1867 - 1868

Wayne County, NY

The Hamilton Child Company of Syracuse, New York produced directories of New York counties in the late 1860s. These directories are useful in conjunction with the 1870 US census, and are available at many New York State libraries and historical societies either in print or on microfilm. In producing these directories, a few residents may have been missed. Absence of a family or person does not always mean that they didn't live there.

How to use the Wayne County Directory: Persons in the Wayne County Directory generally were listed under the post office where they received their mail. These directory listings were first organized by township. Within the townships the compilers made further list divisions - the official post offices located within the township. The c ompilers of this directory were not always consistent, from township to township, in whether a place in parentheses was the official residence or post office where mail was received.

We hope you spot your ancestor in the directory listings but... ***we have no information on individuals or families listed.***

From Gazetteer and Business Directory of Wayne County, N.Y. 1867
published by Hamilton Child & Co., Syracuse, NY 1867

The Post Office addresses of the residents of the town of Huron are as follows: Huron and North Huron, in the town; and Alton, North Rose and Wolcott, in adjoining towns.

A post village near the center of the town. Is locally known as South Huron. Tri-weekly mail.

Andrus, David H., farmer leases 124
Andrus, Elon. B, farmer 74
Averill, Luther (Reed & Averill)
Beach, Randall E., farmer 60
Blades, Christopher, farmer 125
Boothe, Zenas H., farmer 108
Cady, Elisha (Catchpole & Co.), farmer 280
Cady, Lorenzo, farmer 125
Cady, Stephen P., farmer 75
Catchpole, Benjamin (Catchpole & Co.) with Robert A. Catchpole and John D. Smith, farmer 100, and individually leases 155
Catchpole & Co. (Elisha Cady, James Dedy, Robert A. Catchpole and John D. Smith), steam saw mill
Catchpole, Robert A. (Catchpole &Co.), with Benjamin Catchpole and John D. Smith, farmer 100, and individually leases 25
Corall, Adam, ferryman
Cox, Lewis, farmer 35
Curtis, John F., commissioner of excise, and farmer 1
Dedy, James (Catchpole & Co.), farmer 160
Doolittle, Waid, farmer 75
Doty, John, farmer 71
Dowd, Miss Phebe, farerm 124
Dowd, Stephen P., farmer 80
Dunlap, John H., laborer
Feeck, Wm. J., farmer 27
Fowler, Phebe M., hotel proprietor
Harper, Alex. farmer 70
Insley, Chas W.
Lake, Joseph, farmer 64
Lamb, Wm. 2d, cooper and farmer 25
Lummis, Benj., farmer 500
Lummis, Wm., saw mill, and farmer 600
Paddock, Levi, farmer 150
Peck, Eron, farmer 130
Pettingill, John, nursery agent
Petty, Civilian, laborer
Proseus, Edward, farmer 105
Quackenbush, John, carpenter
Reed & Averill (Daniel Reed and Luther Averill) farmer 70
Reed, Daniel (Reed &Averill)
Reed, Enon H., farmer leases 340
Roundy, Marvin, farmer leases 100
Seger, Mrs. Phebe A.
Sheldon, Miss Julia (with Mrs. Roxy), farmer 18
Sheldon, Mrs. Roxy (with Miss Julia), farmer 18
Sherman, Stephen L., farmer leases 62
Smith, John D. (with Benjamin and Robert A. Catchpole), farmer 100
Snyder, Martin, farmer 84
Sours, Albert, farmer 83 1/2
Sours, Reuben, farmer 150
Sours, Rufus B., farmer 83
Sours, Teunis, farmer 100
Stout, Simon V. W., farmer 50
Thomas, Philip, farmer 38
Treat, Clinton A., farmer 103
Upson, Mrs. Alinda (with Miss Sophronia), farmer 50
Upson, John F., farmer 50 1/2
Upson, John T., commissioner U. S. Loans
Upson, Josiah, saw mill and farmer 55
Upson, Miss Sophronia (with Mrs. Alinda), farmer 50
Waldurff, Stanton E., farmer 57
Waterbury, John D., farmer 72
Westfall, David Jr., laborer

A post village near the head of East Bay. Tri-weekly mail.

