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The Hamilton Child Company of Syracuse, New York produced directories of New York counties in the late 1860s. These directories are useful in conjunction with the 1870 US census, and are available at many New York State libraries and historical societies either in print or on microfilm. In producing these directories, a few residents may have been missed. Absence of a family or person does not always mean that they didn't live there.

How to use the Wayne County Directory: Persons in the Wayne County Directory generally were listed under the post office where they received their mail. These directory listings were first organized by township. Within the townships the compilers made further list divisions - the official post offices located within the township. The compilers of this directory were not always consistent, from township to township, in whether a place in parentheses was the official residence or post office where mail was received.

We hope you spot your ancestor in the directory listings but... we have no further information on individuals or families listed. The societies in our research resources section will give you further assistance.

From Gazetteer and Business Directory of Wayne County, N.Y. 1867
published by Hamilton Child & Co., Syracuse, NY 1867

*Mackenzie, John T., lawyer
*Maine, Stephen V., proprietor of Congress Hall and billiard rooms
Male, Francis, farmer 65
Manning, Rev. Wm., Methodist Episcopal
Marshall, Stephen, lumber and coal dealer and planing mill
Martin, Geo, cartman
Martin, Henry, (Galen) farmer 130
Martin, Henry C., (Deuchler & Martin)
Mason, Clark, (Arnold & Mason)
Mastin, Stephen H., farmer 63
Mates, Jacob, (Galen) farmer, leases 5
Matthews, Geo., (with Henry Matthews) (Arcadia) farmer 83
Matthews, Henry, (with Geo. Matthews) (Arcadia) farmer 83
McCall, Jacob S., carriage and sign painter
McCall, Joseph, brick and tile manufacturer
McCleland, David, farmer 263
McCleland, John, farmer 10
McClelland, John, (Arcadia) farmer 136
*McElwain, E.D., carriage maker, blacksmith and painter
McGown, Wm., (Alloway) justice of the peace and tailor
McKeown, John, farmer 62
McRorie, John, (Galen) farmer 50
Medbery, Amasa M., (A. M. & D. D. Medberry)
Medbery, A.M. & D. D., (Amasa M. and Daniel D.) groceries, produce and apple dealers
Medbery, Daniel D., (A. M. & D. D. Medbery)
Merchant, John, farmer 99
Merrick, Hiram, farmer 200
Messinger, Henry, farmer 70
Metz, Nichols, (Arcadia) farmer 76 1/2
Miller, Frank, (Galen) farmer 57
Miller, Frederick, (Zimmerlin & Miller)
Miller, James, (Arcadia) farmer 134
Miller J. Horton, (Arcadia) farmer, leases 134
Mink, Ezra, veterinary surgeon
Mirick, Ira, malster and farmer 315
Mirick, Ira 2d, lawyer
Mirick, Milton E., farmer 269
Mirick, Nelson R., malster
Mitchell, Jacob, farmer 132
Mitchel, Patrick, (Galen) farmer 48
Moran, Daniel, ready made clothing
Morshimer, Jacob, (Arcadia) farmer 80
Munn, Hiram L., farmer, leases 85
Munn, John, farmer 85
Munn, John H., farmer 144
Murdock, Rawson H., (Gavitt & Murdock) vice president Lyons Gas Light Co.
