1867 - 1868

The Hamilton Child Company of Syracuse, New York produced directories of New York counties in the late 1860s. These directories are useful in conjunction with the 1870 US census, and are available at many New York State libraries and historical societies either in print or on microfilm. In producing these directories, a few residents may have been missed. Absence of a family or person does not always mean that they didn't live there.

How to use the Wayne County Directory: Persons in the Wayne County Directory generally were listed under the post office where they received their mail. These directory listings were first organized by township. Within the townships the compilers made further list divisions - the official post offices located within the township. The compilers of this directory were not always consistent, from township to township, in whether a place in parentheses was the official residence or post office where mail was received.

We hope you spot your ancestor in the directory listings but... we have no further information on individuals or families listed. The societies in our research resources section will give you further assistance.

From Gazetteer and Business Directory of Wayne County, N.Y. 1867
published by Hamilton Child & Co., Syracuse, NY 1867

There is but one post office in the town. Some of the residents, however, get their mail at Palmyra, Williamson, Walworth, and Newark, in adjoining towns.

A post village in the southern part of the town of Marion, about one mile from the Palmyra town line. Daily mail.

Ackibus, Isaac, farmer 10
Adams, Barnabus B., farmer 170
Adams, James N., farmer 47
Adams, Micajah, saw mill
Allen, Henry C., farmer 54
Antisdale, Philander, farmer 12
Atwood, Seth L., farmer 50 and leases 34
Austin, Phineas G., farmer, leases 64
Bailard, Wm., farmer 15
Baker, Jacob, farmer 82
Barrett, John H., farmer 174
Beal, Fordyce K., constable
Benton, Byron E., farmer 40
Bilby, John H., farmer 72
Blankenburg, John, farmer 8
Boyce, Lorenzo, farmer 6
Boyce, Washington B., blacksmith
Braman, Miss Carrie, milliner and dress maker, and farmer 80
Briggs, Abram R., blacksmith and farmer 5
Briggs, Geo.W. (cheese factory on farm) farmer 78
Brock, Wm. L., farmer, leases 50
Brown, Alfred, farmer, leases 127
Brown, Fred N. G., photograph artist and insurance agent
Brown, Mrs. Fred N. G. (Mrs. Nelson Brown & Co.)
Brown, Gilbert, sawmill
Brown, Mrs. Nelson (Mrs. Nelson Brown & Co.)
Brown, Mrs. Nelson Brown & Co. (Mrs. Nelson Brown and Mrs. Fred N. G. Brown) milliners
Bull, Geo. P., retired farmer
Bullock, Rev. Irvin, Christian clergyman
Burbank, Solomon (P.O. address Rochester, Monroe Co.) farmer 244
Burr, Benjamin, farmer 100
Burrud, John, farmer 15
Burrud, John B., teacher of vocal musc, Marion Collegiate Institute
Bush, B. Sanford, dentist
Butts, Silas, farmer 31
Caldwell, Joseph, farmer 260
Cary, Preston P., blacksmith
Case, Ira, farmer 82
Clark, Byron L. (Young, Norcross & Co.) dentist
Clark, Ezekiel, farmer 25
Clark, Harry J. (Palmyra) farmer 87
Clark, Isaac A., surveyor, justice of peace and farmer 200
Clark, Jeremiah, farmer 151
Clark, John B., farmer 45
Clark, Levi H., farmer, leases 244
Clark, Thos. M., auctioneer and farmer 104
Clark, Willis, farmer 68
Clum, Adam, farmer, leases 145
Cogswell, Abram, farmer 70
Cogswell, Daniel, furniture dealer
Cogswell, Hiram S., farmer 210
Cogswell, William, farmer, 106
Congdon, Lyman A., farmer 71
Congdon, Thos., retired farmer
Copping, John W., postmaster
Corlet, Thomas, farmer, leases 87
Corlet, Wm., farmer, leases 146
