1867 - 1868

The Hamilton Child Company of Syracuse, New York produced directories of New York counties in the late 1860s. These directories are useful in conjunction with the 1870 US census, and are available at many New York State libraries and historical societies either in print or on microfilm. In producing these directories, a few residents may have been missed. Absence of a family or person does not always mean that they didn't live there.

How to use the Wayne County Directory: Persons in the Wayne County Directory generally were listed under the post office where they received their mail. These directory listings were first organized by township. Within the townships the compilers made further list divisions - the official post offices located within the township. The compilers of this directory were not always consistent, from township to township, in whether a place in parentheses was the official residence or post office where mail was received.

We hope you spot your ancestor in the directory listings but... we have no further information on individuals or families listed. The societies in our research resources section will give you further assistance.

From Gazetteer and Business Directory of Wayne County, N.Y. 1867
published by Hamilton Child & Co., Syracuse, NY 1867

Post Office addresses of the residents of the Town of Butler are South Butler, West Butler, and Westbury, in the township itself. Other Butler residents will be listed under the post offices for Red Creek, Rose, and Wolcott in adjoining towns. The directory sections listing the latter post offices will be on line later in the year. The numbers following the farmers are numbers of acres they owned or leased.

A post village on the line of Savannah Daily Mail.

Abrams, Benajah (Savannah), farmer 90
Abrams, Hiram, farmer 25
Abrams, Thos. H., farmer 94
Aikins, John B., farmer leases 85
Albright, Gideon (Savannah), carpenter and builder
Bacon, Harvey, farmer 110
Baggerly, H. Owens (Savannah), farmer 130
Baggerly, Miss Lizzie (Savannah), school teacher
Barber, Lansing J., carriage maker and farmer 88
Bassett, Ira (Savannah), farmer 48
Beach, Mrs. Catherine, farmer 30
Blasdell, Peter G. (Savannah), farmer 100
Brown, Benjamin S., farmer 27
Brown, John, farmer 58
Bullock, Hiram, farmer 60
Bunce, John A., farmer 50
Burghdurf, Joseph T., farmer leases 110
Bishop, Benj., farmer 80
Cady, Philo H. (Savannah), farmer 49
Campbell, Daniel E., farmer leases 107
Campbell, Edwin (Savannah), farmer 108
Candee, George (Savannah), farmer 50
Carkner, Jacob, farmer 50
Casson, Lewis, farmer 58
Caywood, Abram, farmer 102
Caywood, Christopher, farmer 60
Caywood, John (Savannah), farmer 10
Center, Abram E., farmer 128
Center, Gibson S., farmer 275
Center, Gansevoort, farmer 240
Chapin, Horace B., farmer 72
Chapin, Robert J., farmer 65
Clapp, Alex. C., farmer 49
Clapp, Israel J., retired farmer
Clapp, Israel J., painter
Clapp, Wm. H., carriage maker
Clark, Byron G. (Savannah), farmer 24 and leases 100
Cobb, Benj. F. (Cobb Brothers), Savannah
Cobb Brothers (Jabez W. & Benj. F.) (Savannah)
Conklin, Reuben S. (Savannah), lawyer, justice of the peace and farmer, leases 62
Conklin, William C. (Savannah), farmer 90
Coombes, Johnson (Savannah), farmer leases 50
Crane, Porter W., carpenter and farmer 53
Craw, Mrs. R. A., farmer 26
Crompton, Geo. M., justice of the peace and farmer 105