Murphy, Henry, farmer 110
Murray, Miles H., blacksmith
Myres, Francis, (Galen) farmer 100
National Hotel, Lewis Deuchler, proprietor
Nellis, Nelson, rectifier and liquor dealer
Nolte, Chas., house painter
Nolte, John, house painter
Norton, Daniel L., (Lyons & Norton)
Nourse, Miss J.A., telegraph operator, N.Y.C. line
Osborn, George, egg dealer
Ostrander, Dewitt C., baggage-master, N.Y.C. and telegraph operator
Oswalds, Michael, (Galen) farmer 100
Paine, Thos., (Alloway) general merchant
Palmeter & Dunwell, (Ira T. Palmeter, Almerin Dunwell) manufacturers of the Excelsior Rubber Spring Bed
Palmeter, Francis H., Supt. Lyons Gas Light Co., and gas fitter
Palmeter, Ira P. (Palmeter & Dunwell)
*Parshall, De Witt, president Lyons National Bank, lawyer and farmer 1800
Parshall, Hendee, (Hale & Parshall) (Alloway)
Parshall, Rosman J., bookkeeper Lyons National Bank
Patterson, Jacob, farmer 1
Patterson, James, farmer 105
Patterson, Roger J., dry goods
Patton, Silas, farmer 892
Payne, William, proprietor Exchange Hotel
Pell, Cornelius, clothier and dealer in sewing machines
Penooyar, John, fruit dealer
Penoyar, Oliver, farmer 150
Perrine, Wm. D., (W. D. Perrine & Son)
*Perrine, Wm. D. & Son, (William D. & William N.) jewelry and watches and sewing machine dealers
Perrine, Wm. N., (Perrine & Son)
Perry, Charles C., (Galen) farmer, leases 100
Pfiug, Adam, soap maker
Pickett, Chas., carpenter
Pickett, John M., carpenter
Playford, Miss Esther, dress maker
Pomeroy, Morton S., farmer 76
Price, Chas B., (E. B. Price & Son)
Price, E. B. & Son, (Ephraim B. and Chas. B.) groceries
Price, Ephraim B., (E. B. Price & Son) proprietor Price's Hall
Price's Hall, Ephriam B. Price, proprietor
Proseus, Elizabeth, (Arcadia) farmer 28
Proseus, Joseph, (Arcadia) farmer 55
Proseus, Peter, (Arcadia) farmer, leases 28
P. R. Westfall's Bank, Caleb Rice, president; Beardslee Vanalstine, cashier
Puls, John, groceries and liquors
Purdy, Marvin G., bridge builder and farmer 55
Putney, Hubard W., manufacturer of wire cloth and fanning mills and farmer 670
Randall, Carrie F., Miss, music teacher
Randall, J., Mrs., millinery, dressmaking and ladies furnishing store
Randall, Peleg, farmer 132
Rankert, Michael, (Arcadia) farmer 62
Rapp, Peter, baker and confectioner
*Ravell, Chas. H., photograph artist
Redder, Wm., carpenter
Redgrave, S. Cole, (Remsen & Redgrave)
Redman, Richard, farmer 48
Remsen, Aaron, (Remsen & Redgrave)
Remsen & Redgrave, (Aaron Remsen and S. Cole Redgrave) hardware
Renckett, Michael, (Arcadia) farmer 75
Reynolds, Clark, farmer 81
Reynolds, Ellis B., live stock dealer and farmer 77
Rheoric, Phillip, farmer 40
Rhodes, A.M., Miss, (Mrs. C. Demmon & Co.)
Rice, Caleb, (C. Rice & Co.) president P.R. Westfall's Bank
Rice C. & Co., (Caleb Rice, Elbridge G. Leonard) dry goods merchants and dealers in fruit and wool
*Rich & Freeman, (Henry Rich and Samuel Freeman) ready made clothing, merchant tailors, &c.
Rich, Henry, (Rich & Freeman)
Richards, Elias, farmer 115
Richards, Melancthon, (Dennis & Richards)
Richardson, Geo. H., carriage maker
Richmond, A., Mrs., milliner and dressmaker
Richmond, Elias, farmer 142
Richmond, Reuben, farmer 150
Rider, John, carpenter
Riek, Carl, farmer 13
Riley, John, village constable
Rinkeal, Michael, farmer 78
Robinson, John, blacksmith and carriage maker
*Robinson, Wm. C., fanning mill, sash, door and blind maker
Rogers, Bartlett R., sheriff of Wayne Co.
Rogers, Hiram C., deputy sheriff and farmer 131
Rogers, James, dealer in boots and shoes and farmer 205
Rogers, Wm. H., farmer, leases 205
Rohrbacker, Geo., (Brock & Co.)
Rooker, Christopher, (Rooker & Sanford) grocer
Rooker & Sanford, (Christopher Rooker and Wm. W. Sanford) grocers
Rooraback, Lucina S., Mrs., dressmaker
Roys, Charles H., lawyer
Rozell, Albert, farmer 78
Rudd, Geo. R., agent of the American Express Co.
*Rudd, James H., dealer in books, stationery and music
Rumble, Geo. W., sewing machine dealer
Ryder, John, carpenter
Sabin, Benj. F., County House Lock grocer
Sanford, Wm. W., (Rooker & Sanford)
Schattner, Adam, fanning mill maker and leader of Lyons Brass Band
Schemerhorn, Jared O., (Galen) broom maker
Schneider & Auld, (Leonard Schneider and Henry Auld) fanning mill makers
Schneider, Jacob, tobacconist
Schneider, Leonard, (Schneider & Auld)
Schneider, Martin, (Alloway) blacksmith
Schnider, Jacob P., groceries
Schoppe, Rev. Frederick, Lutheran
Schreiner, Jacob, farmer 30
Schuub, Jacob, (Brock & Co.)
