1867 - 1868

The Hamilton Child Company of Syracuse, New York produced directories of New York counties in the late 1860s. These directories are useful in conjunction with the 1870 US census, and are available at many New York State libraries and historical societies either in print or on microfilm. In producing these directories, a few residents may have been missed. Absence of a family or person does not always mean that they didn't live there.

How to use the Wayne County Directory: Persons in the Wayne County Directory generally were listed under the post office where they received their mail. These directory listings were first organized by township. Within the townships the compilers made further list divisions - the official post offices located within the township. The compilers of this directory were not always consistent, from township to township, in whether a place in parentheses was the official residence or post office where mail was received.

We hope you spot your ancestor in the directory listings but... we have no further information on individuals or families listed. The societies in our research resources section will give you further assistance.

From Gazetteer and Business Directory of Wayne County, N.Y. 1867
published by Hamilton Child & Co., Syracuse, NY 1867

The post office addresses of the residents town of this town are Palmyra and East Palmyra in the town; Marion and Newark in adjoining town; and Port Gibson, Ontario County.

A canal and railroad station, in the center of the east part of the town. Daily mail.

Beal, Amherst C. (P.O. address Port Gibson, Ontario Co.), farmer 110
Beal, Caleb, farmer 100
Beal, Jeremiah, grist mill, saw mill and farmer 130
Beal, Wm. C., farmer 38
Beltey, Christopher, farmer 96
Benton, Luther P., farmer 126
Brundage, Gilbert F., farmer 54
Carpenter, Hiram, manuf. of corn brooms and farmer 110
Chapman, Daniel, farmer 47
Chapman, Dean H., farmer, leases 70
Chapman, Harmon M. (with Cornelius Drake), farmer 64
Clark, Conway P., nurseryman and farmer 123
Clark, Dennis, farmer 150
Clark, Henry M., farmer 88
Clark, Hiram G. (with Dennis Clark), farmer 150
Clark, Maltby, farmer 250
Culver, Myron (Arcadia) farmer 125
Danforth, Homer, farmer 80
Drake, Cornelius (with Harmon M. Chapman), farmer 64
Duncan, Levi (Arcadia)(L. & S. Duncan)
Duncan, L. & S. (Arcadia)(Levi and Simon) woolen mills
Duncan, Simon (Arcadia) (L. and S. Duncan)
Feller, Sylvester, farmer, leases 110
Fisher, Wm., farmer, leases 150
Foster, Henry J., farmer 120
Foster, Hiram, retired farmer
Foster, Joel R., farmer 140
Frey, Adam (Arcadia) farmer 125
Gallagher, Peter, farmer 50
Gamble, Joseph, farmer 50
Garlock, James P. (P.O. address Port Gibson, Ontario Co.) farmer 75
Gerard, Geo. W., groceries
Goldsmith, Allen T. (P.O. address Port Gibson, Ontario Co.) farmer 285
Hall, Joshua, farmer 126
Hamm, Moses F. (Marion), wood contractor and farmer 31
Hardy, Joel W., farmer 140
Hathaway, Albert G., carriage maker and farmer 65
Hillmire, Anson, farmer 108
Hooper, Thos. S., horse dealer and farmer 125
Howell, Isaac, cider and cider brandy manuf. and farmer 165
Irish, Amos, farmer 335
Jagger, Baldwin, farmer 85
Jagger, Cyrenus, farmer 190
Jagger, Peter, farmer 160
Jagger, John, farmer 65
Jagger, Luther B., farmer 43
Jagger, Milton C., farmer 55
Jagger, Paul, farmer 100
Johnson, David Jr. (P.O. address Port Gibson, Ontario Co.) farmer 120
Lilly, Rev. A. H., Presb. clergyman
Mander, Thos., farmer 51
Nye, Benona, farmer 13
Palmer, H. W. (P.O. address Port Gibson, Ontario Co.) farmer 100
Perry, Ira, cattle dealer and farmer, leases 140
Philip, Jacob, farmer leases 90
Plimpton, Lodrick (P.O. address Port Gibson, Ontario Co.) farmer 63
Prier, Richad, farmer 35
Pulman, Horace D., farmer 44
Pyatt, James W. (Arcadia), blacksmith, carriage maker and farmer 140
Ramsdell & Hamm (Gideon Ramsdell and Moses F. Hamm) wood contractors, N. Y. C.
