1867 -1868

Wayne County, NY

The Hamilton Child Company of Syracuse, New York produced directories of New York counties in the late 1860s. These directories are useful in conjunction with the 1870 US census, and are available at many New York State libraries and historical societies either in print or on microfilm. In producing these directories, a few residents may have been missed. Absence of a family or person does not always mean that they didn't live there.

How to use the Wayne County Directory: Persons in the Wayne County Directory generally were listed under the post office where they received their mail. These directory listings were first organized by township. Within the townships the compilers made further list divisions - the official post offices located within the township. The c ompilers of this directory were not always consistent, from township to township, in whether a place in parentheses was the official residence or post office where mail was received.

We hope you spot your ancestor in the directory listings but... ***we have no information on individuals or families listed.***

From Gazetteer and Business Directory of Wayne County, N.Y. 1867
published by Hamilton Child & Co., Syracuse, NY 1867

The post office addresses of the residents of the town of Rose are as follows: Rose, North Rose and Wayne Center, in the town; and Clyde, Lyons, Wolcott, Alton and South Sodus in adjoining towns.

A post office and hamlet in the north part of the town. Tri-weekly mail.

Aldrich, Amos, farmer 88
Aldrich, Geo. W., farmer, leases 88
Aldrich, James B., justice of peace and farmer 100
Andrews, Robert (Huron) farmer 16
Baker, Julius, farmer 80
Boynton, Joseph (Huron), farmer 50
Catchpole, Benjamin (Huron) (with James Sr., James Jr. and Robert Catchpole, and John D. Smith), farmer 350
Catchpole, James Jr. (Huron) (with James Sr., Benjamin and Robert Catchpole, and John D. Smith), farmer 350
Catchpole, James Sr. (Huron) (with James Jr., Benjamin and Robert Catchpole, and John D. Smith), farmer 350, and individually 118
Catchpole, Robert (Huron) (with James Sr., James Jr. and Benjamin Catchpole, and John D. Smith), farmer 350
Chaddock, Jarred, miller
Chaddock, Watson (Huron), farmer 26
Coapman, Ambrose F., farmer 67 1/2
Correll, George, saw mill and farmer 50
Correll, Nicholas, farmer, leases 47
Cotttrell, Harrison (Huron), mason and farmer 56
Crisler, Eliphalet, farmer, leases 77
Delong, Caroline (Huron), farmer 42
Dickinson, Jay, cooper and farmer 14
Dickinson, Wm., carpenter and farmer 41
Dowd, Mrs. Maria T., farmer 5
Farar, John (Huron), laborer
Gardner, Samuel (Huron), farmer 115
Graham, Henry, farmer 150
Green, Henry L. (Huron), farmer 40
Harper, Chas. D, farmer 51
Hetta, John A., farmer 50
Hollenbeck, Wm., farmer 94
Jones, Geo. H., millwright
Jones, Pardon, land agent and farmer 85
Lamb, John, saw mill and farmer 62
Lamb, Myron J., saw mill and farmer 21
Lyman, David, postmaster
Morgan, Chas., blacksmith
Norton, Wm. (Huron), farmer 16
Oakes, Chas., cooper and farmer leases 50
Plumb, Reuben F. (Huron), farmer 14
Proseus, Mrs. An, farmer 31 1/2
Pummer, Mrs. Mary (Huron), farmer 3
Richardson, Ezra D. (Huron), pedlar
Riggs, Gowin (Huron), farmer 11 1/2
Riggs, Henry (Huron), saw mill and farmer leases 50
Seelye, John D. (Huron), farmer 50
Skutt, Orin, cooper and farmer 48
Smith, John D. (Huron) (with James St., James Jr.,
Benjamin and Robert Catchpole), farmer 350
Smith, Thos. farmer 37 1/2
Tracy, Roswell S. (Huron), farmer 6
Trippe, Jefferson, shoemaker
Trippe, Morton F., farmer 5 3/4
Van Buren, Cornelius, blacksmith
Wilson, Martin L., farmer 50
Wilson, Robert, farmer 50

A post village near the center of the town, locally known as Rose Valley. Daily mail.