Abbott, Addison, farmer 9
Abbott, Anson, carriage maker
Abbott, Emerson, farmer 83
Abbott, Harry, saw mill and farmer 6
Abbott, Jane, farmer 25
Abbott, Jefferson, farmer 41
Abbott, Quartus B., carpenter
Adsitt, Benjamin, farmer 70
Barnes, Alvin, farmer 50
Barnes, James, farmer 47
Beals, Samuel, farmer 95
Blanchard, Benjamin, carpenter and farmer 35
Boughton, Alanson, farmer 25
Boughton, Alanson, farmer, leases 125
Boyd, James, blacksmith
Brink, Elton (with John H. Brink), farmer 74
Brink, Hiram, farmer 50
Brink, Ichabod, farmer 100
Brink, John H. (with Elton Brink) farmer 74
Brush, Elizabeth Mrs., farmer 40
Brush, Knowles S., farmer 40
Burnett, Collins, farmer 114
Burnett, Wm., farmer 112
Cady, Elisha, farmer 280
Cady, Geo., farmer 40
Campbell, Lorean, farmer, leases 130
Cantrell, Samuel, nursery agt.
Chapin, Harlon, farmer 64
Chase, Smith W., farmer 93
Church, John L., farmer 31 1/2
Cline, Lewis, farmer 67
Colcord, Josiah, farmer 60
Converse, Chas., cooper and farmer 75
Correll, Harriet Mrs., farmer 33
Corroll, Leonard, farmer 100
Corroll, Susan Mrs., farmer 68
Cowell, Ranson, farmer 12
Darling, Peter, farmer 62
Day, Peter (with David S. Winnie), farmer, leases 30
Deforrest, Geo., farmer 110
Delong, Egbert, farmer 96
Demmon, Horace, farmer 100
Dennington, Francis, blacksmith and farmer 11
Derby, Milton C., machinist
Devall, Eliza, farmer 16
Dickinson, Joshua C., farmer 130
Douglas, Geo H., farmer 1
Dowd, Abigail M. Mrs., farmer 55
Dowd, Alfred F., farmer 10
Dowd, Clinton B., farmer 92
Drakeford, Wm., farmer, leases 50
Ekart, Christian, farmer 6 1/2
Ellis, Lewis R., saw and grist mill
Fowler, Stephen D., farmer 20
Fowler, Stephen D., carpenter and farmer 19
Fowler, Van Rensselaer, farmer 106
Garton, Geo., farmer 60
Gillett, Henry, farmer 85
Green, David, farmer 67
Green, Hugh, farmer 117
Green, Nathan, farmer 4
Greene, Rev. Cyrus S., clergyman
Greene, James W., farmer 97 1/2
Grown, John, farmer 80
Harper, Albert, farmer 80
Harrington, Ira, farmer 30
Heck, Wm., farmer, leases 5
Hill, Abram, farmer 50
Hill, Moses, farmer 126
Hill, Thos., farmer 65
Huston, James, farmer 59
Hyde, Wm., farmer 50
Jeffries, John, shoemaker and grocer
Kalicutt, Geo., farmer 28
Kitts, Harvey C., farmer 57
Knapp, Alvin M., farmer 48
Knight, Alveraine Miss, farmer 100
Lake, David, farmer 45
Lamb, Lewis, farmer 63
Lamb, Percilia Mrs., farmer 11
Lamson, Olonzo, farmer 57 1/2
Martin, Geo, cooper, mason and farmer 2
McIntyre, Joseph, farmer 65
McLaughlin, Martin, farmer 75
McQueen, Jerome, farmer, leases 80
Meeker, Benj. S., farmer 108
Meeker, Hiram J., farmer 4
Merrill, Edmund, grocery and farmer, leases 4
Mills, John M., farmer 212 1/2
Moore, Peter, farmer, leases 200
Moore, Robert, farmer 63
Morton, Urotus, farmer 4
Munger, Ephraim, farmer 60
Newbury, John H., farmer 50
Newbury, Levi O., farmer 30
Newbury, Robert D., farmer 60
Newell, Roger, farmer 104
North, Jesse, farmer 1
O'Brian, Robinson, farmer, leases 44
Olmsted, Joseph W., farmer 80
Otis, Isaac A., carpenter and farmer 50
Owen, Wm., farmer 15
Parker, Alfred, farmer 90
Parker, Benjamin, farmer 109
Parker, Geo. A., farmer 51
Pearsall, Henry P., farmer 46
Parsons, Emory, farmer 85
Plumb, Daniel, farmer 50
Proctor, John, farmer 40
Reed, Roswell E., farmer 90
Rockwell, Simeon A., farmer 4
Ruscoe, James H., cooper
Sampson, Lewis, farmer 45
Scutt, Alex., farmer 85 1/2
Seaman, Geo. H., farmer 50
Seeber, Elvira Mrs., farmer 90
Seeley, Isaac, general merchant
Scott, Martin F., farmer 1
Sheldon, Andrew D., farmer 1 1/2
Sherman, Jefferson F., farmer 15
Sherman, Nelson, farmer, leases 12
Slaght, Geo. A., farmer 94
Slaght, Simeon, farmer 114
Smith, Geo. W., general merchant and postmaster
Smith, Timothy R., farmer 20
Spar, Martin, farmer, lease 125
Squires, Henry W., farmer, leases 100
Stanley, Isaac, farmer 1
Stewart, John, farmer, leases 80
Streeter, David, farmer, leases 158
Taylor, Hiram, farmer 10
Terbush, John, farmer 95
Terbush, Wm., farmer 200
Terbush, Wm. Jr., farmer 10
Terbush, Wm. H., saw mill and farmer 4
Thorp, Joseph Sr., tailor and farmer 35
Thorp, Joseph W., Jr., farmer 6
Townsend, David, farmer 44
Vanderberg, James, farmer 50
Veley, Jacob, farmer 102
Veley, Lewis, farmer 63
Vought, David, saw mill and farmer 100
Waldron, Chas., saw mill and farmer 3
Walker, Sophronia Mrs., farmer 2
Wandron, Hiram, farmer 55
Washburne, Ebenezer, mason
Watson, Nelson, farmer
Watson, Syreno, farmer 4
Weed, Luther, farmer 97
Whitbeck, John S., farmer 44
Whitney, Rev. Lucius, M.E. clergyman
Winnie, David S. (with Peter Day), carpenter and farmer, leases 30
Wood, Henry, farmer 50 1/2
Wright, Samuel H., farmer, leases 280

Source: the 1867 Directory of Huron was contributed to the Wayne County GenWeb by Allyn Hess Perry.

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