1867 - 1868

The Hamilton Child Company of Syracuse, New York produced directories of New York counties in the late 1860s. These directories are useful in conjunction with the 1870 US census, and are available at many New York State libraries and historical societies either in print or on microfilm. In producing these directories, a few residents may have been missed. Absence of a family or person does not always mean that they didn't live there.

How to use the Wayne County Directory: Persons in the Wayne County Directory generally were listed under the post office where they received their mail. These directory listings were first organized by township. Within the townships the compilers made further list divisions - the official post offices located within the township. The compilers of this directory were not always consistent, from township to township, in whether a place in parentheses was the official residence or post office where mail was received.

We hope you spot your ancestor in the directory listings but... we have no further information on individuals or families listed. The societies in our research resources section will give you further assistance.

From Gazetteer and Business Directory of Wayne County, N.Y. 1867
published by Hamilton Child & Co., Syracuse, NY 1867

The Post Office addresses of the residents of the Town of Macedon are as follows: Macedon, Macedon Center and West Macedon, in the town; Palmyra and Walworth in adjoining towns; and Farmington (Ontario Co.)

A post village on the Erie Canal, and a station on the Railroad. Daily mail.

Acker, John J., merchant tailor
Allis, Selden C., farmer 50
Allyn, Russel, farmer 316
Anthony, John, farmer 100
Ausman, William (Brown & Ausman)
Baker, John, farmer 140 1/2
Beal, Elizabeth S., farmer 1
Beal, Ira L. & Dewitt C., farmer 320
Beal, Seth, farmer 137
Beers, Lewis, farmer 123
Beirn, Bernard, farmer 44
Bickford & Huffman (Lyman Bickford & Henry Huffman) iron founders and agricultural implements manufacturers
Bickford, Lyman (Bickford & Huffman)
Biddlecom & Calder (Joab S. Biddlecom, Alexander Calder) grist and saw mill
Biddlecom, Joab S., (Biddlecom & Calder)
Biddlecom, J. S., carpenter
Blaker, Thos R., farmer
Brace, Walter W., supervisor
Bristol, Arnold, farmer 184
Brown & Ausman (Ezra Brown, Wm. Ausman) butchers
Brown, Miss Emily, dressmaker and tailoress
Bullis, John L., farmer 59
Bullis, Jonathan, farmer 99 1/2
Burr, Henry, allop. physician and druggist
Calder, Alexander (Biddlecom & Calder)
Chace, Benj., produce and wood dealer and farmer 200
Chaplin, Isaac H., painter
Clark, William, farmer 115
Coniff, John, farmer 60
Cooper, Catherine, 1/2
Cooper, Franklin, farmer 18
Cramer, David (I. & D. Cramer)
Cramer, Mrs. Emely, dressmaker
Cramer, Isaac (I. & D. Cramer)
Cramer, Isaac, carriage maker
Cue, James, farmer 25
Cummings, Michael, farmer 11
Day, James, farmer 10
Dean, Martin, shoemaker
Dean, Miss R., dressmaker
Deane, John, shoemaker
De Witt, Frederick S., hardware, tin and stoves, &c.
Dickenson, Wm. S., carpenter
Doherty, Thomas, farmer 6
Dorutee, Christian, produce dealer
Downing, Andrew J., farmer 250
Dryer, John W., carpener and carriage maker
Dryer, Mrs. Jno. V., dressmaker
Durfee, Hiram C., farmer 109
Eddy, Marvin A. (Eddy & Underhill)
Eddy & Underhill (Marvin A. Eddy and Henry P. Underhill) general merchants
Ennis, Joseph, carriage maker
Everett, George C., farmer 211
Everett, Samuel, farmer 150
Everett, Samuel H., farmer 60
Farrington, Abraham, cooper and farmer 2
Fogerty, Timothy, farmer 25
Forbes, Sylvester, farmer
Fosket, Thomas, farmer 93
Fosket, Thos. R., farmer 50
Fritts, Geo., farmer 122
Fritts, Joseph, farmer 60
Fuller, Addison, farmer 114
Gage, Austin J. (with Edward) farmer 120
Gallup, Silas N., general agent Bickford & Huffman's agricultural works, and justice of the peace
Glancy, Patrick, farmer 55
Glen, Gerrit S., produce dealer
Gormerly, Edward, mason