Reeves, Gilbert H. (P. O. address Palmyra and E. Palmyra) farmer 103
Reeves, James, justice of the peace and farmer 60
Rowley, Francis E., farmer 20
Rowley, Sylvanus, farmer 97
Runyan, Rev. Wm. W., M. E. clergyman
Rutherford, Adam H., farmer 30
Sherman, Jacob, postmaster and railroad agent, N. Y. C.
Sherman, Samuel, farmer 110
Soper, Foster, blacksmith
Stacy, Jerome, farmer 20
Thompson, C. C. (Arcadia) farmer 5
Tibbets, ___ Mrs., farmer 26
Tinney, Darwin, farmer 12
Tripp, Wm. H. (Marion) farmer 65
Walton, James (P.O. address Port Gibson, Ontario Co.) farmer 100
Warner, Levi, farmer 173
Welch, Peter, farmer 32
White, Asa K. (P.O. address Marion and East Palmyra), farmer 110
Wilcox, Hiram (P.O. address Port Gibson, Ontario Co.) farmer 83
Wood, Henry C., carpenter

A post village of about 2,500 inhabitants, on the Canal and New York Central direct road. The seat of considerable mercantile, mechanical and commercial interests. Daily mail, east and west by railroad, and north by stage to Marion, Williamson and Pultneyville.

Adams, Miss Harriet, allop. physician
Adams, Robert (Macedon) farmer 55
Aldrich, David S., general merchant and farmer 180
Allen, C. , homeop. physician
Anderson, Edwin M. (Anderson & Tuttle), boots and shoes
Anderson & Tuttle (Edwin M. Anderson and Daniel Tuttle), tanners
Archer, John (Macedon) farmer 15
Archer, Ornon, member of assembly, 2d assembly district
Aspinwall, Irving D., news depot, stationery, confectionery &c., also telegraph operator, and deputy postmaster
Averill, Edward S., editor and proprietor Palmyra Courier
Avery, Caleb, farmer 141
Backers, Newman S. (Macedon) farmer 145
Bareham, Robert, mason
Barnhart, Almon P. (L. Barnhart & Co.)
Barnhart, L. & Co. (Mrs. Lydia and Almon P. Barnhart) grist mill
Barnhart, Mrs. Lydia (L. Barnhart & Co.)
Barnes, Elias D., farmer 110
Bates, Chas. C., agent for J. & A. McKechnie, malt house
Baughan, John (Marion) farmer 16
Beach, Joseph, farmer, leases 170
Beadle, Morris D., cattle dealer and farmer 28
Beckwith, Geo., carpets, oil cloth, &c., and director Star Paper Co.
Bellinger, Franklin (Macedon) gristmill
Benedict, Ira (Benedict & Pettit)
Benham, Douglas (Benham & Jones)
Benedict, Ira (Macedon) (Benedict & Riggs)
Benedict & Pettit (Ira Benedict and Geo. E. Pettit) groceries and provisions, flour and feed
Benedict & Riggs (Macedon)(Ira Benedict and Miles B. Riggs) grist mill
Benham & Jones (Douglas Benham and Amos Jones) livery and proprietors of stage routes from Palmyra to Pulteneyville, and from Palmyra to Williamson, leaving Palmyra daily at 4 P.M.; also from Palmyra to Canandaigua, leaving Palmyra at 1 P.M.
Bennet, C. W. & Co. (C. W. Bennet and Cornelius Drake) produce dealers
Bennett, Smith, farmer 14
Besley, Isaac, groceries and provisions
Billings, Benj. (Macedon) farmer 200
Birdsall & Sanford (Thos. T. Birdsall and Amos C. Sanford) general merchants
Birdsall, Thos. T. (Birdsal & Sanford
Blaker, Benjamin (Macedon) farmer 200
Bly, Wesley, farmer 120
Bortles, Francis (F. Bortles & Son)
Bortles, F. & Son (Farncis and Geo. P.) grocers and commission merchants
Bowdish, Mrs. L., ladies furnishing goods
Bowman, Chas. B. (W.H. Bowman & Sons)
Bowman, Geo. M. (W.H. Bowman & Sons) manuf. magic lamp chimney cleaners, and dish mops, and secretary and treasurer Jones Manufacturing Co.
