1867 - 1868

Newark, Surnames M - Z

Jameson, Charles H. (Smith & Jameson)
Jeremiah, P. H., farmer 196
Keener, Henry, farmer 53
Keller, Jacob, farmer 180
Keller, Wm. H., farmer 40
Kenyon, Daniel, asst. assessor internal revenue and milk dealer
Kenyon, M. M., music dealer
Kenyon, Moses M., druggist, insurance agent and telegraph operator
Kenyon, P. W., dry goods
Krum, J. S., telegraph operator
Krum, S. & Co. (Sylvester & Sylvenus Krum) bakers
Krum, Sylvenus (S. Krum & Co.)
Krum, Sylvester ( S. Krum & Co.)
Lamoreaux, Thos., farmer 22
Lamson, Albert G., farmer 50
Landon, Egbert B. S., sewing and knitting machine dealer
Landon, Zerah N., farmer 81
Lane, Lorenzo, farmer 108
Langson, E. D., proprietor Railroad Hotel, Newark Depot
Lee, Austin, (estate) farmer 80
Lee, Edwin (with Orin C.) (heir Austin Lee's estate) farmer 80
Lee, Orin C. (with Edwin) (heir Austin Lee's estate) farmer 80
Leete, Ira O., farmer leases 315
Leggett, John T., farmer 90
Lewis, Gideon L., prop. Central Railroad House and livery
Lincoln, Theron L., farmer 92
Lord, Edmund E., farmer 40 1/2
Lord, Mrs. J., ladies' furnishing store, millinery and dressmaking
Lovejoy, David W., farmer 100
Lusk, Isaac, farmer 110
Lyke, John, house and sign painter
Main, Mrs. Daniel M., boarding house
Matteson, John S., maltster and grain dealer
Mayer, Alfred (H.F.C. Mayer & Co.)
Mayer, Henry F. C. (H.F.C. Mayer & Co.)
Mayer, H. F. C. & Co. (Henry F. C. and Alfred Mayer) boots and shoes
McCall, Mrs. L. C., millinery and dress making
McGregor, Peter, boots and shoes
Meads, Geo. W., farmer 54
Miller, Chas. (Miller & Weh)
Miller, Francis, harness, trunk and carriage trimming
Miller, Geo. M., carriage maker
Miller, J. A. (Cronise & Co.)
Miller, Michael, carriage maker
Miller, Valentine F. (Mills & Miller)
Miller & Weh (Chas. Miller and Conrad Weh) blacksmiths
Mills, James M., barber and hair dresser
Mills & Miller (Wm. C. Mills and Valentine F. Miller) harness and trunks
Mills, Stephen, farmer leases 63
Mills, Wm. C. (Mills & Miller)
Morse, Horace H., dry goods
Morse, Rollin E., clothing
Mulge, John, farmer 4
Muncy, Geo. W., farmer 13
Mundy, Geo. H., hats, caps and furs
New, Wm., farmer 75
Nutten, Wm. F. (Pomeroy & Nutten)
Nye, Miss Eunice, milliner
Osband, Norman S., farmer 79
Padget, B. M., dentist
Palmer, Richard H., livery stable
Parker, Edwin D., (Bennett & Parker)
Parker, Esbon B., farmer leases 125
Parker, Orrin, farmer 125
Parks, Albert A., farmer 33 1/4
Parks, Otis H., carpenter
Parsons, O. C., homeop. physician
Patrick, Isaac M., farmer 152
Pease, D. A. & Co., photograph artists
Pease, Dwight A. (D. A. Pease & Co.)
Peek, Abram, farmer 46
Peirson, Andrew J., farmer 60
Peirson, Geo. H., farmer 120
Peirson, Henry R., farmer 112
Peirson, Samuel, farmer 150
Peirson, Silas S. (S. S. Peirson & Co.)
