1867 - 1868

Surnames M - Z

Mack & Co. (Samuel J. and Frank M. Mack, Julius and William Henderson, & Benj. O. Burdick), general merchants
Mack, Frank M. (Mack & Co.)
Mack, James, blacksmith
Mack, Samuel J. (Mack & Co.)
Mackie, Matthew, supervisor and nurseryman
Mackie, Susan Mrs., farmer 17
Mackie, Thos. W., farmer 52
Magraw, E., farmer 64 1/2
Magraw, Hezekiah, farmer 50
Magrow, M., farmer 1 1/2
Mahony, Jerry, farmer 100
March, Chas. F., pension agent
Marriott, John, millwright
Marriott, Thos., farmer 15
Marriott, Wm. (Savannah), farmer leases 22
Marsh, Thos., painter
Mason, Geo. H., collector of village taxes
Matteson & Co. (Rinaldo R. Matteson, H. G. Dickerson of Lyons, and G. Bayard Miller), hats, caps and furs
Matteson, Rinaldo R. (Matteson & Co.), U. S. Inspector
Matthews, Harry, farmer 47
McAvoy E., cigar manufacturer and tobacconist
McAvoy, Wm. A., tobacconist
McBurney, David, billiard rooms
McConnell, Luther, farmer leases from Orastus Snedaker, 100
McDonald, Wm., farmer 50
McIntosh, James, mason and farmer 17 1/2
McKinstry, Rev. Porter M., pastor M. E. church
McLachlan, Wm., farmer 105
McLeod, Robert, farmer 50
McMillan, Mrs. Eliza, farmer 93
Mead & Burton (L. C. Mead and O. A. Burton)(Meadville), groceries
Mead, Jeremiah, farmer 86
Mead, L. C. (Meadville)(Mead & Burton)
Mead, Miles, farmer 100
Mead, Washington M., farmer 125
Meade, Andrew, farmer 164 1/2
Meade, David, farmer 62
Melen, James P., farmer 450
Melvin, Thos., laborer
Merritt, Bennett (Savannah), farmer 5
Merritt, Corlinden W., painter
Meritt, Thomas, farmer 15
Mesick, Henry J., farmer 50
Miller, C., president and director 1st National Bank of Clyde
Miller, Cornelius Jr., general merchant, commission merchant, water lime and cement, and grain dealer, director First National Bank of Clyde
Miller, Frederick, farmer 100 and leases 315
Miller, G. Bayard (Matteson & Co.)
Miller, Isaac, banker, director 1st National Bank of Clyde, director Clyde Paper Co. and proprietor Miller's Hall
Miller, Wm. H., cashier and director 1st National Bank of Clyde, and treas. 1st National Paper Company
Miney, Anthony, boatman
Mirick, Chas. J., farmer 100
Mitchel, Patrick, farmer
Moon, Geo. W., blacksmith
Moon, Welthy, farmer 14
Morierty, Michael, railroad laborer
Morley, Samuel S. (S. S. Morley &Co.), postmaster
Morley, S. S. & Co., (Samuel S. Morley and Benj. F. Clark), hardware
Mullgan, Thos., farmer 11
Munn, Moses, undertaker and furniture dealer, also depository of Bible Society
Munn, Wm., carpenter
Murphy, James, groceries
Murphy, John
Murry, James, farmer 2 1/2
Myers, Dewitt, farmer 66
Myers, Dewit C. (Ryerson & Myers)
Myers, Egbert, farmer 16
Myers, Frank, farmer 1
Myers, Wm., farmer 36
Nagle, Mrs. Martha (Savannah), farmer 66
Near, John, farmer 32
Nelson, Harvey, veterinary surgeon
Nelson, Harvey L., carpenter and farmer leases 4
Newlove, Thos., brewer and rectifier
Newman, Wm., commission merchant and proprietor American Hotel
Nichols, James M., commission merchant, water lime and cement, and grain dealer
Nichols, Coonrod, farmer 9
Nichols, Robert, farmer 1
Noy, Francis, farmer 14
Odell, Ebenezer, farmer 104
Oliver, Wm., carriage maker
Osborne, Gilbert L. (with Wm. H.), farmer 126
Osborne, Wm. H. (with Gilbert L.), farmer 126
Palmer, L. H. (Briggs & Palmer)
Pangburn, Wm., farmer leases 35
Pannatt, James, carpenter
Pardee, A., assistant cashier 1st National Bank of Clyde
Patten, Stephen A., farmer 71
Patten, Stephen J., hop grower and farmer 71 1/2
