1867 - 1868

The Hamilton Child Company of Syracuse, New York produced directories of New York counties in the late 1860s. These directories are useful in conjunction with the 1870 US census, and are available at many New York State libraries and historical societies either in print or on microfilm. In producing these directories, a few residents may have been missed. Absence of a family or person does not always mean that they didn't live there.

How to use the Wayne County Directory: Persons in the Wayne County Directory generally were listed under the post office where they received their mail. These directory listings were first organized by township. Within the townships the compilers made further list divisions - the official post offices located within the township. The compilers of this directory were not always consistent, from township to township, in whether a place in parentheses was the official residence or post office where mail was received.

We hope you spot your ancestor in the directory listings but... we have no further information on individuals or families listed. The societies in our research resources section will give you further assistance.

From Gazetteer and Business Directory of Wayne County, N.Y. 1867
published by Hamilton Child & Co., Syracuse, NY 1867

There is but one post office (Savannah) in this town. Some of the residents, however, get their mail at South Butler and Clyde, in adjoining towns, and Port Byron (Pineville Box), Cayuga County.

A post village and station on the New York Central direct road. Daily mail.

Adams, Daniel, ditcher and shoemaker
Albright, Peter, farmer 140
Allen, Charles A., cooper
Andrews, Cyrus, grain dealer and farmer 200
Beadle, Loammi, 2d, farmer 100
Beadle, Loammi, Jr., farmer 200
Beadle, Oscar, farmer leases 70
Beales, Nathan, farmer 20
Beare, Wm., farmer 54
Berger, John, Sr., farmer 110
Birch, Benona, farmer, leases 40
Bishop, Alonzo, carpenter and farmer, leases 50
Bishop, Joshua, farmer 50
Bixby, Nathan, highway commissioner, farmer 100
Blanshan, La Fever, farmer 109
Blasdell, George W., farmer, leases 75
Blasdell, Harvey, farmer 50, leases 12
Brodrick, Michael, farmer 133
Brooks, Ira, (P.O. address Port Byron - Pineville Box - Cayuga Co.) farmer, leases 10
Buckingham, John D., jobber in lumbering
Burghdurff, Conrad, farmer 50
Burk, John, farmer 20
Burk, Patrick, farmer 5
Burke, Matthew, stone mason
Burnham, Ashbell (Burnham, Cheal & Co.)
Burnham, Cheal & Co. (Ashbell Burnham, Richard Cheal, Mrs. R. Cheal), farmers 60
Burnam, Garry, farmer 4
Burritt, Wm. H., carriage maker
Calkins, William, farmer 74
Campbell, Clarendon (Campbell & Hamilton), physician and town clerk
Campbell, Daniel E., farmer 47 1/2 Campbell & Hamilton (Clarendon and Charles A.) physicians and druggists
Campbell, Mrs. Jane, farmer 76
Carncross, Adam, farmer 8
Carncross, Jacob, farmer 170
Carncross, Obadiah, farmer 50
Carris, William, farmer 132
Carver, David I., farmer 21 3/4
Case, Joseph F., justice of sessions, justice of peace, and farmer 50 and leases 30
Case, William H., farmer 38, leases 8
Casey, Alfred E., saloon
Caton, Wm. A., constable
Caton, Mrs. Wm. A., milliner
Chamberlain, Miss Inez, school teacher
Chamberlain, Miss Julia M., school teacher
Chamberlain, Washington S., farmer, leases 200
Chatham, Absalom P., machinist and general mechanic
Cheal, Mrs. R. (Burnham Cheal & Co.)
Cheal, Richard (Burnham Cheal & Co.)
Cook, Mrs. Catherine, farmer 2
Cook, Jonathan L., school teacher
Coon, George H., farmer 100
Cornell, Zebulon A., farmer 70
Cotton, David, farmer 50
Cotton, Jerome, farmer 50, leases 5
Crandle, John T., farmer 2
