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The Hamilton Child Company of Syracuse, New York produced directories of New York counties in the late 1860s. These directories are useful in conjunction with the 1870 US census, and are available at many New York State libraries and historical societies either in print or on microfilm. In producing these directories, a few residents may have been missed. Absence of a family or person does not always mean that they didn't live there.

How to use the Wayne County Directory: Persons in the Wayne County Directory generally were listed under the post office where they received their mail. These directory listings were first organized by township. Within the townships the compilers made further list divisions - the official post offices located within the township. The compilers of this directory were not always consistent, from township to township, in whether a place in parentheses was the official residence or post office where mail was received.

We hope you spot your ancestor in the directory listings but... we have no further information on individuals or families listed. The societies in our research resources section will give you further assistance.

From Gazetteer and Business Directory of Wayne County, N.Y. 1867
published by Hamilton Child & Co., Syracuse, NY 1867

There is but one Post Office in town - Lyons. Some of the inhabitants in the northern and western part of the town receive their mail in adjoining towns; at Arcadia, South Sodus, and Wayne Center.

Lyons, a post village and the shire town of Wayne County, is finely located on the Erie Canal and New York Central R.R., at the junction of Canandaigua Outlet and Mud Creek. Contains three banks, two newspaper offices, and extensive mercantile interests. Daily mail - east and west by railroad, and north to Sodus and intermediate villages by stage.

Acker, John Jr., farmer, leases 96
Ackerman, James, ice dealer
Ackley, Francis B. (Alloway)
Adams, Alex D., principal Lyons Union School
Adams, Louis B., hair-dresser
Agett, Luke (Arcadia) farmer 85
Agett, Thomas, farmer 120
Agett, Wm. W., builder and proprietor of omnibus line from village to depot
A__gh, Mrs. Jane, farmer, leases 70
Alding, John, farmer 12
Allen, Mrs. Marietta, farmer 35
Althen, Chas., (P. Althen & Son)
Althen, Daniel, groceries and ice cream saloon
Althen, Philip (P. Althen & Son)
Althen, P. & Son (Philip and Charles), clothing and gents furnishing goods
Andrews, Miss C. W. (Misses Wells and Andrews)
Annis, P.D., cartman
Arbogast, Philip, farmer 150
Armitage, Wm., farmer 327
Arnold, Cristman, saloon keeper
Arnold, Geo. H. (Arnold & Mason)
*Arnold & Mason (George H. Arnold and Clark Mason), lawyers
Ashley, Mrs. Wm. F., sewing machine dealer
Attwood, Reynold C., carpenter
Auld, Henry, (Schneider & Auld)
Austin, Ira, (Arcadia) farmer 134
Austin, Jonah, farmer 50
Avery, Cyrus, farmer 220
Bach, Wm., cooper and farmer 51
Backer, Fred K., (Arcadia) farmer 120
Bailey, Sylvanus N., carpenter
Baltzel, Geo., (Arcadia) farmer 92
Baltzel, Henry, vinegar and boot and shoe dealer
Barclay, Abram, farmer 44
Barclay, Barton, farmer 34 1/2
Barclay, Theodore, farmer 9
Barrell, Henry, live stock dealer
Barrick, Chas., farmer 100
Barrick, David (Galen) farmer 100
Barrick, Henry, farmer 88
Barrick, Jonas, farmer 70
Bartlett, Clark, groceries
Barton, Elisha, farmer 235
Barton, Isaac, farmer 90
Barton, Lewis & Bros. (Lewis & William) farmer, leases 235
Barton, Theodore, farmer 64
Barton, William (Lewis Barton & Bro.)