Pausley, Alex., laborer
Peckham, Wm. H., farmer 120
Perkins, Rush, general merchant, sewing machine dealer, and proprietor Perkins' Hall
Perry, Henry, carpenter
Perry, Wm. A. (Skinner & Perry)
Petteys, Benj. (Savannah), shoemaker, and farmer 40
Petteys, Jesse, farmer 100
Petteys, Oliver, farmer 65
Petteys, Oliver, blacksmith
Petteys, Salvina, farmer 34
Phelps, Mrs. Clarinda (P. O. address, Tyre, Seneca Co.), farmer 6 1/2
Phillips, Stephen, farmer 3 1/2
Pidge, Asa, mason
Pidge, Geo. W., mason
Platner, Daniel, farmer 98
Plumtree, Thos., carpenter
Potter, Wm., gunsmith
Powers, Charles, farmer 110
Powers, Israel, carpenter
Powers, Mrs. L. P., dressmaker
Powers, Luther A., carpenter
Powers, Michiel, farmer 1
Purdy, Fay H. (Huron), farmer 700
Race, Nelson (Savannah), farmer 25 and leases 6
Radcliffe, Samuel (Savannah), farmer 50
Rathburne, Benj. (P. O. address, Little Falls, Herkimer Co.), farmer 106
Redder, Frederick, laborer
Redfield, Albert F., tannery
Reed, Chas. H. (Reed & Sands)
Reed, Chas. W., provision dealer and commission merchant
Reed, C. W. (Southwic & Reed), justice of peace
Reed, Francis C., lawyer, insurance agent, director 1st National Bank of Clyde, and secretary 1st National Paper Co.
Reed &Sands (Chas. H. Reed and Edwin Sands), billiard rooms and farmers 90
Reese, James, farmer 150
Reeves, James, farmer 10
Reynolds, Oliver (P. O. address, Tyre, Seneca Co.)
Reynolds, Silas, carpenter and farmer 15
Roberts, John, photograph artist
Robinson, John W., principal High School
Robinson, T., lawyer
Roffee, E. M., dentist
Rogers, Levi, collector of town taxes
Rolf, Edgar, farmer, leases 52 1/2
Rolf, Edgar, farmer, leases 117
Rose, Chas. A. (Savannah), farmer 600
Ross & Cline Misses (Kate Ross and Mary A. Cline), milliners
Ross, Kate Miss (Misses Ross & Cline)
Ruppert, John (with John H.), farmer 90
Ruppert, John H. (with John), farmer 90
Ryan, Richard (Ryan & Widrig)(Savannah)
Ryan & Widrig (Richard Tyan and Russel C. Widrig)(Savannah), farmers 140
Ryerson & Myers (Peter F. Ryerson and DeWitt C. Meyers), lumber dealers, planing mill and sash, door and blind manufacturers
Ryerson, Peter F. (Ryerson & Meyers)
Sager, Jacob, leader brass band
Salsbury, H., superintendent 1st National Paper Co.
Sands, Edwin, farmer 90
Sands, Edwin (Reed & Sands)
Saxton, Chas. T., harness and trunks
Sayles, Sylvanus J., hats, caps and furs, millinery, &c.
Scarritt, James M., editor and proprietor Clyde Times
Scott, Freeman (Conroe &Scott)
Sears, Sarah Miss, dressmaker
Sears, Wm. B., farmer 80
Sedore, Annis Mrs., farmer 5
Sedore, Conrad, farmer 122
Sedore, David, farmer 16
Shafer, Martin, carpenter
Sharp, Eden, farmer, leases 160
Shepard, Albert, farmer, leases 100
Shepard, Harry, farmer 600
Shepard, Harry 2d, live stock dealer
Shepard, Harry, drover and farmer, leases 104
Shepard, Martin C., farmer, leases 50
Sherman, E. Willard, deputy collector internal revenue, clerk of Board of Supervisors
Sherman, Frank, saloon
Shorter, John, barber
Shutts, A., farmer 26
Sickels, Isaac, farmer, leases 100
Sickmond, Spencer, carpenter and farmer 2
Sigmond, John, farmer 70
Simmons, S. M. Miss, milliner
Simons, Peter, carman
Skinner & Perry (Salmon H. Skinner and Wm. A. Perry), saw mill, dealers in lumber, shingles, staves and heading
Skinner, Salmon H. (Skinner & Perry)
Sloan, Prosper S., farmer 58
Sly, Job, farmer 100
Smith, Chester, druggist and dealer in books, stationery, fancy goods, wall paper, shades, &c.