Cornish, Edwin S., farmer, leases 66
Corteville, Cornelius (Palmyra) farmer, leases 65
Cory, Arnold, farmer 25
Covey, Alvah S., farmer 80
Crandell, Theodore, farmer 50
Crane, Mrs. Grtrude C., farmer 30
Crane, Jacob G., farmer 113
Crane, Zebina, farmer 166
Cray, Daniel N., farmer 20
Croucher, Isaac Jr., farmer, leases 50
Croucher, Wm., farmer 70
Crow, Thos., farmer 70
Cryler, Mrs. (Arcadia) farmer 5
Curtis, Brainard T. (J. S. & B. T. Curtis)
Curtis, Charles D. (with Daniel) farmer 170
Curtis, Daniel (with Charles D.) farmer 170
Curtis, E., farmer 100
Curtis, J. S. & B. T. (James S. and Brainard T. Curtis) carriage makers
Curtis, James S. (J. S. & B. T. Curtis)
Curtis, Wm. S. (Lay & Co.)
Davis, Borden D., blacksmith
Dean, Daniel, farmer 96
Dean, Franklin S., farmer 132 and leases 44
Dean, Seth B., faarmer 96 and com. of excise
Deuel, Alonzo, farmer 30
Deuel, John, farmer 50
Deuel, Philo D., farmer 34
Devail, Peter, farmer 50
Devliger, Giles (Arcadia) farmer 28
Dormody, John, farmer 54
Dubois, Rev. ___, Dutch Reformed
Dumelt, Washingotn, farmer, leases 63
Dumond, Andrew, farmer 26
Durfee, Avery S. (Palmyra), farmer 250
Durfee, Elias H., fur dealer and farmer 180
Durfee, James L. (Palmyra) farmer 40
Durfee, Sydney F., fruit dealer and farmer 45
Easter, Rev. John, Meth. Episcopal
Eisantrager, Wm., carriage maker and millwright
Eldridge, Lewis, farmer 94
Engelhart, John, watch-maker and farmer 36
Everett, Daniel, farmer 33
Everett, Levi, farmer 25
Farnsworth, John (Arcadia) farmer 10
Farnsworth, Thos., farmer 40
Field, Henry, farmer 25
Fish, Isaac N., farmer, leases 194
Fish, Wright R. (resides in New Orleans) farmer 194
Fisk, Jonathan B. (Arcadia) farmer 36
Fulmer, Peter, cooper and farmer 52
Galloway, Edgar, farmer 146
Galloway, Edgar M., farmer 146
Garlock, Abram, produce dealer
Garlock, Jacob, farmer 77
Gibbs, Harmon D., farmer 19
Gibbs, Hiram B., cooper and farmer 21
Gibson, John, farmer 10
Gilbert, Joseph, farmer 100
Gilbert, Wm., farmer leases 75
Gillett, Henry I., cooper
Goundy, Durus, farmer 53
Green, Philo D., justice of the peace and farmer 52
Grimes, Myron H., farmer 63
Gurnee, Isaac H., shoemaker and farmer, leases 82
Hagood, Peter, farmer 8
Hardes, John, carpenter and farmer 10
Harkness, Wm., farmer 63
Hawver, Abram, cooper and farmer 80
Head, Jonathan P. (Arcadia) farmer 75
Heslor, Alanson, groceries
Heslor, Jacob (J. Heslor & Co.)
Heslor, J. & Co. (Jacob and Marion M. Heslor) butter and egg dealers
Heslor, Marion M. (J. Heslor & Co.)
Hicks, Orrin, farmer 87
Hill, Charles W. (Lyons & Hill)
Hill Oliver, farmer 88
Hill Parley, farmer 100
Hollander, Abram D., farmer, leases 70
Holling, William J. (Lawson & Holling)
Hope, Thomas S., farmer 12
Hopkins, Mark, wholesale tobaco and Yankee notion dealer, and farmer 50
Hosmer, Martin J., farmer 32
Howell, Joshua, farmer 50
Howell, Zephaniah, farmer 300
Huggins, Chas. C., banker and broker
Huntington, Jeremiah M., farmer 50
Hutchins, John, farmer 85
Johnson, Abram, farmer, leases 80
Johnson, Isaac, farmer 15
Kellogg, Norman, farmer 75
Kellogg, Norton P., tin, copper and sheet iron manufacturer
Kelsey, James, farmer, leases 101
Kennedy, Justin E., jeweler and watch-maker
King, Charles E., farmer 37
Kingsley, Elijah, farmer 100
Knapp, Allen, farmer 75
Knapp, Lorenzo (P.O. address, Marion or Walworth) farmer 120
Knapp, Orin, farmer 77
Larking, Charles Jr., farmer, leases 81
Larking, Charles Sr., farmer 81
Lawson & Holling (Howard B. Lawson and William J. Holling) dry goods and boots and shoes
Lawson, Howard B. (Lawson & Holling)