Scott, Samuel, carriage maker
Seabring, Chas., farmer 50
Seagris, Henry, carpenter
Seibring, John, farmer, leases 85
Shaver, Geo., (Arcadia) farmer 87 1/4
Shaw, Enoch, farmer 172
Shaw, Jacob, carriage, sign and house painter
Shaw, Sylvanus, farmer 110
Sheldon, Andrew F., (Vosburgh & Sheldon)
Shepard, Clark, carpenter
Sherman, Alanson L., carpenter and collector of village and school taxes
Sherman, Benj., farmer 124
Sherman, S. D. & Son, (Stephen D. and Warren F.) homeop. physician
Sherman, Stephen D., (S. D. Sherman & Son)
Sherman, Warren F., (S. D. Sherman & Son)
Sherwood, Prof. Lyman H., principal Lyons Musical Academy
Shleigman, Geo, gardener and farmer 3
Siegrist, Henry, carpenter
Sisson, Geo. E., farmer 294
Sitterlee, George, mason
Slaight, John, (Galen) farmer 100
Smallbone, John, turner of wood and bill poster
Smart, Wm., farmer, leases 815
Smith, Edwin E., (Whitman & Smith)
Smith, Geo. M., barber and hair dresser
Smith, Henry, saloon keeper
Smith, Howard, (Arcadia) farmer 62 1/2
Smith, Michael E., (Arcadia) farmer, leases 62 1/2
Sneitzel, Philip, sewing machine dealer
Snyder, Peter, farmer 80
Snyder, Philip, farmer, leases 110
Sparks, Jefferson, farmer 133
Spier, Sarah, Mrs., farmer 143
Stacy, Wm. H., (Dingman & Stacy)
Stall, Henry, (Galen) farmer 62
Stanton, Thos. F., proprietor of cider mill and farmer 64
Starr, Samatha N., Miss, dress maker
Stell, Geo., farmer 168
Stell, Phillip, farmer 110
Stephan, Philip J., boots & shoes
Stephon, Geo., carriage maker
Stoeckel, Frederick, boots and shoes
Stoltz, Samuel, (Strauss & Stoltz)
Stone, Wm. F., sewing machine agent
Strang, Geo. C., dry goods
Strauss, Leopold, (Strauss & Stoltz)
Strauss & Stoltz, (Leopold Strauss and Samuel Stoltz) ready made clothing
Strohm, Michael, (Galen) farmer 100
Studeir, Michael, (Arcadia) farmer 53
Studer, Louis Jr., (Galen) farmer 80
Studor, George, (Galen) farmer 110
Sutton, Oliver C., farmer 160
Swagler, Elias, farmer 5 1/2
Swartz, Stephen, carman
Swartz, Stephen, cooper
Sweeting, Volney H., deputy county clerk
Sylvester, E. Ware, manufacturer of port wine, proprietor of Lyons Nursery of 50 acres, and farmer 100
*Taft, James N. druggist
Taylor, Elijah P., proprietor of tannery
Taylor, H.P., Jr., farmer 80
TEACHOUT, HENRY, farmer 200
Teller, Daniel V., fruit tree dealer
Teller, Wm. A., farmer 125
Theise, Chas., boots and shoes
Thompson, Geo., barber
Thoms, Frederick, (Alloway) carriage maker
Tinklepaugh, Micahel, live stock dealer
Tinklepaugh, Peter W., proprietor of the Belden House
*Tinsley, Wm. T., publisher of 'Lyons Republican'
Tipling, John, house painter
Tolhurst, George, gardener 8
Towar, Alex H., (Alloway) proprietor Towar's Hall, Lyons, and farmer 208
Towar's Hall, Alex H. Towar, proprietor
*Tower, Henry T., dentist
Townsend, Asa P., farmer 66 7-100
Travice, Job, (Galen) farmer 85
Troge, Michael, (Galen) farmer, leases 12
*Tucker, Gries B., allop. Physician
Tucker, M.C., cashier Lyons National Bank
Turnbull, Robert, farmer 75
Tuttle, Claudius M., photograph artist and farmer 60
*Utter, Mrs. Horace, ladies furnishing store and dressmaker
Vanalstine, Beardslee, cashier P. R. Westfall's Bank
Van Auken, Josiah, boots and shoes
Van Benschoten, Richard, farmer 46
*Van Camp, Wm., publisher and editor of the Wayne Democratic Press
*Vandemark & Chambers, (Joseph H. Vandemark, Chancy Chambers) liverymen
Vandemark, Joseph H., (Vandemark & Chambers)
Vanderbelt, Jacob, (Arcadia) farmer 120
Vanderberg, James W., mason
Vanderberg, Peter, mason
Vandenbergh, Peter, Mrs., dress maker
Vanderbilt, John, farmer 181
Vanderbilt, M. F., farmer 200
Van Derbilt, Newell T., farmer 150
Vandoef, Isabel, Mrs., dress maker
*Van Etten, John W., lawyer, insurance agent, and justice of peace
Van Gorder, Geo., farmer, leases 100
Van Leuven, Andrew, farmer 51
Van Marter, Barton P., peppermint grower 10 acres and farmer 65
Van Marter, David, (Arcadia) farmer 53
Van Marter, Joseph, agent Dodge's Reapers and Mowers
Van Marter, Wm., lawyer and claim agent, and sec. Lyons Gas Light Co.