Smith, Elijah, farmer 50
Smith, Ensign (Savannah), farmer 11 1/2 and leases 30
Smith, Geo. P., farmer 65
Smith, J. E., allop. physician
Smith, John B., farmer, leases 47
Smith, John D. (Savannah), farmer 24
Smith, Joseph, farmer, leases 80
Smith, Lewis B., laborer
Smith, Marion Mrs., landscape artist
Smith, Marion W., farmer 45
Smith, Marshall, constable
Smith, Nelson, farmer 1
Smith, N. Gates, farmer 47
Smith, Philip V. N., farmer 1
Smith, Seth, secretary Clyde Paper Co. and deputy sheriff
Smith, Thomas, farmer 557
Smith, Thomas, malster
Smith, Thomas (P. G. Denison & Co.)
Smith, Tim, prop. stage route between Clyde, Rose and Huron; leave tri-weekly at 4 p.m.
Snedaker, A., farmer 100
Snedaker, L. T. , patent broker
Snedaker, L. T. Mrs., milliner
Snow, Ira C., hop grower and farmer 63
Snyder, Jonas (Savannah), farmer 5
Sours, Philip, carpenter, and farmer 12
Southard, Henry, farmer 227
Southwick, Orrin (Southwick & Reed), prop. window glass company
Southwick & Reed (Orrin Southwick and C. W. Reed), proprietors Clyde Glass Works, bottle manufacturers
Spencer, John, carpenter
Spencer, John M., millwright
Sproats, James L., cigar manufacturer
Stackus, Wm. T., farmer 92
Stafford, Morrison, farmer 146
Sticles, Robert, farmer 1 1/4
Stewart, Wm., "Clyde Milk Dairy", farmer 200
Stocker, Wm., farmer
Stoetzel, G. F., baker
Stone, Joseph, farmer 75
Stow, D. L., lawyer, ins. agt; and village clerk
Stow, Wm. S., lawyer, police justice, claim agent, and commissioner of deeds for State of Michigan
Stratton, Oliver, farmer 164
Strauss, Jacob, merchant tailor
Streeter, Alonzo, farmer 50
Streeter, James M. (S. D. & J. M. Streeter), insurance agent
Streeter, S. D. & J. M. (Stephen D. and James M.), proprietors Streeter's Elevators, commission merchants, water-lime, cement and grain dealers, and malsters
Streeter, Stephen D. (S. D. & J. M. Streeter)
Stickland, Sarah, farmer 5
Stuart, Wm., Clyde Milk Dairy and farmer 195
Stuck, Geo. A. (Savannah), farmer, leaes 72 1/2
Stuck, Henry (Savannah), farmer 72 1/2
Stumm, Lewis, grist mill and malster
Stuvenson, Geo. F., blacksmith
Sullivan, Timothy, grocer and saloon keeper
Sylvester, Knapp, shoemaker and farmer 89 1/4
Syron, Abraham B., farmer 57
Syron, Barton, farmer 105
Syron, Coleman, farmer 98
Syron, J. L., boots and shoes
Tallheimer, Isaac, merchant tailor
Tallman, Tunis D., merchant tailor
Tarrey, O. F., photograph artist
Terry, John G., farmer 138
Thomas, John (with Robert Tillow), carpenter
Thompson, Gilbert C., farmer 30
Thompson, Wm. D., auctioneer, veterinary surgeon, dealer in horses, and farmer 94
Thorn, Thos., farmer 100
Thorn, Thomas P., malster, proprietor Liberty Hall, director Clyde Paper Co., and farmer 300
Tibbetts, Miss E., ladies furnishing goods
Tibbitts, George, farmer 78
Tibbitts, T. E., blacksmith
Tillow, Robert (with John Thomas), carpenter
Tipling, Thos. (Tipling & Tuttle)
Tipling & Tuttle (Thomas Tipling and Wm. Tuttle), grocers
Tipling, Wm. H., painter
Traver, Daniel, farmer 97
Treadwell, Chas., barber
Tremper, Jacob E., groceries
Tremper, John P., Agent Merchant's Union Express
Tripp, John, livery stables
Truax, Elias, saloon
Tuft, Geo., painter
Tuttle, Wm. (Tipling & Tuttle)
Uline, Barney A. (Savannah), farmer 68
Vanamburgh, James, owns village lot
Van Buskirk, J. T., deputy post-master and justice of peace after January 1st, 1868
Vandenberg, Aaron, harness and trunks
Vandenberg & Baker (John Vandenberg and Geo. O. Baker), lawyers
Vandenberg, John (Vandenberg & Baker), Member of Assembly 1st Assembly District
Vanderbelt, Peter, farmer 55
Vanderpool, Geo. (Savannah), farmer 47 3/4 and leases 35
Vanderpool, J. G., farmer 2 1/2
Vandyck, Rev. Lewis B., pastor St. John's Episcopal church
Vanness, John, farmer 3
Vantassell, Henry, general merchant
Vosburgh, John, farmer 130
Waldruff, Alex. P. (with Jacob H.), farmer 350
Waldruff, Jacob H. (with Alex. P.) farmer 350
Waldurff, Peeter, farmer 234
Waterbury, Lewis J., farmer 120
Waterbury, Truman H.