Bashford, James, fruit dealer
Bastian, Benhard, carriage maker
Bastian, Geo., farmer 92
Bastian, Henry, blacksmith
Bastian, Michael, (Galen) farmer 150
Bastion, Valentine, (Galen) farmer 50 and leases 50
Beddle, Thos., boots and shoes
*Belden, Mrs. Wm. C. & Co., ladies furnishing store
Bell, Rev. Samuel B., D.D., Presbyterian
Bender, Michael H., (Arcadia) farmer 75
Bennett, Mrs. Jennie, dressmaker
Bennett, Laurin R., proprietor Graham House and livery
Benning, Mrs. Barbara, farmer 115
Berkaw, Theodore, (Huff & Berkaw)
Berns, Henry, boots and shoes
Binning, Roberts, farmer 17
Bishop, John C., surveyor
Bishop, Mrs. John C., farmer 28
*Boeheim, Fred'k W., agent, furniture dealer
*Boehmler, Frederick & Son, (Frederick Sr. and Frederick Jr.) undertakers and furniture dealers
Boehmler, Frederick Jr., (Frederick Boehmler & Son)
Boist, Henry, painter
Boist, John, painter
Borst, Tobias, farmer 5 1/2
Bostwick, Chas., farmer 95 Bostwick, Robert (Alloway) carpenter and farmer 64 1/2
Bottom & Chamberlin, (Edward W., Bottom, Dwight S. Chamberlin) allo. Physicians
Bottom, Edward W., (Bottom & Chamberlin)
Bourne, John H., dealer in hardware and tinware
Bourne, Miss Mary A., milliner
Bradley, Benj., farmer 42
Bradley, James M., farmer 135
Bradley, John, farmer 90
Bradley, WM., farmer 105
Brant, Egbert, live stock dealer
Brink, Mrs. Eliza, farmer 100
Brock & Co., (Michael Brock, Geo. Rohrbacker, Jacob Schaub) brewery
Brooks, Fred'k, cartman
Brock, Michael, (Brock & Co.)
Brock, Michael, millwright
Brock, Philip, (Arcadia) farmer 155
Brown, Phoebe A., farmer 9
Brown, Sally, farmer 12
Brown, Timothy W., farmer 40
Brownson, Morton, malster, (malt house at Port Gibson, Ontario Co.)
Brumm, Chas. (Alloway), carriage maker
Brundage, Marcus B., town clerk
Buel, Jabez E., (Galen) farmer 296
Buell, Samuel, insurance agent
Burnett, C. & Bro., (Cody and Gilbert H.) farmer 106
Burnett, Cody (C. Burnett & Bro.)
Burnett, Gilbert H., (C. Burnett & Bro.)
Burnett, Robt., farmer 112
Burroughs, Delia L., Miss, eclectic physician
Butler, John, farmer 66
Cady, Philo M., (Galen) farmer 86
Cady, Sylvester (Galen) farmer 134
*Camp, John H., lawyer
Carver, George, constable and deputy U.S. Marshal
Chamberlin, Dwight S., (Bottom & Chamberlin)
Chambers, Chauncey, (Vandemark & Chambers)
Clapp, Clark R., justice of peace
Clark, Wm., lawyer and farmer 85
Claupen, Joseph F., fanning mill manuf.