Crandle, Richard S., farmer 97 1/2, leases 42 1/2
Crandle, Seth, farmer 42 1/2
Damewood, Silas, farmer 12, leases 77 3/4
Daniels & Gaut (Wm. & Eli W.), masons and farmer 4
Daniel, William (Daniels &Gaut)
Davenport, Norman, mason
Dean, Alonzo L. (Dean Brothers), farmer, individually owns 40
Dean Brothers (Horace N. and Alonzo L.), farmers 106
Dean, Hiram E., farmer 50
Dean, Horace N. (Dean Brothers)
Defendorf, Hiram, manufacturer of staves and heading
Dempsey, Michael, farmer 30
Dodge, Alpha (P.O. address Port Byron - Pineville Box - Cay. Co.) farmer 50
Dunham, Jerry (P.O. address Port Byron - Pineville Box - Cay. Co.) farmer 95
Dunham, Henry (P.O. address Port Byron - Pineville Box - Cay. Co.) farmer 173
Earl, Geo. W., farmer, leases 65
Early, James, farmer 80
Eastwood, William, farmer 65
Edmonds, John, farmer, leases 190
Evans, John, liquor dealer
Farrand, Byron C., farmer 98
Farrand, Geo. A., farmer 58
Farrand, Isaac T., farmer 64
Faulkner, Wm. F., blacksmith and farmer 25
Flynn, Edward, farmer, leases 100
Foster, Orrin H., grocer
Garlick, Abner W., farmer 60
Gaut, Eli W. (Daniel & Gaut)
Goodmote, Henry J. (P.O. address Port Byron - Pineville Box - Cay. Co.) farmer 40
Goodmote, Phillip H. (P.O. address Port Byron - Pineville Box - Cay. Co.) farmer 10, leases 40
Grawbarger, Daniel D., carpenter and builder
Greenfield, Benj., farmer, leases 100
Gregg, Alexander, general merchant
Grost, James w., carpenter
Grosefent, David, farmer 24
Hamilton, Charles A. (Campbell & Hamilton) physician
Hamilton, David R., coroner
Hasselt, John, boot and shoe maker
Herrington, Daniel, prop. saw mill and farmer 300
Heth, Ezra, farmer, leases 105
Hoag, Elisha, wagon maker
Hogan, Augustus H., farmer 71, leases 150
Hogan, Sheldon D., farmer 71
Holdridge, Andrew J., baggage master at railroad
Hollenbeck, Andrew, farmer, leases 38
Houghtaling, Albert, farmer 101
Hungerford, Jacob S., hop grower, dairyman and farmer 125
Husted, Joseph, farmer, leases 220
Ingersoll, Gilbert, farmer, leases 10
Ingersoll, Jonathan (Ingersoll & Son) farmer 50
Ingersoll, Meraville (Ingersoll & Son) farmer 1
Ingersoll, Mrs. Polly, farmer 126
Ingersoll & Son (Jonathan farmer 50 and Meraville farmer 1) leases 150
Jacox, John, farmer, leases 160
Jepson, Henry H. (Reamer & Jepson)
Jepson, Jefferson H., saloon keeper
Jepson, Jerome, cooper
Jones, Osman R. (P.O. address Port Byron - Pineville Box - Cay. Co.) farmer 50
Kimball, LaFayette, farmer 16
Kingsland, Nathaniel B., farmer 100
Kirby, Dennis S., tailor
Kirby, Mrs. Dennis S., dress maker
Kirkhuff, Jacob B., attorney and counselor at law in State and U. S. Courts
Lamb, Smith W., farmer, leases 117
Lawler, John, farmer 50
Lawrence, Edwin, boatman, and farmer 9
Long, Charles, farmer 140
Loomis, Mason, civil engineer and agent of the Seneca and Cayuga Marsh Company
Luce, Edward, station agent N. Y. C. R. R. and agent Am. Ex. Co.
Luce, George A., operator and agent W.U. Tel. Co.
Lusk, Miss Mary A., farmer 7
May, Oliver M., physician and surgeon
McCullen, Patrick, section supt. N. Y. C. R. R.
McKendree, Evans, hardware
Mead, Calvin W., farmer 47
Mercer, Wm., farmer, leases 500
Merigan, Thomas, farmer 25
Miller, Mrs. Charlotte, farmer 2
Miller, John, wood contractor
Mitchell, George P., farmer, leases 85
Monroe, Mrs. Elmira, farmer 50
Morgan, Mrs. Ellen, farmer 30
Mossman, Samuel, farmer 2
Munson, Archibald, grain and lumber dealer and farmer 35
Nichols, Ferdinand (St. Amant & Nichols)
Olmsttead, Jefferson M., farmer 130
O'Neil, Henry W., farmer 184
O'Neill, Michael, farmer 24
Parmer, Irvin, farmer, leases 30
Pennell, John, farmer 50
Petteys, Mrs. Rachel, farmer 70
