1867 - 1868

The Hamilton Child Company of Syracuse, New York produced directories of New York counties in the late 1860s. These directories are useful in conjunction with the 1870 US census, and are available at many New York State libraries and historical societies either in print or on microfilm. In producing these directories, a few residents may have been missed. Absence of a family or person does not always mean that they didn't live there.

How to use the Wayne County Directory: Persons in the Wayne County Directory generally were listed under the post office where they received their mail. These directory listings were first organized by township. Within the townships the compilers made further list divisions - the official post offices located within the township. The compilers of this directory were not always consistent, from township to township, in whether a place in parentheses was the official residence or post office where mail was received.

We hope you spot your ancestor in the directory listings but... we have no further information on individuals or families listed. The societies in our research resources section will give you further assistance.

From Gazetteer and Business Directory of Wayne County, N.Y. 1867
published by Hamilton Child & Co., Syracuse, NY 1867

The Post Office addresses of the residents of the town of Ontario are as follows: Lake Side and Ontario in the town; Lincoln and Pultneyville in adjoining towns, and Webster (Monroe Co.)

A Post Office in the north-west part of the town. Daily Mail.

Adams, Silas, farmer 5
Boynton, Lorenzo R., farmer 188
Brewer, Henry P., farmer 65
Brisbin, John, cooper
Chapman, Wm. J., farmer 200
Clark, Hezekiah D., farmer 50
Clemans, Asaph, farmer 30
Corler, Bethuel, carpenter
Cory, James, engineer
Crandall, Geo. W., farmer 15
Crandall, John H., farmer 15
Crandall, Milton P., farmer 44
Denise, John, farmer 45
Denise, John, saw mill
Dickinson, John, farmer 97
Dillingham, Stephen, carpenter
Dillingham, Stephen, farmer 3
Downes, James, boots and shoes
Eldridge, Daniel, farmer 195
Gaston, James (with John), farmer 37 1/2
Gaston, John (with James), farmer 37 1/2
Graham, Elizabeth, farmer 37
Grant, Stacy, farmer 80
Grinnell, Peter C., farmer 51
Ham, Cornelia, farmer 8
Harris, James, farmer 25
Hicks, Charles H., grocery
Hopkins, Argatus, J., carpenter
Hopkins, Burton J. (with Henry O.), saw mill and farmer 25
Hopkins, Enos, carpenter
Hopkins, Henry O. (with Butron J.), saw mill and farmer 25
Hopkins, Joseph, farmer 75
Huston, Archibald, farmer 50
Huston, Chas. E., carpenter
Huston, Chas. E., farmer 27 1/2
Huston, Wm., farmer 50
Jennings, Lorin, farmer 100
Jones, Edwin, saw mill and pump manufacturer
Jones, Hiram, farmer 44
Lawrence, Samuel D., farmer 50
Middleton, Joseph, farmer 350
Miller, Edward, farmer 4
Palmer, Lorenzo N. (with Oliver H.), farmer 135
Palmer, Oliver H. (with Lorenzo N.) farmer 135
Palmer, Rennselaer, saw mill
Palmer, Rennselaer, farmer 230
Patten, Stephen A., farmer 62
Patten, Strong E., farmer 100
Pound, Edward H., farmer 92
Pound, Nathan K., farmer 100
Prest, David H., farmer 72
Prest, Wm., farmer 52
Raede, Adolf, blacksmith
Richman, Elisha D., carpenter
Richmon, Russel, farmer 24
Richmond, Elisha D., farmer 61
Rood, Ezekiel, farmer 41
Rood, Ezekiel Jr. (Rood & Williams), farmer 5
Rood & Williams (Ezekiel Rood, Jr. and Milton E. Williams), blacksmith
Rouch, Max, farmer 17
Sabin, Henry M., farmer 74
Sands, Alex. (Sands & Palmer), wool-dealer and postmaster
Sands & Palmer (Alex. Sands and Oscar C. Palmer), general merchants
Sernon, Anton, farmer 37
Smith, Edson, farmer 125
Smith, Elias, farmer 60
Smith, Henry F., farmer 32
Smith, John D., farmer 30
Smith, Rev. John D., insurance agent
Smith, Mrs. Lucy B., farmer 51
Smith, Samuel, farmer 30
Smith, Samuel B., farmer 17
Sprague, Chancey, farmer 80
Stokes, Richard, mason
Tanner, James, farmer, leases 50
Thayer, Aldrich, farmer 216
Thompson, James, farmer 75
Vandewarker, Barton, saw mill
Walker, Weller, farmer 25
Warner, John A., carpenter
Warner, John A., farmer 4
Warren, Geo., farmer 13
Weeks, Benj. B., farmer 29
Weeks, Benj. B., carriage maker
Wilcox, Chas., leases saw mill
Wiley, Alex., farmer 35
Williams, Milton E. (Rood & Williams)
Willits, Jonathan, farmer 76
Willits, Jonathan Jr., farmer 11
Wilson, A. F. , carpenter
Winslow, Mrs. Laura, farmer 50
Woodhams, Henry, farmer 50
Woodhams, Raymond A., farmer 83