Claus, Michael, farmer 66
Claus, Michael, grocer
Clause, Michael, (Galen) farmer 175
Cline, Peter, manufacturer of Cline's ___mbrocation and Pain Exterminator
C___s, Adam L., (Galen) farmer 100
C___e, Geo. E., autioneer and constable
Cole, David F., farmer 100
Cole, John L., lawyer
Cole, Samuel J., farmer 105
Collins, Thaddeus W., county clerk
*Congress Hall, (hotel) Stephen V. Maine, proprietor
Cosart, E. C., Mrs., milliner
Cost, Elias, (Galen) farmer 120
Cotter, Thos., tailor
*Cramer, Geo. W., insurance agent, grocer, fruit, produce and coal dealer and commission merchant
Creager, John, farmer 123
Creger, William, (Galen) farmer 100
Croul, E. M., Mrs., dress maker
Croul, James L., carpenter
Cuddeback, Harmonus, farmer 30
Czerny, Godfrey, Mrs., milliner
David, Wm. G., allop. Physician
Davis, Frank, hair dresser
Deitz, Martin, cooper
De Golyer, Joseph T., groceries and crockery, auctioneer and farmer 20
Demmon, Mrs. C. & Co. (Mrs. C. Demmon and Miss A.M. Rhodes) millinery
Demmon, Chas., broker and insurance agent and teller at Gavitt & Murdock's
Demmon, Chas., Mrs. (Mrs. C. Demmon & Co.) milliner
Dennis, Frederick A., farmer 29
Dennis, James (Dennis & Richards)
Dennis, Joseph D., farmer 9
Dennis & Richards, (James Dennis, Melancthon Richards) farmer 37
Denniston, John F., manufacturer of gig saddles and silver plater
Depew, Warren, painter and farmer 6
Dereich, John, blacksmith
Deuchler, Lewis, prop. National Hotel
Deuchler & Martin (Philip Deuchler and Henry C. Martin) blacksmiths and carriage makers
Deuchler, Phillip, (Deuchler & Martin)
De Vall, Levi, farmer, leases 105
Devoe, David H., lawyer
Dewey, Smith A., county treasurer and fruit dealer
Dickerson, Heman G., Sr., (H. G. Dickerson & Son), pres. Wayne Co. Agricultural Society, farmer 63
*Dickerson, H. G. & Son, (Heman G. Sr. and Heman G. Jr.) hat, cap and fur dealers
Dickerson, Heman G., Jr. (H. G. Dickerson & Son)
Diet, Martin, cooper
Dillenbeck, Menzo H., druggist
Dingman, Aza D., (Dingman & Stacy)
Dingman & Stacy (Asa D. Dingman and Wm. H. Stacy) farmers, lease 164
Doty, Ambrose O., jewelry and watches
Drake, James B., farmer, leases 60
Drake, Philemon, (estate) farmer 60
Driscol, Jeremiah, farmer 7 and leases 18
Dunn, Harrison, farmer 103
Dunn, James, farmer 77
Dunn, James, farmer 78 1/2
Dunn, Mehitable, Mrs., farmer 150
Dunn, Nancy, farmer 42
Dunning, Geo. W., farmer 35
Dunning, Horace H., farmer 54
Dunwell, Almerin, (Palmeter & Dunwell)
Easterly, Solomon H., farmer 113
Eckert, Jacob, (Arcadia) farmer 150
Eddy, Anson H., (Galen) farmer, leases 184
Eggleston, Abby, Mrs., farmer 4
Ehresman, Geo., farmer 130
Ellis, Bennett V., postmaster
Ellis, J. Burt, deputy postmaster
Elmer, James, peppermint still
Elphick, Celia, Miss, dress maker
Engel, Daniel, boots and shoes
Ennis, George, (Alloway) saw mill and farmer 200
Erhart, Erhart, Mrs., (Galen) farmer 50
Ernest, Geo., JR., cooper and saloon keeper
Espenhain, Chas. F., Sr., manufacturer of broom and fork handles
Espenhain, Chas. F., JR., saw mill
Espenscheid, John, farmer 106
Ewalt, Peter, hair dresser and farmer 4
Exchange Hotel, Wm. Payne, propritor
Eyer, Frederick, farmer 94 1/2
Eyer, George, farmer 100
Failing, Andrew, (Arcadia) farmer 66
Falkey, Ernst, farmer 84
Fehr, Joseph, meat market
Feiock, Michael, peppermint grower and farmer, leases 6
Fellers, John E., farmer 147 1/2
Finch, James J., harness and trunks
Fisher, Frederick, (John Fisher & Bro.) (Alloway)
Fisher, Geo., farmer 138
Fisher, Geo. W., (Arcadia) farmer, leases 188
Fisher, John & Bro., (John and Frederick) (Alloway) blacksmiths
Fishner, Joseph, cooper
Follett, Wm. H., farmer, leases from J. Y. Brink, agent of Wm. Dillingham estate 140
*Forfar, James, builder and proprietor of planing mill and dealer in lumber and coal
Foster, Cullen, station agent, N.Y.C.