Cuddeback, Nathan, farmer 120
Cushman, Miss Anna (Savannah), school teacher
Cushman, Prentice, farmer 148
Davenport, Edwin (Savannah), farmer leases 7
Davis, James, tailor
Doty, Daniel D., farmer 77
Doty, Peter, blacksmith and farmer 67
Douglass, Insley (Savannah), farmer 67
Douglass, Lucius, carpenter
Dratt, Abram, hotel keeper
Dratt, John, retired farmer
Dratt, John, farmer 6
Edmonds, George (Savannah), farmer leases 10
Ferris, Henry H. (Savannah), farmer 105 and leases 40
Finch, Davis S., farmer 120
Foster, John (Savannah), farmer 71
Foster, John (Savannah), farmer 55
Fowler, Wm., farmer 96
Fox, Andrew J., farmer 40
Gay, Perry (Savannah) (Munroe & Gay), farmer, leases 15
Goodman, Seneca (Savannah), lawyer
Goodrich, Ephraim, farmer 64
Gordon, Merritt (Savannah), farmer 57
Granbarger, Alexander (Savannah), farmer 10 1/2
Graves, Chas. H. (H. K. Graves & Son)
Graves, Henry K., general merchant, post-master and farmer 50
Graves, Henry K. & Son, general merchants
Green, Griffin, tanner
Griffin, Geo. P., carpenter
Griffin, S., eclectic physician
Hamilton, David R. (Savannah), justice of the peace, county coroner and farmer 140
Hamilton, Wm., prop. Novelty Grist Mills
Hamilton, Wm., miller
Hamlin, Wm. H., retired farmer
Harder Abram, farmer 77
Harder, Michael, farmer 50
Harder, Stephen, farmer 26
Harwood, Anson, farmer 12
Harwood, Sylvester, farmer 90
Hibbard, Ezra P., shoemaker
Hibbard, Hamilton, farmer 115
Hibbard, Jerome (Savannah), manufacturer of gates
Hibbard, Marshall, farmer 150
Hibbard, Miss Mary, photographer
Hibbard, Russell P., farmer 166
Hillebrant, John, farmer 60
Hogan, Ashley A. (Savannah), overseer of the poor and farmer 180
Hogan, Miss Ettie (Savannah), school teacher
Holenbeck, Jeremiah, carriage maker
Hood, Thompson P. (Savannah), farmer leases 5
Hough, J. E., general merhant and farmer 103
Hoyt, Oscar, farmer 64
Hunt, Chancey E., farmer 59
Hutchins, John J. (Savannah), sawyer
Ingerham, Jacob, cooper shop
Ingersoll, Hiram, farmer 73
Johnson, Thomas (Savannah), farmer 126
Joslin, Mrs. Arsenath, farmer 7
Kasson, Archibald, farmer 115
Kennedy, Frank (Savannah), farmer 57
Knapp, John, farmer 140
Laberteaut, Joel, farmer 100
Laberteaut, Peter, farmer 40
Lamper, Juda, farmer 132
Law, Thos. S., cement manufacturer
Livingston, John J., farmer 105
Lockwood, Ambrose, farmer 100
Lowell, Adams (Savannah), carpenter and builder
Mack, Ira W., farmer 24
Manron, Mortimer (Savannah), farmer 40
Marsh, Uriah J., farmer 15
Maynard, Almarene B. (Savannah), farmer 70
McCaughan, John, mason and farmer 10
McCaughan, John, farmer 66
McGonigal, Chas., hoop maker and farmer 5
McGonigal, John, School Commissioner and farmer 59
McGonigal, Mrs. Nancy, farmer 10
McGuire, Franklin, blacksmith
Mead, Chas., farmer 9
Mead, Daniel W. (Savannah), farmer 53
Mehen, Denis, farmer 147
Merriman, Elijah (Savannah), farmer 92
Merritt, Chas. H., farmer 100
Merritt, William (Savannah), farmer leases 100
Merritt, Willis (Savannah), farmer leases 100
Moorehouse, Gould, carpenter and farmer 50
Morehouse, Geo., carpenter and farmer 10
Munroe & Gay (Savannah) (Henry P. Munroe & Perry Gay), farmer leases 107
Munroe, Henry B. (Savannah) (Munroe & Gay)
North, John (Savannah), farmer 48
Osborn, Adolphus B. (Savannah), farmer 50
Parmer, G. Giles, saw mill
Parmer, Wm., farmer 102
Parmer, Wm. H., farmer 55
Pelton, Fred'k H., farmer 75
Pelton, Geo., farmer 75