A post village, near the center of the town. Daily mail.

Adams, Calvin (Walworth), farmer 6
Adams, Miss Ruth, dressmaker
Aistrop, Thos. (Williamson), farmer 75
Aibon, Mrs. Elizabeth, farmer 6
Albright, Abram, farmer 270
Allen, Freeman, farmer 100
Allen, Henry S., farmer 20
Allen, Lewis B., boots and shoes
Allen, Phililp, farmer 52
Andrew, Alex., farmer 78
Andrew, Wm., farmer 50
Anthony, Joseph, farmer 64 1/2
Atwood Alvah, farmer 25
Atwood, Selah, carpenter
Austin, Lyman, farmer 40
Avery, Frank C., farmer 112
Bailey, Ira, farmer 60
Bailey, Ira (Walworth), farmer 62
Baker, John, farmer 46
Baker, Wm., farmer 6
Barnhart, Chas., farmer 42
Barnhart, James, farmer 36
Barnhart, John, farmer 65
Barnhart, Wm., farmer 40
Barnum, Wm., mason
Bastion, Ephraim, carpenter
Bean, Albert, farmer 20
Bean, Geo., farmer 20
Bean, Samuel, farmer 12 1/2
Bean, Samuel, farmer 33
Bennett, John, farmer 45
Bennett, John A., farmer 3
Bennett, Robert B., farmer 56
Bigsby, Oliver, farmer 75
Bilger, John (P.O. address, Webster, Monroe Co.), farmer 26
Bilger, Mrs. Mary, farmer 12
Birdsall, Wm., boots and shoes
Birxly, Abel, J., blast furnace and farmer 15
Bishop, Edwin A., house and carraige painter
Bishop, John M., farmer 101
Bishop, Williard T., farmer 107
Blyth, Wm. J., farmer 90
Booth, John F., saw mill
Booth, John F., farmer 69
Borland, Washington L., farmer 35
Bostwick, Heman (Williamson), farmer 68
Bowerman, Wm., farmer 14
Boynton, Lorenzo S., farmer 80
Brandt, John W., allop. physician
Bretton, Wm., farmer 46
Brown, Henry C., farmer 40
Brown, Lycurgus W., farmer 67
Brown, Robert R. (P.O. address Webster, Monroe Co.), farmer 104
Brundredge, Philip (P.O. address Webster, Monroe Co.), farmer 109
Budd, Thos. (P.O. address Webster, Monroe Co.), farmer 50
Calhoun, Reuben (Williamson), farmer 106
Calleir, Christopher, farmer, leases 48
Carey, Lyman, farmer 26
Cartright, Margaret (with Juliette Gragar), farmer 25
Cary, Park (with Mrs. Cordelia Hicks), farmer 115
Casey, Alonzo W., farmer 7
Casey, Alonzo W., blacksmith
Caysey, Joseph, farmer 33
Chapman, Elias, farmer 5
Chapman, Elisha, farmer 60
Chapman, Ralph D., prop. East Ontario House
Chase, Hiram N. (Walworth), farmer 51
Clark, Andrew, farmer 76
Clark, James E., farmer 6
Clark, John, farmer 50
Clark, John M., carpenter
Clark, Wm. H., general merchant
Cleddeback, Samuel, farmer 54
Cobus, Thos., carriage maker
Collison, James S., mason
Collison, James S., farmer 25
Cone, John P., farmer 20
Cone, Walter L., farmer 103
Cone, Walter L., Jr., farmer 4
Cook, Andrew, farmer 58
Cook, Joseph (Williamson), farmer 5 1/2
Coulter, Alex., cooper
Courter, David W., farmer 3 1/2
Courter, Betheul (P.O. address Webster, Monroe Co.), farmer 54
Curtis, Alva (Walworth), farmer 55
Dadewell, James, farmer 11
Davis, Ebenezer M., farmer 100
Davis, Miss Frances, milliner
Davis, Philo, general merchant
Day, James, farmer 5
Dayley, James, farmer 24
Decker, Martin, farmer 35
Delano, Mrs. Amanda, farmer 15
Delano, Chas., harness maker
Demarse, Eli, farmer 12
Denice, Eli, saw mill, stave factory and cooper shop
Denice, John B. (Walworth), farmer 32