Watson, Garhardus L., farmer 83
Watson, Joseph, farmer 130
Watson, Joseph, farmer 107
Watson, Joseph C., farmer 144
Watson, Levi,, farmer 96
Watson, Wm. D., farmer leases 100
Watters, Wm., station agent N. Y. C. R. R.
Weagean, Alfred, farmer 190
Weagean, Alfred, farmer 128
Weaver, Luther, laborer
Weed, Abram, farmer 100
Weed, Benj., farmer 173
Weed, Mrs. Louisa, farmer 117
Weed, Miss Rhoda, farmer 74
Weed, Samuel, allop. physician and coroner
Wells, Calvin, glass flattener
Wells, Edward B., prop. Wayne Co. marble works, director Clyde Paper Co. and farmer 80
Wells, Horace, glass flattener
Whaland, Thos., farmer 20
White, Daniel, farmer 90
Whiting, Thos. J., superintendent of gas works
Whittlesey, Chas., paper finisher
Whittlesey, Mrs. Sarah A., farmer 100
Widrig, Russel C. (Ryan & Widrig) (Savannah), justice of peace
Williams, Albert, farmer 25
Williams Bros. (J. S. & John), Washington Meat Market and provision dealers
Williams & Co. (Elias Williams and D. S. Ackerman), groceries
Williams, Elias (Williams & Co.)
Williams, John (Williams Bros.)
Williams, Joseph, live stock dealer
Williams, J. S. (Williams Bros.)
Willoughby, John, painter
Wilson, Rev. Robert, pastor Presbyterian church
Winans, Miss Elizabeth (Savannah), school teacher
Winans, Mrs. Mary, farmer 75
Winchel, John H., farmer leases from Mrs. Elizbeth Aldrich 51
Winters, James, mason
Witt, Michael, manufacturer of fire works, and baker
Wood, Candler & Co. (Sidney Wood, Geo. Candler and Henry Wood), agricultural implements and proprietors Clyde Iron Works
Wood, Charles, carpenter
Wood, C., insurance agent
Wood, Henry (Wood, Candler & Co.)
Wood, Richard, farmer 6
Wood, Sydney (Wood, Candler & Co.)
Wright, Chas., steam saw mill, blacksmith and farmer 120
Wright, Chas. H., blacksmith
Wright, Ensigne, farmer leases 1
Wright, John, blacksmith and farmer 3
Wright, Mrs. Laura, farmer 22
Wright, Milton, farmer
Young, Henry, farmer 210
Young, Samuel H., civil engineer and surveyor
Young, Thomas, farmer 80

A post village in the west part on the Erie Canal, a flag station on the N. Y. Central - direct road. Daily mail.

Arbogast, Phillip
Baldridge, Wm., carpenter and farmer 5
Bastion, Frederick, farmer leases 60
Bishop, Adolphus, farmer leases 112
Bishop, Harvey, farmer 112
Bivins, James, school teacher
Bockoven, Harvey S., farmer leases of Israel Roy 90
Bockoven, Wm. H., farmer 85
Bockus, John H., laborer
Bridger, Henry, mechanic and farmer 15
Brink, Jacob Y., farmer 130
Brink, Timothy S., farmer 86
Brumm, Geo., farmer 87
Burger, Martin, blacksmith
Barkill, Geo. R., shoemaker
Closs, Mrs. Catharine, farmer 108
Closs, John H.
Cookingham, Morgan, general merchant, and farmer 50
Coon, Henry, farmer 2
Counselor, James H.