Bowman, W. H. & Sons (Wm. H., Geo. M. and Chas. B.) hardware
Bowman, Wm. H. (W. H. Bowman & Sons) Director Palmyra Gas Co.
Briggs, Elias D. G., farmer 38
Bronson, Isaac J., book keeper 1st National Bank of Palmyra
Brown, Francis C., dentist
Brown, Elisha, farmer 160
Brown, Elisha (Marion) farmer 127
Brown, Geo., groceries and provisions
Brown, W. B., homeop. physician
Brumfield, James I., farmer 102
Brumfield, Richard, farmer 40
Buckley, Lucas G., harness, trunks, &c.
Budd, Gilbert (Macedon) farmer 23
Bulmer, John & Co. (John Bulmer and Abijah Weston) lumber and coal dealers, planing mill
Bump, Wm. H., farmer 94
Burbank, Mrs. E. E., farmer 6
Burnett, Jeremiah, restaurant and billiard saloon
Burns, Owen, cooper
Burr, Henry, farmer 92
Bussey, Thomas J. (Macedon) farmer 43
Butler, Addison C., farmer 60
Butler, Henry, proprietor Butler House and livery; also proprietor stage routes from Palmyra to Pulteneyville, leaving Palmyra at 4:40 p.m., and Palmyra to Shortsville, leaving Palmyra at 9 a.m.
Byers, John, farmer 9
Capron, Geo., farmer 168
Carter, Solomon, eating house
Casey, Rev. Wm. C., Catholic clergyman
Chapman, Ezra G., saw mill
Chapman, Robert (Macedon) farmer 100
Chapman, Thos. H. (with Wm. Chapman) farmer 150
Chapman, Wm. (with Thos. H. Chapman) farmer 150
Chase, Asa T. (A. T. Chase & Co.)
Chase, A. T. & Co. (Asa T. Chase and Albert Mallen) groceries and provisions
Chase, Clark S. (Tucker & Chase) secretary and directory Palmyra Petroleum Co.
Chase, Durfee, homeop. physician
Chase, L. M., hardware
Clark, Collins, farmer 16, and leases 14
Clark, Ira (Macedon) farmer 60
Clark, James O., farmer 148
Clark, John (Macedon) farmer 64
Clark, Lewis D., constable
Clark, Tracy S. (Macedon) farmer, leases 190
Clinton, Joseph C., farmer, leases 125
Coates, Mrs. Wm., farmer 16
Cole, Mrs. Amy, farmer 25
Cole, Marquis D., farmer 116
Corning, John W., claim agent
Corning, Joseph W., lawyer and insurance agent
Cornwell, Eason, farmer 110
Cowan, John, farmer, leases 60
Crandall, A. P., secretary, treasurer and director Palmyra Gas Co.
Crandall, Ira (Marion) farmer 110
Cray, Asher S., brick and tile manuf.
Crookston, J. A., groceries, hats and caps
Cummings, Edgar, constable
Cuyler, Geo. W., president 1st National Bank of Palmyra, president and director Palmyra Gas Co., and treasurer and director of Star Paper Co.
Cuyler, W. H., hats and caps
Daggett, Orville L., farmer 50
Danforth, Mrs. Mary, milliner
Davenport, Darius (Macedon) blacksmith
Davenport, Edward (Macedon) farmer 65
Davis, Barnett H. (B.H. Davis & Co.)
Davis, B. H . & Co. (Barnett H. Davis and Alfred J. Wagner) groceries, provisions and liquors
Davis, James, farmer 100
Deming, J. P. H. (Deming & Kingman) president and director Star Paper Co.
Deming and Kingman (J.P.H. and C.M.) allop. physicians
Dennis, Geo. W., painter and grainer
Deningelson, Jacob, farmer, leases 325
Dixon, Henry, shoemaker and farmer 14
Doran, Wm., groceries and liquors
Downing, George D. (Macedon) farmer 120
Draime, Henry J., farmer 18
Drake, Cornelius (C. W. Bennet & Co.)