Gratton, Peter, farmer 45
Hadden, Zalmon L., farmer 93
Harp, Nicholas, farmer 7 1/2
Harrington, Chas., tailor
Herendeen, Chas. B., justice of peace and farmer 135
Herendeen, Durfee, farmer 132
Herendeen, Edward W., nurseryman and farmer 100
Herendeen, Henry W. (P. O. address Farmington, Ontario Co.) farmer 63
Herendeen, Willts D. (P. O. address Farmington, Ontario Co.) farmer 60
Hewitt, Thomas, farmer 10
Hoag, Chas. H. (P. O. address Farmington, Ontario Co.) farmer 6
Hoag, David S., farmer 110
Hoag, James I., farmer 30
Howe, William, farmer 49
Howig, Elmer K., blacksmith
Huffman, Henry (Bickford & Huffman)
Hurlburt, Chas. P., insurance agent, notary and farmer 7
Johnson, Herman H., agent M. U. Express
Johnson, Horatio B., tanner
Jones, Robert H., farmer 70
Kane, Thomas, farmer 20
Keeler, Lewis B., jeweler and telegraph operator
Kelley, A. S., farmer 25
Knowles, Samuel S., farmer 2
Lamb, Reuben P., Baptist clergyman
Lamirand, Francis, shoe maker
Langdon, Daniel, carriage maker
Lapham, John, farmer 348
Lapham, Orrin, farmer 124
Lapham, Stephen W., farmer 170
Lawrence, Daniel O., farmer 50
Lawrence, Obediah, farmer 64
Lawrence, Walter, farmer 140
Little, John, farmer 17
Longstaff, John, farmer, leases 76
Maxwell, Hugh, farmer 90
McCan, John, grocer and meat market
McCormack, John, blacksmith
McGary, Barney, farmer 17 3/4
McGrale, James, farmer 70
McNally, Peter (Walworth) farmer 30
McNeal, Alexander, agent canal station, Buffalo and Troy line
Millman, Willard, carpenter
Mumby, Geo. farmer, leases 109
Murphy, John, farmer 60
Murray, Daniel, farmer 7
Nolin, Charles (P. O. Farmington, Ontario Co.) farmer 15
Noonan, Michael, farmer, leases 160
Norman, Isaac, mason
Nowlen, Michael, farmer 52
Packard, Bartemeus, farmer 90
Packard, John F., postmaster and notary
Parker, Charles, farmer 25
Parker, Richard (with John Perry) farmer 15 1/2
Perry, John (with Richard Parker) carpenter and farmer 25 1/2
Perry, Valentine, farmer 19
Phelps, Lorenzo, constable
Platt, Silas B. (P. O. Farmington, Ontario Co.) farmer 100
Purdy, Alexander (A. Purdy & Son)
Purdy, A. & Son (Alexander & Ira L.) general merchants
Purdy, Ira L. (A. Purdy & Son)
Quinn, Miss Jennie, dress maker
Rankin, Hugh, farmer 89
Rathbun, Peckham (P. Rathbun & Son)
Rathbun, Irving (P. Rathbun & Son)
Rathbun, P. & Son (Alexander & Ira) harness makers
Reed, Peter, farmer 44 1/2
Reeves, Miss Hannah, tailoress
Rice, Nathan, horse rake maker
Rice, Mrs. Nathan, weaver
Richardson, Francis, farmer 44
Ripley, Henry, collector of taxes
Ripley, Philetus, carpenter
Ripley, Miss Sarah P., dressmaker and tailoress
Roberts, Nathaniel (P. O. Farmington, Ontario Co.) farmer 65
Roberts, Thomas W., farmer 100
Rodman, Isaac, farmer 30
Rogers, Wm., grocer, meat market and farmer 30
Seaman, John, farmer 97
Selleck, Lafayette (P. O. Farmington, Ontario Co.) farmer 25
Seymour, Jacob, carpenter
Shourds, Benj. J., farmer 76
Smith, Dana S., miller
Smith, Gideon H., farmer 55
Spaulding & Knapp (Lemuel M. and Russel M.) proprietors Macedon Hotel, and omnibus to railroad
Tay, Hinkley (P. O. address Farmington, Ontario Co.) farmer 100
Thistlethwaite, Jeremiah, president of Macedon village
Thrasher, Daniel, millwright
Thurston, Peter S., produce dealer and commission merchant
Underhill, Henry P. (Eddy & Underhill)
Vandeusen, Curtis L., farmer 114
Vandouzer, Zachriah, farmer 161
Water, John W., farmer 102
Whitney, David, proprietor of Delevan House, and livery keeper
Wilcoxen, Milo J., station agent N.Y.C.R.R. and American Express, farmer 60
Wilkinson, James G., farmer 76
Wilkinson, Joseph, farmer 98
Willits, Hiram, insurance agent, farmer 105
Willits, John, farmer 115
Willits, Mrs. Lucy, grist and saw mill, and farmer 22
Wilson, Duncan, eclec. physician
Wilson, John J., farmer 50
Woolven, Gilbert, farmer 165
Woolven, Mrs. Harriet, tailoress

A post village about a mile north of the railroad - is the seat of the Macedon Academy. Daily Mail.