Alexander, Daniel C., blacksmith
Alexander, John B., live stock dealer
Allen, Chas. H., farmer 121 1/2
Allen, Lampson, town assessor and farmer 99
Allen, Solomon, agent for castings of Newark Plows and farmer 107
Andrews, Joseph, farmer 25
Andrews, Wm., shingle maker
Andrus, Andrew J., farmer 21
Angle, Peter P., shingle maker and farmer 2
Armstrong, James A., farmer 130
Austin, Mrs. Huldah, farmer 60
Baker, Obadiah, farmer 5
Barles, Millnor J., harness maker
Barless, Rollin C., constable
Barless, Romain C., lawyer, physician and surgeon
Barnes, Abram, mason and farmer 15
Barnes, Harvey D. (Huron), farmer, leases 96
Barnes, John H., cooper
Barnes, John, cooper and farmer 126
Barnes, Mrs. Nettie, school teacher
Barnum, David P., farmer 53 13-100 (?)
Barrett, Jeremiah P., farmer 20 and leases 87
Barrett, John R., farmer 46
Barrett, Lewis L., farmer 57 3/4
Barrett, Simeon I., farmer 87
Beal, Loring G., farmer 73
Becket, Samuel, farmer 14
Benjamin, James E., agent for Hathaway Horse Fork, and farmer 80
Bice, Isaac, farmer, leases 28
Bishop, Cephus B., farmer 35
Bishop, Chauncey E., farmer 45
Blood, Smiley, shoemaker
Blynn, John H., tin pedlar
Blynn, Ovid, farmer 100
Book, John, farmer 11 1/2
Bradburn, Andrew, farmer 10 and leases 50
Bradburn Brothers (Thos. J. and Charles H.), farmer, leases 75
Bradman, David, carpenter and builder
Brewster, Boylan, proprietor Pavilion Hotel
Briggs, Birney, carpenter
Briggs, John, farmer 35
Briggs, Jonathan, farmer 170
Bush, Oliver, farmer 190
Campbell, James, mason
Case, Solomon W., farmer 50 and leases 242
Catchpole, Geo., agent for Bickford & Huffman's Grain Drill and Hubbard's Reaper and Mower, and farmer 158
Catchpole, Robert, farmer 86
Catchpole, Robert Sr. (Huron), farmer 96
Chaddock, Alonzo, farmer 52
Chaddock, Winfield, farmer 77 1/2
Chaddock,William, carpenter and farmer 117
Chaffee, Ichabod S., single manuf.
Chapin, Stephen, blacksmith and farmer 6
Chatterson, Abram, farmer 100
Chatterson, Cynthia A., Miss, school teacher
Chatterson Sisters (Misses Mary, Emily and Cynthia A. Chatterson, and Mrs. Samuel Gardner and Mrs. Newman Finch), farmers 119
Clark, Ruth, Miss, school teacher
Clary, Samuel, stage driver and farmer 2
Closs, Hamuel C., live stock dealer and farmer 108
Closs, Harvey, farmer 189
Colburn, James W., farmer 143
Colburn, Wm. H., blacksmith
Cole, Wm., farmer 6
Collier, Mark T. (Thomas & Collier), deputy collector internal revenue
Collins, Josephus, farmer 160
Collins, Stephen, farmer 150
Colvin, Oliver C. (Butler), farmer 50
Coon, Lewis, allop. physician and surgeon
Covell, Abram, farmer 33 3/4
Covell, James E., farmer 59
Covell, Seymour, agent for Patent Screw Hay Forks, and farmer 160
Crane, John J., Rev., Presbyterian
Crisler, Adam, farmer 70
Crisler, Lawrence, cooper
Crisler, Matthew, cooper
Cullen, Thos., farmer 43 3/4
Deady, Chas., agent for Buckeye Reapers, Grain Drills &c., hop grower and farmer 150
Deady, Wm. N., dealer in butter, eggs, dried fruit, &c.
Desmond, Wm., farmer 75
Dickinson, Robert D., produce dealer, justice of peace, insurance agent and farmer 15