Drake, John N. & Co. (John N. Drake and Geo. B. Voorhees) soap and candle makers
Durfee, Avery S., director Palmyra Petroleum Co.
Durfee, Lemuel (Macedon) farmer 300
Durfee, Lemuel (Macedon) farmer 200
Durfee, Wm., farmer 25
Eagle Hotel, John H. Sweeney, proprietor
Eaton, Rev. Horace, Presb. clergyman
Edgerton, Wm. W., vice president and director Palmyra Petroleum Co.
Eggleston, Thos. N., farmer 62
Elton, Geo. M. (Ranger & Elton)
Ennis, Elijah, farmer 131
Eveans, Daniel H. (Macedon) farmer 60
Everson, C. C. & Co. (Calvin C. and Sarah C. W. Everson) tobacconists and manufacturers of concentrated cement
Everson, Gilbert F., saloon keeper
Farnham, Wm. H., dry goods
Feller, Harmon, farmer 44
Feller, Henry W., farmer 40
Feller, Philip I., farmer 90
Feller, Robert W., farmer 62
Ferrin, Chas. J., postmaster, grain and wool dealer and forwarder
Finley, M. C., lawyer and justice of peace
First National Bank of Palmyra, Geo. W. Cuyler, president; Pliny Secton, vice president; Pliny T. Secton, cashier; Robert M. Smith, teller
Fisher, Wm. G., farmer 50
Fitts, Prof. M. H., principal Palmyra Union School
Flower, Henry S., commission merchant and director of Palmyra Petroleum Co.
Ford. L. (Macedon) farmer, leases 50
Ford, Morris J., carman
Foster, Buron, farmer 73
Foster, Carlton D., farmer 50
Foster, Joel (Newton Foster & Co.)
Foster, Newton (Newton Foster & Co.)
Foster, Newton & Co. (Newton and Joel Foster) iron founders, machinists and manuf. of grain drills and plaster sowers
Foster, Wm., farmer 74
Fowler, Wm. (Marion) farmer 30
Fox, Rev. Chas. S., M. E. clergyman
Franks, Robert (Walworth) farmer 68
Galloway, Duane (Macedon) farmer 220
Galloway, James, farmer 160
Galloway, Thos., farmer 133
Gavitt & Lyon (Saxon B. and Lyman) bankers
Gavitt, Saxon B. (Gavitt & Lyon)
Gerard, Wm. H., farmer 17
Gillett, Joel P., farmer 55
Gillette, John, farmer 104
Glossender, David (Macedon) farmer 80
Glover, Miss Eliza (Macedon) farmer 50
Goldsmith, Chas. farmer 50
Goldsmith, David, farmer 145
Goldsmith, Thos., farmer 35
Goodrich, John, fish dealer
Goodsell, Lewis, ice dealer and meat market
Goodwin, Geo. E., farmer 40
Goossen, Jacob, farmer, leases 330
Gorton, Warren, constable
Gounder, Wm. L. (Walworth) farmer 55
Graham, Mrs. Emily, dress and cloak maker and sewing machine dealer
Graham, Geo., cabinet maker
Graham, Thos., carpenter
Green, Almon (Macedon) farmer 190
Gregory, Benjamin, mason
Hadsell, Ira, coverlet weaver
Hale, Robert, proprietor Palmyra Hotel
Hall, Amasa (Marion) farmer 121
Hall, Levi (Walworth) farmer 65
Hall, Warren P. (Marion) farmer 136
Hall, Wm. T., farmer, leases 30
Hammond, Mrs. E. M., farmer 140
Hannigan, James M., farmer 54
Hardenburgh, John L., farmer 25
Harkness, Seth E. (Marion) farmer 101
Harris, John, farmer 46
Harris, Wm., farmer 50
Harrison, George, grist mill and farmer 100
Hathaway, Henry, farmer leases 50
Hedden, Aaron W., farmer 30
Hefte, Samuel, farmer 7
Henderson, Wm. S., butcher and proprietor stage route from Palmyra to Ontario. Leaves Palmyra daily at 4:30 P.M.