Foster, Graham P., collector of taxes, (town)
Foster, Wm., clerk at ticket office, N.Y.C. R.R.
Foustick, Fred'k, (Arcadia) farmer 80
Francisco, Byron S., boot and shoes
Frank, Philip, (Galen) farmer 82
Frazer, Henry R., watches, jewelry and engraving
Freeman, Samuel, (Rich & Freeman)
Frick, Frederick, farmer 88
Frick, Frederick, Jr., farmer 63
Fries, Andrew, (A. Fries & Son), builder
Fries, A. & Son, (Andrew and Theodore) groceries
Fries, Theodore, (A. Fries & Son)
Frind, Leopold, farmer, leases 51
Fry, Geo., farmer 50
Fulce, Michael, Mrs., saloon keeper
Ganaz, Fred, (Galen) farmer 198
Gansz, George, (Galen), farmer 220
Ganthner, Frederick, mason
Ganz, Philip, grist mill
Gardener, Franklin, farmer 188
Garvey, Jacob, farmer 27 1/2
Gates, Addison W., chief clerk to assessor internal revenue
Gates, Joseph W., assessor internal revenue
Gavitt & Murdock, (S. B. Gavitt and R.H. Murdock) bankers
Gavitt, Saxon B., (Gavitt & Murdock) president, Lyons Gas Light Co.
Geer, D.W., (Alloway) lawyer
Geer, Harvey, farmer 118
Getzman, Charley, (Arcadia) farmer 60
Gibson, Alex C., saloon keeper and constable
Gifford, Wm. S., farmer 100
Gilbert, John, undertaker and dealer in furniture and fanning mills
Goedeke, Louis, homeop. physician
Goeteman, George, (Galen) farmer 62
Goetzman, Christian, (Galen) farmer 100
Goetzman, Daniel, farmer 94
Goetzman, Frederick, Sr., farmer 189
Graham House, Lauren R. Bennett, proprietor
Graves, Josiah G., (Alloway) allop. Physician
Gray, John, carpenter and builder
Green, Russell, farmer 3
Gridley, Jaames, farmer 50
Griswold, Edward A., lawyer and justice of the peace
*Griswold, Lewis, wire cloth manufacturer
Groat, Richard P., keeper County House
Grunnagel, Frederick, farmer 100
Guenthner, John, prop. Globe Hotel and Saloon
Haitz, Cornelius, proprietor of soap and candle factory
Hale, Alfred, (Hale & Parshall) (Alloway) farmer 150
Hale & Parshall, (Alfred Hale and Hendee Parshall) (Alloway) dealers in and exporters of peppermint oil
Hanchett, John, (Galen) farmer 126
Hanchett, Manly, farmer 70
Hannas, James R., farmer 47
Hants, Stephen, cartman
Harrington, Rensselaer, insurance and claim agent
Harrington, Thomson, pottery
Harris, Robert, (Alloway) hotel proprietor
Hartman, Jacob, farmer 82
Hartman, John, farmer 72
Hartman, Joseph, farmer 79
Hartman, Mrs., (with Mrs. Utter) dressmaker
Hartman, Stephen H., farmer 83
Hartnagl, Frederick, farmer, leases 40
Hartnagl, George, saloon keeper
*Hattler, Geo. M., general merchant and wholesale liquor dealer
Hauser, Orson, (Arcadia) farmer, leases 75
Hazen, Chas., farmer 350
Hecox, John J., farmer 25
Hecox, John J., groceries and auctioneer
Hecox, Wm. H., lawyer
Heidenreich, Adam, (Arcadia) farmer 47
Heidenrich, Jacob, farmer 62
Heit, Michael, farmer 77
Heit, Philip, (Galen) farmer 75
Hendee, Alpheus, farmer 83
Herrick, Stephen S., justice of peace and State agent Guardian Life Insurance Company of New York
Hill, Edmund, farmer 93
Hillman, Levi C., farmer 70
Hoag, Wilson, farmer 65
Hodges, Wm., (with John Lockwood) farmer, leases 65
Hopple, Geo., (Galen) farmer 100
Horn, Andrew, (Galen) farmer 111
Horn, Daniel, farmer 10 and leases 26
Horn, Henry, farmer 115
Hosford, Luther C., farmer 116
H. G. Hotchkiss Bank, H.G. Hotchkiss, president, Leman Hotchkiss, cashier
*Hotchkiss, Hiram G., president Hotchkiss Bank, and dealer in essential oils
Hotchkiss, Leman, cashier Hotchkiss Bank, distiller of peppermint oil and split pea and pearl barley manuf.