Denney, John, farmer 14
Denney, Loren (Williamson), farmer 31
Diver, Edward, farmer 7
Diver, Jerome, farmer 86
Down, John, farmer 50
Doyle, John (Williamson), farmer 15
Duel, Ezra, farmer 145
Dunning, Rev. Richard, Presb. clergyman
Eastman, Rev. Orresta, Baptist clergyman
Eaton, Ira, farmer 46
Eaton, James, farmer 47
Eddy, Ebenezer (Marion), farmer 40
Eisentragar, Mrs. Louisa (Walworth), farmer 120
Ellsworth, John, blacksmith
Ellsworth, Michael (P.O. address Webster, Monroe Co.), farmer 93
Elmer, Elijah, farmer 10
Farrell, Andrew (Williamson), farmer 40
Faskett, Mary E. Mrs. , farmer 25 1/2
Fewster, Matthew, farmer 104
Fillmore, John, saloon
Fitzpatrick, Brian, farmer 53
Fitzpatrick, Patrick, farmer 22
Foley, Francis, farmer 6
Foot, Adonijah, farmer 2 1/2
Foote, Harvey M. (Pratt & Foote)
Fosdick, Martin M. (P.O. address Webster, Monroe Co.), farmer 54
Frank, Abraham, farmer 77
Franklin, Thos. (Walworth), farmer 25
Freeman, John C., farmer 50
Freer, Peter, farmer 40
Fries, Andrew (Williamson), farmer 130
Fuller, Wm. A. , farmer 28
Gage, Jason (with Jonathan), farmer 100
Gage, Jonathan (with Jason), farmer 100
Gardner, Wm. H., farmer 45
Gardner, Wm. H., farmer 6
Gates, Joseph W., assessor, internal revenue
Gates, Joseph W., farmer 350
Gates, Melvin B., farmer 75
Gates, Melvin B. (Hatch & Gates)
Gilbert, Geo. G., cigar maker
Gould, James H., farmer 45
Gould, James H., blast furnace
Grager, Juliette (with Margaret Cartright), farmer 25
Graham, Aaron W., carpenter
Granger, Geo. L., farmer 63
Granger, Joseph, farmer 49
Grant, Daniel E., farmer 12
Green, Benj., farmer 70
Grimes, John (Walworth), farmer 50
Gurnee, Marvin A., farmer 11
Gurnee, Marvin, farmer 130
Gurnee, Samuel, farmer 20
Hall, Orlando A., farmer 153
Hammerle, Leonard (P.O. address Webster, Monroe Co.), farmer, leases 96
Harbertson, Thos. (Williamson), farmer 98
Harris, Jaames, farmer 54
Harrison, Hurum, farmer 100
Hass, Abraham (P.O. address Webster, Monroe Co.), farmer, leases 42
Hatch, Elam A. (Hatch & Gates), postmaster and farmer 87
Hatch & Gates (Elam A. Hatch and Melvin B. Gates), general merchants
Hathaway, Richmond (Walworth), farmer 5
Hicks, Mrs. Cordelia (with Park Cary), farmer 115
Hill, Francis A., saw and grist mill, and farmer 154
Hill, Hezekiah, farmer 10
Hill, Horace (P.O. address Webster, Monroe Co.), farmer 55
Hobbie, Mills (P.O. address Webster, Monroe Co.), farmer 50
Hockemberger, Jacob (P.O. address Webster, Monroe Co.), farmer 53
Hodges, Isaac H. (with Samuel W.), farmer 50
Hodges, Isaac Z., superintendent of poor, and saw mill
Hodges, Isaac Z., farmer 108
Hodges, Mrs. Mary S., farmer 109
Hodges, Samuel W. (with Isaac H.), farmer 50
Hoges, Zebedee, farmer 82
Hollister, Chas. (P.O. address Webster, Monroe Co.), farmer 55
Hooker, Stephen, farmer 26
Howe, Wm., farmer 129
Howe, Wm. R., saw mill
Howk, John C., farmer 71
Huff, Jacob W., farmer 14
Hurley, Cornelius, farmer 2
Hurley, Jesse, farmer 90
Hurley, Nelson, farmer 59
Husted, Matterson, farmer 95
Hutson, Joseph, farmer 54
Jennings, Daniel, farmer 10
Jilno, Ezra, farmer 41
Jilno, John, farmer 25
Johnston, Robert H., farmer 56
