A small post village on the line of Lyons. Daily mail by stage from Lyons.

Ackerman, Jonathan, farmer 60
Allen, Benj. H., carpenter and farmer 50
Allen, Chester, farmer 162
Allen, Levi S., farmer 43
Alvord, Wm., (Rose) shingle maker and farmer 10
Ashford, Wm., farmer 75
Barton, Cornelius, (Lyons) farmer, leases 100
Barton, Daniel, 1st, (Lyons) farmer 157
Barton, Daniel, 2d, (Lyons) farmer 50
BARTON, SPENCER, general merchant and postmaster
Biundige, Alvah, (Lyons) blacksmith and farmer 76
BLOOMER, MISS JANE, seed grower and farmer, leases 66
Brower, David, farmer 50
Brower, John, carriage trimmer, blacksmith, painter and farmer 3
Brower, Myron, farmer 20
Brundage, Cornelius O., farmer 22
Brundage, Cornelius S. B., mason
Budd, Justus S., butcher
Caltin, Mrs. Lucy, farmer 25
Carpenter, Azel, farmer 75
Chamberlain, Mrs. Rhoda, farmer 24
CHAMPLAIN, GEO. W., saw mill and farmer 110
CHAMPLAIN, WM. P., farmer 116
Chandler, James A., collector of taxes, (town) and farmer 78
Chittenden, Orville, farmer 50 1/2
CRANE, MISS JULIA E., farmer 115
Cuer, Cornelius, farmer 31
Cuer, James J., shoemaker and farmer 23
Dennis, Robert D., farmer 98
Dixon, George, (Rose) farmer, leases 40
Dunbar, John, thresher and farmer 5, and leases 28
Dunbar, Nelson P., (Rose) shingle maker and farmer 10
Ferguson, Francis, canal captain
Filker, Mrs. Saly M., farmer 50
Francisco, John, farmer 5
Green, Isaac R., farmer 6
HALSTRUM, FERNANDO, (Lyons) farmer 52
HOELTZEL, HENRY, blacksmith
Hopkins, Daniel J., (Lyons) farmer 32
Hopkins, John C., harness maker
JEWELL, ABRAM C., carriage maker
Jewell, Bradner H., carriage maker and constable
Jewell, Elisha H., shoemaker
Jones, Chas., hotel keeper
Kanouse, Wyan, farmer 56
Lakey, Judd, farmer 79
Lamson, Benj., (Lyons) farmer 58
Lamson, Jonathan H., (Lyons) farmer 123
LUSK, JACOB H., (Lyons) farmer 84
MARTIN, DANIEL, (Rose) mint grower and farmer 47
McINTYRE, JOHN, carpenter and farmer 80
McMullen, Daniel, farmer 137
MERRIT, JESSEY, stone mason and farmer 4 1/2
Mesick, Elijah, farmer 66
Mesick, John W., farmer 100
Miles, Wm., (Lyons) farmer 75
Pope, James M., (Lyons) farmer 60
Potter, Ellery, farmer 69
Potter, Harvey P., farmer, leases 69
Potter, Horace M., farmer 50
Potter, James, farmer 200
Powell, Rev. John, Methodist Episcopal clergyman
Richards, J. H., farmer, leases from John Rogers 72
Riggs, Samuel, (Rose) shingle maker and farmer 60
Riggs, Wm., (Rose) blacksmith, teamster and farmer 35
Sampson, Theodore, carpenter and farmer 31
Semmer, Elijah, farmer 72
Shaw, Abram, farmer 60
Shaw, Joseph J., (Lyons) farmer 130 1/2
Sherman, Marshal P., grocer and shoe dealer
Smith, Albert, farmer 100
Smith, Lyman G., carpenter and farmer 36
Sober, James, farmer 56
Strickland, Benj. F., mason
Taylor, Calvin, farmer 49
Thompson, Asa, farmer 99
Thompson, Henry, farmer 5
Thompson, Robert R., (Rose) mint grower and farmer 100
Thompson, Samuel P., (Rose) farmer, leases 50
Thornton, Merrit, lime kiln and farmer 350
TINNY, GEO., M., farmer 60
Towns, Alfred G., farmer 100
Vealey, Josiah, farmer 90
Wager, David, (Rose) farmer 40
Wallhixer, Andrew, (Lyons) farmer, leases 244
Warren, Aldice P., justice of peace
Warren, Gardner D., farmer 190
Warren, Miss, farmer, leases from John Mastin 80
Warren, Miss Eliza, farmer 95
Weeber, Geo., farmer 40
Weeber, Jacob, farmer, leases from Gardner D. Warren 175
Weeks, Caleb, (Rose) farmer 160
Weeks, Francis R., (Rose) farmer, leases 100
Wheadon, Albert L., allop. physician
Wilcox, Durfee, superintendent of poor and farmer 104
Wilcox, John, inspector of elections
Williams, Johnson, farmer 69
Wood, Abner, farmer 9

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