Van Valkenburg, Simon, (Alloway) boots and shoes
Van Valkenburg, Isaac, farmer 13
Van Wickle, J. Gardner, farmer 400
Van Wickle, Stephen D., (Wickson & Van Wickle)
Vosburg, Wm., allop. Physician
Waldo, Chas. D., Ozier willow grower and dealer
Wallhaizer, Peter, (Galen) farmer 100
Walrath, Henry, farmer 155
Walrod, Harvey, farmer 60
Walter, Phillip, (Galen) farmer 38
Walters, Martin, farmer 5
Walters, Phillip, farmer 46
Warnckes, Henry B., carpenter and farmer 30
Warren, Harvey, proprietor of livery, and farmer 178
Waterman, Asaph, farmer 148
Watrous, Henry H., dentist
Watson, Otis T., farmer 109 1/2
Wayne Democratic Press, (weekly newspaper)
Wm. Van Camp, editor and proprietor
Weaver, Bastion, (Arcadia) farmer 50
Weeten, August C., harness and trunks
Weller, James, (Llewellyn & Weller)
*Welling, Joseph, lawyer
Wells & Andrews, Misses, (Miss Sarah Wells, Miss C.W. Andrews) agents for Lamb's Knitting Machines
Wells, Elisha D., (Galen) farmer, leases 100
Wells, Miss Sarah, (Misses Wells & Andrews) Werner, Frederick, Jr., grocer
Werner, Frederick, Sr., farmer 119
Wesley, John, blacksmith
Westfall, Daniel B., agent for farming implements and farmer 44
Westfall, Geo. W., farmer 55
Westfall, Henry, (Arcadia) farmer 105
Westfall, Jacob, farmer 147
Westfall, James V. D., teller Lyons National Bank
Westfall, Jacob V. N., teller P.R. Westfall's Bank
Whitlock, Renss, farmer 245 *Whitman & Smith, (Wm. Whitman and Edwin C. Smith) druggists, crockery and glassware dealers, and insurance agents
Whitman, Wm., (Whitman & Smith) deputy collector internal revenue
Whitney, Ira, farmer 60
Wickson, Geo. F., (Wickson & Van Wickle)
Wickson & Van Wickle, (Geo. F. Wickson, Stephen D. Van Wickle) proprietors of the Lyons Foundry, agricultural implement manufacturers
Wilber, John C., (Alloway) carpenter
Wilder, Sylvester, constable
Williams, Edgar H., carpenter
Williams, Rev. Wm. H., Episcopal
Woodruff, Chas., farmer 100
Woss, John, (Arcadia) farmer 7
Wright, John, farmer 55
Yackel, Frederick, boots and shoes
Yackel, Henry, carpenter
Yackel, Phillip, dealer in boots and shoes
Yagle, Phillip, carpenter
York, Thos., farmer 75
*Yost, Enders, druggist and dealer in crockery and glassware
Young, Conrad, farmer 210
Young, Jacob, (Galen) farmer
Young, Wm. H., farmer for Wm. D. Perrine
Youngs, Henry J., (Arcadia) farmer 64
Youngs, Wm., (Arcadia) farmer 98
*Zeigler, Nelson, dry goods merchant
Zimmerlin, Frank C., (Zimmerlin & Miller)
Zimmerlin & Miller, (Frank C., and Frederick) bakers

The 1867 - 68 directory of the Town of Lyons was digitally transcribed by volunteer Diane Boyst , who is researching the family of Tobias Borst/Boyst.

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