Baker, Francis A., vice principal and librarian Macedon Academy
Baker, Gideon, farmer 57
Benham, Rev. Wm. R., pastor M. E. church
Bills, Jabez, farmer 90
Bills, Stephen, farmer 20
Bloodgood, Wm. (Walworth) farmer 25
Bogardus, Evert, blacksmith, justice of the peace, fruit grower and farmer 36
Braman, Isaac, blacksmith
Breese, Otis, farmer 75
Budlong, Albert P., farmer 221
Carpenter, William, farmer 97
Case, Francis S., Miss, preceptress Macedon Academy
Clark, Asahel, farmer 110
Cox, Thomas C., farmer 40
Crosby, Warren, carpenter
Dean, Charles, farmer 140
Denise, David (with Garret) farmer 115
Denise, Garret (with David) farmer 115
Durfee, Elihu, farmer 10 1/4
Durfee, Hiram C., farmer 109
Durfee, Stephen, farmer 220
Dutton, Delos H., farmer 16
Elebash, Joshua, carpenter
Elebash, Peter, carpenter
Elebash, Susan, Mrs., dress maker
Enos, Catharine, dress maker and tailoress
Field, John, farmer 30
Flagler, Arthur P., farmer 160
Flagler, Barnet B., farmer 162
Flagler, Wm., farmer 24 1/2
Fosgate, Andrew, farmer 21
Foskit, Thos. R., farmer 50
Fritts, John W., farmer 128
Fry, Michael, farmer 49 1/2
Fuller, Gardner, principal Macedon Academy
Furman, HIram S. , farmer 131
Furman, Jacamiah, farmer 83
Gardner, Caleb, boarding house
Gildersleeve, John, farmer 83 3/4
Hadden, Zalmon L., farmer 93
Halsey, Samuel P., mason
Ham, ___, farmer 114 1/2
Hance, Abraham L., farmer 130
Harris, Stephen, carpenter
Hicks, Elias, general merchant and post master
Hoag, Daniel B., farmer 93
Hoag, David J., farmer 110
Hoag, James I., farmer 30
Holt, John (Walworth) farmer 71
Howland, Joseph M., carpenter
Jacobs, Barnhart, farmer 5
Joiley, Hugh B., farmer 173
Jones, James, farmer 14
Kennett, Henry, farmer 27 1/4
Knapp, Henry (with Wm.) farmer 127
Knapp, Wm. (with Henry) farmer 127
Lapham, Lucy, Mrs., farmer 140
Leupolz, Magnus (Walworth) farmer 22
Link, Peter, farmer 105
Macedon Academy, Gardner Fuller, principal; Francis A. Baker, vice principal and librarian; Miss Frances S. Case, preceptress; Miss Mary E. Odell, teacher of music
Marshal, Wm. J. (Walworth) farmer 116
McCrea, William, farmer 15
Mead, John G., farmer 102
Mead, Thos. W., farmer 126
Mumford, Wallace, farmer 125
Northway, Luther, farmer 65
Odel, Ira, boarding house
Odell, Mary E., Miss, teacher of music, Macedon Academy
Osband, Durfee, conveyancer
Packard, Cyrus, farmer 160
Packard, Wm. C., farmer 150
Parker, James, auctioneer and farmer 76
Plumb, Asa, farmer 83
Plumb, Christopher H., farmer 124
Pulver, Peter P., farmer 87 1/2
Quinn, Frank, farmer 100
Ramsdell, Gideon (P. O. address Rochester) farmer 450
Ranous, Moses D., farmer 2
Reeves, Reuben, farmer 98
Richmond, Silas, farmer 205
Sitzer, Edgar, constable
Seaman, Daniel, farmer 96
Smith, Asa U., farmer 75
Smith, Emeline, Mrs., dress maker and tailoress
Soper, Richard, farmer 80
Talbort, George, farmer 90
Wakeman, Wm. C., farmer 180
Well, John, farmer 35
White, Wm., farmer, leases 38
Wiedrick, George, farmer 105
Williams, George, farmer 52 1/2 Wolsey, Granville, farmer 150

A post office and hamlet on the Canal.

Arnold, Jacob W. (P. O. address Fairport, Monroe Co.) farmer 100
Billings, Wm., farmer 105
Bills, Smith, farmer 6
Bradt, James, farmer, leases 110
Briggs, Ichabod W., postmaster and farmer 158
Budlong, Milton (P. O. Fairport, Monroe Co.) farmer 150
Coffee, John, farmer 186
Colvin, Stephen, grocer
Couch, Henry W., farmer 74
Couch, Legrand, farmer 74
Gridley, Wm., farmer 180
Hare, Hiram, grocery and storehouse
Hare, Noah W., grocer and commission merchant
Johnson, Walter, farmer 110
Peters, Xury, farmer 30
Rugg, Cyrus F., farmer
Seaman, Wm., farmer 115
Skidmore, Timothy H., farmer 30
Smith, Menzo, farmer 60
Smith, Phee A., Mrs., farmer 140
Smith, Samuel M., justice of peace
Thurston, Samuel T., farmer 37
Williams, Wm., farmer leases 102

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