Herbert, Frederick, milk dealer
Herbert, Henry H., farmer 69
Hersey, James W., agent for J. H. Hopkins, canal contractor
Hickox, Henry H., director Palmyra Petroleum Co.
Hibbard, Benjamin, carpenter
Hibbard, P. V., livery and proprietor of stage route from Palmyra to Ontario, leaving Palmyra daily at 5 P.M.
Hill, Marvin, farmer 100
Hill, Nelson J. (Stevens & Hill)
Hill, Oliver, director Palmyra Petroleum Co.
Hislop, Francis, tailor
Hoff, Isaac (Marion)(P.O. address Palmyra and Walworth), farmer 51
Holmes, Alonzo, farmer 19
Holmes, Alphonzo O., farmer 99
Holmes, Ira S., farmer 134
Holmes, John A., railroad agent, N.Y.C., Am. Express agent and justice of peace
Hopkins, Merganzy, lawyer and insurance agent
Horton, James P., farmer 70
Howard, Russell S. (with Wm. W.)(Marion)(P.O. address Walworth and Palmyra) farmer 19
Howard, Wm. W. (with Russell S.)(Marion)(P.O. address Walworth and Palmyra) farmer 19
Howell, Gideon (Marion) machinist and farmer 18
Hurlbut, Charles (Macedon) farmer 117
Hurlburt, James, farmer 76
Huxley, Henry, carman
Huxley, Jonas B., proprietor Farmers' Exchange Hotel
Huyck, Peter P. (huyck & Wilkinson)
Huyck & Wilkinson (Peter P. Huyck and Hiram Wilkinson) clothing and gentlemen's furnishing goods
Hyde, Chauncey T., assistant cashier 1st National Bank of Palmyra
Jackson, Benj. H. L. (Macedon) saw mill and cider mill
Jackson, Stillman, superintendent Palmyra Gas Works
Jackson, Timothy S., county insurance agent for Agricultural Insurance Company of Watertown
Jacobs, John F., saloon
Jarvis, Myron, confectionary, toys, &c.
Jeffery, John, blacksmith
Jenner, H. D. & Bro. (Henry D. and Wm. P.) furniture dealers and undertakers
Jenner, Henry D. (H.D. Jenner & Bro.)
Jenner, Wm. P. (H.D. Jenner & Bro.)
Jerome, H. K., lawyer
Jessup, Geo. Go, coroner Johnson, Chas. D., supervisor
Johnson, Henry, president Jones Manufacturing Co.
Johnson, Henry M., auctioneer and farmer 68
Johnson, James, farmer 28
Johnson, Joseph P., carman
Johnson, Joseph, mason
Johnson, Nathaniel P., farmer 127
Johnson, Samuel, barber and hair dresser
Johnson, William (Macedon) farmer 106
Johnson, Wm. R., farmer 188
Jones, Amos (Benham & Jones)
Jones, John M., superintendent Jones Manufacturing Co.
Jones Manufacturing Company, Henry Johnson, President; George M. Bowman, Secretary and Treasurer; Jno. M. Jones, Superintendent; manufacturers of Globe Printing Presses
Jordan, John, farmer 60
Jordan, Edgar A. (Macedon) farmer 112 1/4
Jordan, Wm. H. (Macedon) farmer 112
Keele, Philip, constable
Kelly, Mrs. Amanda, tailoress
Kenney, Richard, tailor
Kent, James B. (Macedon) farmer 60
Kingman, C. M. (Deming & Kingman)
Kip, Wm. I. (Macedon) farmer 100
Knapp, Caleb (Macedon) farmer 100
Knapp, Theron (Macedon) farmer 100
Knight, Thos., farmer 7
Knowles, George W. ( C. D. MacDougall & Co.)
Knowles, Henry P., notary public and cashier of MacDougall & Co.'s Banking House
Lakey, Ira, coal and produce dealer, malt house and farmer 230
Lamb, Palmer, farmer 6
Langdon, Alonzo, farmer 50
Lapham, A. S., general merchant
Lapham, Norman, farmer 143
Lawrence, Joshua (Lawrence & Ziegler)
Lawrence & Ziegler (Joshua Lawrence and Jacob Ziegler) carriage makers and blacksmiths
Lee, Perry B., farrier
Lenan, Thos., farmer 50
Lent, John H. (Macedon) farmer 102
Lisk, Andrew B. (Macedon) farmer 10
Lisk, William (Macedon) farmer 31
Lisk, Wm. B. (Macedon) farmer 26
Little, Geo. P., deputy collector internal revenue
Littlejohn, Miss Kittie, telegraph operator N. Y. C.