Peirson, S. S. & Co. (Silas S. Peirson and Edward P. Soverhill) bankers and agents Merchants' Union Express)
Peirson, Wm. C., farmer 241
Penoyer, Alexander S. (Pulver & Penoyer)
Percey, Albert G., farmer 135
Percey, Henry, farmer 23 1/2 and leases 135
Phelps, Julius, farmer 10
Phillips, Clark, farmer 155
Phillips, Daniel, farmer 110
Pierson, Henry J. (Westfall & Pierson)
Pitts, John W., gardener and farmer 9 1/2
Pomeroy, Charles G. (Pomeroy & Nutten)
Pomeroy & Nutten (Chas. G. Pomeroy and Wm. F. Nutten) physicians
Post, Jotham H. (Palmyra) farmer 100
Powers, John M., farmer 50
Pratt, Charles A., farmer leases 100
Pratt, Ezra, farmer 100
Pratt, Leonard S., meat market
Pratt, Morrison J., farmer 89
Prescott, Joel H., insurance and real estate agent and postmaster
Price, Perry G., farmer 200
Pulver, Eli, carman
Pulver, Mrs. Ester, farmer 64
Pulver, James H., farmer 31
Pulver, Miss Lovisa, farmer 30
Pulver & Penoyer (Wm. H. Pulver and Alex. S. Penoyer) agricultural implement manuf.
Pulver, Wm. H. (Pulver & Penoyer)
Pyatt & Co. (D. H. & S. A. Pyatt) grocers
Pyatt, D. H. (Pyatt & Co.)
Pyatt, S. A. (Pyatt & Co.)
Pyatt, Stephen, town clerk
Randolph, B. Howe, publisher Newark Courier
Randolph, Webster B., editor Newark Courier
Raymond, James P., boots and shoes
Reed & Barney (Rufus Reed and Wm. T. Barney) dry goods
Reed, Reuben M., jewelry and watches
Reed, Rufus (Reed and Barney)
Reeves, James H., farmer 150
Reeves, Samuel B., farmer 160
Rhykerd, James A., farmer 16 and leases 30
Richmond, Edward H., farmer 117 1/2
Robinson, Edward, farmer 106
Rockwood, E. H., allop. physician
Rooker, Wm., boots and shoes
Rowe, John, watches and jewelry
Rowland, Hubel L., broker, prop. Corinthian Hall
Rowland, Thos., allop. physician
Runyon, Lewis, tailor
Sanderson, Mrs. F. M., music teacher
Sanford, Mrs. L. B. (Palmyra) farmer 100
Sanford, Smith W. (Palmyra) farmer 100
Schaub, Geo. Sr., farmer 99 1/2
Schinzinger, Martin, farmer 50
Schwartz, Franklin, farmer 84
Scofield, Prof. Warren S., music teacher and dealer in music and musical instruments
Scribner, James, farmer 16
Seeley, Rev. J. T., Reg. Baptist clergyman.
Seigrist, Alois, physician and fruit grower
Seigrist, Charles, physician and surgeon
Sharts, Chas (Palmyra) farmer 70
Sheldon, Geo. E., gardener and farmer 10
Sherman, Durfee A. forwarder and coal dealer, member of Board of Newark Union Free School and Academy
Sherwood, Lionel, farmer 124
Shipps, Mrs. O. H., millinery and dressmaking
Shoefelt, John H., butter and produce dealer
Shuster, P., tailor
Sleighel, Philip, farmer 55
Smallidge, David, mason
Smallidge, Geo., mason
Smith, Abram B. (Palmyra) farmer leases 140
Smith, Alva M., blacksmith
Smith, Henry L., farmer leases 38
Smith & Jameson (Z. W. Smith and Chas. H. Jameson) proprietors Excelsior Grist Mills
Smith, L. D., farmer 114
Smith, Rufus, bee hive manuf.
Smith, Stephen B., produce dealer and farmer 50
Smith, Z. W. (Smith & Jameson)
Snyder, Esbon D., farmer 100
Southerland, Lemuel tinsmith
Southwell, Fred'k H. (S. P. Vary & Co.)
Soverhill, Andrew D., lawyer
Soverhill, Edward P. (S. S. Peirson & Co.)
Soverhill, Edwin P., fruit dealer
Soverhill, Hugh W. D., farmer leases 75
Soverhill, James M. (P. O. address, Geneva, Ontario Co.) farmer 75
Soverhill, Jewel C., farmer 140
Soverhill, Justus D., farmer leases 25
Soverhill, Samuel, farmer 80
Sparks, M. S., retired farmer
Spoor, Alfred, farmer leases 106
Squires, James B., house and sign painter
Stagner, Elias (E. Stagner & Son)
Stagner E. & Son (Elias and Geo. L.) grist mill
Stagner, Geo. L. (E. Stagner & Son)
Stanbrough, Mrs. Jane, farmer 12
Stebbins, C. A., farmer 200
Stephenson, John B. (Palmyra) farmer 62
Stilson, Edwin, farmer 130
Stoddard, Simon B., farmer 15
Storm, Rich'd J. (Palmyra) farmer 98
Stuart, Chas. W. (C. W. Stuart and Bro.)