Jones, Edwin (P.O. address Webster, Monroe Co.), farmer 18
Jones, Harvey (P.O. address Webster, Monroe Co.), farmer 45
Kelly, James, farmer 50
King, Eliezer A., farmer 26
Knowles, John R., farmer 100
Lane, John, farmer 60
Lefrois, Joseph, farmer 50
Lewis, Henry W. (P.O. address Webster, Monroe Co.), farmer 11
Lippincott, Samuel, farmer 50
Lockwood, Levi (P.O. address Webster, Monroe Co.), farmer 64
Lofthouse, Alvura, farmer 20
Lofthouse, Mrs. Malinda, farmer 38
Lolley, Thos., farmer 60
Lovell, Sidney (Walworth), farmer 44
Mack, Benj., farmer 136
Mack, B. Rush, iron founder
Mack, John B., farmer 36
Mahlerwaen, Geo. (P.O. address Webster, Monroe Co.), farmer 40
Maine, Stephen N., farmer 125
McCan, James, farmer 47
McCarthy, Daniel, farmer 15
McConnell, David, farmer 107
McCray, Andrew, farmer 33
McCray, William, farmer 8
McCrea, James (Walworth), farmer 3
McKown, James, farmer 46
McKown, James, farmer 3
McKown, John, farmer 30
McVay, John, farmer 22
Meaker, Norman (Williamson), farmer 130
Mepham, Samuel, farmer 60
Miller, Matthew, farmer 132
Millet, John, farmer 70
Moon, Wm., farmer 61
Moore, Horace H. (P.O. address Webster, Monroe Co.), farmer 66
Moore, John, farmer 7
Near, Geo. M. (Williamson), farmer 41
Neerson, Richard, carpenter
Niles, Chas. N., farmer 75
Niles, John, farmer 75
Nivison, Archibald, farmer 48 1/2
Nolan, John (with Martin), farmer 25
Nolan, Martin (with John), farmer 25
Northup, Joseph E., carpenter
Northup, Joseph E., farmer 20
Norton, Hiram, farmer 18
Norton, Hiram, carpenter
Norton, Philetus, farmer 75
O'Neal, Hugh, farmer 6
O'Neal, Hugh, farmer 20
Owen, Wooster, tinware, stoves and hardware
Paine, Peter, farmer 50
Palmer, Geo. L., farmer 110
Parnell, Geo., farmer 3 1/2
Parnell, Geo., agricultural implement manuf.
Pease, Chas., machine shop
Pease, Chas., farmer 92
Peer, Thoms. J., homeop. physician
Pendleton, Mrs. Mary (with Miss Mary J. Smith), milliner
Pintler, Peter, farmer 112
Potter, Mrs. Nancy (Walworth), farmer 25
Pratt, Almond J. (Pratt & Foote)
Pratt & Foote (Almond J. Pratt and Harvey M. Foote), general merchants
Preston, Geo. W., farmer 75
Pye, John, farmer 3
Pye, Mrs. Mary, farmer 6
Pye, Mrs. Mary, farmer 5
Quimby, Daniel, shingle maker and farmer 4
Quimby, David M., farmer 113
Quimby, Henry R., carpenter
Quimby, Henry R., farmer 29
Quinby, Burton, farmer 78
Ray, Geo., farmer 5
Raymor, Andrew J., farmer 140
Raymor, John, farmer 140
Raymore, Lyman S., farmer 17
Reed, Daniel L., grist mill
Reed, David B., farmer 123
Reed, James (with John L.), saw mill and farmer 100
Reed, John L. (with James), saw mill and farmer 100
Reed, Wm., merchant tailor
Reed, Wm. M., general merchant
Richardson, Nathaniel, carriage maker
Richmond, Richard (P.O. address Webster, Monroe Co.), farmer 37
Richmond, Wm., carriage maker
Riker, John, farmer 150
Risley, Harris, farmer 43
Risley, Obed, farmer 18
Rood, Hiram, cooper
Rood, Hiram, farmer 54
Ruffell, James, farmer 100
Ruffell, James L., farmer 3
Russell, Alfred D., farmer 78
Russell, Geo. T., farmer 101
Russell, Mrs. Hannah, farmer 50
Sabin, Stephen, farmer 50