Lovett, J. C., dry goods, president and director Palmyra Petroleum Co.
Ludington, Myron W., farmer 75
Lynch, Patrick (Macedon) farmer 75
Lyon, Lyman (Gavitt & Lyon)
MacDougall, C. D. & Co. (Clinton "D" MacDougall, Geo. W. Knowles and Wm. T. Scott) bankers, insurance and Merchant's Union Express agents
MacDougall, Clinton D. (C. D. MacDougall & Co.)
Mahona, Thomas (Macedon) farmer 24
Mallen, Albert (A. T. Chase & Co.)
Mallory, Merritt M., proprietor Bunker Hill Hotel
Marsh, Alvin W., allop. physician
Marshall, Alfred P. (Root & Marshall)
Martial, George (Macedon) farmer 100
McDuffee, Miss Cynthia, farmer 120
McIntyre, Samuel B., lawyer and insurance agent
McKechnie, J. & A., Chas. C. Bates, agent, malt house
McLean, Julius, house and sign painter
McLouth, Chas, lawyer and insurance agent
McComber, Isaac, carpenter and farmer 30
Miller, Abram, harness maker
Miller, Samuel A., farmer leases 173
Mills, John, shoemaker
Mix, Mrs. Lydia (Marion) farmer 12
Moore, Benj. (Moore & Sterling)
Moore, Richard R. , saloon, eating house and farmer 27
Moore & Sterling (Benj. Moore and Daniel Sterling) jewelry, watches &c.
Moore, Wm. F., produce merchant
Moran, Jerry, farmer 12
Moran, Patrick (Redmond & Moran)
Myrick, A. G. & Son (Albert G. and Wm. W.) marble dealers
Myrick, Albert G. (A. G. Myrick & Son)
Myrick, Wm. W. (A. G. Myrick & Son) town clerk
Nash, Alfred, lawyer
Natt, Valentine, saloon keeper
Near, John M., tobacconist
Niles, Albert, cooper
Nims, Valinda, clerk N. Y. C.
Molan, Mrs. Mary, farmer 80
North, Henry M., dentist
Norton, Philander H., farmer 100
Nottingham, Wm. P. (Macedon) farmer 204
Oliver, Mrs. Emily, dress maker
Oliver, Gilbert, butcher
Lee, Mrs. Eliza Ann, fancy dyer
Page, Ebenezer, blacksmith
Palmer, Adoneram J. (Macedon) farmer 100
Palmer, Noah (Macedon) farmer 90
Palmer, Samuel, house and sign painter
Palmer, Wm. D., farmer 50
Palmyra Gas Company, Geo. W. Cuyler, president; A. P. Crandall, secretary and treasurer
Palmyra Hotel, Robert Hale, proprietor
Palmyra Petroleum Company, J. C. Lovett, president; Wm. W. Edgerton, vice-president; Clark S. Chase, secretary; Alfred W. Sansbury, treasurer
Parshall, Hendee, farmer 200
Parshall, John B., farmer 100
Parsons & Robinson (Wm. Parsons and Seneca Robinson) livery stable
Parsons, Wm. (Parsons & Robinson)
Peddie, James, lawyer
Pettit, Chas. P. (C. P. Pettit & Co.)