Curtis, Alanson S., farmer 57
Dahn, Frederick, laborer
Everhart, Samuel, farmer 100
Foot, Aaron, farmer 53
Foot, Mrs. Phee, farmer 60
Forgham, James, farmer leases 86
Geisy, Lewis, laborer
Gilbert, Nathan B., carriage maker and postmaster
Gilbert, Wm. H., painter and blacksmith
Griswold, John W., lock tender
Hunter, Andrew, laborer
Jeffries, Ovid, farmer leases from John Barnes 70
Jenison, Daniel, farmer 275
Kreiss, Frederick, farmer leases 198
Kreiss, Jacob, farmer 198
Lang, Phillip, farmer 200
Learn, Mrs. Sarah, farmer 130
Lent, Henry, carpenter
McMillan, Benj., farmer 149
Mentz, Cornelius S., farmer leases from Wm. Mentz, 88
Miller, Geo. (Lyons), farmer leases 200
Miller, Henry, farmer 267
Neitherlander, Nicholas Jr., carraige maker
Nyres, Abram, laborer and village lot
Oakleaf, Geo., farmer 60
Phelps, Israel W., farmer 200
Pultz, Wm. L., farmer 103
Quigley, Thos., farmer leases 130
Richmond, Mrs. Sibil, tailoress
Rooke, Geo. W., leases 115
Rooke, Mrs. Sarah, farmer 71
Rooke, Thos., farmer 44
Rooke, Wm. R., farmer 101
Rooks, Chas., farmer leases from Samuel C. Graves 260
Ross, James, farmer 123
Ross, James, carriage trimmer
Roy, Israel, farmer 355
Roy, Lyman, farmer 106
Sampson, Calvin C., farmer 66 1/2
Sampson, Joseph C., farmer 53
Schnapp, Phillip, farmer leases 200
Smith, Chas., boatman
Stenerwald, Chas.
Stevens, Welles, J. L., farmer 55
Stoecker, John, general merchant and tailor
Threefall, John
Tindle, Chas., farmer 160
Van Amburg, Nathaniel C., farmer 25
Wees, Wm.

A post village in the south-western part of the town. Daily mail - Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, from Geneva (Ontario Co.) and Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from Clyde.

Akenhead, Thomas, farmer 55
Allen, Amiziah F., farmer 33
Banister, Augustus C., farmer 93
Barclay, John, shoemaker
Barclay, Joseph R., shoemaker
Beadle, Isaac, farmer 172
Beadle, Jared S., farmer 150
Beadle, Mishael, farmer 130
Brayton, Eliza S. Mrs., farmer 137
Chase, Charles C., blacksmith
Childs, William K., farmer, leases 160
Colvin, Sidney T., farmer, leases 130
Dean, Henry W., farmer, leases 16
Dean, Robert, farmer 3
Desmond, Amos, broom maker and farmer 72
Deuel, George, farmer 44
Devolve, Lucinda Mrs., farmer 130
Emigh, Peter, farmer 100
German, James, farmer 10
Gridley, Edward, farmer, leases 137
Hall, Albert P., farmer 80
Hall, Bryant, farmer 144
Hall, Loamni B., farmer, leases 64
Hall, Peter (P. O. address, Dublin, Seneca Co., N.Y.), farmer 28 and leases 32
Hickok, Eugene, gen. merchant and postmaster
Jenkins, Myron W., farmer 50
Lundy, Levi, farmer 75
Mabb, John, shoemaker
Mathews, Andrew J., farmer, leases 2
Miller, Peter Mrs., farmer 1/2
Norcross, Chapin A., shoemaker and farmer 1 1/2
Parsons, Elizabeth Mrs., farmer 67
Petteys, Miron, farmer 5
Reynolds, Aaron S. (P. O. address, Dublin, Seneca Co.), farmer 110
Reynolds, Henry K., farmer 75
Reynolds, Joseph H., farmer 48
Rogers, Catharine Mrs., farmer 82
Rogers, Eli, constable and farmer, leases 82
Sedore, William W., carpenter
Shattuck, Mark, farmer 65
Sheldon, John F., broom maker and constable
Shotwell, Jonathan L., farmer 100
Simmons, Allen, farmer 1
Sutherland, Lewis W., allop. physician and farmer 25
Thorn, Rebecca P. Mrs., farmer 220
Watson, Stephen Y., farmer 120
Weigel, Philip, farmer 67 1/2
Welcher, Colvin, farmer 45
Wibert, George M., farmer 50
Wiley, Isaac, justice of the peace and farmer 25
Woodard, David, farmer 1 1/2

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