Lay, Clark W., farmer 75
Lay & Co. (Robert P. Lay, Wm. S. Curtis and Chas. Tremain) agricultural implement manufacturers
Lay, Robert P. (Lay & Co.)
Leonard, Solomon, farmer 37
Leroy, Peter, farmer 24
Lookup,Wm., peppermint still and farmer 100
Lounsbury, Isaac, farmer 150
Lovejoy, Daniel F. (with William) farmer 30
Lovejoy, Wm. (with Daniel F.) farmer 30
Lovell, Thos. B, A M., principal Marion Collegiate Institute
Lovell, Mrs. Thos. B., teacher of instrumental music, Marion Collegiate Institute
Luce, Geo. (Palmyra) farmer 156
Luce, Jefferson, farmer 120
Lyons & Hill (Wm. Lyons and Chas. W. Hill) house, sign and carriage painters
Lyons, Wm. (Lyons & Hill)
Malgee, Isaac, farmer 3
Malgee, Isaac, farmer 20
Manley, Miss Almira, preceptress Marion Collegiate Institute
Manley, Mrs. Ruth F., milliner
Mann, Royal, farmer 25
Marion Cheese Manufacturing Co., factory located on farm of George Briggs
Marion Collegiate Institute, Thos. B. Lovell, A.M., principal; Miss Almira Manley, preceptress; Mrs. Thos. B. Lovell, teacher of instrumental music; John B. Burrud, teacher of vocal music
Markel, Henry, farmer 31
Marten, Henry A., mason and farmer 9
Mason, James B., farmer 40
McCarthy, James, farmer 45
Merrick, Peter, farmer 10
Miller, Alfred, farmer 134
Miller, Mrs. Luzina, farmer 51
Mills, James (Arcadia), farmer 55
Mosher, Stehen (with Wesson B.) farmer 64
Mullie, John, farmer 50
Negus, Geo. P., farmer 58
Negus, Wm., farmer 82
Newcomb, James B., farmer 40
Newton, Alvin B., groceries, sewing machine dealer, and justice of peace
Noonan, Michael, farmer 82
Norris, Jacob (Palmyra) farmer 180
Novess, Abner I., cooper
O'Brown, Isaac, farmer 13
Odell, James, shoemaker
Odell, James (with Merritt F.) farmer 100
Odell, Merritt F. (with James) farmer 100
Parks, Mrs. Catherine (with Henry C.) farmer 96
Parks, David N. (Parks & Van Der Veer)
Parks, Henry C.( with Mrs. Catharine) farmer 96
Parks & Van Der Veer (David N. Parks & Henry E. Van Der Veer), groceries, drugs, books and stationery
Parmington, Chas. A. (with J. S. & B. T. Curtis) carriage maker
Peckham, Wm. H., harness maker
Peer, Andrew S., farmer 40
Peters, Josiah, mason and farmer 8
Phelps, Ezra T., farmer 229
Potter, Aldin, carriage maker
Potter, Alonzo C., music teacher, musical instrument dealer, and farmer 62
Potter, Chas., merchant tailor
Potter, Lorenzo R. farmer, leases 62
Potter, Thos., farmer 62
Pratt, Amos (with Esbon B.) farmer 59
Pratt, Esbon B. (with Amos) farmer 59
Pratt, Henry A., farmer 66
Pratt, Ira, farmer 27
Pulver, David C., farmer 91
Pulver, Norman (with Amos Turner) farmer 128
Putnam, Jay (Palmyra) farmer 80
Rainier, Wm. F. (Palmyra) farmer 70
Ratliff, James, farmer 12
Reeves, Stephen, farmer 80
Rice, Ira, farmer 21
Rich, John S., insurance agent
Richards, Daniel, eclectic physician
Rogers, Richard (Arcadia) farmer 113
Rose, Wm. (Palmyra) farmer, leases 427
Rosecranz, Jacob, farmer 27
Rowe, Freeman (Palmyra) farmer 4
Rowley, Franklin (Palmyra) farmer 50
Rowley, Wm. (Palmyra) farmer 60
Rundell, Nathan, carpenter and fish dealer
Russell, Allen S., allop. physician, druggist, health officer, and justice of peace
Russell, Darius F., farmer, leases 120
Russell, E. Morgan, farmer 90
Russell, Mrs. Lucy M., dressmaker
Russell, Whitney D., farmer 78
Russell, Wm. P., agricultural implement manufacturer and machinist
Sammons, Cornelius, farmer 65
Sanford, Chas. H., nurseryman
Sanford, Harvey, carriage maker, and farmer 15
Sanford, Hiram, farmer, leases 140
Sanford, Joseph, farmer 20
Sanford, Leman, farmer 120
Sanford, Mrs. Mary Jane (Palmyra) farmer 60