Pettit, C. P. & Co., druggists
Pettit, Geo. E. (Benedict & Pettit)
Philips, Jeremiah G., farmer 106
Philip, John, butcher
Philip, Thaddeus, farmer, leases 106
Pierce, Lewis R. (Macedon) farmer 18
Pitkin, John (Stevens &Co.) allop. physician, fruit cultivator and farmer 40
Possee, Thos., carman
Post, Hunting J., farmer 150
Post, Stephen, farmer 120
Potter, Emory (Marion) farmer 107
Potter, Geo., farmer 19
Potter, Orvis (Marion) patent right dealer, farmer 63
Powell, Mrs. Sarah, farmer 14
Pratt, Delos W. (Macedon) carpenter
Pratt, James, farmer 25
Prichard, James D., farmer, leases 75
Ranger & Elton (Ward V. Ranger and Geo. M. Elton) photograph artists
Rapelea, Mrs. H. A., dress and cloak maker
Ray, David H., barber and hair dresser
Ray, Mrs. David H., clothes renovator
Ray, Mrs. T.W., clothes renovator
Ray, Theodore W., barber and hair dresser
Redmond & Moran (Thos. H. Redmond and Patrick Moran) groceries, provisions and liquors
Redmond, Thos. H. (Redmond & Moran)
Reeves, Franklin, farmer 150
Reeves, Gilbert H. (P. O. address, Palmyra and East Palmyra) farmer 103
Reeves, Lyman (with Nelson Reeves) farmer 160
Reeves, Nelson (with Lyman Reeves) farmer 160
Reeves, Oliver C., farmer 80
Rice, A., jewelry
Riggs, Miles B. (Macedon)(Benedict & Riggs)
Rizley, __, mason
Robinson, Miss Hattie, millineery and fancy goods
Robinson, Lewis (Macedon) farmer 114
Robinson, Seneca (Parsons & Robinson)
Rogers, Carlton, vice-president and director Star Paper Co.
Rogers, Cullen H., farmer 180
Rogers, David, boots and shoes
Rogers, Edwin E., farmer 115
Root & Marshall (Thos. L. Root and Alfred P. Marshall) tin ware, glass, crockery ware, wrapping paper, matches &c.
Root, Thos. L. (Root & Marshall)
Rose, John, farmer, leases 140
Rush, Edwin S. (Macedon) farmer 144
Ryan, Wm., grocer and hotel keeper
Sabin, Samuel A., allop. physician
Sampson, James, farmer 70
Sampson, Thomas Jr. (Macedon) farmer 118 1/2
Sanders, John, carpenter
Sanford, Amos C. (Birdsall & Sanford)
Sanford, David P., groceries
Sanford, Theron E E. (Walworth) farmer, 70, and leases 74
Stansbury, Alfred W., treasurer and director Palmyra Petroleum Co.
Saunders, Orlando, farmer 89
Sawyer, Samuel W., carpenter
Scott, Wm. T. (C. D. MacDougall & Co.)
Seaman, Leonard L., cloth and wool dealer
Seeley, Abner (C. Seeley & Bro.)
Seeley, Andrew, leader brass band
Seeley, Calvin (C. Seeley & Bro.)
Seeley, C. & Bro. (Calvin and Abner) iron and carriage goods, carriage makers and insurance agents
Sellick, Geo. W. (L. D. Sellick & Co.)
Sellick, Harvey W. (L. D. Sellick & Co.)
Sellick, L. D. & Co. (Lorenzo D., Harvey W. and Geo. W.) basket makers
Sellick, Lorenzo D. (L. D. Sellick & Co.)
Sexton, Pliny T., cashier 1st National Bank of Palmyra
Seymour, S. P., director Star Paper Co.
Shanley, Michael, grocery
Shiebley, John, agent, harness, trunks, &c.
Sherman, Alanson, carriage maker
Sherman, Andrew, farmer 30
Shilling, John, farmer, leases 60
Slatery Wm. (P. O. address, Port Gibson, Ontario Co.) farmer 10
Slocum, Miss Laura (Slocum & Turner)
Slocum & Turner (Miss Laura Slocum and Miss Mary Turner) cloak and dress makers
Smith, Barzillai Jr. (P.O. address, Port Gibson, Ontario Co.) farmer 110, and leases 50
Smith, Barzillai Sr. (P. O. address, Port Gibson, Ontario Co.) farmer 70
Smith, Foster, boots and shoes
Smith, George C. (Macedon) farmer 35
Smith, George E., farmer 100 and leases 100
Smith, Geo. W., farmer 65
Smith, G. T., farmer 100
Smith, Mahlon K. (Macedon) farmer 25
Smith, Robert M., teller 1st National Bank of Palmyra
Smith, Wm. M., baker and confectioner
Smonton, James E. (P.O. address, Port Gibson, Ontario Co.) farmer, leases 100
Soper, Jarvis, blacksmith
Southwick, Wm. H., produce dealer and justice of peace
Staples, Miss M. E., telegraph operator, N. Y. C.