Platner, Solomon, farmer 130
Poland, Peter, blacksmith, and farmer 23
Powell, Peter J., proprietor Savannah Hotel, and livery stables, village trustee
Quackenbush, Abraham, butcher, constable and collector
Quivey, Miss Emma, dress maker
Quivey, Miss Mary A., tailoress
Ray, David, farmer 5, leases 50
Ray, Jacob, farmer, leases 300
Reamer & Jepson (Lorenzo D. and Henry H.) blacksmiths
Reamer, Lorenzo D. (Reamer & Jepson)
Remington, Geo. H., teamster
Reynolds, Peter, farmer 50
Rhoads, Thomas, millwright and sawyer
Robbins, Santford, farmer 23, leases 56
Roberts, Cyrus, homeop. physician, and farmer 65
Rogers, Joseph, fisherman
Safford, Geo. W., farmer 75
Secor, Sylvester, farmer 120
Sedore, Jacob, farmer, leases 50
Sedore, John W., farmer 56
Seely, Lyman, farmer 71
Seelye, Jesse, justice of the peace, and farmer 25
Severance, Richard L., farmer 113
Smith, Bela, general merchant, post master, and justice of the peace
Smith, Daniel H., farmer, leases 100
Smith, Rev. Geo. G., Presbyterian
Smith, Willis G. (Stults & Smith) physician
Soule, A. Titus (Soule Brothers)
Soule Bros. (Rowland and A. Titus) farmers 150
Soule, Rowland (Soule Brothers)
Soule, Wm. G., agent for the Kirby Reaper and Mower, and for Foster's Grain Drill and Plaster Sower, and farmer 50, leases 50
Spoor, Abijah, farmer 60
Spoor, Joseph, farmer, leases 25
St. Amant, John E. (St. Amant & Nichols)
St. Amant & Nichols (John E. and Ferdinand) boot and shoe makers
Stiles, James S., farmer 25
Stiles, J. Emerson, farmer, leases 66
Stiles, John, farmer 66
Stiles, Judson M., house painter
Stiles, William P., farmer, leases 25
Stults, Hezekiah S., stone and brick mason, agent for plastic roofing
Stults & Smith (William R. Stults, Willis G. Smith) general merchants and agents M. U. Express Co.
Stults, Wm. R. (Stults & Smith) supervisor of Savannah, commissioner of excise
Swift, Nathan R. (P.O. address Port Byron - Pineville Box - Cay. Co.) M. E. clergyman and farmer 200
Switzer, Henry, farmer 50
Tallman, Stephen (P.O. address Port Byron - Pineville Box - Cay. Co.) farmer 150
Taylor, Henry, farmer 150
Taylor, Jacob H., farmer 1 1/2, leases 7
Teal, George, farmer 17 1/2
Tempest, James, mason and farmer 14 1/2
Thompson, John, sawyer
Titus Brothers (Simeon and Ira), carpenters and builders
Titus, Ira, (Titus Brothers)
Titus, Simeon (Titus Brothers)
Torrey, George F., notary public
Van Auken, Henry, farmer 49
Van Dyke, Ralph, farmer, leases 130
Van Wickle, Simon, farmer 100
Vorce, Andross (Vorce & Sons)
Vorce, George Sr. (Vorce & Sons)
Vorce, George Jr. (Vorce & Sons)
Vorce & Sons (George Sr., Andross and George Jr.) farmer 98
Vought, Nicholas C., carpenter
Wadsworth, Horace, carpenter
Walker, Henry, carpenter and farmer, leases 50
Watts, Charles, carpenter and farmer 25
Weed, Luther P. (P.O. address Port Byron - Pineville Box - Cay. Co.) farmer 18
Weed, Luther W. (P.O. address Port Byron - Pineville Box - Cay. Co.) carpenter
Wells, Alexander J., wood contractor and farmer, leases 440
Wells, Norman, farmer 87
Westbrook, Severyne, farmer 100
Westcott, Anson (Westcott Brothers)
Westcott Bros., Anson and Charles, farmer 50
Westcott, Charles (Westcott Brothers)
Westcott, Heman, farmer 62, leases 40
Whalon, Thomas, farmer 24
Wilbur, Jay, farmer 80
Wiley, Theodore B., farmer 187
Williams, Mrs. Sarah M., farmer 77 3/4
Williams, Smith, farmer 80 1/2
Wise, Frederick, harness and trunk maker
Wood, John H. (P.O. address Port Byron - Pineville Box - Cay. Co.) farmer 72
Wormuth, Daniel Sr., farmer 114
Wright, Erastus, wagon maker
Wurts, Mathusalem, farmer 168

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