Dickson, John J., physician and surgeon
Dixon, Abel, farmer 26
Dodds, James, farmer, leases 20
Dodds, Wm., farmer 190 and leases 30
Doremus, Abram, farmer 50
Drown, Napoleon B., farmer 2
Drury, Ira, farmer, leases 80
Dudley, Lucien H., hardware
Dunn, Hiram, farmer 60
Eldred, Clark (Huron), farmer 26
Eldred, Lydia Miss, school teacher
Ellinwood, Davis, horse farrier and farmer 100
Ellinwood, Geo. W., justice of peace and U. S. claim agent
Ellinwood, Orlando, farmer 50
Ellsworth, Leman, farmer 28 1/4
Ferris, James H., farmer 14
Finch, Franklin, farmer 94 3/4
Finch, Harriet, Mrs., farmer 2
Finch, Newman Mrs. (Chatterson Sisters)
Fink, Christian, farmer 20
Flint, Dwight D. (Huron), farmer 75
Foster, Cornelius R., farmer 94
Foster, Daniel M., farmer, leases 94
Fowler, Hiram (Fowler & Woodruff)
Fowler & Woodruff (Hiram Fowler and George Woodruff), proprietors of Rose Hotel, canal boat proprietors and farmer 56
Fox, Frederick, cooper and farmer 20 1/2
Fry, Philip, farmer 87
Gage, S. Wesley, carpenter and builder
Gardner, Samuel Mrs. (Chatterson Sisters)
Garlick, Henry, grist mill and farmer 25
Garlick, Judson L., cabinet maker
Garlick, Samuel C., school teacher
Garlick, Wm., farmer 80
Garratt, Richard Jr., farmer 4 and leases 35
Genung, Benj., farmer 35
Genung, Hannah J. Miss, milliner
Gillett, Avery H., farmer 50 and leases 75
Gillett, Jane Mrs., farmer 76
Glen, Wm. J. Jr., constable
Glen, Wm. Jr. Sr., farmer 47
Glenn, Henrietta Miss, school teacher
Goodenow, Leander B., cooper
Goss, Henry, farmer, leases 68
Griswold, Mary A. Mrs., farmer 10
Griswold, Wm., farmer 45 1/2
Griswold, Wm. H., farmer 100
Grun, Wm. M., shingle maker and farmer 5
Hale, John P., mason
Hall, Ambrose A., broom maker and farmer 20
Hall, Sanford H., harness maker
Haney, Wm., farmer 76 3-20 (?)
Harmon, Alfred B., carpenter and builder
Harmon, Daniel B., postmaster, carpenter and builder and farmer 5
Harmon, John, farmer 5
Harmon, Peter, carpenter and builder, and farmer 40
Harrison, Henry, blacksmith and farmer 26
Hart, Hiram, shingle maker and farmer 91
Heck, Augustus, teamster
Hickok, Wm., farmer 175
Hickok, Wm. F., farmer, leases 116
Holbrook, Jester L., tanner, boot and shoe dealer and farmer 46
Holbrook Sisters (Misses Sarah L. and Frances M.) milliners
Holcomb, Harrison, farmer, leases 160
Hollfehler, Joseph, farmer 4
Horne, Edward, farmer 30
Horne, James M., allop. physician and surgeon
Houghton, Royal, Rev., pastor M. E. church
Howard, Ellen, Mrs., farmer 15
Howard, Henry P., carpenter and builder and farmer 34
Howland, Geo., boot and shoe dealer
Huffman, Samuel B., farmer 75
Hunn, Parson A., farmer 2
Hunn, Samuel, farmer 58
Hurter, Burkhard, farmer 2 1/2 and leases 5
Jeffers, George, farmer, leases 65
Jeffers, Robert N., farmer 250
Jeffers, Sally M. Mrs., farmer 65
Jennison, Chas. E., tinsmith
Johnson, David, shingle maker and farmer 40
Johnson, Leland, farmer, leases 119
Kaiser, Fidelus, cooper and farmer 23
Kamp, Kastar, farmer 10
Kelloy, John (Butler), farmer 80
Kellogg, Stephen B., farmer 45
Kenyon, Reuben, farmer, leases 50