Sterling, Daniel (Moore & Sterling)
Star Paper Company, J. P. H. Deming, president; Carlton Rogers, vice-president; Geo. W. Cuyler, treasurer
Stevens & Co. (Walter Stevens and John Pitkin) clothing and furniture dealers, and commission merchants
Stevens, Geo. E., auctioneer
Stevens & Hill (Walter and Nelson J.) second hand clothing and Yankee notions
Stevens, Hiram (Walworth) farmer 11
Stevens, Hiram A. (Marion) farmer, leases 30
Stevens, Walter (Stevens & Co.)
Stevens, Walter (Stevens & Hill)
Stingall, Christa, farmer 16
Stoddard, Geo. R. (Stoddard & Todd) director Palmyra Petroleum Co.
Stoddard, James O. (Marion) farmer 50
Stoddard & Todd (Geo. R. Stoddard and Albert S. Todd) patent right brokers
Storms, Geo. W., farmer 33
Stupplebeen, Jacob P., farmer 118
Stupplebeen, Peter M., farmer 118
Sutphen, John M. (Macedon) farmer 107
Sweeney, John H., proprietor Eagle Hotel and district agent for Charter Oak Life Insurance Co.
Sylvester, Oakes, drugs, medicines, books and stationery
Throop. Wm. H., harness, trunks, &c.
Thurber, Chas., forwarder and commission merchant
Tiffany, Lyman H., assistant assessor internal revenue
Tiller, Harry, carriage maker
Timmerman, Jacob, farmer 14
Todd, Albert S. (Stoddard & Todd)
Townsend, Geo. H., farmer 100
Tripp, Mrs. E. G., millinery and fancy goods
Tucker & Chase (Wm. L. and Clark S.) drugs, groceries and crockery, and Am. Express agents
Tucker, Pomeroy, insurance agent
Tucker, Wm. L. (Tucker & Chase)
Turner, Hector (Macedone) farmer 10
Turner, Miss Mary (Slocum & Turner)
Tuttle, Daniel (Anderson & Tuttle)
Tuttle, Jotham M. (Marion) farmer 12
Tyler, Wells Jr., clothing and furnishing goods
Vail, John P., photograph artist
Van Alstine, Wm. N., farmer 123
Van Dusen, Hiram, fruit cultivator
Vandyne, Chas., carman
Veeder, Simon, toll gate keeper
Voorhees, Geo. B. (John N. Drake & Co.)
Wagner, Alfred J. (B.H. David & Co.)
Walker, James, farmer 100
Walton, John, farmer 115
Walton, Wm., groceries and provisions Warner, Lorenzo C., farmer 140
Warner, Nahum (Macedon) farmer 290
Webster, Rev. John G., Epis. clergyman
Weeks, Absalom, farmer 50
Wemelsfelder, Jacob (Walworth) farmer 54
Wentworth, Alonzo E., farmer 63
Weston, Abijah (John Bulmer & Co.)
Whipple, Wm. H., baggage master, N.Y.C.
White, J. J., watchmaker
White, Mrs. Louisa (Macedon) farmer 94
Whitlock, George L. (Macedon) farmer, leases 180
Wigglesworth, Matthew (Macedon) farmer 121 1/2
Wilcox, Mrs. Ellen M., farmer 50
Wilcox, Gideon, farmer 112
Wilkinson, Hiram (Huyck & Wilkinson)
Wilkinson, Hiram, carpenter
Williams, F., jewelry, books, stationery, &c. and director Palmyra Gas. Co.
Williams, Geo. C., carpenter
Williams, Geo. N., lawyer, insurance agent and district attorney
Williamson, John, periodicals, confectionery, toys, &c., proprietor of public hall and under sheriff
Winslow, Martin, farmer 73
Winters, Wm. C., sewing machine dealer
Wismer, Jacob, boots and shoes
Wod, James, carriage maker
Wright, Chas. H., carriage maker
Wright, John S., farmer 160
Ziegler, Jacob (Lawrence & Ziegler)

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