Phelps, Draton, farmer 75
Phelps, Jerome, farmer 54
Phelps, Myron, farmer 30
Phillips, John, farmer 106
Pierce, Nathan, justice of the peace
Pierceall, Andrew (Savannah), farmer 85
Pierceall, Miss Josephine M. (Savannah), school teacher
Pierson, Ogden, farmer 57
Pomeroy, Flavius B., farmer 133
Pomeroy, Samuel C., cabinet maker
Pomeroy, Way, manufacturer of dishwashers
Potter, George (Savannah), farmer 50
Pray, Larned, farmer 43
Prey, Emeray, farmer 12
Pritchard, James, cooper and farmer 95
Pritchard, Wm., farmer 50
Pulver, James, farmer 45
Quaw, Francis (Savannah), sawyer
Quaw, Mrs. F. (Savannah), millinery
Quivey, Barnabas, farmer 60
Reed, Charles (Savannah), farmer 111 1/2
Reed, William (Savannah), farmer 181
Richards, A. Dwight, teacher of High School
Roe, John S., farmer 125
Rogers, Mrs. Cynthia, dealer in medicines and farmer 8
Sallman, Jeduthum (Savannah), farmer 53
Scott, A. Catlin, farmer 116
Searle Brothers (Savannah), farmer 53
Scott, A. Catlin, farmer 116
Searle Brothers (Savannah) (Fidelus Searle and Russel Searle), farmer 86
Searle, Fidelus (Savannah) (Searle Brothers)
Searle, Russel (Savannah) (Searle Brothers)
Sibley, Miss Sariette (Savannah), school teacher
Sibley, Timothy L, farmer 64
Sickles, Lathen, farmer 108
Smith, David, cooper
Smith, Horatio W., harness maker and constable
Smith, Jeremiah, farmer 19
Southwick, Allen, farmer 15
Southwick, Benj., farmer 6
Southwick, Simeon, farmer 73
Southwick, Sumner, farmer 7
Spencer, Andrew, supervisor and farmer 125
Sprague, Stephen (Savannah), farmer 82
Springstead, Norman (Savannah), farmer 40 and leases 10
Stanton, Daniel, farmer 53
Stephens, Rev. Benoni P., farmer 22
Stockton, Thos. C., shoemaker and farmer 8
Stone, Stillman (Savannah), agent for grappling hay fork
Strong, Isaac, farmer 3
Sweeting, Mortimer F., homeop. physician
Taylor, David, butcher
Taylor, David J. (Savannah), farmer 46 and leases 64
Taylor, Elias, farmer leases 66
Taylor, Elisha, farmer 66
Taylor, Miss Fannie (Savannah), school teacher
Taylor, James W. (Savannah), constable
Taylor, John P. (Savannah), farmer 40 and leases 56
Titus, Wm., farmer 51
Treat, Moses (Savannah), farmer 142
Treat, Sylvester W. (Savannah), farmer 107
Trowbridge, Theron, hotel keeper
Tucker, Byron A., farmer leases 125
Tyler, James, farmer 58
Van Blasicom, Stephen (Savannah), farmer 106
Vanburen, Mindres, farmer 107
Van Nortwick, John, farmer 39
Viele, Chas. J., farmer 300
Wadsworth, Daniel H. (D. L. & D. H. Wadsworth)
Wadsworth, David L. ( D. L. & D. H. Wadsworth)
Wadsworth, D. L. & D. H. (David L. and Daniel H.) druggists
Wadsworth, Philip, farmer 15
Wadsworth, Wm. farmer 85
Waldron, Cornelius, farmer 100
West, Clark A., blacksmith
Westcott, John F., blacksmith and farmer 84
Westcott, John H., farmer 25
Wheeler, Highland Hill, farmer 200
Wheeler, Orange H., farmer 90
Wilkes, Frederick (Savannah), farmer 4
Williams, Samuel (Savannah), farmer 257
Wilson, George (Savannah), agent for grain drills and plows and farmer 200
Winegar, James W. (Savannah), farmer 88
Winegar, Mansfield B. (Savannah), farmer 75
Wing, William, blacksmith and farmer 8
Wood, Alonzo D., farmer 63
Wood, A. S., lawyer
Wood, Benham S., farmer 121
Wood, Byron, farmer 6
Wood, Cornelius, farmer 259
Wood, James D. (Savannah), farmer 200
Wood, Seth C., farmer 128
Wood, Wm., farmer 36
Wood, William (Savannah), farmer 76
Woolsy, Calvin (Savannah), farmer 52