Klinck, Henry C., proprietor and manufacturer of Klinck's Nerve and Bone Elixir (sp), and farmer 52
Lane, Johnson V., farmer 43
Lane, Loren, live stock dealer, farmer 50 and leases 100
Lee, Joel, farmer 190
Lee, Joel N., farmer 14
Legg, Lyman, bee keeper
Livermore, Emma C. Miss, school teacher
Loryman, Wm. Jr., farmer 30 and leases 25
Loryman, Wm. Sr., farmer 25
Lovejoy, Darius, carpenter and farmer 25
Lovejoy, James, farmer 46 and leases 45
Lovejoy, John Mrs., manufacturer of palm leaf hats
Lovejoy, Silas, butcher and farmer 32 1/2
Lovejoy, Sophia Mrs., farmer 45
Lovejoy, Sophia Mrs., 2d, farmer 63
Lyke, Wm. A., carpenter and builder
Lyman, Chas., farmer, leases 100
Lyman, Milo S., farmer leases 56
Lyman, Samuel, farmer 100
Lyon, Abel, farmer 5
Lyon, Walter, farmer 68
Marquette, Daniel, farmer 18
Marsh, Roswell, farmer 50
Mason, Harvey D., farmer 135
Matthews, William, farmer 50
Maynard, Abner, Rev., Baptist
McCoy, Wm. H., carpenter
McDougal, Marquis D., Rev., Free Methodist
McGown, Cynthia Mrs., tailoress
McGown, Electa Miss, dress maker
McRoon, Jirus V. (Butler), farmer 97
McWharf, James, farmer 10
McWharf, John, farmer 10
Merritt, Geo. F., general merchant
Miner, Fernando C., farmer 2 2/3
Miner, Martin R., mason and farmer 3
Miner, Riley, mason
Mirick, Geo. W., farmer 167 1/2
Mitchell, Eliza Miss, school teacher
Mitchell, Marietta Mrs., farmer 120
Mitchell, Philander Jr., farmer 95
Mitchell, Philander Sr., notary public and farmer 75
Mix, Wm. A., steam grist mill and cider mill
Morey, Horace, farmer 25
Munsell, Dorman, carpenter and builder, farmer 25 and leases 135
Munsell, Lawson G., farmer 125
Nichols, John, cooper
Nusbickel, Friederich, farmer 125
Nusbickel, Mary Miss, school teacher
Oaks, Chas. J., farmer 104
O'Donnell, Patrick, ditcher, well digger and stone wall builder
Ogram, John, shoemaker and farmer 43
Osborn, Abner, farmer 138
Osborn, Elijah, carpenter and builder, house mover and farmer 40
Osborne Francis, farmer 113
Osborne, James C., farmer 100
Osborne, Samuel, farmer 82
Osgood, Artemas, farmer 132
Osgood, Lucian H., farmer 50
Otto, Samuel (Huron), farmer 163
Overton, Sheldon R., farmer 60
Phillips, Geo. H., saw and grist mill and farmer 2
Phillips, James, farmer 43 3/4
Phillips, John H., dealer in butter, eggs, dried fruit, &c.
Phillips, Joseph, farmer 95
Pimm, Enos S., produce dealer
Porter, Jennie Miss, school teacher
Quaw, George, farmer, leases 50
Race, Isaac S., carpenter and builder
Race, James (Race & Son)
Race & Son (Cornelius and James), farmer leases 133
Ready, Alexander, farmer 2
Rhea, John, farmer 220
Rhea, John, farmer, leases 100
Rice, Henry C., farmer 25
Richardson, Isaac, farmer leases 70
Richardson, John, ditcher, well digger and farmer 8
Rihm, Frederick, farmer, leases 120
Rihm, George, cooper and house painter
Rihm, Peter, cooper and farmer 2
Robinson, Eliza A. Miss, school teacher
Robinson, Henry, mason and farmer 35
Robinson, Jane Miss, school teacher
Roe, John B., agent for Gladding Horse Fork and Improved Horse Rake, and farmer 120
Russell, James, farmer, leases 30