Stuart, C. S. & Bro. (Chas. W. and John E.) nurserymen and farmer 66 and leases 124
Stuart, John E. (C. W. Stuart and Bro.)
Suthers, Ambrose, clothing
Sweezey, Homer A., farmer 140
Taylor, Chas., carpenter
Taylor, Ruel, carpenter
Taylor, Solon, janitor Newark Union Free School and Academy
Teare, Wm., tannery
Tenbroeck, Chas., farmer 32
Thayer, Simeon, farmer leases 200
Thomas, Joseph, prop. Waverly Saloon and billiard rooms
Thomas, Rowland, President of Board, Newark Union Free School and Academy
Thorn, Benj., farmer 64
Tillotson, Oscar, farmer 45
Tillotson, Theodore (Marion) blacksmith and farmer 30
Tinney, Wm., farmer 50
Tinney, Wm. M., farmer leases 50
Tracy & Greenwood (Samuel R. Tracy and Ira Greenwood) agricultural implements
Tracy, Samuel R. (Tracy and Greenwood)
Trask, Augustus, farmer 60
Trowbridge, Artemus, farmer 68
Trowbridge, Orrin (P. O. address Lima, Livingston Co.) farmer 61
Trumble, Geo. W., barber and hair dresser Vandekarr, Abram farmer 75
Vandekarr, Abram, farmer 75
Van Derbelt, Geo., mason
Vanderhoof, Isaac, groceries
Vandermerlin, Jacob, farmer 18
Van Inwagen Joshua, farmer 72
Van Inwagen, Myron P. (Palmyra) farmer leases 40
Van Inwagen, Simon, farmer 101 1/2
Van Kernian, Paul, farmer 25
Van Middlesworth, Henry, farmer leases 78
Van Ostrand, James (Palmyra) farmer 118
Vantasal, Philip, farmer 116
Van Valkenburgh, Wm. H., farmer 49 1/2
Vary, Samuel P. (S. P. Vary & Co.)
Vary, S. P. & Co. (Samuel P. Vary & Fred'k H. Southwell) pump makers
Vosburgh, Abram, farmer leases 160
Vosburgh, Jacob P. farmer 160
Vosburgh, Peter farmer 76
Wage, Henry, farmer 51
Waterbury, Alfred, farmer 50
Watrous, Henry H., dentist
Weaver, Jacob, farmer 74
Weaver, Lewis, house and sign painter
Weekman, Michael Jr., blacksmith, carriage maker and farmer 16
Weh, Conrad, (Miller & Weh)
Welcher, Hiram, farmer 96
Welcher, John P., farmer 144
Welcher, Marvin C., farmer 102
Welcher, Reeves S., farmer 50
Weller, John N., farmer 150
West, Geo. farmer, leases 61
Westfall, John R., carman
Westfall, John R. (Westfall & Pierson)
Westfall & Pierson (John R. Westfall and Henry J. Pierson) grocers, water lime and produce dealers
Whiting, Chas M., bedstead manuf. turner of wood and farmer 73 1/4
Wilber, Joseph C. (T. Wilber & Son)
Wilber, Timothy (T. Wilber & Son)
Wilber, T. & Son (Timothy and Joseph C.) agricultural implements and Iron Founders
Williams & Briggs (Stephen K. Williams and James E. Briggs) lawyers
Williams, Fletcher president 1st National Bank of Newark and treasurer of board of Newark Union Free School and Academy
Williams, Stephen K. (Williams & Briggs) State Senator
Williams, Wm. B., auctioner, farmer 22
Wilsey, Eli, farmer leases 100
Wilson, Jacob, principal Newark Union Free School and Academy
Woods, Junius E., tinsmith Wayne Co. Preserving Establishment

The 1867 Directory of Arcadia was prepared by Tena Hanna. Tena found relatives listed in the village of Fairville - "The Whitbecks in this directory are in our family. Harriet Whitbeck married David Leick."

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