Salsbury, Samuel, Wesleyan clergyman
Sanders, Miss Hattie, milliner
Sanders, Wm. H., carriage maker
Sanders, Wm. H., farmer 11
Sanford, Mrs. Sarah H., farmer 49
Sands, Alex., farmer 228
Sedgwick, Allen G., farmer 16
Sharp, Leroy (P.O. address Webster, Monroe Co.), farmer 65
Sherburn, Mrs. Susan, farmer 80
Sherburn, William, farmer 82
Sherman, Daniel J. (Williamson), farmer 4 1/2
Skiettatda, Cornelius, farmer 10
Skinner, Wm., farmer 180
Slocum, Benj., farmer 70
Smith, Mrs. Harriet M., prop. Ontario House
Smith, Hervey H., surveyor and farmer 10
Smith, John, hotel keeper
Smith, Josiah W., farmer 44
Smith, Miss Mary J. (with Mr. Mary Pendleton), milliner
Smith, Newell J. (Williamson), farmer 67
Smith, Mrs. Sarah, farmer 5
Smith, Thos., farmer, leases 63
Smouton, John (Williamson), farmer 64
Sopha, Alfred (P.O. address Webster, Monroe co.), farmer 12
Soudon, Wm. (Williamson), farmer 11
Southgate, Wm., saw mill, grist mill and farmer 27
Speller, James W., farmer 29
Stanford, Daniel J., farmer 12
Stanford, Harvey E., farmer 25
Stephens, Chancy, carpenter
Stokes, Jonathan A. (with Richard), farmer 30
Stokes, Richard (with Jonathan A.), farmer 30
Sutphen, Richard, farmer 50
Sutton, Oliver L., farmer 14
Sweeting, Rufus, farmer 60
Swift, Elisha T. (Williamson), farmer 110
Tanner, Thos. (P.O. address Webster, Monroe Co.), farmer 21
Tarba, Bennet (P.O. address Webster, Monroe Co.), farmer 53
Teats, Emmet, farmer 50
Thatcher, Cyrus (P.O. address Webster, Monroe Co.), farmer 59
Thomas, Owen, cooper
Tinney, Shedrach, farmer 25
Trimble, John J., farmer 49
Trimble, Joseph (Williamson), farmer 58
Trimble, Walter, farmer 99
Trimble, Wm. (Williamson), farmer 51
Truax, James, farmer 2
Truax, James J., blacksmith
Trubley, Francis (P.O. address Webster, Monroe Co.), farmer 12
Turner, Addison, farmer 80
Turner, Jonathan B., farmer 16
Vanderwerker, Barton (P.O. address Webster, Monroe Co.), farmer 11
Verdow, Isaac, farmer, leases 98
Wall, Elisha M. (P.O. address Webster, Monroe Co.), farmer 54
Wall, Wm., farmer 85
Warren, A., farmer 8
Warren, Amos (Walworth), farmer 61
Warren, Chas. (with Jerome), farmer 90
Warren, Jacob, farmer 88
Warren, Jerome (with Charles), farmer 90
Warren, Robert, farmer 31
Watson, John, farmer 14
Watson, Robert (Walworth), farmer 129
Webster, Ransford A., farmer 3
Weeks, Benj. (P.O. address Webster, Monroe Co.), farmer 93
Whitcomb, Edson J., allop. physician
Whitcomb, Flynn, general merchant
Whitney, Cornelius, farmer 93
Whittleton, Thos. Jr. (Walworth), farmer 24 1/2
Willard, Geo. (P.O. address Webster, Monroe Co.), farmer 96
Williams, Henry D., farmer 8
Wilson, A.I. F. (P.O. address Webster, Monroe Co.), farmer 2
Woodard, Chancey, farmer 78
Woodhams, Henry, farmer 15
Woodhams, James, farmer 30
Woodhams, James (Williamson), farmer 50
Woodhams, Owen, farmer 61
Woodhams, Walter, farmer 70
Woodworth, Mrs. Helen, farmer 50
Wooster, Erastus, butcher and farmer 4
Wooster, Fred'k H. (P.O. address Webster, Monroe Co.), farmer 56
Wurner, Alanson, farmer 60
York, John, farmer 33
Young, John, farmer 32

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