Seelye, Delos, farmer 116
Seelye, George, farmer 80
Seelye, Judson J., farmer 40
Shanker, Joseph, basket maker and farmer 2 1/2
Shear, John, farmer 50
Shear, Peter, live stock dealer and farmer 165
Sheffield, Joel S., hop grower and farmer 37
Sheffield, Nathaniel K., hop grower and farmer 75
Sherman, Chas. B., farmer 112
Sherman, Geo. W., farmer 150
Smith, Julius C., carpenter and builder
Smith, Richard P., farmer, leases 144
Snow, John, farmer 85
Sober, Jonathan, shingle and lumber dealer and farmer 47
Soper, Brewster F., farmer, leases 10
Soper, Daniel (Butler), farmer, leases 50
Soule, Ira, cabinet maker
Soule, Ira T., house and sign painter
Stack, Jacob, cooper
Stewart, Geo. D., farmer 120
Stone, Omar O., hop grower and farmer 70 3/4
Stopfel, Phillip, miller
Stubley, George, mason
Sturdevant, John W., farmer 70
Sutphin, Wm. H., farmer 46
Taylor, Ruth S., Miss, school teacher
Taylor, Zadoc P., farmer 66
Terry, Mary Mrs., carpet weaver and toll-gate keeper
Thomas & Collier (Wm. H. Thomas and Mark T. Collier), carriage makers
Thomas, Eron N., Hon. (with Lorenzo Snow) brick and tile manufacturer, and individually, prop. steam saw mill, dealer in fine wool sheep, agent for Utica wagons, and farmer 650
Thomas, Wm. H. (Thomas & Collier), deputy collector internal revenue
Toles, Ebenezer, farmer 80
Town, Eugene, farmer leases 75
Town, John M., farmer 181 3/4
Town, Silas, farmer 75
Townsend, Lovina Mrs., farmer 18
Traher, Henry, carpenter and builder, and wagon maker
Traver, Robert (Huron), farmer 76
Turner, Philip, lawyer
Ullrich, Chas., farmer 6
Valentine, Jackson, general merchant, supervisor of the town and farmer 9
Valentine, Wm. H., cooper and town clerk
Van Amburgh, German, farmer 47
Van Amburgh, Harmon, carpenter and builder
Van Antwerp, Edwin, farmer 35
Vandeburgh, William S., farmer 40 and leases 5
Vandercook, Wm. H., farmer 108
Vandruff, Wm., carpenter and builder
Vandruff, Wm. Mrs., milliner
Veley, Lewis, farmer 20
Wade, Dudley, farmer 117
Wade, Joseph (Butler), farmer 82
Wager, Wm., farmer, leases 53 13-100 (?)
Waite, Stephen M., painter, grainer and paper hanger
Waldruff, David O., farmer 132 1/2
Walker, Henry (with John)(Huron), farmer 100
Walker, John (with Henry)(Huron), farmer 100
Wamsley, Emanuel, farmer 42
Weed, Oscr (Huron), farmer 213
Weeks, James, farmer 25
Weeks, Nathaniel, proprietor stage route from Red Creek to Clyde
Weeks, Sarah C. Mrs., farmer 6
Welch, Wm., farmer 28
Wickwire, Gleson, farmer 76
Wilson, Ephraim B., farmer 58
Wilson, John, boot and shoe dealer
Wilson, Martha W. Miss, school teacher
Winchell, Calvin, cooper and farmer, leases 25
Winchell, David A., farmer 30
Winchell, James R., farmer 24 and leases 150
Winchell, W. Riley, farmer 37
Woodruff, Catharine Mrs., farmer 25
Woodruff, George (Fowler & Woodruff)
Wordruff, Alanson, farmer 49
Worden, John V., farmer, leases 49
Wright, Albert H., manufacturer of gates and farmer 10 1/2
Wright, Chas. S., general merchant, insurance agent and farmer 135
Wright, Philander Mrs., milliner and dressmaker
Wyckoff, Amos, farmer 70