A post village in the northeast corner of the town, partly in the town of Victory, Cayuga County. Daily Mail.

Aikins, James K., farmer 35
Aikins, John, farmer 50
Aikins, Oliver, farmer 35
Bacon, Edmund S., nurseryman and farmer 32
Bacon, Nathan, farmer 200
Bacon, Rufus J., farmer 87
Bates, Wm., farmer 75
Blass, Hiram, farmer 270
Blessing, John, farmer 50
Burghdurff, Jesse, farmer 57
Burghdurff, John E., farmer 4
Campbell, Z. Harrison, lawyer
Campbell, Z. Harrison, saddle, harness, and boot and shoe dealer
Carkner, Smith, carpenter and farmer 3
Clark, Henry H., farmer 4
Cook, Roswell, farmer 100
Covert, James, farmer 18
Cowell, Mark, farmer 100
Fennel, Robert, farmer 146
Forbes, Lucius, farmer 84
Graham, Walter, farmer 45
Hallock, Sylvester T., farmer leases 90
Haywood, John, farmer 70
Holdridge, David, farmer 63
Hurlbut, Calvin, farmer 5
Hyde, Mrs. Caroline, farmer 37
Hynes, John T. (Hynes & Nichols)
Hynes & Nichols (John T. Hynes and Henry E. Nichols), general merchants
Le Favor, Samuel, cooper and farmer 10
Lytle, Samuel, farmer 67
McCourtie, John, farmer 90
Murphy, Patrick, dealer in brooms and farmer 126
Nichols, Henry E. (Hynes & Nichols)
Olmsted, Daniel, farmer 72
Parsons, Addison, saddle, harness and boot and shoe dealer
Porter, Samuel, farmer 50
Rood, Benjamin F., manufacturer of washing machines
Sofer, Egbert, farmer 60
Spoore, John L., farmer 65
Terpening, Isaac, carpenter and farmer 7
Terpening, Peter, carpenter
Thurber, Thos., farmer 90
Treat, Aaron, farmer 118
Upham, Abijah, farmer 50
Upham, Daniel R., farmer 35
Van Tassel, James, farmer 63
Wendover, Cornelius, farmer 52
Wendover, Martin, farmer 84
Wendover, Thos., farmer 77
Wendover, Wm. H., farmer 27

A post office and hamlet. Daily Mail.

Baker, Casson, farmer 85
Benjamin, Charles H., farmer 41
Cain, Cornelius, farmer 58
Calkins, John, farmer 100
Calkins, Martin, farmer 22
Calkins, Milo W., farmer 18
Cleveland, Nelson, farmer 62
Davis, Jerome B., farmer 118
Haws, Manton, harness maker and auctioneer
Hubbard, Civilian, farmer 180
Jones, Samuel, mason and farmer 27
Leonard, Amos, carriage maker
Leonard, Bartlett, blacksmith and farmer 18
Loveless, Columbus, farmer 275
Loveless, Crandall, farmer 50
Loveless, Ransom, farmer 125
Matthews, Charles, farmer 140
Mead, Peleg, fruit and grape raiser, 160
Moore, Calvin B., shoemaker
Moore, Franklin H., farmer 55
Moore, Orrin, mason and farmer 30
Moroney, Walter, farmer 14
Olmstead, Ira M., farmer 65
Peck, Harlow, shoemaker and farmer 23
Post, Jotham, lime kiln, saw mill and farmer
Purdy, Charles E., hotel keeper
Purdy, Hiram J., physician
Purdy, Merritt, farmer 117
Ransenberger, Andrew, carpenter and farmer 23
Reynolds, John, farmer 88
Rice, Charles, farmer leases 100
Saxton, Martin, farmer 14
Scott, Almond, farmer 4
Southwick, Warren, farmer 28
Talcott, George H., farmer 70
Vanantwerp, Daniel F., blacksmith
Vanderpool, Charles W., farmer 45
Wood, Hudson B., farmer 100

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