Houghteling, William H., farmer 81
Hovey, Hiram, dealer in hats, caps and furs and proprietor of Lyons Marble Works
Huff & Berkaw, (Moses A. and Theodore), druggists
Huff, Moses A., (Huff & Berkaw)
Hughson, Wm., farmer 50
Humbert, Geo., farmer 59
Hunt, Enos, farmer, leases 150
Hunter, Mrs. Thomas
Ireland, Chas. H., house and sign painter
Jackson, Cyrus E., farmer 50
Jackson, Geo. W., farmer 100
Jackson, Mrs. Jane, farmer 100
Jacobi, Rev. Levi, German Evangelical
*Jameson, Hugh, dentist
Johnson, A.W., telegraph operator
Jones, Samuel A., carpenter
Jordan, William, farmer 54
June, Alvin, farmer 154
Kastenhuber, Frank, farmer 80
Kayar, Jacob, cooper
Keller, Dwight, farmer 100
Kent, Geo. T., assist. assessor of internal revenue
King, Dive, farmer 42
King, Wm. H., harness and trunks
Klinck, Seth H., dry goods
Knapp, Clark W., prop. Star Hotel
Knobloh, Jacob, cartman
Knowles, Geo. W., produce dealer and agent of Merchant's Union Express Co.
Koester, Chas., proprietor of brewery
Kreutzer, Wm., hardware
Krugmann, John, (Galen) farmer, leases 123
Kurtz, Geo., (Galen) farmer 25
Lane, Bowman, farmer 250
Lane, Levi, farmer 54
Langdon, Wm. J., (Alloway) carpenter
Larue, Joseph, farmer 114
Lauster, George, (Layton & Lauster)
Lawrence, John, (Galen) farmer 100
Layton, Daniel W., farmer 46
Layton, John, farmer 140
Layton & Lauster, (Nelson P. Layton, Geo. Lauster) meat market
Layton, Nelson P., (Layton & Lauster)
Leach, Heman J., (M. S. & H. J. Leach)
Leach, Henry W., farmer 74
Leach, Miles S., (M. S. & H. J. Leach) supervisor of town
Leach, M. S. & H. J., (Miles S. and Herman J.) plaster mill, grist-mill and grain dealers
Leidenger, Joseph, carriage maker
Leonard, Elbridge G., (C. Rice & Co.)
Lester, Sylvester C., farmer 50
Lewis, Frank, (Galen) farmer 64
Lincks, Henry, farmer 63
Littlefield, Wray S., (Galen) farmer 650
Lllewellyn & Weller, (James Weller and Thos. Llewellyn) butchers
Llewellyn, Thos., (Llewellyn & Weller)
Lockwood, John, (with Wm. Hodges) farmer, leases 65
*Lowery, Robert G., dentist
Lyman, Abel, farmer 164
Lyon, Chas L., (Lyon & Norton)
Lyon & Norton, (Charles L. Lyon and Daniel L. Norton) lawyers and claim agents
Lyons Gas Light Co., Saxon B. Gavitt, president; Wm. D. Perrine, treasurer; Francis H. Palmeter, superintendent
Lyons Musical Academy, Prof. Lyman H. Sherwood, principal.
*Lyons National Bank, DeWitt Parshall, president; M.C. Tucker, cashier
*Lyons Republicn (weekly newspaper) Wm. T. Tinsley, editor and prop.

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