The following reside in the town of Rose, but get their mail at Clyde.

Bender, Ira, farmer, leases 36
Benjamin, Alansing, farmer 86
Benjamin, Manly F., farmer 150
Burrell, Edward, farmer 69
Casler, James W., farmer 61
Collier, John, farmer 70
Conklin, Morris, mason and farmer 87
Finch, John, farmer 120
Finch, Wm. M., farmer 157
Gordon, Wm., farmer 50 and leases 43
Grenell, Hermon Jr., farmer 58
Hallett, Horace B., farmer 95
Howes, Chester, farmer 85
Howes, Elijah, farmer 18
Lape, Miss Ida, school teacher
Levanway, Henry W., president of Cheese Manufacturing Co. at Ferguson's Corners, and farmer 134
Muir, Wm., sawyer
Osborn, Wm. M., farmer 140
Snow, Lorenzo N. (with Eron N. Thomas), brick and tile manufacturer and, individually, farmer 177
Snyder, John W., farmer, leases 15
Snyder, Wm. A., farmer 120
Traver, Asa, farmer 96

The following reside in the town of Rose, but get their mail at Lyons.

Goetzman, Valentine, farmer 100
Mallery, Almond H., farmer 218
Mier, John, farmer 1 1/2
Trautman, Friederich, farmer 93

A post-office and hamlet in the west part of the town. Daily mail.

Barton, Elisha, farmer 50
Bennett, Robert, grocer and mail carrier
Bornhimer, John (Lyons), farmer, leases 72
Brower, David V., farmer, leases 100
Buntin, Lewis (Lyons), farmer 6
Burns, Geo. E. (Burns & Sons)
Burns, J. Wesley (Burns & Sons)
Burns & Sons (William J. Wesley and Geo. E.) proprietors of steam saw mill, manufacturers of lumber, lath, pickets and heading
Burns, William (Burns & Sons)
Carr, Wm. (Lyons), farmer 39
Craft, Pine, farmer 40
Crandell, Joseph C., carpenter and farmer 54
Dennis, Moses, general merchant, postmaster, civil engineer and farmer 17
Dunham, Henry C., carpenter and builder
Ellis & Shaw (William Ellis and John P. Shaw), farmer 34
Eversoll, Samuel S., mason
Finch, John L., farmer 100
Finch, Newman, farmer 101
Fox, Lewis, farmer 20 1/2
Fox, Philip Jr., farmer 41
Frey, George, farmer 55
Green, Geo. H., carpenter and builder
Klippel, Henry, farmer 50
Klippel, John (Lyons), farmer 74 1/2
Lambert, Thos., farmer 50 and leases 25
Lape, Samuel W., mint grower and farmer 55 1/2
Lethbridge, Jeremy B., farmer 45
Martin, Henry, mint grower and farmer 55
McMillen, Adam (Lyons) farmer 80
Miller, Philip H., farmer 103
Miller, Mrs. Sally, farmer 14
Morey, Sherman, mason
Perkins, Harvey, farmer, leases 43
Putnam, Joel H., justice of the peace, thresher, mint distiller and farmer 174
Rehkugler, John, mint grower and farmer 50
Renckert, Philip, farmer 6
Rinehart, Mrs. Margaret, farmer 7
Rodenbach, Philip, blacksmith, stave manufacturer and farmer 85
Segar, David, farmer 12 1/2
Segar, Monroe, farmer, leases 20
Shaw, John P. (Ellis & Shaw)
Soper, Elvin P., stave cutter and mint distiller
Steitler, Heinrich, farmer 63
Sutherland, Mrs. Maria, farmer 6
Tindall, Charles H., farmer 80
Turner, Royal, farmer 33 1/4
Twamley, Samuel (Lyons), farmer 167 1/2
Wager, Abram, farmer 59 3/4
Warren, Isaac, farmer 83
Way, Harley, farmer 43
Worden, Constantine, farmer 160
Wraight, James, farmer 45
Young, Jacob (Lyons), farmer 50

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