Sanford, Merritt, carpenter and builder
Sanford, Peleg, mason and farmer 17
Sanford, Rescom, nurseryman
Sanford, Riley, blacksmith, nurseryman and farmer 12
Sanford, Stephen, farmer 140
Schaper, Henry A., farmer 31
Schuyler, John H., farmer 60
Scutt, Caleb, farmer 101
See, Abram, farmer 58
See, Andrew (Arcadia), farmer, leases 54
See, Wm., farmer 74
Shaw, Anthony (Palmyra) farmer 100
Shaw, Daniel (Palmyra) farmer 5 and leases 57
Shaw, Elery, farmer 90
Shaw, James A. (Palmyra) farmer 100
Sherman, Clark, farmer 122
Sherman, James, farmer, leases 25
Sherman, Jefferson, farmer 55
Sherman, Wm. H., farmer 8
Sherman, Zephaniah, farmer 80
Sherwood, James (Palmyra) farmer, leases 141
Short, Albert B. hardware merchant and town clerk
Short, Rev. Horatio N., Congregational clergyman and farmer 83
Shumway, John W., farmer 73
Skellenger, Amos H., farmer 200
Skinner, Alfred W., farmer 120
Skinner, Caleb, farmer 64
Skinner, Cuyler D. (with Loren Skinner) (P.O. address, Marion or Williamson) farmer 122
Skinner, Loren (with Cuyler D.) (P.O. address Marion or Williamson) farmer 122
Skinner, Samuel E., farmer 60
Smith, Mrs. Bridgett, farmer 25
Smith, Dwight, saw mill and farmer 80
Smith, John (with Myron A.) farmer 105
Smith, Myron A. (with John) farmer 105
Smith, Samuel, farmer 80
Smith, Wm. J., farmer 24
Snook, Martin, farmer 21
Snyder, Peter, farmer 20
Soper, Sylvester, blacksmith and farmer 51
Speers, Samuel, farmer 70
Speaker, Alvise, farmer 45
Stanton, Rev. Amasa (Amasa Stanton & Co.) Christian clergyman and notary public
Stanton, Amasa & Co. (Amasa and Miss A. W. Stanton) groceries, school books, stationery and yankee notions
Stanton, Miss A. W. (Amasa Stanton & Co.)
Starns, Abram F. (Palmyra) farmer 150
Sweezey, Edwin R. (Palmyra) farmer 122
Sweezey, Edwin R. (Palmyra) farmer 100
Sweezey, Geo. N., farmer 144
Sweezey, Rufus (Palmyra) farmer 122
Sweezey, Smith, farmer 132
Tassell, James, farmer 100
Tassell, James E., farmer 121
Thacher, Romanzo C., farmer 62
Thomson, Alexander (Palmyra) farmer 103
Towner, Heman D., general merchant
Tremain, Chas. (Lay & Co.)
Trumbull, Chas. H., mason and farmer 53
Trumbull, Stephen Sr., mason and farmer 9
Turck, James, groceries and provisions
Turner, Amos (with Norman Pulver) farmer 128
Vanderboegh, John (P.O. address Marion and Williamson) farmer 40
Vanderveear, Garret, hotel keeper
Van Der Veer, Henry E. (Parks & Van Der Veer)
Van Dusen, Wm., farmer 33
Vaninwagen, Cornelius, farmer 47
Vanlere, Jacob, farmer 90
Van Ostrand, Chas., farmer 120
Van Voorhies, Herman, farmer 140
Ver Bridge, Abram, farmer 23
Ver Bridge, Isaac, farmer 64
Vosburgh, John P., farmer 50
Wake, John, farmer 84
Wake, Jonathan, farmer 86
Warner, Roswell K., farmer 87
Wells, Wm. farmer, leases 100
Wemelsfelder, Abraham, farmer 7
Westfall, Hiram, farmer 87
Wheeler, Mrs. Esther E., farmer 44
White, Alfred T., constable
White, Asa K. (Palmyra) (P.O. address Marion and E. Palmyra) farmer 110
White, Edwin, carpenter and builder
Wilcox, Lauren W., groceries
Wilcox, Mrs. Louisa S., farmer 30
Willcox, Orren, boots and shoes
Williams, Aldin P., house and carriage paianter
Williams, Asahel B., tin peddler
Williams, Rev. Philo J., Regular Baptist clergyman
Winchester, Mason U., cattle dealer
Witherden, Thos., farmer 50
Wolf, John, carriage maker
Wood, Chas., farmer 21
Wright, Elisha R., allop. physician
Young, Nelson D. (Young, Norcross & Co.) supervisor
Young, Norcross & Co. (Nelson D. Young, Byron L. Clark and __ Norcross) produce dealers and merchant millers

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